Here’s to all the people

With scars from their skin condition

Who have ever been told not to wear shorts or T-shirts because they should ‘cover it up’

Who feel like their body is gross or ugly

Who have been pointed at and called disgusting

Who always wear long clothes to cover up

Who get people without a skin condition telling them how to manage it

Who have 6843 different creams and lotions and have lost track of which ones they’re supposed to be using right now.

You’re all beautiful, you’re all fantastic and you’re all doing a great job

What’s Yours is Mine

Summary: Sam and Dean enjoy sharing each other’s clothes.

Warning: Smut, blow jobs, anal sex

Word Count: 3150

A/N: I enjoyed writing this request so much! Hope you all like it, too! XOXO

Sam’s been wearing Dean’s hand-me-down clothes since he was born. In every one of Dean’s childhood memories, he can see Sam wearing his old clothes, sleeves too long, waistbands too loose, stray threads sticking out at the seams.

But when Sam hits puberty, they start fitting almost perfectly. Sam’s a little skinnier than Dean, but it never really shows in the clothing. Proper fit didn’t stop Sam from hating them, though.

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heroin is spending 40 minutes poking yourself with a needle trying to find a vein.
heroin is cold sweats, hot flashes, and aching bones in the middle of the night.
heroin is wearing long sleeves in the summer time.
heroin is turning tricks for your next fix.
heroin is lying to your family when they ask you if you’re clean.
heroin is waiting 40 minutes for your drug dealer to show up.
heroin is not showing up for work and losing your job.
heroin is pawning all of your moms jewelry and taking money from her wallet.
heroin is losing all of your friends.
heroin is having holes in all your clothes because you nodded out while smoking a cigarette.
heroin is not eating for days because you’d rather spend your money on dope.
heroin is falling asleep while you’re driving.
heroin is constantly looking out for cops in your rear view mirror.
heroin is shooting up in grocery store parking lots.
heroin is keeping all of your rigs in an eyeglasses case.
heroin is living everyday the exact same.
heroin neglecting everything not related to dope.

why i wish they hadn’t went with the “jaune-asking-out-weiss-all-the-time” plot and made them friends instead:

they’d always end up at the back of the group, complaining loudly, blake and ren end up teaming up and subtly fucking the group over even more just to spite them

Voice of Reason duo. both strategise to get grimm killed as quickly as possible and then crying as everyone goes with ruby’s idea, which still gets the job done but takes half an hour longer but it’s cooler

they’re the first to rage quit at anything and are rightfully bullied for it

knows jaune’s family are worse off and makes sure to get him new clothes no matter how much he complains (“you’ve managed to get a hole in all your jeans and you wear a hoodie you won from a cereal box competition, you can’t live like this”)

them pretending to barf at the different foods they like (”fish eggs. it’s fish eggs. who came up with eating fish eggs-” “who came up with corning beef. WHO CAME UP WITH CORNED BEEF”)

weiss and jaune comparing families. an abusive father who exploited her talents along with an alcoholic mother  vs parents who were loving but also coddling and had no faith in him. 

respect for the classic weapons, cant something just be a sword (”shut up weiss your sword is magic” “shut up jaune your sword turns into a bigger sword”)

missed opportunities here folks

Lucifer Morningstar X Reader: Thundering Hearts.

Notes: This one-shot was requested by anon. My first Lucifer one. I am sorry if it’s shit. I had to try to write a Lucifer one though.


It was already starting to get dark outside when you got the text from Lucifer. You already knew what the text would be about. Ever since he hired you as his personal stylist, he would constantly ask you for advice. You would go shopping for clothes for him and he would join you every single time, he loved to wear Prada, which you found funny considering he is named Lucifer. During the many shopping sprees he would constantly try to flirt with you or draw your attention to him. You laughed it off or ignored his flirting, this was your job after all and you knew he loved to flirt with a lot of women. He was always trying to find ways to get to see you or talk to you, calling you to ask if a certain jacket would go well with a certain pair of pants.

This time he texted you and asked if you could come to Lux for a fitting appointment. He needed an outfit for a big event that he had planned for tomorrow. You left the dinner you had prepared for yourself untouched and got ready to go to Lux.

Whilst driving the weather seemed to go from a dry and warm evening to a rainy and cold one. It took you 40 minutes to drive to Lux and the weather only seemed to get worse every minute.

