weare legion


i finally finished this omg.

Nera the Patient, my big vigil charr. ICly she has a thick mane :D (arenanet if u see this pls give the mane hairstyle to females thnx)

i started this december last year but i’ve never rendered armor before so i gave up for a while. i’m really not satisfied with the shading and stuff but it’s good for a first attempt. every completed drawing is a learning improvement, after all.

she is wearing - legion shoulders & boots, dreadnaught gauntlets & pants, vigil’s honor chestplate & she is carrying lightward’s battlestaff.

Hi my name is Vulpes “Caesar is Lyfe” Inculta and I have short black hair and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Adam Sandler.  [[I’m not related to Lord Caesar but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie.  I’m very sneaky like a fox (that’s how I got my name)  I have pale white skin.  I’m also a legionary, and I train with my other legionaries at Fortification Hill.  I’m a frumentarius (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear legion armor.  I love Sports Authority and I buy all my clothes from there.  For example today I was wearing my legion explorer outfit with red paint on the shoulder pads and a knee-length brown skirt, brown fingerless gloves and black boots.  I was wearing my coyote helmet with black goggles.  I was walking outside Nipton and the town was burning outside, which I was very happy about.  A lot of profligates stared at me.  I crucified them.

The city of dalaran has hardly been moved for a week or so, it is chaos, there is always something that needs fixing or moved along with advanced studies/ training and meaningless tasks that no one wants to do so they give it to the lesser magi to handle, they haven’t even got into the demon fighting

he’s had nothing but coffee(s) from the lounge and conjured mana treats since no shops are open

he is tired yet still remains eager

Mass effect squad during Halloween - part 1
  • Mordin : comes as Dr. Frankenstein and spends the rest of the evening spooking everyone with tales of alien sex
  • Garrus: adores Halloween, dresses up as James Bond including cheesy one-liners. Often gets a martini thrown in his face.
  • EDI: uploads part of herself into a wall-E robot Joker bought for her as a joke, everyone ends up adoring her and she wins best costume along with Liara.
  • Joker: has broken his bones again and uses this moment to go as mummy.
  • James Vega: comes drunk, as a half-naked Leonidas and screams 'THIS IS SPARTA' for the rest of the evening.
  • Kasumi: comes as ninja. Is not seen the entire evening, until at the end when everyone's candy is gone and they hear evil laughter coming from the ceiling.
  • Tali: appears as tiny ghost and runs around the Normandy chasing the crew members. Accidentely bumps into people.
  • Legion: wears a costume that no one understands. When people ask him what he is for Halloween, he responds with 'a soul'.

This is a member of Black Legion wearing his night rider robes. The Black Legion were splintered from the Ku Klux Klan and had an estimated 20,000 - 30,000 members. They were suspected of murders of alleged communists and socialists and also suspected of the murder of an African American laboror called Silas Coleman and a WPA worker called Charles Poole.

1. Marco ties Jean in knots: limbs tangled, heartbeats weaving, tongue-tied in contrition as he learns to listen.

2. Marco can braid hair (7 sisters), & he endears himself to the female cadets. There’s envy, but Jean’s arises for a different reason.

3. Jean steeples his fingers together during boring lessons & catches Marco staring. Marco swallows hard, explains, “You have long fingers.”

4. Marco says that knots & the width of a tree’s trunk can determine its age. Swinging through the forest, Jean realizes how young they are.

5. Jean has nightmares about ODM wires getting twisted in branches, knotted, unusable–suspended prone like a hangman guilty of a crime.

6. Eren says the Scouting Legion wears bolo ties because they don’t knot–no time for vanity. Jean hisses that it’s a uniform for hangmen.

7. Jean learns that he must yield when wires strain, that tangles must be re-wound–knowledge gained from watching Marco’s sister knit.

8. There are trajectories for everything–cannon ball arcs & blades through necks–& Jean’s sense leave him as Marco assaults his w/ kisses.

9. Marco dives like a swallow & glides along the street as Jean pulls at the gear of a dead comrade to escape on wire wings fueled by fumes.

10. Jean’s clenched fingers ache & smoke tightens his throat; but he hangs, twisted & tested by fire, a topography of unbreakable knots.

—  Twitter Fics of the Day (6/9-6/18) on the Theme of Knots