tuesday thoughts
  • How do people wake up early? I’d love to start working out in the morning, or even just going for a walk, or some days even just washing and drying my hair rather than throwing it in yet another messy top knot for working from home. I seriously can wake up and feel WIDE AWAKE at 7 AM and then MAKE myself go back to bed for “30 more minutes” which always turns into 1.5 - 2 more hours. 
  • You know what else would be great? I would like to spend just ONE DAY looking as pulled together as bloggers do on Instagram. I know it is all posed and it’s their job and crap, but damn if I don’t always feel like I can only do one thing to look ready (do my hair OR iron my clothes OR wear heels OR remember to put on jewelery.) 
  • It’d probably help if I’d just wear things (especially to the office) that are already dry cleaned and thus not wrinkled. Except I only take my dry cleaning in every 3 months pretty much, which means my bill last week was $63, and now I’m feeling too cheap to wear anything that would then every need to be dry cleaned again. 
  • Happy to report that I’ve kept on organizing/discarding/tidying our house via the KonMarie method over the last month. I sent 31 pounds - POUNDS - of clothing in to ThredUp.com (only got like $25 but that’s $25 more than I had) and donated at least 5 bags to Goodwill of clothes alone. Threw out probably 4 - 5 bags of clothing and delicates, and even got Blake to go through his underclothing. (He owns like 21 shirts and the bare minimum amount of pants and suits so he doesn’t really need to get rid of any other clothing.) Last night I went through the storage unit at our place and threw away an entire carload of stuff. As in, not one additional Target bag of trash could have fit in the car. Three whole boxes of old scratched cups were in there that we hadn’t touched in the 3.5 years since we packed them up in Birmingham. WHY? Anyway, it’s been a great replacement activity for shopping since I’m on a no buy in August and now I will get bored at home and get itchy thinking about where there is stuff I can go through and donate or throw out. 
  • One thing I AM okay with owning too much of is lipstick. I can fully admit I have a problem (and I even went through and put aside maybe 30 lipsticks - mostly drugstore - to pass on to my mom) but it’s still my biggest weakness. Current favorites include the new MAC matte line, their Veluxe Trois line, any and all Marc Jacobs (nudes sheer lip gel and le marc lip gels) and even returned some unused products last month to splurge on a YSL lipstick. Trying to really amp up my collection of berry lippies for fall as well as find the perfect red shade. 
  • Trying to get through a 10 day cleanse right now (not a juice one) in which i can’t have diet coke (my real one true love above even lipsticks), pizza (miss you already), chips, most carbs in general, or alcohol (maybe the thoughest one given that we have two trivia nights, a friend’s 30th birthday party, a tubing trip down the river, and our fantasty football draft plus a birthday celebration all in the next 10 days but I know better than to try not to drink once football season starts). Please send all positive thoughts my way as I struggle through this self-enforced punishment. (I’m clearly being a little dramatic about it.) 
Not Okay

Two former students, graduates, came by to visit this afternoon. They brought pizza.

It was great to see them. They are both doing well, both enrolled in college, both working good jobs. They are staying out of trouble.

They came here straight from working out. They were wearing workout clothes. Their shorts were short and they had on tank tops. You know, like you wear when you go to the gym.

They are nice girls. They did not just visit me. They went to see all their former teachers, including an old history teacher.

He said to them, “You are a distraction. Look at the way you’re dressed. I can’t concentrate. Get out!” He may have been smiling. He may have been shouting.

Does it matter?

He shamed them.

He told them to go away.

He told them they were a distraction.

He told them he was distracted.



One might ask how you end up on the top of a sky scraper with a parachute on.

Perhaps it was because she stuck out in a room full of rich people. Wearing leather pants and a tank top in a place where most people were dressed semi-formal got you a certain amount of attention. Some good and some bad, she ate it all up. Lex seemed to have found it amusing as it was an impromptu plan anyway. He’d disappeared, Faith figured he was probably getting a blow job in the back from the bimbo that had been hanging on his arm. She was easily chatting a rather attractive blond male, When Lex returned with his clothes slight rumpled and he was obvious extremely drunk. “Hey, Faith…you Ever been Base Jumping?”

“Um…no…” Faith used to be the one that came up with crazy ideas, Lex had taken to upping the ante.

