(Closed Rp with wearethenats)

Edd was tired. He was always tired lately and his mood had been foul. There was always something about his time of year, during the cold, and the winter that screwed with his mood. He wasn’t really sure why. Maybe it was the holidays, he wasn’t sure. Though, most people were on egg shells around him for the most part. He didn’t mind this, though.

He was fine being alone for the most part, and even if he wasn’t he’d never admit to it. That wasn’t who he was. The swimmer rested his head against his locker and groaned. He needed to swim, regardless if the water was cold. He was sure that would help.

A Snowy night (Closed Rp with wearethenats)

It had been almost a year since Nat and Edd had been dating. It had been hard, but they’d managed to keep it to themselves for this long. It had been fairly easy for Edd as he really wasn’t much for public displays of affection, but he did wonder how Nat had felt about it. While the swimmer didn’t have much to lose if people found the two of them out, Nathan would. Namely his best friend. He sighed, and shook his head. It was easier not to think about.

Edd looked outside and saw the snow starting to fall. Christmas was coming up, and he’d been enjoying the break. Even if around this time, his mood was not the most upbeat. He’d been enjoying even more the fact that it was easier to spend time with his boyfriend without having to be secretive about it. At least in the comfort of each other’s homes and bedrooms. Being with the other seemed to make him the happiest he’d been in a long time.