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So how would boosting items work, stuff like the mystic water or the dragon fang? Like, how'd they get those items at all, is it weird and kinda creepy like in Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky where you literally have body parts of some pokemon or would they be more like magic rocks? I can dig magic rocks if ya got 'em, that Riolu Tail i have in Sky is /still/ creeping me out.

boosting items are typically objects that are crafted and engineered by gijinkas, often by taking natural objects that have magical influence (for example, mystic waters are typically made using water stones fused with some other elements) and fashioning them into wearable enhancers.

some objects (sharp beak, dragon fang) ARE made from body parts of pokemon (most sharp beaks in kalos are fashioned from spearow and doduo beaks, dragon fangs are taken from garchomps), but these parts are combined with other things to make them more potent and also not disgusting. so it’s not like there are people just straight up wearing a raw pokemon tooth or a severed beak on their person haha. other ones like this are less… creepy? silverpowder is made by harvesting powders from butterfree/beautifly/vivillon wings, all without harming the pokemon at all.

then of course some objects are simply naturally-occurring things that seem to hold abnormal magical properties that gijinka alter slightly (these would be things like miracle seeds, nevermeltice, etc)

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool) 💕 ((psssttt i love ur url!!))

aaah you’re gonna make me work

ok five things i like about me are: my enthusiasm and capacity for learning (even if it’s usually the less useful side interests), my cooking, my ability to transform fabric or yarn into wearable objects, my voice, that i try to improve


Just the most beautiful greys, it’s a mix of black alpaca and silk. I knit it in a couple of hours yesterday, and wore it out last night.

Here is to the joys of being able to make wearable objects out of a piece of string with two pointy sticks!!

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Wouldn’t it be great if we all had our natural (or unnatural) talents invested in small businesses, and we would support each other’s small businesses, instead of the monster, big, unethical companies? There would be more one of a kind wearables, objects, and services, better quality, competition would be fair and there would be no labour exploitation or asymmetric power. Ughhhh.