Sample tees arrived today! and as I said I’d post a pic, here it is hope you like :) we will be opening our online store in late march early april 2012. If you wanna help us out, please reblog :)

The Dark Days Are Coming

Some of you will hate this, some of you will like this most won’t care but We Are Soulless will no longer be called We Are Soulless. The name is being changed to Dark Days, I’ve been wanting to change the name for a while now and the reasoning behind the name change is the simple fact that I don’t like the current name (not saying its bad because it isn’t), its also been mistaken for a band name a couple of times and it was never actually meant to be the clothing lines name, it was just what I put on one of the first designs I did and it kinda stuck.

Of course the name isn’t the most important part of a clothing line, the clothes are and it been nearly a year since the first “collection” but the good news is that I have Summer 2013 collection designed and Winter 2013 in the works. All I need to do now is get the clothes printed/made!

I’m looking forward to showing the new collections and I hope the name change doesn’t piss people off too much!