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Draw Yourself Challenge!

Do you want to learn to draw yourself better? Do you want do draw yourself but just don’t know what to draw yourself doing/wearing? Take this challenge! Reblog as a daily challenge or have followers request numbers— do whatever you please! Have fun!

  1. Draw yourself in a space suit.
  2. Draw yourself in the clothes you wore yesterday.
  3. Draw yourself wearing an outfit one of your parents typically wears/wore.
  4. Draw yourself making some breakfast.
  5. Draw yourself as a witch.
  6. Draw yourself as a dragon.
  7. Draw yourself riding a dragon.
  8. Draw yourself in the style of the last animated thing you watched.
  9. Draw yourself wearing a ball gown.
  10. Draw yourself wearing a fancy suit.
  11. Draw yourself wearing tennis shoes.
  12. Draw yourself wearing a top hat.
  13. Draw yourself walking through snow.
  14. Draw yourself surrounded by trees.
  15. Draw yourself with war paint.
  16. Draw yourself playing a musical instrument.
  17. Draw yourself in pajamas.
  18. Draw yourself with different-colored hair.
  19. Draw yourself with different colored eyes.
  20. Draw yourself wearing colorful socks.
  21. Draw yourself wearing a baggy hoodie.
  22. Draw yourself eating ice cream.
  23. Draw yourself as a merperson.
  24. Draw yourself wearing sunglasses.
  25. Draw yourself wearing a knit hat.
  26. Draw yourself wearing a few bracelets.
  27. Draw yourself wearing something purple.
  28. Draw yourself with your best friend(s) or significant other(s).
  29. Draw yourself with a potted plant.
  30. Draw yourself smiling.
  31. Draw yourself pouting.
  32. Draw yourself stepping on a lego.
  33. Draw yourself as an alien.
  34. Draw yourself as a dog.
  35. Draw yourself as a cat.
  36. Draw yourself as a fish.
  37. Draw yourself jumping.
  38. Draw yourself running.
  39. Draw yourself in swimwear.
  40. Draw yourself wearing a helmet.
  41. Draw yourself as a ghost.
  42. Draw yourself sticking your tongue out.
  43. Draw yourself hugging somebody.
  44. Draw yourself in bright sunlight.
  45. Draw yourself in the rain.
  46. Draw yourself laughing.
  47. Draw yourself wearing boots.
  48. Draw yourself lighting a candle.
  49. Draw yourself as a super hero.
  50. Draw yourself sleeping.

When you wear a corset and ball gown and heels all day, every day, you get sick of dressing up. I get excited to dress up for modern events. Doing events like that is super fun, because I don’t really dress up to go out anymore. I don’t really even go out anymore because I work so much. And when I do go out, I’m in boots or really comfy platforms and jeans and a t-shirt or a sweater, and that’s it. I do not dress up, because of course I’m in stilettos all week. But it is fun to once in a blue moon dress up for an event.

Safe & Warm

Summary: Just an insight into your relationship with Bucky. Based on Colbie Caillat’s Bubbly.

Word Count: 1,436

Contains: Excessive amounts of fluff.

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Bucky stops in his tracks, making Steve retrace his steps back to the flower shop. Bucky is admiring flowers and he grins. “Didn’t know you were into flowers now, Buck.”

Bucky scoffs, digging his elbow into Steve’s ribs. “Shut up. They’re not for me.”

“For Y/N?”

“They remind me of her,” says Bucky.

Steve smiles at him. Bucky is happy, he is actually healing from everything and is smiling more often than not and it makes Steve want to run back to the tower and find you, hug you as tight as he can.

“Buy her the flowers,” offers Steve.

“Should I?” Bucky’s forehead is creased and Steve laughs softly.

“Yeah, she’ll love them, man.”

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Truth comes first ~P.2

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► Summary:

Everything in Riverdale seems to be a big mess no one can descipher not just because of Jason Blossom’s mysterious murder, but other questions start to fill the air of the small town.

