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Imagine Your OTP

Person B: i am not a sweet and loving person. I am a stone cold person and nothing can break me.
Person C: you literally got all teary eyed when A walked into the room wearing your sweatshirt and had bed head from just waking up. And when i asked if you were okay you responded with, “A is so cute and small i might actually die.”
Person B: did i ask for your opinion?

BTS Reaction - You’re having an off day

Anonymous said: First I wanna say that your writing is really freaking lovely – your blog is one of my favorites now! Thank you for your hard work (´▽`) And next! Could I request BTS reacting to their S/O having one of those days where they’re kinda sad? Not for any particular reason – that’s just how they feel and need some time to recharge, and it’s something that happens every now and then. Thank you so much!!

Ugh, do I understand this!


When he found you sitting in bed, covered in the blankets, Jimin would look at you sympathetically and climb into the bed next to you. He’d lay down and pull you into his arms before quietly asking if there was something wrong.

“No, today’s just a sad day,” you sigh, burrowing into his chest. He’d put his arm around you and stroke your hair with the other hand but stay silent, wondering if he should ask if you needed anything. When he looked at your face, he’d see your eyes were closed and then would kiss your forehead, hoping that you’ll be out of your funk by tomorrow.


He’d walk in and see you curled up on the couch, wearing his sweatshirt. Your eyes were fixated on the TV, watching reality shows mindlessly. “You alright, babe?” He asked, shuffling over to the side of the couch and kissing your temple.

When you didn’t respond, his eyebrows scrunched and he walked back over to you and stood in front of your line of vision. “What’s going on, Y/N?”

You roll to your back and look up at Jungkook, “Just a sad day, I guess.”

When he heard that, he would gently pick you up bridal style despite your quiet protests, and carry you upstairs and into the bedroom. He’d plop you down and then ask if you needed anything. When you say no, he’d come around to the other side of the bed and let you lay on top of him, while wrapping his arms around you and hugging you tightly.


You’d be in the kitchen making tea when Namjoon walked in. He’d begin to talk to you, but when you didn’t answer and walked out to the living room his eyebrows would scrunch together in confusion. 

“What’s wrong, baby girl?” He’d ask quietly as he walked over to you, taking a seat beside you on the couch. You just stirred your tea but looked over at him with a shrug. “Just an off day, I guess.” 

Without missing a beat, Namjoon would gently take your tea from you and place it on the table. He’d lift you onto his lap where your face was nuzzled against his shoulder and your arms were thrown around his waist. He’d stroke your hair and hold you tightly while asking you what was up, if he could do anything for you, and other things to distract you from being upset.


He’d wake up to see you sitting on the edge of the bed, playing with your hands. Usually by this time, you were already awake and jumping on your boyfriend to get up, too. But J-Hope knew something was different this morning. 

“Y/N? You okay?” He’d ask in a raspy voice, looking up at you. You shrugged and said, “I’m just not feeling well.” At that, Hoseok would sit up and gently pull your shoulder to make you face him. “You’re sick? Do you have a temperature?” 

“No..just an off day.” You said, and Hoseok’s eyes would soften. “Well. Then come here, okay?” He’d say, taking hold of your wrist and pulling you down beside him, where your cheek laid on his chest and his arm held you tightly against him. He’d rub little circles on your back to soothe you and occasionally kiss the top of your head.


He’d get home from work and notice that you weren’t being your bubbly self. You’d have your earbuds in your ears, and Yoongi could hear the music blasting all the way from the kitchen. He’d stand in the doorway and watch you for awhile until he figured he needed to say something.

“Hey. You okay?” He’d ask, walking over and gently taking one of the earbuds out. You’d sigh and look up at him, concern written all over his face. “I’m just having an off day.” You’d say. He’d take the other earbud out of your ear before sitting down next to you, putting an arm around your shoulders and holding you close to him. “Show me what you’re listening to, hm?” 

The two of you would sit there and you’d show him a bunch of songs on your playlist. He even got you to laugh once when one of his songs showed up and he pretended to absolutely hate it. As you were silently listening to one of his songs, he’d lean over and press a long kiss to your lips and then to your forehead. 


They didn’t call him Mama Jin for nothing. When he saw you sitting in the loveseat in the corner of the living room, staring out the window, he’d walk over with a cup of hot chocolate and pull you up out of the seat he could sit down. He’d then let you climb into his lap and the two of you would take turns sipping the hot chocolate.

“Just an off day, huh?” He’d ask as you shifted so you were leaning against his chest. His arms would be wrapped around you and you’d interlock your fingers with his. “Yeah. I’m okay though.” You’d say, looking up to kiss his cheek.