“Well you’re going to,” He smirked broadly pulling out his phone.

Faith turned to her new friend Oliver, “You wanna do something stupid with us?”

Lex frowned just slightly and Faith realized she’d made a mistake, but Lex was too polite to say no. Which was surprising given how drunk he was, and how blunt he could be.

“You alright?” Lex smirked at her as she looked down over the edge, “Not scared are you?”

She stood between the men and snorted contemplating how quickly Lex had gotten three parachutes to the top of his father’s building, “Not too drunk are you?” Lex had just given her a crash course in how to use the parachute, “He’s kinda smashed did he get those instructions right?”

“What’s wrong Faith? Don’t trust me?” Lex grinned wide.

A Darker Shade of Red [AU Vampire!JB x Maid!Reader]

(One of my closest friends gave me this idea for a scenario and I wrote this a while ago. x.x I still have a request to work on (you know who you are ^^) and I promise I will get to it when I’m not so busy with my job and school. So ta da! Please take this to make up for the wait. Enjoy reading lovelies!)

[Name] stares down at her uniform with distaste and bashfulness; she couldn’t comprehend all that happened in such a short amount of time. How the hell had she managed to go from just an ordinary university student to being a maid for a noble, snot-nosed man? It seemed kind of extreme on their part to force her into wearing these ridiculous clothes, but she had little to no took to object. It was either obey or have her delicate neck snapped.

“This is so stupid.” she growled under her breath.

Out of pure annoyance, she lifted one of her legs and kicked the door wide open with the tip of one of her sleek black stilettos, not bothering to knock as she was ‘taught’. And so, she strolled right on in, pushing the cart right through and used her hip to shut the door behind her. [Name]’s [eye color] eyes locked with a pair of dark brown eyes almost immediately when she made her presence known, but all she did was scoff bitterly shortly afterwards. Dread kicked in, just as of she couldn’t feel any worse; just like poison spreading throughout a person’s body.

“You’re late,” Jae Bum’s deep voice booms and bounces off the walls. It nearly makes the young woman jump as the words left his lips. “Precisely by an hour and a half. What took you so long?”

She rolled her eyes, “Well I’m sorry, Your Highness.” There, she had more smart comments to spill, but she held her tongue. He was doing this on purpose to make her angry for sure – the damned sadistic bastard.

[Name] went onto setting his cup onto his desk, then reached for the bottle of wine from the ice bucket. She felt his eyes burning right through her the whole time, but she ignored him and popped the cork off the bottle, then bent forward to pour the liquid into the glass. It was odd, actually; dark red wine wasn’t as dark and thick – heavy, concentrated – as she recalled. This wine was pouring slowly, as if it were molasses or cough syrup. But she never questioned it openly. It was none of her business, and as she thought to herself before – she didn’t care.

As soon as the ‘wine’ reached a point where it was just a couple millimeters under the rim, she pulled back and closed the bottle. After placing it back into the ice, [Name] turned back around to face the man whom she was serving. Instead of drinking whatever the hell that substance was, he was still staring at her. But not with that condescending expression that he normally had when she first entered; no, there was something dark and bone-chilling about his current face. His dark pupils were moving around quickly, as if he was searching for something and fallen deep into his thoughts.

She didn’t dare say anything to him at this moment, but she was bold enough to arch a perfect brow at his sudden change in behavior. It was almost as if he was a completely different person right now, and she couldn’t help but wonder why yet again. From a childish boy to an intimidating man. She put her finger on it – he stared at her as a predator would stare at prey.

A long moment of silence filled the room, and [Name] was still stick-stiff from the way he was so focused on looking at her. But she couldn’t bear the attention anymore, and therefore, she cleared her throat awkwardly.

“U-um, is everything okay?” She squeaked out, and she almost wanted to hit her head off a wall from how fearful she really sounded.

“Perfect.” Was all he said, and his eyes dropped from her eyes to what she thought was her [hair length], [hair color] hair. “Thank you.”

Jae Bum cocked his head to the side as he did more observing, and even did as much as move his glass to the side to place his elbow down and lean his head in his hand. The man was undoubtfully handsome, but that charm seemed dangerous in its own mysterious way. [Name] couldn’t help but swallow the lump that formed in her throat upon seeing him lick his lips subconsciously, along with the crease that formed in between his brows as a result of furrowing them. There he went again, from being normal to concentrated.