► Pair: Jughead Jones x Reader

►  Word Count: 1,864

► Warnings: none

► A/N: Thank you all for the welcome you did give to this series! I’m so happy to see that you like it. I have to say that maybe these first parts don’t seem that interesting but… Believe me when I say I’m just preparing everything for the surprises and the plot twist that’ll come ;) 

Tags are open!

► Tags:  @matchesarelit, @armafoxx


Half an hour later you were on your way back home.

Everything between you and Jughead had been settled; how you were going to work as a team, what each one of you were contributing with and of course the promise of being the most discreet you could.

A pair of familiar voices filled the air making your walking stop. You were standing in the sidewalk in front of Betty’s house. At the same door of the house you could see two persons; none other than Archie and Betty themselves, and they didn’t look happy.

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L I K E   T H I S

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader [!]  || Genre: Smut. Just Smut. [!!]

Word Count: 2.2k

[!] Yoonseok Version

[!!] God this got filthy. So: Dom!Hoseok, Sub!Reader, Obviously Heavy BDSM, Heavy Use of Toys, Restraints, Degradation, Spanking,  Multiple orgasms, Dry Orgasms, Dirty Talk, Heavy Praise too though don’t worry.

A / N: If you’ve read this before, it was because I originally had it posted to my alias, shotsofjin. I have decided to come back to this blog and it has been deleted from the other blog due to my eventual deletion of that alias. Thank you for reading! :)

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“You gonna moan for me now, baby girl?” Hoseok chimes as he lets his fingers slide between your folds, applying the softest pressure against your already swollen clit. His view of you beneath him is of nothing less than utter sin, with black straps contrasting all too beautifully against the soft flawlessness of your skin. Hoseok couldn’t have put you at a better angle, with your face pressed against the mattress, your ass in the air, and the rope that crossed various parts of your body just an added pleasure.

You tried desperately to focus on something other than the desire that pooled between your legs, with Hoseok still toying with your clit and driving you mad. You tried to focus on every inch of the rope that covered you; the restraints not only tying your wrists together, but also to the headboard, the strap that was tied just loose enough around your neck circling behind your back to cut across your chest and rub deliciously against your nipples. Then there were the ones around your thighs and ankles, keeping your legs together and tied down to the mattress as Hoseok toyed with you from behind. It wasn’t often that Hoseok took out his dom vengeance on you for the nights you’d done the exact same, but that didn’t stop you from giving him a fight for any kind of reaction.

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runningoverroses  asked:

OMG YES i'm so excited for the hindu mythology one!! As an indian, i feel like we rarely get included in basically all forms of popular media. I'm so glad its an indian author writing this story! I've heard good things about that author before so my hopes are pretty high lol. Also the other stories also sound amazing!!

Yes, same!! I am also Indian and I have never once seen an Indian person in popular media except for Parvati and Padma Patil (Indian twins liek me) and they appeared for like 0.1 seconds. [edit] also noah fence but in England you don’t wear saris to balls/prom?? What? Why would they wear saris to the Yule Ball??

And the author, Roshani Chokshi does write well! I’ve read an extract of her book and it’s brilliant! She’s writing “Aru Shah and the End of Time”.

All the other books seem great as well: “Dragon Pearl” is by Yoon Ha Lee (about a Korean spirit) and “Storm Runner” is by Jessica Cervantes (about a disabled boy).

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then click here to go to Rick Riordan’s blog…

So yeah sorry this got so long! But I’m just really excited about this~

The Boss’s Daughter

* John Laurens x Reader

* Hamiltime

* Requested by: @cheyenne-dunn-universe

* Request: I was wondering if you could do a John Laurens imagine where you are Washington’s daughter and you rush into one of his meetings without knowing he was in one and you meet John. Then you meet again at the winter ball and it’s like helpless.