Walking in, he’d immediately be engulfed in a hug. You had a rough day, especially because Tae wasn’t there to make you feel better. “Woah, Y/N, you okay?” He’d ask. When you didn’t answer and continued to hug him tightly, he’d sigh and put his stuff down before putting his arms around you and hugging you back.

“Come here,” Taehyung would say, detaching himself from your grip and leading you to the couch, where you’d lay down next to him and be face to face. He’d wrap an arm around you and the other would stroke your face, before he leaned in to press a kiss to your lips. “I’m sorry you’re having an off day, baby.”

this killed me guys im dead

godt… been thinking a lot abt r*mance and l*ve lately… hm… like imagine wearing your lovers sweatshirt and having them come home to you and you just laying your head on their chest and you intertwine your hand in theirs and just look at their hand trying to remember every detail of it… the way their nails are shaped… the wrinkles made on the palm of their hand… the silhouette their fingers make when you hold them up against the light…. how it feels to slowly move your thumb across theirs…. wondering wondering wondering…..

Vernon: To Love And Love Again

Summary: you hear his voice on the radio and suddenly your whole world is falling apart (aka I took soulmate aus to a kind of dark but predictable place lol enjoy) (so many words… so much slow burn…. reader/vernon stuff doesn’t even start until like 4k words in and this fic is only like 4.2k words so…….)

-Admin Princess

It was a Friday evening when the sky came crashing down around you. It was a quite figurative crashing down of things, but to you it felt like the whole world had suddenly just fallen. Like gravity didn’t exist anymore, or maybe the force of it had been increased by a hundred. You couldn’t tell. You could only hear the echoing of his voice through your head, as haunting and terrifying as “You’re listening to the Friday Wind Down. I’m your DJ, Vernon” can sound.

The mug in your hand slips from your fingers, the sound of shattering porcelain being nothing but a minor noise that is taken over by a ringing in your ears. Dahyun looks up from her seat on your couch. She’s wearing one of your sweatshirts and the leggings that you love on her, and her hair is tied up in a loose knot on the top of her head. On most days, you would find this look quite adorable, but today it’s a nuisance.

“Baby? What’s wrong?” She asks.

You ignore her question. “You turned the radio on?” You say, stepping around the mess of coffee and glass to slam your hand down on the power button.