She tried to lighten the atmosphere, or at least try to lessen the intensity of the aura in here. “Did you want me to leave? Because I can if you want–”

“No.” He immediately shot her suggestion down with a frown. However, a smile played on his pump lips, but [Name] knew better but to know that it wasn’t genuine at all. There was something hidden behind it for sure. “Come here.”

As he commanded with such a strong tone, [Name] circled around the desk where she stood right beside Jae Bum. But it seemed that this wasn’t what he meant, because an almost impatient kind of emotion flashed in the dark whirlpool of his brown irises. There weren’t any words that came out of his mouth but an exaggerated sigh, and he reached out and latched a strong hand around one of her wrists. With a swift and strong pull, she fell into his lap with a thud and a flabbergasted look. It all happened so fast that she could barely keep up with the scenario that continued to unfold.

Strong, muscular arms wrapped around her small petite waist, pulling her in closer so that she was pressed against his stone-hard chest. Strangely enough, there was a sudden cold chill that went down her spine, and she couldn’t help but shiver. And her face felt as if it was lit on fire; he was way too close for her liking.

“What are you doing?!” [Name] exclaimed, gasping from the shock his actions had caused her.

“It’s so hard to take my daily supplement when there’s something of far better quality right in front of me,” he whispers, and his breath lingers over the sensitive area of her neck – the nape, as well as her arms, and her skin is covered in goosebumps right away. “Aren’t you curious as to know what you just poured into my glass a moment ago?”

[Name] wanted to know deep down, that was the problem. But she couldn’t think straight because he was basically seducing her. Nonetheless, she managed to get out a small ‘yes’ as a reply; not too loudly, but audible enough for him to hear.

“Well, let’s just say that you have lots of it,” there was another smile that appeared on his, but she was unable to see it this time. His fingers moved some of her hair out of the way, giving him a view of her flawless, smooth [skin color] skin and a thick, dark green vein pulsating from her neck. “You wouldn’t mind if I took some of it, do you?”

“What nonsense are you spitting out?” She inquired incredulously, trying to turn her head and meet his gaze. “What could I possibly have that you would want?”

There was a slight pause when [Name] suddenly felt something sharp graze across her skin, and she involuntarily twitched, due to the specific area that’d been touched was where she was slightly ticklish. She didn’t know his dark secret just yet, and even though he didn’t want to unveil it so soon, her very being was a constant temptation that he couldn’t resist forever.

His lips moved from her nape to her ear, “It hurts how clueless you truly are, my dear. How about I just show you, rather than explain to make you understand?”

There was no time for her to even have the time to form words to reply, because the graze she once felt against her skin occurred once again a couple more times. His tongue ran along her skin, and before long, he harshly bit down, retracting his fangs deeply into her skin and hitting directly into the vein he sought out.

[Name] wanted to scream, to thrash out of his grasp – but she couldn’t, because it felt as if he was sucking the life right out of her. His arms, his body … they were like a steel cage that was impossible to escape. She felt frozen and weaker; her body trembled in his arms, and all she could do was sit there and weakly grasp onto the sleeves of his shirt. Her vision began to spot, when she realized – she was slowly beginning to lose consciousness.

She was unaware of the time, how long she had she’d been sitting on him and letting him do this to her. It felt like a lifetime; the process was painstakingly slow. But eventually, he stopped what he was doing, but not before running his tongue over the wound that he loosened his hold on her. She was nearly gone already, but she was barely hanging in there.

Inhuman red eyes that held a familiarity to them bored directly in hers, and it didn’t take much for her to realize that those eyes belonged to him. Just as if he was looking into her soul, was what it almost felt like. It made her break out in cold sweat everywhere, and her breaths were reduced to short, heavy panting.

“So, you’re a … ” her words trailed off, only to cough. “ … vampire.”

Hey, it sounded absurd; but unless he was some sort of cannibal, she knew she hit the bullseye for sure. Right? If he wanted to kill her and eat her, he would’ve done it already. She didn’t want to jinx it. After all, she was still alive right now – and she was counting on the idea of just passing out instead of dying from blood loss.

“Absolutely correct,” he chuckled, sounding quite surprised that she guessed the right answer. “Now sleep for now.”

