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Jealousy Games 01

Description: You decide to play a game of push and pull with your ex Jungkook, bringing Jimin along for the ride. 

Pairing: JungkookxReaderxJimin

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 8.4k

Index: 01, 02, 03

Warnings: breath play, dom!Jimin, lots and lots of filth.

A/N: This is chapter one of… well, I don’t know. @ellieljade and I just keep brainstorming more and more for this sucker. To the point of us joking about finishing this when we’re in our 90′s….. Anyway. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be working on part two for Room for Dessert and The Guest House soon.

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anonymous asked:

Would you do a pynch for the the ♔ prompt?

 anonymous asked: I’m a sucker for your pynch stories! ♕ pls 

  • ♔: Finding the other wearing their clothes
  • ♕: Holding hands

I combined these two prompts I hope that’s okay! also I’ve already done a prompt before of adam wearing ronan’s clothes and you can find that here. I’ve gone the other way around this time :)

also, please don’t send me anymore now. I have so many. so many…

Adam’s practically skipping on his way back to his dorm. It might be something to do with the weather. Sure, it’s freezing out but it’s sunny, autumn leaves littering the ground, just right for crunching. It’s enough to put anyone in a good mood. Some of it could be attributed to the returned essay that’s currently in his satchel, awarded with an almost perfect score.

But Adam knows that the real reason for his high spirits is that there’s a boy in his room waiting for him to finish classes.

A Ronan Lynch shaped boy.

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Fluff prompt 039

039: “I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on.”

It’s this time of the year. When you feel like summer is coming to an end and you don’t really want to let it go but you are also ready for fall to come. It makes you want to light up a candle that smells like cinnamon and chocolate, wear a comfy hoodie and snuggle up to your loved one on the couch, watching Netflix all day while it starts to rain outside.

Shawn can smell it. This transition phase. There is a smell in the air. It’s a heady musky scent. It smells like wet soil after a summer rain or like summer leaving. There is a breeze that seems to be colder than before and it feels cold on his skin, making him shiver in his thin white shirt.

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  •  okay listen… when hoseok is sleepy he gets real clingy real fast 
  • even tho he’s literally giant (we all saw the pics of his back) he wants to be cuddled and will actually whine like a little kid if hes not the little spoon
  • he likes to cuddle, he likes to nuzzle into you, he likes to feel safe and protected and thats how he feels in your arms 
  • he loves wearing big hoodies and comfy sweatpants when you cuddle because he loves being cozy (he also happens to be super adorable with sweater paws so you don’t complain)
  • hoseok loves when you play with his hair but approx two seconds after you start playing with his hair, he falls asleep with a lil smile on his face that warms your heart 
  • when he wakes up, he gets really confused and startled for a second - all pouty lips and droopy eyes - but then he realizes that he’s in your arms and a very soft dopey smile starts forming on his face, brightening all his features slowly but surely 
  • when he wakes up a little bit more he’ll greet you by saying “goodmorning beautiful, i love you” or something real cheesy that makes your heart melt into a giant puddle 
  • his voice is a little scratchy and deeper than normal in the morning and its one of your favorite things in the whole world 
  • he loves giving u little kisses a few minutes after you both wake up, teeny tiny little pecks all over your face because he loves to hear you giggle 
  • if there’s event the remote possibilty of sleeping in, wonho will take it because it means more time to cuddle with you 
  • on lazy days you just switch on and off of who is little spoon and who is the big spoon, but hoseok ends up being the little spoon more 
  • these lazy days are the days wonho is the most romantic - when he’s sleepy he’ll say anything on his mind, and it usually just ends up being him waxing poetic about how much he loves you 

(shoutout to mehreen @93shin for being the softest wonho stan and inspiring this) 

Refusing to Dream - Andrew/Neil

Summary: It’s not a big bed, not at all, but when it’s just them laying there, suddenly it feels as if it were built to fit someone of Andrew’s height and someone of Neil’s.

