I can’t believe I recently hit 4k followers and I’m thankful for every single one!

This follow forever sure won’t include all you lovely people, so I want to make a quick shoutout to people who deserve to hear my gratefulness first and foremost.

@lizzi3-clair3-1d, @nicohowe13, @sweetsmilesandsadness, @livelifeloveblackandwhite, @nataliegannon13, @unrrelevant and so many lovely anonymous people - I don’t even know if you still follow me or if you even remember this, but you were the first to encourage me to write when I started my blog in January and I was new as a writer on here.

Let’s be honest, I did pretty bad back then but you guys were behind me and that leads us to a wattpad fanfic with nearly 25k reads and 4k incredible tumblr followers who enjoy my blog apparently. Thank you for that.

I made some pretty awesome friends on here, which would include

@ghostlymgc, @kikiwantsfood, @angielalalalala, @makeitsmile, @seitdudabist, @rejectcalxm, @booksredlips, @outerspaecmuke, @fileattractive, @frnk-af, @luke-thelad, @legomuke, @bsexualhalsey, @outirspace, @aliaisreal, @skybluelucas, @lostinrealty, @malumofhearts, @cliffordqirl, @psychotiero, @jetblackheart-hood, @violet-halsey, @lau-ra- and @amaianko. (I swear I didn’t mean to forget anyone, if I did please hit me up)

We created an awesome 5sos Whatsapp Group which includes these lovely ladies, who I love incredibly:

@converse-irwin, @eightdayysaweek, @youngpunkhood, @louis-and-calum, @living-like-a-reject, @wordlessongstress, @jillian11213, @left-bexhind, @musicdancevloglove, @dragscalum, @somewhatpunkclifford, @daziken

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Most of you guys are mutuals (90%) and I’m pretty happy about that - sorry if I didn’t find your blog in case you changed your url or something but I bet there’s gonna be another follow forever ♥

I love you! Thanks for making my dash pretty xx

Daryl Dixon - “I’ll be with you through the dark.”

Word count:   3,253

Trigger warnings: None

Tags: Daryl Dixon, Reader, Fluff

Plot/Request: “You(reader) has an daughter whose dad is exboyfriend.When you almost have birth he cheated and you broke up. After you met daryl after apocalypse and fall in love. Then you met your ex-bf in prison.”

Note: Hi, this is Jo speaking. It’s my first ever walking dead imagine. Just wanted to put out there that I have no idea how to write “southern slang” :D. Feel free to leave me some feedback. (You can find my other writing at @wearewiththebands )

Title Credit : Biloxi Parish by The Gaslight Anthem

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