@BadGalRiRi Rp 💯 To all that are #Muslim and hate waking up to stupid ignorant media in the morning only and always making it seem as if we are terrorist and bad people, #FuckThoseGuys they only do it because scientist have recently reported by 2050 2/3rd’s of Europe will be populated with muslims due to the rise of immigration on a global scale eventually turning it into an Islamic Republic. Also in America they have reported an increase of #BlackMuslims all across the country following the same pace as the Muslims abroad or surprisingly even faster which makes total sense being by fact that blacks were originally muslim by African ancestry. So take pride in yourself no matter what you are it is a must that we learn to respect and live together or one must separate. #ILoveBeingMuslim #ItsAllLove #WeAreNotTerrorist #TrueMuslim #FearNoOneButGod #DontBelieveTheHype ✊⚫💯

I support Law Enforcement and even desire to pursue a career as a police officer. There are however some issues with our current law enforcement agencies. I know that we need the police, but it is true that many of our police officers are willing to simply follow orders and violate the constitution. In addition the issue of police brutality has risen and needs to be contained. Our law enforcement officers need to be held accountable for their actions. Badges do not grant extra rights, but rather privileges given by We The People that need to be revoked at times. Our Law Enforcement officers do not need military grade equipment as well. MRAPs, grenade launchers, and other military equipment should not be used by Law Enforcement. If civilian gun control law bans ownership of such equipment, then why should our police be in possession of such equipment. Finally, the uniform attracts not only the best of people, but also the worst as well. While many officers are good, honest individuals, others are corrupt and abuse their positions. This is unacceptable and is an issue that needs to be resolved.
#thinblueline #oathkeepers #police #PoliceMilitarization #policestate #lawenforcement #youworkforthepeople #followyouroath #guncontrol #constitutionalist #wearenotterrorist