When you arrived the first party-goers were already lining up outside, some of them trying to convince the bouncer to let them in. You pull up your car and walk up to the entrance, the bouncer nods and let’s you in. You walk down the stairs to the bar where you see Maze, you two seem to get along quiet well. She notices you and calls you over.

“He can’t seem to get dressed anymore without your help it seems. What does he need you for this time?” A grin spreading accros her face.

“Hey Maze. So it seems. He wants me to help him pick an outfit for an important event tomorrow apparantly.”

Maze rolls her eyes. “Oh, that. Hey listen, can’t you pick something horrible for him to wear?” she smiles mischievously.

You shake your head trying to look serious but failing “ Maze..”

“Oh come on, he would wear anything if you told him how sexy he looked in it.”

You laughed and shook your head “No Maze, I like my job and i’d rather not get fired. Sorry.”

“He would never fire you. If he did then he would have to come up with another way to get your attention.”

“I don’t doubt that he would. I’d better get going. Nice talking to you, Maze.”

“Good luck.” She winked at you.

You get up from the bar chair and start making your way to Lucifer’s penthouse. You press the elevator button and wave at the small security camera to let him now it’s you. The doors go open and you step inside. When the elevator doors open again you see Lucifer standing, holding 2 glasses in his hand.

“Ah! Finally you’re here. Wine? ” He walks over to you and offers you a glass.

You take the glass from his hands “Thank you. So what kind of  big event do you need an outfit for ?” taking a sip from the wine,

“Oh yes, well. Do you remember when I told you about me working for the LAPD ?”

You nod “ Yeah, you told me your were helping Detective Decker.”

“Exactly. So you do pay attention to me other then to my clothes.” here he goes again.

“You hired me for your clothes, Lucifer.” You sigh.

“Yes, yes. Boring. Now, the detective and I are investigating the murder on a ex-sport star who had set up a charitable foundation. Now I have decided to hold a charity event, here in Lux, for the foundation.” he explains enthousiastic.

“So you need an outfit for this charity event ? No problem. Let’s go and try some clothes on.” You walk past him to his dressing room.

“Or off.” he smoothly blurts out.

You roll your eyes, you knew he would flirt with you again, he always does. It’s not like you are not interested, it just makes it hard for you to stay professional. You loved your job, and a big part of that was because you loved spending time with Lucifer. When he wasn’t constantly flirting with you , you two could talk for hours and he actually listened to what you had to say.

You enter the dressing room, and by now you already know where you could find the different pieces of clothing. You open the closet which contained his tuxedo jackets.

“So, what look are you going for ?” You ask while looking at the many different jackets.

“Well, I want a look that says ‘hot and generous’, or just generous. I have the hot part covered.” He smirks while motioning at himself.

You smile and shake your head, while taking out a black tuxedo jacket and walk over to where he’s standing. You hold it up in front of him.

“Perfect. You should wear this with a white shirt and a black pair of pants. But something’s missing.” You walk to another closet and open it while Lucifer puts on the jacket.

“Got it!” You say and take a black bow tie from his closet. “Come closer.” you say.

“Ooh gladly.” He walks to you and you start helping him to put on his bow tie. He looks at you with amusement. When you finished putting it on, you stand behind him and you put your hands on his shoulders, making him turn around to face the mirror.

“What do you think?” You ask him.

He takes a couple of poses while checking himself out in the mirror then turns to you.

“What do you think ?“ he fires back the question and he stands up straight.

You can’t help but smile, you knew he would ask you. He always does. “I think you look very handsome. Aaand generous of course.Very classy.”.

A big smile appears on his face, and you realise this is the first time you told him he was handsome.  

“Handsome, huh? Well, in that case, I shall gladly wear this outfit for the event tomorrow. You never cease to amaze me.”  

You walk out of the dressing room, trying not to blush and Lucifer follows you.

“Hey, uhmm.. It’s getting late, I should be heading home. Good luck tomorrow at the–” Before you could finish your sentence, the very loud sound of thunder could be heard and it made the large windows of the penthouse shake. The sound made you jump, you were never a big fan of thunderstorms, truthfully, you hated them. Lucifer noticed your reaction.

