wearethepottergeneration  asked:

What does "Harry Potter" mean to YOU?

Literally everything. Harry Potter means my childhood. I can remember distinctly reading the books as a kid. But more than that, to me, it means friendship and bravery and above all, a willingness to sacrifice everything for the people that you love and the things that you believe. I learned from Harry to never give up, from Hermione to value friendship, from Ron to believe in myself, from Ginny to fight through anything, from Molly to love without reserve, from Remus to trust others, from Narcissa to give everything for the sake of your family. I could go on and on about each of the characters and everything that they have given me, but it wouldn’t be enough. Jo has given me, and all of us, something to keep for the rest of our lives and something to pass down to our children. And it’s something that I will love forever. Always. <3