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  • They first got together in their second year of high school. But it wasn’t like a “we’re going out” thing, it was more of like a “we jerk each other off and we basically act like a newly wed couple” thing. Just bros being bros. No homo.
  • And then it officially became homo in their third year. At Valentine’s day, they exchanged their annual Meme Valentines. Matsukawa’s was, “i think ur shrexy” with a Shrek. Hanamaki’s was “i’d leave my fiancé to bee with u” with a Vanessa.
  • “Dude, I love you,” Hanamaki had said, chuckling and making a mental note to put it in his locker.
  • “I swear to god,” Oikawa had said with a disgusted frown, “if you two start actually dating I’m going to flip my shit.”
  • Matsukawa and Hanamaki didn’t even hesitate, Jesus Christ. They were suddenly making out passionately to the sound of Oikawa vomiting all over the gym floor.
  • That continued until the end of their first year in college together. It was a comfortable romance, like wearing your favorite sweatshirt or eating breakfast in your shitty childhood diner. But it was growing boring.
  • “Hey, do either of us have passion?” Hanamaki asked one day when they were watching the Emoji Movie on blu-ray.
  • Matsukawa hummed, not even looking up. “Not really, I guess.”
  • “Should we take a break? Find some other people?” Hanamaki said, glancing up at him.
  • Matsukawa thought about it. “Sure. We’re still gonna be best bros, so like? The only difference is that we’d kiss less and we’d stop fucking. I can live without that as long as we stay friends.”
  • “Aw, Issei. That was so gay,” Hanamaki chuckled.
  • Dating was disastrous. All of Matsukawa’s romances ended after three days, when the girls accused him of caring about nothing than memes and sex. Which he confirmed. And then usually got slapped for. Hanamaki tried being a suave motherfucker but he ended up turning into a douchebag after he got bored after girl after girl. And it wasn’t like here was a plethora of gay or bi guys at their campus.
  • Correction, Hanamaki thought bitterly as he watched Daichi and Suga walk across the campus together with held hands. There were a lot of gay guys but they were already called for.
  • It was in their third year of college when they got back together. “I don’t know, Issei, I think I was in my happiest relationship when I was with you,” Hanamaki whined as they were cuddled together to watch Shrek Forever After.
  • Matsukawa shrugged. “Same here. I definitely got slapped less, that’s for sure.”
  • “Wanna give us another try?”
  • “Maybe we’re just destined for really boring romances and great sex lives, Hiro.”
  • “A-fucking-men.”
  • Matsukawa and Hanamaki have had take out from almost every single restaurant in a two mile radius. Both of them are the worst cooks you will ever meet in your life. They’ll eat day old sushi with chocolate sauce and pizza with Swedish fish as a topping.
  • As relaxed as they tend to act, Hanamaki has had more than his fair share of emotional breakdowns. This poor boy gets so stressed so easily and he takes it out in the most unhealthiest of ways. He’ll binge eat, he’ll be a raging bitch to anything that moves (and some stuff that doesn’t), he’ll drink the night away (and be even more of a raging bitch in the mornings because hangovers suck), he won’t talk to anyone about his feelings, and in the end he won’t move from the couch for an entire day.
  • The fourth time this happens in their third year, Matsukawa puts his foot down. He takes all the crap Hanamaki’s gorging himself on and shoves it into a garbage bag.
  • “Fucking stop that,” Hanamaki snaps, roughly pushing Matsukawa’s arms away when they grab his whipped cream fries. He stands abruptly, seething with unnecessary fury when he sees that Matsukawa’s straight up ignoring him. He raises his hands like he’s about to shove Mattsun into the wall when his boyfriend calmly says, “Do you really want to do that, Hiro? You know I hate hitting. I’m going to walk out of here and I can’t promise that I’ll come back if you hit me.”
  • Hanamaki goes red, before turning. “I’m going for a smoke.”
  • “No, you’re not,” Matsukawa says, taking his wrist.
  • “Fuck off, Issei! I’m not in the mood!” Hanamaki bellows, jerking away and giving his boyfriend the middle finger.
  • Matsukawa rolls his eyes and straight up sweeps his boyfriend into his arms. Hanamaki screeches in protest, struggling, but not getting out of the princess hold until they’re on their favorite couch.
  • “What the fuckity fuck, you dickhole!” he yells, before Matsukawa spoons him and forces him to lie down on the couch with him.
  • “Shut up and turn the TV on. Find a shit movie on Netflix like we always do,” he mumbled into his shoulder, getting comfy.
  • “Get. The. Fuck. Off,” he hisses.
  • “Nope. Not until we watch a movie.”
  • After fifteen minutes of stubborn silence, Hanamaki swears hard enough to get his grandmother to flop around in her grave and turns a movie on. And forty minutes into the movie, he’s crying. “I’m sorry I’m such a mess, Jesus.”
  • Matsukawa sits up and kisses the tears away. “I’m not too good with feelings, but that doesn’t mean you should bury yours, Hiro. If you’re not going to take care of yourself, then I will.”
  • “I’m sorry for calling you a dickhole,” he wailed.
  • They start talking more about feelings and less about memes. Although there are plenty of memes. Matsukawa is always happy when Hanamaki is, and he’s there to be supportive when his boyfriend is not. Hanamaki is slowly but surely learning that rejecting his feelings and doing dumb shit until he feels better is fucking stupid. He starts talking to Matsukawa about why he feels the way he does sometimes. They’re really getting a hang of this.
  • Matsukawa is the bigger spoon. He likes falling asleep on Hanamaki all the time because he smells like strawberries.
  • Hanamaki didn’t get the Freshman Five, he got the Freshman Fifteen. When he finally decided to start dieting in their second year of college, Matsukawa sighed sadly and said he was going to miss having a firm grip on his cream puff.
  • They went as Vanessa and Barry B Benson for Halloween.
  • Matsukawa has a habit of bringing home stray animals. They care for them for a while but always let them go in the end.
  • “Can we adopt Kunimi?” “Yes.”
  • Hanamaki swears that the day Matsukawa breaks their tradition of wearing ugly sweaters every Christmas, he’s going to leave him.
William Nylander #1 - Not What You Think

Anon asked: Yo image idea where ur austons bff but u and nylander can literally not get along at all and everyones always joking that its bc u guys are too similar or theres just so much built up tension u need to hook up or somethin so one day auston takes u to a team party maybe?? and drunk nylander sees u w some other mans and gets jealous so he pulls u aside and starts an argument and it either ends in aggressive smut or him blurting out that he is actually in love with you u decide :)

Here you go anon! This one kind of got away from me and ended up being way longer than I intended. I had a lot of fun writing this and had to restrain myself from making it even longer than it ended up being. I hope you enjoy it!

You shut your textbook in triumph and placed your head in your hands. The library was bustling around you with students finishing assignments in a last minute attempt to boost their grade before school let out for winter break. The last assignment you needed to hand in was a paper for your literature class that only needed to be edited and you had no motivation left to do it. You did have two days left until it was due which is why you picked up your phone and thumbed through the messages you had waiting.

Unsurprisingly you had several from your best friend Auston and all of them seemed to be about some team gathering at Morgan Rielly’s house.

“Leave me alone,” you typed out. “I’m doing work.”