A/N: Done! And now proof read. Thanks to everyone who liked it and told me it was good. It was shit. Like the grammatical errors made me cringe. But its all better now! It’s easier to enjoy!

Word Count: 3, 470


You strolled through your house. You needed to see your father for a moment but you really should’ve thought about things for a minute. There was a war on and your dad was the general. He’d have very important meetings all the time. However, you waltzed right to the door of his office and barged in without even knocking. You froze in the doorway when you realized your father was talking with two young soldiers. “Oh. Sorry.” You squeaked. You knew you should back out of the room but you were frozen in embarrassment.

“Uh, Washington? Who’s that?” The shorter of the two men asked.

“Is that important Hamilton?” He asked the man. Hamilton. Of course. Alexander Hamilton. You heard your dad talk about him a lot. Hell, your dad praised the man as almost as much as he did you. He spoke of him like the son he never had.

“Well, I guess its not important. But Alexander and I are very curious Sir.” The other man spoke up. He was just staring at you with a strange look on his face.

“Seriously, Laurens?” Your dad asked him. John Laurens. Another name you heard a lot. According to your father he was a young soldier with a lot of potential. You thought you can add extremely attractive to the description. He had freckles spotting his face and his hair was full of tight curls. You could only tell because a few strands had fallen free of the pony tail he was sporting.

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Beauty and the Beast

Words: 343
Bruce Wayne X Reader
After seeing the new Beauty and the Beast I got the idea about the reader and Bruce Wayne going together to and B&B premiere in Gotham City all dressed up. It short and sweet.

“What in the world are you wearing?” Bruce chuckled when he spotted you preening in your bedroom mirror. You bit your lip, worried you might have over done things a little. Gotham City was hosting a special premier of the new live action Beauty and the Beast

As Gotham City’s biggest power couple, you and Bruce had been invited personally to attend by the studio.The original cartoon had been one of your favorites when you were a kid and you were incredibly excited to see how the new film compared. In the height of your excitement you had thought it would be a good idea for you and your billionaire beaux to do a bit of dress-up at the premiere. You were wearing a golden yellow ball gown fit for a princess. It was covered in beautiful Swarovski crystals with a skirt made from miles of shimmering fabric. The though only now occurred to you that Bruce may not want to participate in your escapade. 

“Too much?” You frowned.

“No, no.” Bruce shook his head. “It’s just that last week we went to go see Lego Batman with the boys and you wore jeans and a tshirt, and today…you’ll be the belle of the city.”

“Oh, but it’s not just me.” You raced over to the bed where a garment bag was laying. You held it out to him excitedly.

“But I already have a suit.” He smirked before unzipping the bag. Inside was a tastefully designed blue suit with gold filigree. It was relatively close to the suit worn by the beast at the end of the original film. “This suit, this suit is better. I’ll go get changed, again.” He kissed you on the cheek and turned to leave.

“And here I was thinking you’d put up a fight about being the beast.” You chuckled. Bruce turned back to you with a very serious expression.

“But Darling, I am a Beast. Both on the streets and in the sheets.” He winked at you before disappearing with the garment bag in hand.


Songs:Before you start your day-Twenty One Pilots.
Weather-Novo Amor

Imagine-Damon accidentally sees you in your ballgown and his feelings for you grow stronger. He doesn’t want you to wear the dress he’s scared of all the male attention you’ll be getting.

“Please I can’t breathe in this dress can we hurry up?“you managed to choke out to your friend Caroline.

"Well now your going to have to wear it for abit longer, I can adjust it so that you can breathe"Caroline tutted as she searched her bag.

"What are you looking for?"you sighed.

"Scissors and some more thread, i think I left it at my house, don’t move"Caroline instructed.

"Trust me I won’t move, because I physically can’t move!"you exclaimed as she left your house.

"Great what am I supposed to do now"you mumbled.
You heard your front door open and close again.

"Wow that was quick"you nodded impressed with your best friend.
It wasn’t Caroline that appeared at the door, it was Damon.