“Bloody hell, Someone’s throwing a fit again it appears. Listen, you don’t have to drive home through this weather, you can stay here if you’d like.” A worried expression on his face.

You shake your head “ No, thank you Lucifer, i’ll be fi-” another loud thunder makes you jump again.

Lucifer walks over to you and puts a hand on your back “I would feel personally responsible if anything would happen to you. Please stay here, at least until the weather gets better.” He pleaded and you gave in.

“Okay, i’ll stay on one condition.”

Lucifer looks at you questioning. “And what would that be?”

“I want pizza, I was going to have dinner before you asked me to come here. I’m starving.”

“It’s a deal. So, what should we do to keep ourselves occupied in the meantime?”

“We could watch some movies? “

You both go to sit on the couch in front of his big TV. You start searching for good movies, you ask if Lucifer has any preferences, he wants you to pick the movie so you decide to watch The Avengers.

During the movie you remarked how the actors were hot and out of the corner of your eyes you could see him rolling his eyes, and you tried your hardest not to laugh. He was jealous. After the movie ended you two started talking. First about the event tomorrow, but after a while it became more personal, you talk about your familly and Lucifer openend up about his. You always saw him as someone who could not take anything serious. But the more he revealed, the clearer it was that he   felt rejected by his familly. You could see the hurt in his eyes even though he tried to hide it with jokes or he brushed it off like it was nothing. Out of nowhere you hugged him. Wanting to make him feel better, to let him know that he was not alone. And maybe, maybe because you were starting to feel something for him. At first Lucifer freezes, not enterily sure what to do. But then he wrapped his arms around you as well. You stayed like that for while, just enjoying the genuine moment. You broke the hug and curled up next to him on the couch, leaning on his shoulder. After a while you started to feel tired and when you looked up to Lucifer you could see that he had fallen asleep. A smile spread across your face as you rose up and planted a kiss on his cheeck. You layed your head back on his shoulder, and soon enough you were sleeping as well.

Lucifer however, was awake now and his heart was racing from the moment your lips touched his cheeck.


     While great with technology and quite a genius himself, Blue took the modeling path instead of taking over Capsule Corp. He didn’t want all the glory his body achieved from all his training to go to waste. He’s quite proud of his appearance and thinks he’s doing the world a favor by sharing it through photos for all to see.

     He’s no stranger to wearing make-up due to this profession, so finding some in his bathroom or bedroom is a common thing. This job also helps him keep up on the latest fashions. He loves stylish clothing and if he dislikes the clothes he’s to model, he’ll refuse. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen often.

     Occasionally, he will pop into Capsule Corp. if something should go wrong, but other than that, he can be found with his face buried in his phone on social media apps. He also enjoys striking little poses from time to time for his boyfriend just to tease him or get his attention.


-brendon and ryan are two gross boys who don’t do shit except fuck and smoke and hang out with their other shit friends in dingy basements and old buildings

-brendon wears holey shirts with band prints faded from years of washing and dirt

-ryan sometimes wears a leather jacket he doesn’t even like the look and when brendon asks why he just looks down at his hands and says “dad lent it”

-jon knows where to get all of the good shit and he makes the other three chip in with ratty $5 notes but he doesn’t ask for too much because he knows they all have not too good jobs

-spencer is always next to jon no matter what always

-and spencer keeps missing clothes from his closet but he sees them on jon the next day and isn’t so worried

-brendon knows ryan’s dad is an aashole so he goes with him to see him on birthdays and holidays even if everytime ryan’s dad sees the two of them he spits venom and calls them “disgusting fags”

-even if everytime they see ryan’s dad brendon has to spend the night with ryan crying over the bathtub

-even if everytime they see ryan’s dad they’re reminded that they have noone

-even if everytime they see ryan’s dad they spend the night kissing fucking poetry into each others’ skin because that’s all they have now and probably forever

-grotty boys living off of alcohol and the sheer will of having each other and noone else

Things I want: More tattoos

The want I am afraid to vocalize : more tattoos

Things people give me a lot of shit for wanting : More tattoos

Like all I want to do is cover up these ugly scars on my arms and I get 0 support from family.
Like. Big. Zero. Goose egg. It’s really disheartening and makes me feel so depressed.

I am not even being told that they’re job killers. I’m being lectured to not “Spend so much on one thing” or that they’re a waste of money cause they just go on my skin and don’t do anything.

