nerdshavefriendstoo  asked:

What inspired you to start making your own clothing line/brand as well as getting into photography?

Another great question.

Well, I’ve been doing photography for many years. But, a clothing line or “brand” was something that just happened this year. I’ve always been into fashion and the sort of creating something from nothing mentality. Crafty, if you will. I think as I noticed my makeup bag take off like it did, I knew I had something and I should put all my eggs in one basket and go for it. Take the risk. I had just gotten laid off from my very steady job and decided it’s now or never to take this opportunity and work hard at growing it from the ground up. I expanded it into clothing because, why the fuck not. I want the clothing/items I produce to be shit that I would wear and shit I haven’t seen anywhere else. It pushes me to think outside of the box and I’ve grown to fall completely in love with marketing and the business side of things. It’s opened my eyes to a world I never thought I’d be all about. So, in a way, things fell right where they needed to fall… and I couldn’t be happier and more excited about what’s to come.

Marie stuck her finger through the hole in the breast of the coat.  She had inherited the job of laundress from her mother and had followed her father back North to his post when the war broke out. In all of her eighteen years, she had yet to see a man so prone to ‘accidental’ holes in his clothing as Private Howlett.

“Good thing you weren’t wearing this when it happened,” Marie stated, looking up at the tall man before her.

The Private held her gaze, a bit apologetic, even as his brother snickered.  She smiled, trying to hide her dislike of Private Creed for James’ sake.  James’ brother, Victor Creed, was as unlike a brother as anyone could be.

Her father had said more than once that Howlett would make a fine leader someday.  Papa firmly believed James was of 'good breeding’ and would, in fact, have already made Corporal if not for his brother’s penchant for getting them in trouble.

Double trouble


For once Oobsy took some months to train again, making secretly little jobs. Honestly he was not used to do it anymore, killing, spying, wearing “not so high” heels, thanks for muffle spells, he could still get some inchs.

As he was working hard far away from Shakrim (to avoid him troubles), Cornuto was more and more appreciated among customers. Sometime the purple wench was proud, he has potential that little daedra, other time it hurted his pride not to be asked after, but alas he had Krim now (even if he didn’t care at all about his makeup or clothes), and it made him… More at ease deep in his heart. To get someone not talking to him for sexual content and more about other topics he likes, it was great, even if sometime he really wanted to be pet or closer contact. And those little horns… So cute, even being scolded by Krim was a bliss.