“False,” came the immediate reply. “You never answer your phone when you’re working.”

You rolled your eyes but knew he was right. It was a policy you put into place much to Auston’s annoyance. You put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you could only be reached in the event of an emergency and as much as Auston begged, you didn’t put him on the list. If you answered him every time he texted, you would get almost nothing done.

Before you could respond your phone buzzed again.

“Please come to Mo’s. It’ll be fun.”

“Will William be there?”

“I don’t know what your problem is with him. Willy is a chill dude.”
“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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date someone you can sing in the shower with. date someone who goes out to get you soup and medicine when you’re sick and comes back with all that and flowers for you. date someone goes on spontaneous adventures with you and cuddles you and lets your wear their sweatshirts and flannels. date someone who’s ridiculously in love with you and never settle for less than someone who gives you their all through all the hard times. it exists.

Hidden Life

Prompt: Oooh, can u do 94 from list 1 where it’s Jason talking to the reader and the reader is a vigilante and so she has to hid bruises from fighting bc she thinks it’ll give her away but she knows jay is the red hood (he doesn’t know she knows maybe) and she fights alongside him so he’s like what the fuck your bruises are in all the same places that I patched up on *vigilante name* last night what and he realizes that she’s the vigilante and there’s a lot of angst thank you!

94.) “Show me,” he whispered, starting to pull down the zipper of her hoodie. “It’s just a bruise…” She tried to push his hand away, but she was backed against the corner and the painkillers had stopped working, so even breathing was painful.

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader

Word count: 1,584

Vigilante Name: Thornbird (X)

TW: Cursing, mention of past abuse, tried to be angsty, not very good

General Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid, @memento-scribet

Show me…” Jason whispered, starting to pul the zipper down on your hoodie.

It’s just a bruise..” You said as you tried to push his hand away, but you were backed up against the counter and the painkiller has stopped working, so even breathing was painful. You had tried to wear your sweatshirt to avoid this little finding out but Jason had gotten hands and you had flinched away in pain and damn it-

It started last night. You had known that your boyfriend was Red Hood for a solid sixth months, and for four of them you had decided to… step into a new role, so to speak. Really, you had been curious about the whole thing, and then you got hooked… You wore similar attire to Jason, a dark brown leather jacket, kevlar infused brown shirt that had a orange Thorn bird on the front, brown pants and black combat boots. You kept your hair held up in a brown hat with a red stripe down the front to the back. You wore a mask that covered your whole face and also muffled your voice surprisingly well. The first night you went out you’d track him, some part of you was relieved that he hadn’t been cheating on you…

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Word Count: 1802

Player: Brady Skjei (New York Rangers)

feat. Jimmy Vesey (New York Rangers)

Warning/s: catcall mention

Originally posted by jasonbenn

“Hey babe.”, you greeted quietly. 

It took you your best not to sound as miserable as you felt. You knew, that if Brady got wind of how shitty you were feeling, he would worry. And a worried Brady was something you didn’t want to be the cause of. You hated it when he worried about you too much.

“Hi. Are you getting ready?”, Brady asked, a big smile on his face.

He had just finished practice. Next on his schedule was your regular lunch date, which he had been looking forward to. Brady noticed the glances and shit eating grins of his teammates, but he had become a master at ignoring them.
It had been a lot worse when you first started dating. 

It was literally chirping everywhere you went. After a couple of months it had died down, but the chirping never really disappeared although you had been dating for some time now.

Kreids winked at Brady as he left the locker room, but Brady just shook his head accompanied a roll of his eyes. 

“Actually I’m calling because of that.”, you carefully started.

“What do you mean? Something wrong?”

"I was just… wondering if we could maybe reschedule lunch together?”, you asked.

Brady didn’t reply for a second, making you wonder if your words had sounded different than you wanted them to be perceived. Maybe it all came out wrong.

“I know you have a hectic schedule and that you’ve been looking forward to this. I’m sorry! Just forget it. I’m just- I had a really shitty day. I don’t want to ruin your day with my bad mood.”, you quickly added.

“No, it’s okay. Want to tell me what happened?”

“I don’t really want to talk about it. Thank’s for understanding, though.”

“Of course.”

You let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding. Relieved, about the fact that you wouldn’t ruin his night. Maybe he could hang out with Ves or something and you could make it up to him somehow?

“Are you okay though? You don’t sound so good.”, Brady wondered.

“What do you mean?”, you lied. Even you could hear that your voice was quiet and heavy. Brady had to notice!

“You sound a little off.”, he explained.

“It’s just- ugh I’m not really feeling well. Bad day, that happens. It’s nothing really.”, you insisted, trying to shrug it off. Maybe if you could convince Brady that it was nothing, you would actually believe it too.

