“We Are” 28”x40” Acrylic on Canvas 2013
I wanted to make a piece about what it felt like to be an artist in the present. The ocean, full of trash, paint a bleak picture of todays world which is very black and white. It feels like we have no options on the choosing of the colors of the world. This is the reason most environmental paintings I make, have a black and white background on the bottom usually, it is the place where we reside. The colors are usually on top, in the cosmos, in the imagination, and the artist pulls the inspiration with her brush, to let the paint travel through the body and adds color to the monochromatic world. As artists WE ARE the game changers, WE ARE the ones changing the tides, WE ARE the activists or ARTivists, WE ARE the World. delacanvas.com #weare #monochromatic #inspire #life #love #paint (at Denver, Colorado)

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Why this song starts like this #biebs #weare 😂🙌🏼

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