wear your obsessions become your obsessions

Anime theme M!As

Sailor Moon: your muse becomes a magical girl/boy/person,  length decided by Anon

Code Geass: your character gains mind control powers, length decided by Anon

Tokyo Mew Mew: your muse becomes an animal hybrid (they get animal features like the girls in Mew Mew) length and animal decided by Anon

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumya: Your Muse wears a school uniform, length decided by anon

Lucky Star: your muse is now obsessed with Anime, length decided by anon

Fairy Tail: your muse gets magic keys like Lucy’s, length decided by anon 

Black Butler: your muse becomes a demon, length decided by anon

Rosario+Vampire: your muse is a vampire, length decided by anon

Sword Art Online: your muse becomes obsessed with online MMOs, length decided by anon

Fruits Basket: your muse turns into an animal when someone of the opposite sex hugs them, length decided by anon

Soul Eater: your muse becomes a weapon or meister (anon’s choice) length decided by anon.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Your muse can grant one wish, and one only. and they have to use it on someone who is NOT them.

Little witch Academia: your muse gets magic powers, length decided by anon.

Free!: your muse suddenly loves to swim. length decided by anon

Shugo Chara: your muse gets a guardian character, length decided by anon

K-On: your muse will sing at every opportunity, however, i never said how good they were at it, that’s up to the Anon -evil snickering-, and again, length decided by anon. -more evil snickering-

Mirai Nikki: your muse becomes Yandre, length decided by anon

Ouran high school host club: your muse becomes a worker in a host club or maid cafe.

Information on Emo Disease

How do I know if I have emo disease?
First you will see the 5 symptoms of it.

First Symptom-An unexplainable love for Fall Out Boy,Panic!At The Disco,and/or My Chemical Romance.You will listen to them all the time and know all of their lyrics.
Second Symptom-An overwhelming need to always wear 10 million bracelets on your wrists.
Third Symptom-A need to dye your hair strange colors.You suddenly want nothing more than to be different from everyone.You don’t like having a natural hair color anymore because it is too boring.
Forth Symptom-An obsession with having every single piece of band merchandise your new favorite band has ever made.You will pay any amount of money just to have a T-shirt with just the bands logo.
Fifth Symptom-You will often find yourself crying over the perfection that is the band members of your favorite bands.You will become more and more obsessed with the band members and if you heard their voice singing or even speaking,you’ll find yourself tearing up.

Well there is no cures.you must try to turn back when you begin to notice the first symptom, but unfortunately, most don’t very far with that.Some end up dying feeling sad and alone even though they have friends over the internet there for them.Unless they find a nice guy with the emo disease,I’m afraid these band members have set your standards way to high.

I’m warning you of this because I am trying to save you from the torture this disease is.It can be highly contagious. I don’t want anyone to go through the torture I do of never being able to see half of your favorite band members or never being able to see your favorite band live.I wish you guys luck.

anonymous asked:

could I have a Vernon scenario where you are an assistant at Pledis ent. Vernon is really cold and mean to you, but you're always really happy and you get him cute gifts and notes everyday. One day he becomes really mean and you stop giving him gifts and notes, making him realize how much he loves you. Thanks!

Hi cutie! Hope you enjoy, although this sunshine is probably never mean! I just typed this up quicking before my graduation ceremony starts (YIPPIE NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL!!) so if there’s any typos, I apologize in advance! Hope you enjoy!

“Why do you do this to yourself?” You glance over to Soonyoung who raises an eyebrow as you continue to scrawl in the small card you had gotten. You probably had over 190 card designs now thanks to your stationary obsession (and obsession with a certain someone). Soonyoung grimaces at the sight of the purple cartoon elephant on the front of the card. “Hansol hates shit like this.”

“I’ll wear him down eventually,” you mutter, signing the card with your signature and kissing it, stamping it with your lip print. 

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