The Fairweather Fans by Ronnie Radke

So Ronnie Radke, lead singer of Falling In Reverse, released a secret rap song for his fans that have stuck by him. The song is beautiful. It is amazing. You can hear the pain and sadness in his voice. He’s sorry about his past mistakes and he even talks about Slim Shady a.k.a. Eminem. Now c'mon is that not enough for you to love the song? -Zubin K.

So on Monday June 25th, 2012 Yonas dropped his new mixtape, The Transition. God this album is amazing. It is just so spiffy. Fifteen tracks of pure ingenuity. Some of the songs on the mixtape where origianlly dropped as single’s with the promise at the end for this mixtape. Yonas isn’t just a good rapper, but part lyrical genius. I’m absolutely in love with this mixtape. I mean Yonas isn’t my favorite rapper ever, that position is filled by other rappers, but even still I would put him in my top ten I’m sure. -Zubin K.

-Independent Record Label Alert-

So this is an amazing indie label based out of Dublin, Ireland who recently just started following this blog. I don’t know how to surmise this record label. I guess I can start first with the name. Pretty fuckin’ baller. Then we go to their website (the picture is linked) and look at their line-up. See the thing here is usually I review artists individually then by label, but um the problem is that all the bands that are signed are amazing punk/pop-punk ish bands. I dunno maybe it’s my huge appreciation for beards or what it is but I believe this record label is ingenious and I hope them the best.

But seriously go check out their page. -Zubin K.


We Are Never Getting Back Together (Screamo cover) by Like Vultures
Originally by Taylor Swift

By Like Vultures? By like vultures brooooo! That name is just a great name for this screamo band. I like saying it. It really is fun. They had a great take on the Radio Queen Taylor Swifts latest break up song. -Zubin K.


Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon

About one week ago Epitaph Records dropped the music video for one of my favorite songs off of one of my favorite band’s latest album, Sempiternal. BMTH is one of my favorites and honestly the entire album is amazing. I liked the music video. It had a very EAP sort of feel to it or maybe I just like the Cask of Amontillado way too much. Oh well it is amazing and you should check it out. -Zubin K.


Starships by Pentatonix (Nicki Minaj Cover)

So Starships was never really a “hit” in my book, but this was a really cool cover in my opinion. Pentatonix has some real class in what they do. Not to mention I found the music video very clever. Pentatonix took a song I didn’t like and covered it in such a way that I actually like this new version better. -Zubin K.

-New Artists Alert-

So these guys just followed us on twitter, who are they? Well they’re none other than the amazing fun punk/pop-punk duo/band Rocket Me Nowhere. They have this infectious tone different from most punk bands you hear. Not saying other punk bands aren’t good I like them a lot, but these guys just have something way more fun and like-able.

They’re on spotify, soundcloud, twitter, facebook, tumblr, and stuff.

Make sure you check them out. -Zubin K.


Car Radio by twenty|one|pilots

So I’m an avid fan of t|o|p therefore I’ve already heard the song before… Like way before. They teased us earlier this week and I’ve been waiting forever but here it is finally a music video to Car Radio. Jesus it started out eerie and then just escalate at a moderate pace. Matched the song perfectly well. Enjoy! -Zubin K. |-/


Radioactive (Cover) by Pentatonix ft. Lindsey Sterling
Originally by Imagine Dragons

So Pentatonix (amazing acappella artist) and Lindsey Sterling (accomplished dub step violinist) teamed up to this amazing cover. It is pretty freakin’ awesome! If you’re a big Imagine Dragons fan like I am you’ll be sure to enjoy this. Enjoy! -Zubin K.


Hostage by Dangerkids

If you like me appreciate the styling of rapping and good screams mixed together much like the band Linkin’ Park then you’ll like the band Dangerkids. They’re fuckin’ awesome man. You listen to them and you think fuck yeah man this is some good shit right here. They recently signed to Rise Records and put out their “debut” album Collapse a couple months ago. Go enjoy them. -Zubin K.

Watch on weareplc.tumblr.com

Blacklist by Ronnie Radke ft. B.Lay

Hell fucking yeah! Ronnie Radke did it fuckin’ again. An amazing rap-rock record. Ronnie Radke lead singer of the Las Vegas, Nevada based band Falling In Reverse is such a mother fuckin’ boss. Can’t wait for a mix tape. This is so fuckin' beautiful. Just another reason Ronnie Radke is one of my heroes and favorite people ever. Look what you’ve made America. So fuckin’ good. Brb gotta replay this like ten billion fuckin’ times. - Zubin K.


Alone by Falling In Reverse

So Falling In Reverse dropped their newest music video for a brand new single, “Alone”. The song will be featured on their next album Fashionably Late set to be released June 18th. In all honesty at the current moment I’m a little confused on whether or not I like the song or love the song. Ronnie Radke definitely showed up and out. So um yeah I can’t wait for June 18th. Gonna be a tough month and eleven days that I’m gonna have to wait. -Zubin K.


No Guns Allowed by Snoop Lion ft. Drake and Cori B.

Can I be honest? I am seriously loving Snoop Lion’s new sound since he made the evolutionary switch from Dog to Lion. No Guns Allowed is Snoop’s anti gun song after recent murders. It is way too good. I’m really feeling it. I can’t help but get a little bit emotional over this song. Fuck, we may as well have a free for all, no fight. Enjoy! -Zubin K.

P.S. - Cori B. is Snoops daughter.


Other Side Remix by Macklemore X Ryan Lewis ft. Fences

So in line with the Macklemore posting from last night. I thought I ought to post one of the songs Mack’s put out that means alot to me. This song is about the “Cough Syrup Epidemic” and in turn opioid addictions i.e. the drug culture associated with celebrity media. Fight it. Fight the urge that’s all he’s asking. Wish I had listened the first time I took that sip. Wasn’t bumpin’ Macklemore till I got sober. -Zubin K.


Keep It Real by KYLE (a.k.a. K.i.D)

So after he changed his name K.i.D I mean KYLE dropped a new music video. Damn! KYLE is keepin’ it so fuckin’ real! This song is the reason I will always enjoy KYLE’s music, because he keeps it so real. -Zubin K.


Brothers Don’t Betray by We The Collectors

In the past recent couple of months I’ve been on a huge binge of good rock music, rock being a very open term. This band, WTC, hit up the blog asking for a chance and who am I to turn away new artist? Well I’d like to clear up a misconception their band is not about singing about the IRS or anything like that. Sorry. That was me trying to be funny. In any case the band is good however they have room for improvement. Which I’m sure they’ll develop and if they put their all in it they can get signed. Until then we can stick with their EP and enjoy until we see a debut album. -Zubin K.

P.S. - They’re on tumblr so check'em out here.


A Million Lives by Jake Miller

Would you just excuse me for a moment I need to stop crying. This song is absolutely beautiful and amazing. It is going to be a classic and a hit for Jake Miller. Three verses, well technically four if you count the outro, of pure emotion filled words. I am just having so many feels right now. -Zubin K.


Live While We’re Young by One Direction

One Direction’s new song, released earlier today. Maybe it’s just my inner stereotypical fangirl, but I think it’s so perfect. I’m in love with it. -Gianna