Tiana (Jack Barakat)

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“Hey,” Jack said, leaning against your locker one day after school. “What are you doing later? Maybe we could hang.”

“No thanks,” you said bluntly, pulling out textbooks and you work clothes that you needed. This was just another scheme by Jack to fool you into messing around with him. You didn’t have time for that. “I’ve got work.”

“Dude, told you she wouldn’t,” Alex chided Jack, and you clenched your hands tighter around your books as you heard him. “She never does.”

“Dick,” you muttered, entering the bathroom to change for work. “He’ll see, they’ll all see.”

That was years ago. You’d grown up, become successful since high school, with your own career, and had made some great changes in your life to take steps forward. All because of your hard work and determination.

“Um…,” you hesitated at Starbucks, looking for your early morning coffee order, deciphering if you should change it up or stick with tradition. You stuck with tradition and ordered your fave, before grabbing the hot coffee with cream from the barista and almost smacking into a tall body.

“Oh, excuse me,” you muttered, smartphone in hand already to check your emails. You stepped around the body, ignoring it and reading the new order from your supplier. All this for some band? Yeesh. And due by tonight!

“Hey, um… do I know you from somewhere?” A voice called out to you, making you halt. You turned, eyeing the man you had almost just ran into, not really recognizing the face, but he must have recognized yours, because his eyes lit up and he smiled. “(Y/N)? Hey!”

You squinted but you still couldn’t remember. “I’m sorry, I-”

“Jack, Jack Barakat? From high school?” Oh, that’s right.The one who always tried to ask you out but then his friends and he would make fun of you because of how hard you worked.

“I remember now,” your recalled, eyes narrowing dangerously as you harrumphed and turned around. “I’m surprised you didn’t call me a stick in the mud. If you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”

“For my band, right?” he said, and you stopped, raising an eyebrow. So his band actually made it out of his garage. “Listen, we really need that order of new amps; all of ours got stolen at the last show. And once we get them, I’ll be out of your hair for good, since that’s clearly what you want.”  

“Fine, you can have your amps as long as that contract gets signed,” you retorted. A contract with a band this big with your amps would mean huge profit and recognition for your brand. He stuck out his hand and shook on it.

“Well, come on then,” you sighed, motioning toward your car. “They aren’t gonna build themselves.”

And for the rest of the day, Jack got to see just how hardworking you were. A one person operation, you had the six amps built and ready by six pm; they were loaded into the car by yourself by six fifteen, and at the venue by seven, an hour before the show.

“Thank you,” you said politely to the manager as you signed the contract with them, smiling brightly as he invited you to stay for the show.

“Oh, I couldn’t,” you insisted, but you felt a presence behind you and a tap on your shoulder followed, you turning to see a sheepish Jack.

“Can we talk?” He didn’t look at you when he asked, but you relented, having grown a soft spot for him with the time you had spent together.

“Listen, (Y/N),” he started. His hands ran through his hair and he took a deep breath. “I know we weren’t the best people to you in high school, but… I get it now. All the times I was just fooling around while you were working hard, and look where you are now, a world famous inventor and a banging engineer. Can…can we start over?”

He reached for your hand and you let him take it, smiling softly, and you agreed, squeezing his hand.

“Now go on, you have a show,” you urged him forward, smiling. “I’ll be here when you get back.”

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I kinda wish I was on time for the All Time Low Network thing :/ I live in Belgium so it's hard to find people who are fan of them.

aw babe, I’m sorry. I’m sure we will open applications again at some point.

Until then you can always come talk to me about them. They’re my favorites so I’m always up to talk :P

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Not gonna lie, Alex imagines are my specialty 

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