Brady hummed something that sounded like he understood what you meant and wouldn’t pursue the topic further. Secretly though, he was making a mental note to text Ves that he would go to your place instead of home. You heard the frown out of his words, as Brady got in his car and shut the door.

“Thanks for being okay with rescheduling. I’ll call you later?”

“Yeah. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

“Whoever it is, go away!”, you complained. 

The consistent knocking on your door stopped, but only for a moment. Relief got replaced by frustration. Why couldn’t you just be left alone to mope in your room?

“I said go away.”, you added, slightly annoyed. 

You had expected your roommate to check up on you, but instead, Brady peeked into your room. He scanned over you - or rather your curled up body under your blanket - before he closed the door behind him. Slipping out of his shoes, he settled on the bed in front of you. He rested his head on the same pillow as you, quietly observing you before he started to speak.

“Baby?”, he asked.

“What?”, you growled. 

Brady was always making you feel better. You couldn’t be annoyed with him or mad at him, especially not because he was making his puppy dog eyes at you. He knew damn well that you couldn’t resist those.

“Why are you feeling bad?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”, you muttered, burying your head in the pillow. 

But instead of leaving it alone, Brady wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. He started playing with a streak of your hair, planning how to proceed. He knew you too damn well. Sometime’s he had to force your feelings out of you because you would just bottle them up until they became too much. You just refused to talk about it so you wouldn’t have to deal with them.

“Tell me. It will make you feel better. So talk and afterward we stay in and order pizza.”, he insisted.

“And cuddle?”, you asked hopefully.

Brady raised one of his eyebrows at you, rolling his eyes.

“No, of course not. You have to sit at least a feet away from me.”, he joked sarcastically.

“You’re cute when you try to sound sarcastic.”, you grinned.

“Why thank you. You’re pretty cute yourself. Now stop avoiding the topic and tell me so I can help you feel better. You’re just trying to distract me with compliments.”, he smirked.

“It’s nothing really. I just had a stressful day and then something else happened that made me feel really gross and stupid.”

Brady frowned, pushing the strand of hair behind your ear. Instead, he rested his hand on your waist.

“What stupid thing?”

“Do I have to tell you?”

“Yes, you have to. Because it’s making you feel gross aka it’s a problem.”

A deep sigh escaped your lungs, but you gave in to your boyfriend’s request and thought about where to start.

“I told you about the Rangers guy in one of my classes, right?”

“Yeah, some random guy that always wears Ranger’s merch and talks about hockey non-stop. You mentioned that he’s acting like he knows more about hockey than everyone.”

“Yeah, well. He’s a jerk. He saw me wearing your Rangers sweatshirt a couple of weeks ago and ever since then, he’s always hitting on me. Maybe he thinks we’re soulmates because we’re both Rangers fans or something. He’s literally always waiting in the parking lot after class to get me to talk to him. So today my roommate and I parked somewhere else and he waited in the usual spot. And he just… he catcalled me.”, you pressed out your face a grimace. 

Brady furrowed his brows, but he didn’t say anything.

“I know that for some guys that’s nothing big, but it really fucking is. And I just feel gross because of it. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. So I planned on staying in this blanket the whole day until you showed up.”, you quickly explained.

“No, I get it. It’s totally not fine. I really want to kick his ass right now. Sorry, he did that.”

“You’d win. He’s pathetic.”, you muttered.

Brady smiled at you, but you could see that his brain was working on something.

“I don’t like that look on your face. It looks like you are planning something.”, you smiled.

“Don’t worry. Forget about that asshole. Let’s just cuddle.”

“Not so fast, Skjei. You promised me pizza.”

“Are you ready for Rangers Guy?”, your roommate asked when you left the building. 

You had just finished class and stayed back to hand in a paper, but sure enough, the guy was in his usual spot right next to your car. He was waiting for you, as always. Damn, why couldn’t he just leave you alone? A part of you wished he would just accept the fact you had a boyfriend (like you had told him countless of times). The other part just wanted to smack him in the face for making you feel bad.

“As ready as I can be.”, you muttered.

Your roommate was giving you a grimace, her eyes full of pity. She knew what it felt like to be catcalled and that guy was just flat out annoying to every girl in class.

At least you weren’t alone as you made your way to the parking lot. Rangers Guy had his eyes focused on you, trying not to seem obvious while staring at you. You, on the other hand, were looking around, to your car, your roommate, the ground, everything so you wouldn’t have to make eye contact.

“Hey Y/n.”, another voice called out. 

Your eyes snapped up at the familiar sound. They met the ones of Rangers Guy. But when you allowed them to scan over the parking lot, a grin spread on your face.

He didn’t!