There was something about his voice that sounded heavy, like a soft tune that could lull a person to sleep. What was it? It sounded a lot firmer than it did before, and [Name] couldn’t help but obey him once again. And besides, it’s not like she had the option to defy him because she was indeed, sinking into the darkness before she knew it.

jameson789 asked:

Kai couldn't have had a worse day today. First, he stepped in a puddle so deep, his whole leg sunk into the ground. Then, he managed to rip his new hoodie on a fence outside of his house. As he took the clothes to the seamstress and the cleaners, Kai looked over and noticed the girl at the front of the adjacent store.

“Tch. I can’t believe I’m wearing this… Only thing left to wear- my ass.” Murmuring to herself, Mirai could not help but shift around in her old attire from when she worked in a Maid Cafe right before its unexpected closing months ago. As a prideful warrior the job itself embarrassing enough, but now she has to literally wear it til her clothes are sewed back together and cleared of all the blood stains from ruthless fighting. Oh God, she hopes no one rcognizes her.


inspirationengine asked:

If you had to think of a long term life of happiness multiple times where the players were different than the ones envisioned in your life yesterday what would it look like? Where would live? What kinds of clothes would you wear, what smells would you surround yourself with what kind of job or vocation would you pursue? Would you be interested in helping others? (Basically if happiness for you came from all sorts of unexpected places what are the various possibilities you can conceive?)

Id be living in a cute flat, surrounded by art, books, my records, my Simpsons collectables. Id have my own antiques business with rob (we spoke about that the other day) I’d have a dog to love. Id still wear the clothes I wear now, I just wouldn’t be so poor. Id want a house in Malta too so I can be close to my family/family roots. Id spend my days smoking cigs and looking at beautiful things, beautiful places and beautiful people.


I think this is the most summery outfit I’ve worn all summer. I just feel so pastel. Wait, you can’t feel pastel. What am I saying? Good job Tay, you’re really great at starting off these blog posts. But hopefully, you guys caught my drift. I just feel very summery, a long stretch from my usual all-black ensembles. 

I am kinda obsessed with my jeans that I am wearing today. Ever since working at Aritzia, I became addicted to the Citizens of Humanity Rockets. They just fit so nice and mold to my body. I’m a big fan. However without my Aritzia employee discount, I was feeling pretty sad about not being able to afford the Rockets anymore. But, luckily fate is on my side and Aritzia decided to have their huge summer sale consisting of 50-70% off. My friend, Niki (HI NIKI), texted me on the first day of the sale saying she found Citizens for super cheap so I knew I would have to go to the store immediately. Once there, I found these lovely light wash Rockets for $99, down from their original price of $308. WHOOT. I was very happy! 

With the jeans, I paired my new favorite denim jacket. Denim jackets are just an essential for the summer. They can literally be layered over every single thing. Well, maybe not, but MOST things look good with denim jackets. Mine is a slightly oversized fit which I love because it is 100 times comfier. I also love that it’s a white denim jacket because it allows me to wear it with blue jeans and I don’t look like I’m pulling off the whole denim tuxedo look, ya feel?

My shoes are definitely the statement piece of this outfit. These are the Nike Roshes that I picked up in New York. Oh New York, how I miss you. I was super excited to find these Nikes in New York because I had never seen anything like them in Canada. However, I now hear that they are making their way across the border, which I’m not too happy about. So, if you could all resist buying these sneakers, that would be great. I would like to continue being the only Canadian to wear these. I’m totally kidding by the way. I do not have any ownership over these shoes (unfortunately).

Last, but definitely not least, let’s have a lil’ look at my watch. This is Marc 4.0. He is beautiful. Everything about this watch is perfect. I usually don’t wear a lot of gold, but this watch has really changed my ways. Brent actually got me this watch while on a trip to Seattle so if that doesn’t make him the best boyfriend ever, I don’t know what does. Just kidding, he was already the best boyfriend ever before that. 