(Or: Neil has nightmares, so Andrew and Neil fall asleep together.) | AO3

A/N: Hi, this is my first Andreil fic. I’m very happy to be here.

Andrew said he’d protect him. Andrew said he’d watch his back. Andrew said he’d be there.

Neil hadn’t thought about the boundaries, hadn’t thought about the limits to Andrew’s words before. Was there anything he wouldn’t protect him from?

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nekekur  asked:

Yo, Drey! Phoenix and Asteroid for the Ask Meme

Phoenix: Favourite thing to wear?
my grey hoodie its so comfy;;

Asteroid: What does your dream life look like?
i dont really think about that stuff tbh, i guess id be happy as long as i can be in a place where i dont have to stress about money and can enjoy things as they go

anonymous asked:

the 5sos band is waiting at the airport for their plane and the guys notice you as you pass by, luke can't keep his eyes of you and he is thrilled when you're on the same flight.

Thank you for the request! (:

You walked down the big hall of the airport, one hand pulling your suitcase behind you, the other one rubbing your eyes in a tired motion. Wearing your comfy hoodie and your favourite pair of leggings didn’t make your mood much better. You were tired and you were sure you looked absolutely terrible, but at the moment you didn’t care much.

As you walked up to the lady behind the “check-in” counter, you greeted her with an exhausted smile. While she was doing her work you leaned against the counter, looking through the less people that were already here. It was 5 in the morning and all you wanted to do was crawl back under the blankets of your warm, fluffy bed and fall back asleep.

You noticed a tall figure walking towards one of the benches in the huge hall, followed by three more boys. You looked at the one with the broad shoulders. Although he looked like he just fell out of his bed, he somehow managed to look incredibly good. His hair was messy, but it looked extremely soft and you had to resist the want to run your hands through it. His facial features were beautiful, his arms were muscular, his shoulders were broad, but his legs were skinny. Dammit, you were jealous of a random guys’ legs!

Suddenly he looked up at you, making you turn your head back to the lady at the counter. But after a minute, you looked back at him, you just couldn’t resist. He was talking to his friends, biting his lip, playing with the lip ring, which made him look even better. You felt like you were under some kind of spell, you just couldn’t keep your eyes off him.

“Thank you, have a good flight!” the lady said, giving you a nod. You grabbed your bag and walked towards one of the benches, plopping down onto it. You put in your earphones and put some music on.

“Flight 3682 is now boarding” you heard a voice call out, and you got up. As you walked towards the bench the four boys were sitting on, you noticed them staring at you. The tall one was biting his lip again, his eyes were scanning you from head to toe. Blushing, you turned your head, walking faster.

You made your way through the plane, looking for the row you were going to sit. As you sat down on your seat next to a window, trying to get comfortable, you heard loud voices filling the plane. Someone was laughing, two others were arguing and another one was smashing his bag against the seats. Closing your eyes, you thought about how you would be able to get sleep on this flight.

When you heard the arguing voices and a chirpy laugh again, you turned around in your seat, scanning the rows behind you, only to meet the familiar faces of the four boys from earlier. They were standing/sitting a couple rows behind you. The one with black hair was already half asleep, he had his headphones on his head, his eyes were closed and he was leaning back in his seat in a comfortable position. On each of his sides, you spotted the tall boy and a guy with a weird hair colour. They were arguing about who was going to get the seat next to the window, making you smirk to yourself. Next to the blond boy, there was the fourth one, his hair was messy, and his eyes were crinkled from laughing at his two arguing friends. His laugh was extremely contagious and you found yourself chuckle lightly.

As you sat back down, you waited for the plane to take off. After the seatbelt-signals were gone out you leaned back and tried to get some sleep, but your eyes wouldn’t stay closed. The plane was silent, nearly everyone was asleep, when you heard the boys laugh and whisper again. “C’mon mate, do it!” you heard a deep voice chuckle and another one of them shuffling around in his seat. You closed your eyes, smiling lightly. Suddenly, you felt the empty seat next to you shift and when you opened your eyes you met the light blue one’s of the tall, gorgeous boy you had been thinking about since you first saw him this morning.

