I've been natural for a really long time...

So I was getting confused as to why I had so much breakage. I was upset that everywhere I turned I had to keep cutting my hair. I just thought my hair was prone to breakage without thinking about what I was doing to it. But I looked back and…

1. My hair was never stretched. Except for the occasional twist out, I rarely ever stretched my hair because it took too long and I was lazy. So my hair was usually in its natural state, which creates single strand knots and tangles that are hard to get out.

2. I used lots of combs and brushes. My hair is very kinky, so we all know it’s hard to finger detangle when it would probably take hours. Hours of finger detangling compared to ten minutes of the denman brush is an easy decision. But I ALWAYS heard my hair snapping, even when It was properly moisturized. This contributed to the breakage and made my hair uneven.

3. I didn’t moisturize my hair properly when it was in protective styles. When my hair is in protective styles, I get lazy. Out of sight out of mind. The most moisture my hair got was when I was in the shower and I remembered I even had hair. Bone dry hair = breakage.

4. I never prepood my hair. I only recently jumped on the prepoo bandwagon. Before, I would just shampoo my hair and follow with conditioner and that was it. But now I love to prepoo even when it’s just for a cowash, because it DOES restore moisture if you’re using a penetrative oil. For a long time I didn’t have any use for coconut oil, and now I ONLY prepoo with coconut oil. Whenever I wash my hair now, it just melts.

5. I used any and every product not knowing how my hair would react to it. It’s normal for someone that is newly natural to experiment. But it’s better to find things YOUR hair likes and not what a fellow natural with hair unlike yours recommends. I used a lot of flax seed gel for wash and goes because someone recommended it. Even though flax seed gel turns my hair white, makes it hard, and breaks it off, I still used it. And, I used regular scissors to trim my hair because I didn’t have enough money for shears. I’m sure this really contributed to the breakage.

There are a lot more things I could’ve done differently with my hair, but these are the main things. Any thoughts? What are some things you could’ve done differently?