"You know I’m seriously regretting letting you in, is there anyway that I can block you from coming into my house when you want? Is there a button I can press or something?"you rolled your eyes.

"Nice to see you too y/n, Have you seen Stef-woah y/n what are you wearing"Damon’s eyes widened.

"I know I don’t like it either"you grumbled.

Damon’s mouth fell open, and his eyes wouldn’t leave yours.
"You can’t wear that to the ball"Damon insisted.

"Why can’t I?"you pouted.

He hesitated.
"I hate it that’s why!"he shrugged.

"Oh I’m definitely wearing this dress now"you smirked.
Damon glared at you before disappearing.

3 hours later.
"Wow y/n is that really you?"Bonnie winked.
You grinned in response and pulled your friend into a hug.

The hall had become crowded and you felt a hand on your shoulder.
You spun around and your head fell to the side. A smile plastered on your face.

"Well if it isn’t Mr.Salvatore himself would you like to dance?"you curtsied.
Stefan nodded after bowing in front of you.

"You look so different y/n, a good different"he nodded.

"Why Thankyou, stef-
You didn’t have a chance to finish your sentence because you were being dragged away by the other Salvatore.

"Damon, what in the world are you doing?"you slammed the door behind you.

He stood on the other side of the empty room, running his hands through his hair. He was stressed.

"What is wrong with you, your acting so strange?"you narrowed your eyes at him. Seeing him like this amused you.

"I told you not to wear it"Damon said bluntly.

"And I chose to ignore you big deal, what’s so bad about the dress?"you frowned.

"It’s not the dress it’s you, your too pretty"Damon exclaimed.
A smile made its way onto your face.

"That’s why you didn’t give me a chance to dance with Stefan, I’m too pretty what I’m so baffled?"you asked confused.

"Y/n, you should of seen the look on those guys faces when they saw you"Damon said angrily.

"Wait…Your jealous, your jealous because you like me?"your eyes widened with realization and butterflies filled your stomach.

"No I’m not, I don’t like you"He replied quickly.
"It’s just that your making Elena look bad"Damon added immediately trying to cover his tracks.

Again, you narrowed your eyes at the Vampire.
"Okay then, I’ll change my clothes. After I dance, I’m in the dancing mood"you smirked as you twirled in front of Damon. This caused his heart to go crazy.

You didn’t make it to the door, when you spun around to leave you found that Damon was already standing there.

"Okay I don’t like you, I love you now please just dance here with me?"Damon finally confessed.

You bit your lip and nodded. Taking Damon’s hands into yours.

46. Reflection (ft. BTS’ Jimin)

© photo not mine. 

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Genre: Vampire!Jimin, Fluff, FantasyAU, Fairy!Reader, implied smut (?), lots of babys and darlings and loves, oneshot

Summary:  Who said that vampires led easy lives? For one, they can’t even look at themselves through a mirror. Even at the advent of new technology, they can’t even take a picture through a camera, but Jimin needs everything to be perfect for the biggest ball of the year…

Words: 1,286

“Jimin? Are you done yet?” you called from the room as you checked your reflection, your cream dress was spotless and your translucent pinkish green wings sparkled under the vanity lights. Some days, you were glad that you were a fairy because it means that your skin was almost always naturally glowing in the eyes of your fellow night creatures.

“Just a second, darling!” he answered from the bathroom. You caught a sight of Jimin’s black ensemble earlier and you couldn’t help but stare at how it heavily contrasted against his alabaster skin.

“We’re going to be late if you don’t hurry up, love. You know how my parents always expect me to be on time because I have wings.” You nagged playfully, sitting down on the bed that you both shared and allowed your legs to dangle off the edge. “I’m sure you look perfect, Jimin. You’re a vampire, you’re supposed to be irresistible.”