I just want to look at my skin and find it beautiful.

That’s all I want.

I want to not feel self conscious over wearing sleeveless clothing or shorts.

I want to see beauty in my skin yet I am criticized whenever I vocalize this want and the desire to work towards it.

“Never said you couldn’t get it, just that… ”

Okay but you’re making me feel like a guilty pile of shit for it, so you might as well.

Whatever. I’m going to lay in bed and cry because my desires are not important.

Coffee Shop

Originally posted by coffee-beanz

Rain fell from the sky as a completely normal day in London progressed, I tried to shield myself from the rain, but that was completely useless, my shoes soaked from the rain so my clothes. I then spotted a nice looking café, its outside was all brown and it had a big window showing its vintage looking inside, I then decided to wait there until the rain stopped. I quickly sprinted towards it opening the door of the shop. The place had only three costumers inside, an old man sipping from his coffee sitting on a leather chair, a middle age woman probably making a quick coffee break from her job judging from her business clothes and a girl wearing a uni sweater sitting on a stool by the bar her hair on a messy bun.

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       ‘ @southerncomfortoutlaw ’  ❨  PLOTTED STARTER

It wasn’t that strange for Hayley to be left on her own in their home. When he was on the road for jobs further north, she would be left for days and sometimes weeks on end, but his time was now spent towards opening an auto shop in town. He was a week away from opening, crunch time if there ever were one, and she knew he was stressed from the undertaking. What better way than to decompress? Meet me in the tub in half an hour or else had been the text sent to his phone only twenty minutes before she heard the door to their bathroom creek open, wondering instantly how he made such good time. “Did you fly in on some private jet, Grizzly?” Having just sunk into the long, clawfoot tub, she turned off the water using her toes before leaning back against the porcelain finish. “I guess I should reward you for it somehow, shouldn’t I?” 

Last text I received from the signs

Aries- I’m so excited! (Wear clothes from the 70’s)

Taurus- I still had your number memorized. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t change it. I miss you

Gemini- oh hey grace

Cancer- fleet foxes is playing at whole foods. Thinking of you :)

Leo- we have to go!!!! She is having an after party!!

Virgo- wow life is amazing

Libra- I’ll prob b there

Scorpio- I GOT THE JOB!!

Sagittarius- hey yo can you drive me to Sarah’s house?

Capricorn- listen I’m so depressed, all my friends are with other people and I’ve been watching keeping up with the Kardashians for 5 hours

Aquarius- rad:)

Pieces- do you wanna get Popsicles tomorrow after school??


So, I started reading the Fairy Tail manga from the very beginning and I’m noticing all these subtle NaLu moments that I missed while watching the anime! Like for instance how in the first picture, when the gang gets back from Edolas, Natsu is clearly wearing this black cloak!

Then the next time, in the second picture, we see Lucy and she’s now wearing Natsu’s cloak! Remember in the very beginning of the manga, on their very first job to save Macao, Lucy asked for Natsu’s clothes because she was cold. He said no immediately. But here we see progress, and I bet he offered his cloak to her without even being asked!

And then, of course, in the third picture there’s that smoldering look he’s giving her on Tenrou Island when they’re forming a team again to defeat Grimoire Heart! And she’s definitely blushing because of it!

I could go on and on. But clearly they care about each other:) I’m so excited to get caught up with the manga to see how much further they progress!

more modern au

Thranduil has cute sneezes (or at least they are according to Bard) 

The first time Bard met Thranduil’s driver he struggled not to laugh because he’s DATING SOMEONE WITH ENOUGH MONEY TO AFFORD A PERSONAL DRIVER. 

Thranduil took a one look at Bard’s wardrobe and threw everything out. He had it all replaced with custom made clothes. There was a week where Bard had no clothes to wear and he had the choice of borrowing some of Thranduil’s or going around naked. 

Bard was so pleased that his kids were on holiday with their grandparents that week because he spent almost all of it at Thranduil’s naked. 

Thranduil doesn’t tell Bard what his job is or what involves. All Bard knows is that he earns a huge amount of money and has given Bard a body guard. 

Tilda adored Thranduil from their first meeting. Bain was convinced after Legolas showed him how to beat up the kids who had been bullying him. Sigrid was only won over when she saw how happy Thranduil was making her Da. 