Out of the corner of your eyes, you could see Rangers Guy smiling two, only for his smile to fade when you started running and ran right past him.
Brady had a shit eating grin on his face, as he gave you a little wave. He was standing a little behind your car, Ves next to him with an amused look on his face.

“Oh my goodness.”, you grinned, stopping in Brady’s arms that had been eagerly waiting to engulf you in a warm hug. 

He had been waiting for you, and you were very aware that he had been waiting for you in earshot of Rangers Guy.

“Brady! Ves! What are you doing here?”, you asked in surprise. 

You hugged both of them before Brady pulled you into a kiss and wrapped his arms around you. He had his hands placed on your lower back, very close to you butt. 

“What? I can’t pick up my beautiful and super smart girlfriend?”

“We’re here to escort you. We’ve been ordered to lunch and the order included you.”, Ves explained.

“By who?”

“By the Captain. Kaylee and Falan miss you, apparently. So you’re coming with us.”

“Mac ordered you to lunch? What the hell did you guys do?”

“Nothing!”, Brady insisted, causing you to focus your attention back to him. 

He gave you another kiss before he looked over your shoulder, sending Rangers Guy a look that was easily understandable.
Leave her alone.

“Nikky, can you drive my car home?”, you asked your roommate.

“Sure. Have fun with the boys.”, she grinned, catching the keys that you tossed over to her.

“Nice shirt. By the way, what did we say about stealing hoodies?”, Brady commented, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. 

“That I can take them as often as I want because I look good in them and they are comfy?”, you joked, a little bit of guilt in your voice.

“Okay, Imma let that pass. Now let’s go, I’m hungry and Ves has been whining about food nonstop.”

Dating Natasha Romanoff Would Include...

☆ In the relationship, there is basically no PDA, but there are hot makeout sessions at home. In public, she may touch your arm/hand/shoulder to reassure you that she’s right there with you and not leaving. 

☆ Natasha likes talking in Russian to you because you never understand what she’s saying. She enjoys seeing your confused face. You decided to learn it for her sake, and when you speak it, Natasha starts laughing but secretly adores you for learning it for her.

☆ You pulled Clint aside to tell him to watch for Natasha and make sure she’s safe. Clint smirked and said that she said the exact same thing to him about you when she had to go on a solo mission.

☆ It took her forever to open up to you. It took even longer for her to say “I love you,” but once she first said it, she grew more comfortable with saying those three sacred words.

☆ When you’re gone, she enjoys wearing your sweatshirts to feel closer to you. Natasha enjoys wearing them while she’s curled up on the couch, drinking coffee/tea. 

☆ You both find it fun to flirt, but she never blushes. It’s easy for Natasha to get you to blush.

☆ You think of every nickname you can for Natasha. At first, she finds it annoying, but after a few times, Natasha loves when she hears you call out a new nickname randomly.

☆ Natasha makes sure that Fury doesn’t put you on a dangerous mission without her. She’s very protective.

☆ During the mission-less weekends, you two eat takeout and watch movies together while staying in your pajamas. There always is major cuddle sessions during this time.

☆ Natasha can tell that you’re lying a mile away. She just has that sense. Natasha will give you space if you need it but won’t hesitate to comfort you if she knows you’re hurting.

☆ When you’re working on paperwork in your guys’ apartment, Natasha will stalk over and give you a quick peck on the cheek. There will always be random kisses during the day when you’re least expecting them.

☆ She told you about her past, and you wanted to get revenge of Red Room somehow and as soon as possible. You held her close to you when she had nightmares of the dreary days there.

☆  When you or she is gone on a mission without each other, you will facetime or skype so it’ll seem like you’re together. 

A/N: I ship clintasha… sorry… not sorry. 


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Prompt idea: Cute Rucas napping fluff

a/n: thank you so much for the prompt anon!! sorry it took so long to get to you, i was working on another one before this one and then this took me a little longer than anticipated. as requested this is extremely extremely fluffy and i’ll have you know anon, that this lowkey killed me and i’m now blogging from rucas heaven. enjoy! 

word count: 1,398

“I can’t believe you almost fell asleep in my dad’s class.” Riley says, disbelief laced in her tone as she enters her bedroom and dumps her backpack on her desk chair.

“I’m more surprised that he didn’t embarrass me in front of the entire class, that seems to be a favorite pastime of his.” Riley rolls her eyes at her boyfriend’s comment as he follows her lead, entering her bedroom and putting his backpack down on the floor at the foot of her bed. “It’s all your fault you know.”

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Sunday Morning | G.D.

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: Fingering (but just a little)


Y/N’s P.O.V.