You heard a loud, exasperated sigh followed by an equally frustrated groan as Jimin stepped outside of the bathroom or more accurately, stomped right in front of you. He was wearing his tuxedo for the annual butterfly ball, a ball thrown by Lee Sooman every year where all the imaginable creatures of the night are in attendance. Your parents included, of course.

If you were to give your biased, love-struck opinion, he looked incredibly sexy and alluring and lust-inducing… Okay, maybe you should stop right there, but he’s handsome, alright. His protective jewelry was on (no silver, of course), his gray eyes were alluring despite the obvious annoyance in them and his lips looked absolutely scrumptious. Sometimes, you wonder if he had secretly turned you into a vampire because you never seem to sate your thirst for him.

He took your wide eyes and slacked jaw as a sign of disgust instead of pleasant surprise.

“I know, I look awful.” He frowned and you hastily shook your head. “My hair’s a mess, baby.”

You blinked at him. “It’s beautifully disheveled, love. Besides, you can always just look in the m…” your voice trailed off because you slowly realized what you were saying.

If Jimin’s frown could get deeper, it definitely did as he crossed his arms to look at you. He pursed his lips and raised an eyebrow at you, urging you to continue your statement. You jumped off the bed and tried to push him to sit instead but he wouldn’t budge. You knew you didn’t stand a chance when he finally said, “Look in what?”

“Uhhhhh…” you went on for a solid 10 seconds before giving up and smiling sheepishly at him. “Nevermind, Chim… Look, sit down and I’ll do it for you.”

“I want to hear you say it.” He pushed, proving his resilience (or stubbornness) by taking a step forward while you instinctively take a step back. Vampires were predatory in nature, after all.

You gulped and smiled again, hoping to charm him with the fairy glitter that came off your wings. “Sorry, Jimin. I wasn’t thinking…”

“Say it.” He said more firmly this time, his sweet voice changing into the daunting tone he uses when he’s trying to intimidate a prey or an enemy.

“M-M-Mirror… But you can’t and I’m stupid, sorry.” You stammered out, wondering if he was compelling you to spit it out or he was just naturally convincing.

“Okay, I forgive you, but can you help me with my hair?” his eyes softened in a split-second and you suddenly remembered why you had trust issues. “I want to impress your parents. You know that our family doesn’t exactly have the best reputation.”

“Your family has the best reputation among all the vampires in the country, if not the world, Jimin.” You scoffed at him, trying to make him sit again on the bed and this time, he complies. You went to your vanity to grab a brush and rummaged through the bathroom for Jimin’s pomade.  “A bad hair day isn’t going to change that. Besides, you can always convince them with that smile of yours.”

At your words, his lips immediately broke out into a smile and his eyes disappeared behind the crescents that his lids had become. You wrinkled your nose at him and began your work on his hair. He has always been one of those people, mortal or not, who was very particular with his hair. In fact, and you were going to bet your wings on this, he probably doesn’t realize that he literally runs a hand through his hair once every minute.

You suddenly felt very proud that he was allowing you to style his hair that you remarked, “But honestly, the messy look would’ve worked on me.”

You realized, a second later, when you were pinned under him on the bed that you had made a mistake. “The messy look works on me too, babe. You know I’d really like to mess up this little bun you got over here.” He grazed the top of your head with his fingers as he continued to hover over your lips.

“J-Jimin, we’re going to be late…” you moaned out, not very convincing, but at least you tried. “I spent hours on this look too.”

“You’re a fairy, you’re naturally glowing.” He murmured, imitating your previous compliments. “Besides, I really like it when you let your hair down.”

You bit your lower lip, slowly being persuaded by his compliments. It doesn’t help that he was using a raspy voice while saying them. You squeezed your eyes shut, trying to win over your heart, but your eyes simply popped right open with a weak warning falling from your lips, “Okay, but I swear to Lee Sooman, if you ruin my dress, I’ll turn you into a toad.”

He smirked and leaned down to capture your lips in a smoldering kiss. He bit your lower lip gently with his protruding fangs, distracting you from the fact that his hand was already around you, dragging the zipper of your dress open.