Thranduil takes Bard out to delicious restaurants and on awesome mini breaks and never let’s him pay for anything. 

Bard’s friend Bilbo is the first to inform him that Bard’s found himself a sugar daddy. 

Spells for confidence and inner strength

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about confidence recently, so I thought I’d collect together a few bits and pieces from the Book of Shadows here for your reference. This first one is specific to job interview success, but can be used generally as well as a booster of self-confidence and success.

This next one uses All Saints Oil - a recipe for which follows the spell.

And finally, here is a spell to enhance confidence, grace, charm and beauty.

As to stones that promote confidence, Aragonite, Calcite, Moonstone, Pyrite and Topaz are your best bets. Carry some in a cloth pouch or your pocket, or wear one in a necklace or  bracelet to help boost your self-confidence.

Blessed be.

Thorki want: stylist Loki

TV actors aren’t really Loki’s kind of clients (he’s the best working only for the very best, thank you very much), but he owes somebody a big favor, so… His new job is to help Thor turn from quite-well-known TV actor into Hollywood A-list material, which means get the guy to wear clothes that actually fit his frame. 

Loki would never admit it, but boy, does he fall fast. Soon he’s hopelessly infatuated with Thor’s everything, which is of course terribly unprofessional and unacceptable. As always, bitching is his favorite way of coping: 
What are you doing? The only one measuring Thor’s inseam is me. 
You’re doing his hair all wrong, gimme that brush.
Jesus, Thor, could your arms be any bigger? It’ll be a nightmare to find a shirt that fits this suit.

And Thor… Thor is not as oblivious as Loki thinks he his.

FTM and MTF seeking clothes

Hey there,

I’ve got a crazy situation.

I’m an FTM just got out of an abusive household and lost all of my clothes except two shirts, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black slacks. I also have one pair of shoes. I am an ftm sized S-M with a waist size of 30, 32, or 34 and my leg length is around 32 or 34. My shoe size is Men’s 8 1\2. I wear a L in binders but my breast size is a 36D, so it’s really hard to find binders that work. I am desperately seeking clothes as all my job money is going towards food and my little sisters health bills.


My girlfriend. She’s MTF and I’m in love with that girl. However, her family doesn’t have much money and with me so broke, I can’t afford to get her anything. She really likes oversized jackets and sweaters, so she’ll wear anything from a M-XL, her breast size is 36B (she only has one bra, and it’s a cheapo Wal-Mart one), and her pants size is a 10 or so. She is the only one who’s been there to support me through everything so that’s my priority right now. Her birthday is coming up and I’d love to surprise get with a bunch of clothes to make her feel even just a smidge less dysphoric. I just want her to feel comfortable, to love herself like I love her.

We live in a suburb of Tulsa, OK so if there’s anyone who can help us out, I could send about $10 your way. My url is NoMoreMrMeanGirls. My name is Reggie and my girlfriend is Lexy and we both extremely appreciate any help you can give us.

Thank you, and love you all.

Humans were created to be different.
Yet we have all become so alike.
We wish to be noticed.
We wish to belong, to conform–God forbid we be labelled as ‘different’.
We would not post pictures of ourselves on social media if not for the audience waiting for us to perform.
We would not voice our troubles if not for those who console us and offer us pity.
We would not dress up in clothes we can hardly afford if not for the society that expects no less from us.
We would not wear makeup if not for those who make it their job to point out our insecurities.
But there are some humans, however, who crave no attention at all.
They do not post pictures of themselves, for they receive no pleasure from the number of ‘likes’ that defines the worth of so many.
They do not voice their troubles, for they are a private people, who are clever enough to keep their business to themselves.
They do not wear expensive clothing for the mere satisfaction of conformity; they wear clothes to express themselves.
And they do not wear makeup with the sole purpose of hiding their flaws, for the ‘different’ human knows that flaws are what makes them human.
In a society trying so hard to fit in, so few are willing to stand out
Deadpool Comic Appearance Details #251

Deadpool #19
Written by Daniel Way; Art by Carlo Barberi and Juan Vlasco and Sandu Floreala

Peter Parker is asked by some tourists to take a snapshot of them, but before he can do so, Deadpool takes the camera out of his hand and snaps a shot instead, telling the family to say “Deadpool is the greatest of all time!” to their confusion.