Denim Jacket- Zara // Top- Forever 21 // Jeans- Citizens of Humanity via Aritzia // Shoes- Nike // Watch- Marc Jacobs //

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Name: Oliver
Nickname: Ollie
Birthday: December 24th
Star sign: Capricorn
Gender: human?
Sexual orientation: human?
Height: 5′4″
Favorite color: I really like pastel right now and metallic blue is always
Time right now: 9:28 pm
Average hours I sleep: 3-4 hours
Lucky numbers: 24
Last thing I googled: definition or nurture, for homework
Favorite fictional character: omg, I have no clue. probably still Inuyasha from back when I was 10
Favorite famous person: ha hahahah. okay, uhm Suga and Tae but actually all of BTS
Celebrity crush: TaeTae andminyoongi
Favorite Bands (groups/artists): Besides BTS, Giribyo, You+Me, City & Colour…the list goes on
Last movie I saw: Undercover Brother
Dream trip: Anywhre that isn’t the US
Dream job: Getting paid to take naps~
What I’m wearing right now: tank top and cut off leggings because my legs got hot and Tae inspired me to take scissors to my clothes~ (jk I’ve been chopping my shit up since junior high)

I tag: bangaytanboys chenningtaetum 18anddreaming leejihoonofficial himchan-stop marriedtothe-cypher hoseokscreaming I tried taggin new people ~ do it if you want, loves <3

Requirements For My Next Girlfriend

I’ve never required anything from anyone, but after all this I think I’m allowed to!

- Must be able to keep a job

- Must be CLEAN (personal hygiene/clean home)

- Must be willing to communicate

- Must not hide things/feelings regarding our relationship

- Must be honest

- Must be understanding of my disability

- Must wear clothes that fit correctly (not 5 sizes to small)

- And damn it, if you know I’m trying to look nice for you, look nice for me too

- Must not drink to excess

- I’m flexible on this one. I’d prefer a non smoker, but if you smoke cigarettes, please do so outside

- Must be able to take my sense of humor

- A freak in the sheets would be nice ;)

- Must be dominant (sometimes I need to be put in my place)

- Must be older than me (I’m 26)

- Must love animals

- Must kill the bugs!

- Must be 420 friendly

- Must know how to have fun

- Must be at least a little weird

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I wonder if it was kyungsoo's choice to wear that gender eqality sweater or if a stylist gave it to him

Yeah! Usually airport fashion is sponsored and given to them by stylists. My friend worked at a fashion PR company and it was her job to give some brands to celebs and some idols. Expensive brands went to the top stars, and the average brands went to the less-famous celebs. Sometimes they wear fan gifts though. I noticed fansites usually buy him all black clothes, so this one is probably not from one of them hehe. I don’t know too much about fashion, but the more expensive stuff like Maison Kitsune and Thom Browne are probably lent to him!

ugh why did I decide to get a second job? yes I love the money I’m making and that I’ll be able to save up a bit before finishing my undergrad degree but like. the time. and effort? that I have to put in this job? it’s so much! and my anxiety is constantly flared on the days where I only have two hours between class and work. and yes a couple years ago I used to go right from class to work in like less than an hour and would have to wear my work clothes to class but like. that felt so different. now I actually wanna be able to focus on these classes and enjoy them and enjoy my freedom and enjoy academia. but now I have to get ready for work and be all anxious and deal with fluttery heart palpitations on mondays and wednesdays because one of my past jobs like conditioned me into being anxious for work and like fuuuuck. I just wanna be a part of the hella part-time on-campus job life again where I still have ample time for homework and friends and eating and sleeping without having to schedule everything and without having to feel like an anxious exhausted nauseous jittery mess all the time

Becoming Strangers

The hard part is the forgetting. I hope we don’t have to fight. I hope there is not so much bitterness, no lemon lime irritation because you held her hand, I took him to dinner, we passed by you, no one waved hello. I don’t want to run the marathon of who ends up happiest. I loved you. There aren’t going to be many more chances to say that. I miss you. That has too many edges. Should you miss me too? Should I be thinking of you at all?

We are grown enough for our respective ages. We work. We pay taxes, even if we haven’t quite figured taxes out. We get to jobs on time and make phone calls and remember, as often as possible, to take the trash out and wear almost clean clothes. But we still can’t talk about love. I can’t admit that this feels like breathing backwards, like someone is stealing the air from me. You can’t admit that you miss knowing my body completely. We both miss fucking, but now it feels like a handshake and ends too soon. It can’t mean anything. That would be missing the point.

seraphthejoker asked:

Your video is really inspirational and I was wondering if you'd be able to help me out. Where did you get your binder/tank tops? I'm gender fluid but female bodied and your binder looks like it fits so well! (Sometimes I really hate my breasts >. <)

Hey! Thanks for the message!