“Why do you look like you did your hair in the car on the way here?” was your mother’s first statement when brought you aside just as you arrived at the ball. It took all of your self-control to stop you from saying that she was dead-on. Jimin didn’t help either by continuously saying that you smelled so delicious after your little activity, but you kept swatting him away because bite marks on your neck are not the accessories you had in mind.

You tried to smooth out the tangles in your hair by running a hand over it. Your mother helped out and took a pin out of her own hair to fix yours. “Jimin and I… ran into a little mishap.”

“Oh god, I don’t want to hear it.” She rolled her eyes and went to look for your father who was eagerly shaking Jimin’s hand across the room. He caught your eyes and briefly winked at you. His cheekier self always emerges when you give in to his ploys.

Your cousin immediately shimmied to your side and said, “Too bad your fiancé can’t see his reflection…” she remarked and you could read in Jimin’s expression that he could hear every word. You wanted to cover your cousin’s mouth, but she already breathed out the next words. With the click of her tongue, she remarked, “…if he did, he’d know how devilishly handsome he is.”

“I think it’s better that he didn’t. The world isn’t ready for a more flawless version of all that… and honestly, I don’t think I could handle it.” You could see the smirk that played on Park Jimin’s face and you sighed in defeat.

a/n: inspired by a post made by @memeufacturing a long time ago and was reposted by someone on instagram. Part of my ongoing 100 theme writing challenge. This was more of a crack fic, but not on crack? lol hope you liked it! tbh I wrote this for myself so if ya’ll don’t like then… idk I’ll cry?

I love Thick Bucky. I swear I do, but there’s just something about smol Sebastian….not even smol, like medium Sebastian, that just….. gets me. *takes deep dreath*


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but yaaaasssssssssssss

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Her Majesty [Anakin Skywalker x Amidala!Reader]

Part 2

Summary: The reader is Padme’s younger sister and when she became senator, the reader became queen. Because of an attempt to end the reader’s life, Anakin is assigned to protect her. They go back to Naboo and where there’s a ball held. Anakin gets jealous when he sees someone hitting on the reader.

Word Count: 4000+

Warnings: Brief mentions of death

You pulled your hair up into a knot at the back of your head and frowned at your reflection in the mirror. You looked so tired. Shadows seemed to be painted under your eyes. Your brows seemed permanently furrowed in careful concentration. “I feel so helpless,” you sighed. “Everything is happening far too quickly.”

Behind you, your older sister Padmé was helping you pack for your journey back to Naboo. She was a saint, really, and the only person with whom you felt completely at ease. Padmé smiled and shook her head. “The galaxy doesn’t slow down for anybody, but there are some people who are able to keep up with it. They might get tired from running, and they might feel lost at times. But they’re still called queens.”

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Based off of

Raven’s room was silent. It was as it should be, as she was just getting settled in meditation, having been levitating in the center for several minutes. The silence was broken by beeping from her communicator. Automatically, she brought it to her lap and flipped it open to peer with one eye at the caller. The face of Beast Boy appeared, the image shaking and changing angles often.

“Hey Rae?” he said while looking at and shuffling through out of frame items, “You busy? Great. Ya, uh, what color should I wear to the charity ball? I figured we should match, so what color is your dress?”

Raven, having already sighed and attempting to return to her meditative state, responded, “I didn’t say I wasn’t b-wait-“ her eyes flew open and she turned her full attention to the screen, “Since when are you and I going to the charity ball?”

“What?” Beast Boy off-handedly replied, “What do you…” he trailed off and froze. The camera sat still, focused on his increasingly panicked expression that purposefully faced anything but the recipient. “Shit. Shit. I forgot to ask you.”

I Will

Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Fem!Reader

AN: Day 2 of the Hamilton write-a-thon hosted by @hamwriters

Summary: The winter ball is in full swing; Angelica tried introducing Eliza to potential suitors when her eyes rest upon you leaving her helpless.