You smiled, laughing to yourself as you clicked off the tv. It was late, and this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live had just wrapped. You were curled up on the couch, wearing one of your boyfriend’s sweatshirts, and wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. In other words, you were freezing, and the idea of having to get up and walk to your bed was not appealing. And besides that, your boyfriend was still in New York, and you hated falling asleep in that big bed without him. So when your eyes started to drop closed while you were still laying there on the couch, you did nothing to stop them.


Grayson’s P.O.V.

It was pretty late at night when you got into your car after the flight back from New York, but you were too busy thinking about Y/N to pay attention to the beauty of the city at night. You hadn’t seen your baby in 4 days, and it killed you to be away from her. You wondered what she was doing right now. You guys always watched SNL on saturdays, but that would be ending right about now. You let out a long sigh, and slowly relaxed into the seat. You would get to see her in 30 minutes if you were lucky, and that seemed so far away yet so close at the same time.


It was around 1 a.m. when you finally crept back into your apartment. It was completely dark, which meant Y/N was asleep, so you tiptoed to your room and set your bags down, before frowning when you realized she was not in the bed. Just then, you heard a soft sound coming from out in the living room. It came again, seconds later. You listened carefully, and then smiled when you heard it clearly. It was Y/N, softly whining “Grayyyyy.” You walked back out, and located her easily. She was curled up on the couch, buried under a very large blanket, but she looked cold and lonely. She looked anything but happy when she whined your name again, and you walked over to her quickly, picking her up and cradling her in your arms.

“Shh, babe, I got you. I’m here, it’s okay.” You said, and she slowly relaxed into your arms, her legs wrapped tightly around you, and her head on your chest. Her eyes began to open, and she blinked sleepily before looking up at you and smiling. You leaned down, and gave her a gentle kiss, before pulling back and muttering, “Alright babe, it’s time for you to go to sleep. I’m here now, everything’s okay.”


Y/N’s P.O.V.

You woke to possibly the brightest beam of sunlight ever stretching across your face. You spent almost 2 minutes trying to hit it off your face, and then jumped slightly when you heard a sleepy chuckle coming from behind you. It was at that moment when you realized there was a muscular arm draped around your waist, and you turned around with a shriek.

“Gray!” You exclaimed in delight. You quickly straddled him, and then leaned down and peppered his face and neck with kisses. He was laughing too, his hands gripping your waist.

“Easy there, Tiger,” he said, before sitting up, and pulling you off the bed with him. You rolled your eyes, but allowed him to give you a kiss, before walking to the bathroom.


A half hour later, you were sitting on the kitchen counter in nothing other than panties and one of Gray’s shirts. He was standing a few feet away, cooking some pancakes. Pancakes were your sunday tradition, but today, even the delicious smell could not distract you from salivating over Gray’s back muscles. Like, how the heck is that even legal? Nobody’s allowed to look that good while cooking pancakes, right? You were snapped out of your thoughts when you caught Gray looking over his shoulder, smirking at you.

“You alright there Babe?” He questioned, full well knowing that the answer was no. Honestly, he was so attractive you could barely formulate an answer. He slowly made his way over to you, his smirk never wavering, until he was in between your legs, his face only inches from yours. His eyes flicked down to your lips for a split second, and when he looked back up at you, they had darkened considerably.

And then his lips were on you. This was not a light kiss like any of the ones from earlier. No, this was rough, and aggressive, and passionate. You leaned into him, and your hands found their way into his hair. He moaned lightly when you tugged on it, but it was your turn to moan when you felt his fingers creeping under the shirt and to the top of your panties, before pulled them off completely. All you got was a wicked grin in warning, and a whispered “I’m gonna make you feel so good, Babygirl,” before his fingers swiftly entered you. His thumb found your clit, and he began pumping his fingers at a quick pace, making sure to curl them just right as to hit your special spot every single time. And you sat there, moaning and writhing on the kitchen counter, as your boyfriend used his fingers, and possibly the sexiest smirk ever, to pleasure you.


“You know, if you don’t eat pancakes fully naked on your bed with your girlfriend at 1 in the afternoon, are you really doing it right?” Grayson asked. You laughed, and then leaned your head on his shoulder.

“You’re right. I think this needs to become a part of our sunday tradition,” you said. He sent you another smirk, his eyes flicking over your body stretched over the bed.

“Yep,” he said. “This definitely needs to become a thing.”

How They React to You Wearing Their Hoodies Because They Smell Like Him (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Kitty

NAMJOON: Namjoon would feel really proud and satisfied, it’d be one more thing that showed the world that you were his and his alone. He’d get such a huge ego boost from the fact that you were wearing it because of his scent that he would not leave you alone. Honestly he’d probably get so turnt his hands would constantly be on you.

YOONGI: When he first found you huddled up on the couch in his sweatshirt he’d get the biggest, gummiest smile on his face. He’d start offering you his hoodies whenever you went out and would always make sure to wear the ones that had been washed so they would smell like him again. Basically he’d think it was the cutest thing ever and would never want you to wear your own sweatshirts again.

