I have been tagged so many times but this is the only time on tumblr so I guess I’ll do it 😬 I was tagged by gaskarth-omg to do the 20 beautiful people tag there are so many people I follow who are beautiful im not gonna remember all of them so if I forget you, my condolences, and one day I’ll remember. I love you guys all though ☺️

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If I missed you and you’re a mutual im sorryyyyy I just couldn’t remember everyone I love you guysssss

So I was tagged in my other account overthere-in-neverland and since that’s an imagine account, I’m gonna do it on my personal Cuz I love these things.

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WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL? The Reckless and the Brave is the first song I heard that started my fangirling of this band. I mean I listened to them before, but that song made me INTO them like hardcore man. I chose the other one because somewhere and overthere idk it made me laugh. Somewhere in neverland, over there in Neverland, Ya get it?

WHAT’S YOUR MIDDLE NAME? Whoa weirdly enough, my middle name is Elizabeth just like the person who tagged me :O

IF YOU COULD OWN A FAIRY TALE / FICTIONAL PET WHAT WOULD IT BE? If I could own i fictional pet I’m gonna go with like a griffin because flying eagle lions can take me places and take me to battle. Wonderful

FAVOURITE COLOUR? Blue, orange, not together though Ew

TOP THREE MUSICIANS? All Time Low, Green Day, and Mayday Parade

TOP THREE FANDOMS? The hustler bandom, uhhh. I don’t really belong to another fandom. Im gonna make them up. The signs as _____ meme thing fandom. Annnnd let’s say idiot nation of Green Day fans ayyy

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