Day 2: Femslash Day!

Words: 1074

Warnings: Hamiltime; fluff


A dreamlike candlelight, light filled the room, surrounding the numerous soldiers dancing with the eligible woman of the time.

Eliza did not want to be there that night but her older sister Angelica persuaded her to. She stood to the side of the ballroom with her younger sister Peggy conversing about pointless things when a soldier walked up to them.

“Mademoiselle would you honor me in joining me for a dance?” The Frenchman asked Eliza’s younger sister who was a giggling mess. Peggy took the soldiers hand. He brought it up to his lips placing a small kiss on her knuckles. “Marquis de Lafayette.” He introduced himself.

“Margarita Schuyler but you may call me Peggy.” Lafayette smiled at her, once releasing her hand, holding his arm out to her which she took leaving Eliza alone to her thoughts.

Her eyes traveled over the entirety of the room. No one has tickled her interest yet.

You walked into the ballroom wearing a dark blue ball gown to represent the rebels. A few men nearby eyes you, for your beauty was life a fine piece of art.

“Hello miss.” Looking over a man wearing a soldiers uniform stood there with a smile on his face.“

“Hello good sir.” You said to him with a coy smile gracing your lips. Holding out your hand he brought it to his lips where he kissed your knuckles.

“Aaron Burr.” He introduced himself.

“Y/N L/N.” You tell him your name.

“Would you like to dance Miss L/N?” Aaron asked you as your eyes scanned the room, your eyes falling upon a girl about your age looking right at you, her eyes wide and full of wonder. Your head tilted slightly to the side.

“Mr. Burr who is that over there?” You asked. His eyes followed yours.

“That is Elizabeth Schuyler. Her father is General Philip Schuyler also the gentleman who is hosting this ball.” He informed you. You tore your eyes away and looked at Aaron.

“Thank you for that information Mr. Burr, and as for that dance I must decline.” His face noticeably drop down to a frown.

“Yes uh,” He cleared his throat awkwardly. “Perhaps I was a bit too forward I assure you that wasn’t my intention.” He blubbered causing you to chuckle, your gaze falling back to the Schuyler girl who was now in a what looks like a heated conversation with another woman. Suddenly they looked your way. Quickly you looked away hoping they didn’t catch your stare.

“Mr. Burr you were not being forward I am just feeling a bit faint.” You lied. His face looked worrisome.

“Would you like to sit down then. I can fetch you some water.” He offered. So you were not caught in your lie you played along. Slowly you nodded. He led you to a chair at a table before excusing himself.

Now that he was gone you took the opportunity to look to where Elizabeth Schuyler was. To your delight she was alone again but she looked troublesome. You snapped out of your daze of some sort when a woman stepped in your view. Your eyes trailed up to the face of the woman who wore the pink gown. She looked a little bit older than you, she looked wise and strong. Her complexion complimented the smile she wore.

Eliza watched from afar as Angelica her sister spoke to you. Her hands felt clammy due to her nerves. It was as if time had stopped once her eyes met with you brilliant E/C one’s. The way your mouth curved up into a smile entranced her into your beauty. She even had her own little smile on her face but that quickly went away when she saw Burr besides you, handing you a glass of water. From afar she watched Burr and her sister exchange words before Burr walked off.

You stood up from the chair you sat in. Angelica’s hand wrapped around your wrist and tugged you along, across the ballroom to her sister.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Was all Angelica said to the two young women before taking her leave.

“Elizabeth Schuyler it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled, a small blush on her face. Eliza felt her heart race when she heard you giggle.

“The pleasure is all mine I assure you. Y/N L/N.” You introduced yourself. Eliza’s eyes lit up at the sound of your name, now she can finally place a name on your beautiful face.

“I know this seems strange or inappropriate but would you care to take a walk with me?” Eliza asked nervously. