Way back when you still kind of looked like a boy and I still had hair lol. Happy 18th Birthday Ty!! Love you friend😘❤️ Have a swell day and eat lots of cake🎂 …….Who am I kidding I don’t need to tell you to eat? I know you will.💁
#wearelegal #happybirthdaytous

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HAPPY ΣΙΔVERSARY to my amazing sisters.The past few years have been indescribable, since crossing into this amazing organization I have learned so much about myself and I thank you ladies so much for that! We truly are like a family, from the tears,and laughter to late night adventures. Yall have been my shoulder to lean on and I love y'all for that 🌹❤️🙌 #buildingattadition #originalprettycommittee #ΣΙΔ #wearelegal


#wearelegal #18 #lotto #cigs yayay! Happy birthday @holly24guida