I have two binders. The one I’m wearing in my most recent video is a tri-top from Underworks and it’s old and worn and I recently adjusted the straps because they were all stretched out, haha. They do a good job and I’ve been using binders from them for years! I have the problem of the bottom of the binder kind of sticking out and creating a bump that shows under tighter clothing, though. Looks like they recently separated their FTM selection into a new site here: http://www.f2mbinders.com/

I more recently purchased a half binder from gc2b which is a newer company and their binders are made from material that are less prone to stretching! However I find they always show when I wear tank tops. However if that’s not a concern at all (I don’t mind mine showing) they do bind very well! They also lie smoother against my body than Underworks does, which is a big deal when I’m wearing tighter clothing. You can find them here: http://www.gc2b.co/

The pricing for the two is similar so it’s more what fits your wardrobe better based one what I mentioned, your size, etc. gc2b took a little longer to process my order than Underworks usually does but I’m not sure if they’re still backed up? So if time is an issue that’s something to consider, too. There are also other places to get safe binders but these are the only two I have experience with.

Hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly in case the info can help anyone else!

kiriali replied to your post:

Do you support same-sex marriage?? sorry its for a…

How does that make any sense? How does two men/two women getting married effect your rights? Honestly there is no non religious reason they cant get married and church and state should be seperated.

That’s exactly what I’m saying.  Same-sex marriage has not affected my rights as a straight person and I’m cool with it.  I agree 100% that church and state should be separate as well.  I believe that it’s not really the government’s job to stop anyone from doing anything that isn’t hurting anybody else or infringing on anybody else’s basic rights.

I personally do not believe that homosexuality is morally right.  But I also don’t think that drinking, smoking, sex before marriage or wearing super revealing clothing is morally right either, and you don’t see me pushing for any of those things to be illegal.  People have the right to choose, we all have the right to believe what we believe, and those rights are what makes things good and fair in the world.

TL;DR I am a proponent of human agency.  We all have the right to choose what we wish to believe and do, as long as we aren’t hurting anybody by doing so.

PS Like I said in the previous post, I have absolutely no problem with homosexuals as people, or their rights to make their own decisions in life.  As far as I’m concerned they are humans too and should be treated with just as much respect as anyone else.  I have friends and have met many people with many a sexual preference, and as long as they are nice people and treat others well then I will do the same to them.  So please be civil, accept that people have different opinions than yours and let it go if this post offends you.

To all of those saying immigrants or illegal immigrants are here to steal your job or take over your land shut the fuck up. Most are here so they can get money just like you because where ever they cane from their families can barely afford shit.Or they want more opportunities that they can get here instead of their home land. Understand that most of their countries are over run by gangs, corrupt government/police,etc. My dad did not fucking move to America from El Salvador to steak your job only to help support his wife and now 3 daughters which we are all in the US. My parents are working their asses of just to support our family. My parents and I are the only ones that crossed the border and are getting our papers soon. So if ur going to start saying shit about how we’re bad remember that live is ducked up in general and your just a closed minded chicken hating on those that make half of the clothes you wear.
-sincerely a pissed off immigrant

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youre hardly active and the stuff you do find are from photoshoots and non wearable day to day, you should have started by finding his basic pieces, like his joggers/trousers

i have school and a job that occupies everyday of my week, im sorry im not always able to update a blog i do FOR FUN. i do photoshoots bc its fun to see who he wears and the outrageous clothes he gets to be seen in whats wrong w that? and all the basics i do find (yes, i find pieces and dont post them sometimes) are always sold out and wont ever be stocked again and i thought that would be pointless. do you want me to post pieces that are sold out anyway? i can do that but i dont see the point


Reinvention of Overalls: Way back in the day overalls were a piece of utility clothing that was made for workers, to do their jobs. In the 90′s they became a widely accepted as the fashionable thing to wear. Once again overalls are making their come back into mainstream fashion. I love this trend, each person styles is differently and it can go from boho to contemporary. It’s a trend that will always swing in and out of trendiness. I hope y'all enjoy this little pendulum of fashion as much as I do.