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1. Do you prefer to dance and jump in the rain, or snuggle up inside with a good book/Netflix show when it’s pouring out? Snuggle up! i’m lazy :D

2. If you had the complete freedom to say what you thought on a particular subject you have an “unpopular opinion” on, what would you say? (no one is allowed to send you hate-asks on this; off the record answer ;) hmm ok. I think that EVERYONE must have a pet, by law! :D how can people live without pets haha

3. What’s your guilty pleasure in music? LADY GAGA :’(

4. When was the last time you did something just because you really wanted to do it? Hmm. I shared some of my friend’s cookie dough at Pizza Hut last night, because I wanted to (even though my ED didn’t)

5. If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, which one would you choose? DONKEY

6. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh. I really love this person.” (you don’t have to have told the person, just thought it) Aw, yes. And it’s horrible when they don’t love you back. 

7. If I told you the world is ending tomorrow, what would be the first crazy thing you would do? Travel somewhere and do something really reckless  like cliff-diving

8. Have you ever fruit-looped someone’s yard? (before it rains, you pour fruit loops all over their grass. after it rains, their grass is rainbow-colored. and bugs come from all over to eat the leftover cereal. pretty great revenge.) WOAH THAT SOUNDS SO COOL HAHA

9. What’s your favorite thing from your childhood? My teddy, doggy!

10. Sum up how you’re feeling right now in seven words: Relaxed, happy, at ease, lazy, fat, thirsty, sleepy:) 

11. If I asked you to tell five strangers today that they’re beautiful, would you, or would you be too shy to? Ah i’d be too shy :(