Deadpool is in casual clothes with a ball cap and hoodie, but he is wearing a red hoodie pulled up. Based on the short sleeves from the family and Peter, it’s a bit warm for the hoodie he’s wearing. So while he is in civilian garb , he still covers himself a great deal.

Also if you look carefully, he is totally wearing his bondage collar.

[Deadpool to Peter Parker]: An’ hey, Skippy? Don’t quit your day job.

[White]: Okay, so… We’re here. What’s next?
[Deadpool]: Find Spider-Man.
[Yellow]: Any idea HOW?
[Deadpool]: Get his attention. Get him to come to ME, somehow. Hey! Hot dogs!

Peter watches Deadpool from the window of the Daily Bugle. Despite never really seeing Deadpool out of costume before, he picked up quickly that it was him. He’s worried about Deadpool being in New York.

Later that night, while out on patrol, Spider-Man stops at a deli he frequents and discovers the owner, Mr. Cheng has been murdered.

(just showing off Spider-Man’s super strength)

Peter learns that Mr. Cheng had a back side of his business, and that he was killed by a pro. He puts two and two together and comes up with…

Deadpool is hanging out on a rooftop regretting some life choices, namely, having eaten 40 pushcart hot dogs.

[Deadpool]: Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.
[Spider-Man]: You couldn’t help yourself? You’re sicker than I thought.

Deadpool is ecstatic to see Spider-Man.

[Deadpool]: SPIDEY! What up, Baby Boy? Haven’t seen you since Amazing Spider-Man #611!
[Deadpool]: Outta curiosity, how sick did you think I was?

Spider-Man responds by pounding on Deadpool.

[Deadpool]: Holy #$%& you’re fast!

Deadpool either jumps off the roof or is knocked off. Spider-Man lands beside him and berates Deadpool for how big a family Mr. Cheng had. Deadpool is confused and starting to feel very nauseous. Spider-Man punches Deadpool hard across the face again.  He grabs Deadpool by the collar of his top, lifts him up, and demands to know why he killed Mr. Cheng.

[Yellow]: Did we kill somebody tonight?
[White]: Dunno… MAYBE? Brain’s kinda SWOLLEN right now, can’t think straight…
[Yellow]: Waitaminute… Why are we even HERE?!
[Deadpool]: Wanted to… get Spider-Man’s attention.
[Spider-Man]: Well. You GOT his attention.

Spider-Man winds up for another punch.

[Deadpool grins sickly]
[Deadpool]: Heh… Awsh’m…. shock it to me… prob'ly wanna avoid the left eye, though.. it’s ozzin’ something…

Spider-Man is kinda disgusted with everything. (Whether he’s disgusted by Deadpool’s oozing eye, gassy stomach, or his hard beat-down on a man he’s realizing hasn’t been fighting back, or all of the above, he doesn’t say) He drops Deadpool who lets out a huge, stinky fart and then passes out.

When he comes to, Spider-Man has him bound up in a huge cocoon of webs in an alleyway.

[Spider-Man]: Why didn’t you fight back?
[Deadpool]: Ooooh, my head… DUDE. Get off the ceiling–You’re freakin’ me out.
[Spider-Man]: I’m not ON the ceiling. The cops’ll be here soon, but before they show up, I wanna know why you didn’t fight back.
[Deadpool]: ‘Cause I wanted to check out your moves.
[Spider-Man]: My “moves”?
[Deadpool]: Yeah. So I can… be more like you. Y'know, do what you do.
[Spider-Man]: Yeah, right. But F.Y.I.? What I don’t do is kill innocent shopkeepers.

Now that his head is cleared, Deadpool explains that he didn’t kill Mr. Cheng. Spider-Man doubts him.

[Spider-Man]: Whatever. Save it for the cops.

But Deadpool thinks he can alibi himself out of suspicion… About the time of the murder, Deadpool had been at Front Line newspaper, trying to take out an ad to be run on the front page.

[Deadpool’s ad]: Hey Spidey! Hollatcha boy!
[Editor]: I told him to get the hell outta here. Just another nut-job wanting to meet Spider-Man…

Spider-Man realizes Deadpool wasn’t the killer.

[Deadpool]: Don’t worry, man… You can apologize AFTER you get me outta this. I’ll wait.

