The Kaukau must be kind of uncomfortable to use. Not just because the wearer has to adjust to breathing water, but when they switch back to air they have to spend 5 minutes hacking and wheezing until they can get the rest of it out of their lungs. No wonder most of the Mata/Nuva hated the water.

“The butterfly on his torso is based on and old French prison tattoo inspired by Papillon. Traditionally it would mean the wearer is a thief – something to do with the double meaning of ‘Je vole’, which translates as both ‘I steal’ and ‘I fly’.” – Liam Sparkes.

Harry stole Louis’ heart.


Miniature Magical Worlds Encased In Wooden Rings

Secret Wood is creative Canadian online shop which specializes in handcrafted unique jewelry- namely wooden rings with miniature landscapes encapsulated in resin. The magical worlds of starry skies, snowy peaks and cliffs and submerged valleys are exquisitely hand made with painstaking labor.

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I never set out to tattoo famous people, but everyone deserves a tattoo. One thing that fascinates me about celebrity is the isolation, and the way that someone becomes a demigod in people’s eyes, even though they’re still a normal person. So that’s how I treat him: he’s just another customer really - I don’t pander to demigods - and he’s very open to things.

We started off with a butterfly on his torso based on an old French prison tattoo inspired by ‘Papillon.’ Traditionally it would mean the wearer is a thief - something to do with the double meaning of 'Je vole’, which translates as both 'I steal’ and 'I fly’ - and is commonly tattooed on the throat. Then we did more French criminal inspired pieces, like shaking hands, and the laurel wreaths on either side of his stomach that usually go on the chest and indicate the owner is a pimp. We’ve also done a heart, some nails, a mermaid, and a bottle. All classics. A lot of people are looking at Harry, so he has to be careful not to go too brutal and I understand that, but he’ll get a lot more. Tattooing is like a drug, once you’re in, you’re set for life.
—  Liam Sparkes about tattooing Harry in Another Man Magazine

I go an agricultural school kind of in the middle of nowhere. I love it! The guys are gentlemen and the girls are so polite! I went into the “big city” for a comic con and decided to go through tender to see if anybody was around that would want to hang out, since I didn’t have any friends with me.

This one guy I find is REALLY cute, REALLY attractive, and REALLY smart. Naturally, I swipe right and we match! We talked for the day and he invited me out for a drink. Unfortunately I’m only 18, so I had to decline. But I told him that if I was older I totally would have agreed. He then proceeded to ask me to come out with him, get a drink, and have some fun for the night. By this time, I had to head back to my hotel and told him so, saying that we could meet up the next day.

We talk for the rest of the night, and I progressively got angrier and angrier at him. I still have the messages… He completely broke any “gentlemen” rules and literally asked if we could have hot, dirty sex in my hotel room. I told him several times (he was very persistent) that I’m not that kind of girl, that I don’t go sleep around. When he continued to ask me about it I told him:

“Dude, did I stutter? I said no. That means NO. Nada. Nope. What part of that do you NOT understand? I thought you were supposed to be smart, but how smart is someone who doesn’t understand a word that dogs do?”

He never replied.

Me: 1
Losers on Tinder: 0


Organic Jewelry Made from Resin & Real Flowers 

Moss of the World an Etsy shop creates magic inspired jewelry. The designer encases flowers and herbs into crystal resin tubes that resemble charmed amulets from folklore. The stopper pendants topped off hold secret remedies and herbal cures rumored to be used in potent witchcraft practises to brew love, conjure dreams and enchant its wearer with mysterious spells. 

The collection of nature inspired accessories fused with folklore magic display a very intimate bond of the maker and the bearer with the earth and the natural affinity it has to the elements. The stems of tiny flowers are preserved into immortality, along with their potent power from the charming way it is crafted - the glass encased plants make the jewelry pieces unique.The shop caters to the believers of old wives tales, of fairytales and myths, of elf wandering the woods and an earth cherished for its organic treasures. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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listen i’m just thinking abt how, if those panels from 3.7 are from parse pt 3, kent first put his hat on backwards and then turned it around. like clearly he was trying to make it seem like he didn’t care, just some backwards-cap-i-don’t-give-a-shit swagger. but he actually did give a whole bunch of shits. he was just rejected by the (maybe?) love of his life for the second time and he’s probably falling apart inside so he turns his hat around bc he actually feels so hurt and needs to hide, somehow. from jack and jack’s new team and new love interest and maybe from himself. anyway i’m emotional

150. During Hogsmeade trips Lily always got distracted by things in shop windows and would get separated from James. Eventually Remus gave her a shirt that said "If lost return to James" and James got one that said "I am James".

Embroidered panels for a man’s suit, 1780s, France, Woven silk embroidered with silk and silk net, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The original caption of this in The Met’s site is SO perfect that I’m gonna keep it here:

“Tacked into a first phase of assembly, an extravagant man’s suit has waited more than 200 years for its ideal wearer.”