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Wearables As A Form of Human Expression [VIDEO]

The Creator’s Project is back with the third episode in its “Make It Wearable” YouTube series which explores the impact of wearable technology from various angles. This video focuses on the intersection of wearable tech and fashion in creating new opportunities for human expression.

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Apple breaks into the wearables market with its highly anticipated smartwatch. It’s more than just a tech gadget, it’s a luxury item.

1 in 10 US consumers own a wearable (most likely Fitbit)

by Sachin Bahal

Over 12% of the US population now owns a wearable device according to the latest report by Kantar Worldpanel on the state of the wearables market.

As of March 2016, more than one in ten consumers in the US own either a fitness tracker or smartwatch, that accounts for 12.2% of the US population. This number is nearly double European ownership which currently stands at 6.6%.

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