Spider-Man does let him loose.

[Deadpool]: Seems to me that we both have something the other wants.
[Spider-Man]: Seems to me that you’re INSANE. And also, WRONG. Leave New York. Tonight.
[Deadpool]: Was it a pro hit?
[Spider-Man pauses before he swings away]
[Deadpool]: I’ll take that as a YES. Let me take a look at it. Odds are, I’ll be able to fill in some blanks for you. All I ask is that you let me tag along when you go after 'em.

[Deadpool:  holding out his hand for a handshake]: Deal?
[A beat]
[Spider-Man]: No killing.
[Deadpool]: Deal!
[Yellow]: Wha-HUH?
[White]: We’re LYING, right?
[Deadpool]: YES! Dude, this is gonna be AWESOME!

[Deadpool, piggy-backing on Spider-Man]: Spider-Man and Deadpool, teamin’ up to serve white-hot justice! We should celebrate! You like hot dogs!

Spider-Man brings Deadpool to the crime scene. Deadpool is amazed at what he sees.

[Deadpool]: Yowza. These angles are BONKERS, Man! If I didn’t know better I’d say you did this!
[Spider-Man]: What? WHY?
[Deadpool]: Because whoever did this was jumpin’ around like a –

Deadpool stops as he realizes who the killer was.

[Deadpool]: You’re not gonna BELIEVE who did this.
[Spider-Man]: Try me.
[Deadpool]: No– Seriously. You’re really not gonna believe it. His name is Hit-Monkey.

[Deadpool]: He’s a HITMAN. Who’s a MONKEY.
[A beat]
[Deadpool]: You don’t believe me.
[Spider-Man]: No. Of course not.

Deadpool explains that Hit-Monkey targets other assassins.

[Spider-Man]: Can’t believe I’m asking this… How do we find Hit-Monkey?
[Deadpool]: We don’t. We can’t. Best we can do is find who he’s AFTER, then hit HIM before he hits THEM.
[Spider-Man]: Then that’s the plan– Except for the killing part.
[Deadpool]: I never said “kill”…
[Spider-Man]: Yeah, but you meant it.
[Deadpool]: I did…?
[White]: Yeah.
[Yellow]: We totally did.
[Deadpool, shaking Spider-Man’s hand]: Okay, partner– Deal.
[White]: Still lying, right?
[Deadpool]: Absolutely.

Deadpool ponders Hit-Monkey’s next target, since he never comes to an area for a single hit. Spider-Man points out the obvious: The next target is Deadpool!

rumleech  asked:

Wil, has someone told you you have to grow up? I notice that in the new series of Tabletop you're not wearing any of your groovy, geeky t-shirts and apart from the sporty blue number you wear in Hare & Tortoise/Verona they're all full buttons and collar jobs. This is clearly an imposition on you. Next time anyone insists that you have to conform to a dress code on YOUR show tell them that your audience gives you permission to wear what you want. This is more binding than a letter from your mum.

Well, the thing is … I kind of chose to wear nicer clothes, because I felt very comfortable in them. I still wear geeky T-shirts, but I like to pretend that I look like a grown up from time to time. Thank you for your concern.

Notice Fox McCloud’s legs? Or, to be more exact, his lack of them? Yeah, it looks like Fox and friends all have metallic legs. It seems like a random detail they added to make the characters look cooler, but there’s a disturbing explanation for it. In real life, fighter jet pilots and astronauts have to wear a G-suit – tight clothing that prevents gravity from making blood rush into their legs. Without a G-suit, they’d just pass out, and studies have found that pilots are at least twice as bad at their jobs while unconscious.

However, the Star Fox games are set in a futuristic society populated by fashion-conscious anthropomorphic animals. The implication is clear: They had their legs amputated as a way to deal with intense G-forces that didn’t involve sacrificing their precious open blazers.

And before you argue that the ships’ G-diffusers take care of the gravity problem, let us pre-emptively outnerd you by pointing out that this feature wasn’t introduced until Star Fox 64 (at which point Fox and pals probably felt kind of silly). And sure, Star Fox Adventures showed the characters wearing pants and boots, but that game wasn’t developed by Nintendo, plus they could still have robot legs under there. Also, this would explain why Fox is so fast in the Super Smash Bros. games – he’s a freaking cyborg.

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