HOSEOK:  Hobi would be so goddamn excited. He’d be very vocal about how much he loved seeing you in his hoodie and even more vocal about it being because it smelled like him. Hopefully the hood is big enough to hide your face in embarrassment because this guy would take every opportunity to make you model and show you off.

SEOKJIN: This sweetie, his heart would burst with happiness. He would shower you with kisses and hugs whenever you asked to borrow one of his hoodies and would run to get one for you. Seokjin would also compliment you a lot on how amazing you looked in his clothes and how cute you were when you casually paused to smell the fabric while you were wearing it.

JIMIN: He would also tease you a little but nowhere near Tae’s level. I see him grinning at you and asking if he could wear your hoodies too. This boy would seriously be so happy that seeing you enjoying his sweatshirt would make him get so distracted by you that he’d have to be physically shaken to get him to pay attention to something else.

TAEHYUNG: Just like Hoseok, Taehyung would be so hyped. He would tease you mercilessly though, like offering you a hoodie he’d worn during four hours of dancing and saying that his sweat was the purest scent of his you could get. He would also 100% make you earn his hoodie (“Jagi if you want the sweatshirt you have to make me something to eat” “Sing for me and you can wear it” “Build me a blanket fort and then come talk to me about your prize”)

JUNGKOOK: At first he’d be upset when his favorite sweatshirt went missing, but when he saw that you took it he’d be embarrassingly happy. I feel like he’d jokingly complain about it but wouldn’t hesitate to shrug out of his sweater and wrap you in it with a hug and a quick kiss. Plus he’d get super blushy and shy when you told him his scent comforted you.

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Shigaraki Tomura writing prompt #15 is that my shirt?

I hope I characterized Tomura correctly. I’ve written him several times, but I always warn for any OOCness. [Admin Denki]

You sighed as you tried to stay up as late as possible. It was already 2 in the morning and your eyes were feeling so heavy. You rested your head against the bar counter, letting out a groan.

“What time does he usually come back?” You asked Kurogiri, looking up at him. He was standing behind the counter, reading a book. You wondered if he even got tired, being smoke and all.

“Tomura? He’s at a meeting and was supposed to be back an hour ago. He probably got caught up is all, (Y/n).” Kurogiri responded, turning the page of his book. You sighed, feeling completely exhausted. You wore Tomura’s black shirt, which was a bit big on you. You usually wore it as a nightshirt ever since he left it at your apartment.

The door burst open as Tomura and a few of the other villains came in to the bar. You lifted your head off the counter and got off the seat.

“Tomura, you’re late.” You muttered, rubbing your eyes. Tomura ignored your words and just looked at you, eyeing you up and down. You wore your pajama pants with stars on them and your nightshirt.

“Is that my shirt?” Tomura asked, not even registering that he had left it with you at one point. You rolled your eyes, considering he was wearing your sweatshirt. He often stole your big clothes.

“I wanna go to bed.” You let your fingers run over the tops of Tomura’s hands. He relaxed when you touched him, glancing back at the other villains. They were preoccupied, getting drinks from Kurogiri.

“I guess we can.” Tomura muttered, walking with you towards his room in the bar. It was a back room that had a bed and some clothes in it.

“You didn’t answer my question.” Tomura pressed, letting you lead him to his own room.

“You left your shirt at my apartment a few months ago. I’ve been sleeping in it.” You admitted, a bit sheepishly. Tomura refused to tell you that he liked that you did that. He thought it was cute.

“Just give it back when you’re done.” Tomura muttered, collapsing into his bed. You crawled in after him, placing a small kiss on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I will.” You smiled, knowing that would not happen. The fact that he was not mad was enough for you. You wrapped your arms around Tomura’s body, letting him curl into your body. You kissed his shoulder again and waited for his breathing to even out. Smiling, you closed your eyes for the night.

And I think what I miss most is the ‘almost’. Sure, we ‘almost’ dated, but it’s so much more than that. We ‘almost’ cuddled on your couch under cozy blankets drinking cocoa and watching television. We 'almost’ planted kisses on one another when we parted. We almost wrapped our arms around each other at dances while staring into one another’s eyes and soaking in the magic. We almost bought each other cheesy Christmas presents and funny birthday cards. I almost got to wear your sweatshirts and I almost got to FaceTime you about my day. We almost held hands together in the hallway and ate lunch with our friends. I almost got to fall asleep on your chest after a movie day. I almost got you saying you loved me and telling me how much I meant to you. I almost had you in my arms. And those almosts hurt much more than the word 'dating’ ever could.
—  I wrote this for you because I’m sorry and I want it back. (TRM)