“Um… hey..I’m luke and my mates made me talk to you because um…” he managed to say in a raspy, deep voice, which made millions of goosebumps appear on your skin, and you shivered. “because..?” you asked, blushing a little.

“Because I think you look really pretty” he answered, looking down on the floor. You felt your face heat up. Was he really serious?

But he was. He stayed sitting next to you for the rest of the flight, talking and laughing about each other’s life stories. In the end you switched numbers and when Luke went back to his seat you could hear his mates cheer and laugh loudly.



Preference 1: How you two meet. (He's Famous)

Hi guys! so I thought why not start making preferences and see where that goes. so here it is. And I would just be making preferences for Harry and Zayn but the imagines would still be for all the boys :)


Harry- At McDonald’s. You were a student at a University and it was exam time. Naturally, you were studying late which ended up in you being really hungry. So you walked to the McDonald’s nearest to your campus. You were wearing your comfy yoga pants and your loose hoodie. But it was almost the middle of the night, so you didn’t really care. You took your food and sat in a corner booth. Just when you were about to start eating a very very attractive Harry Styles walked in. You’ve been a fan of One Direction since the past three years but you were a closet directioner. It was too embarrassing to tell anyone else so you just fangirl'ed in the privacy of your room. Now that your favorite member of the band was right in front of you, alone, well, almost alone if you want to count that big bodygaurd by his side. Should I go talk to him? I mean this is all I’ve dreamt of for the past three years. But I don’t even look good. I don’t want to seem like just another fan. So you decided that you wouldn’t go to him. After two minutes, you noticed that the booth in front of you was occupied by Harry and the gaurd. But to your disappointment, The gaurd was so huge, he was covering the whole of harry so you could only see the gaurd’s back. You obviously, really wanted to get a close look so you tilted a bit to your left side its not everyday you see harry styles, do something! so you tilted a bit more and before you realized,you lost your balance and fell off the chair, making a loud creechhhhhh noise. You rubbed your forehead, “Stupid fucking chair.. making me fall”, you looked up to see two faces, one looking at you like you killed someone, the gaurd, and the other chuckling about what you just said, Harry. “I don’t think that it was the chair’s fault,love” He gave you his hand to help you up. You looked around to notice that that the three of you were the only people there. “Would you like to join me?” You couldn’t believe you were really going to have a midnight meal with the Harry Styles. “What about him?"you said referring to the gaurd. "Don’t worry about him, it’s almost like he isn’t there”

Zayn- At a baseball game. You were never really a big fan of Baseball but your sister wanted to go to see all the “hot” guys and she wanted you to tag along. 15 minutes into the game and you were bored but your sister was having the time of her life,“I’ll be right back” you told her,you wanted to get out of there for a cigarette. A bad habit,with you were slowly trying to deduct. You went out to the smoking area,leaned against the wall and took a drag. “Hey, um.. would you happen to have a lighter?” You heard a very  accent and turned to face him. ZAYN FUCKING MALIK IS STANDING INFRONT OF ME. Your sister,being the girly little shit she is, has rubbed off some of her fangirl fairy dust on you.“Yeah,just a second”,you fumbled in your bag and took out the lighter once more. He took it,lighted his cigarette and handed it back to you, “Thanks,love” His voice was even better in person. You smiled in response when you were screaming on the inside. “Aren’t you missing out on the game?” you heard his voice again, “I can ask the same thing”, He chuckled “I don’t really care about baseball,I was actually forced to come by my friends who wanted to "score"chicks” he shook his head at the choice of words used by his friends and looked at you for your answer, “I don’t understand baseball and was forced to believe there would be hot guys here by my sister” At this, both of you burst in laughter. “I guess we have a lot in common”