We’re all hypocrites in this awful world.

Evils fly endlessly by dark and light,

Through happy memories and endless thoughts.

The evils fight against the harsh cold wind

Striving to find so many hopeful hearts

To catch and capture with their iron-grip.

Terrible suffer comes to those so weak

who only wish existence will not leave,

Wanting always to live, they raise white flags

Foolishly thinking happiness will come

but their soul forever captured within,

Forever lost to the cruel evil world,

Fading into forgotten memories.

We’re all hypocrites in this awful world.

I want a boy who will share his life with me, but I want him to have his own life. I don’t want to be his everything but I want him to be happy to spend the rest of his life with me. Does that make sense? I don’t really think it does. I understand but no one else really does. It’s nice having someone always there for you but I don’t want them to be at my becka nd call. I don’t mind spending time apart and I want them to explore by themselves. If you love something let it go, right? Maybe I’m just in love with a free relationship that doesn’t involve being intertwined with eachother. I’m odd and I love me for that. Not totally sure if my words are making sense here but I wanna be a free spirit with someone who is also a free spirit. I wanna be able to pick up and leave and have my significant other be totally ok with that. Ya, maybe I’m not meant for anyone. I don’t think anyone can handle the kind of free I am. And that’s ok. I enjoy being alone :)

I want to flow with the ocean. I want to flow with the paint that you gently brush on the pages of my life. I want to blend with the colors of the sky and feel them change. I want to hear them change. I want to be filled with the light of the moon and the gentleness of the stars. I want to feel the worlds embrace as every living thing radiates its energy letting me know that I am here for a reason and that I am happy and I am alive

There’s something about loving life when you’ve previously just wanted to melt into the earth to not feel anymore that is so refreshing.

So many people skate through life without actually enjoying the simple joy of being. It’s such a blessing to be alive. I don’t know why I’m here or why humans were put on this planet but I’m glad I get to experience it. I’m glad my soul survived and all these atoms and energy made it into the form of me. :)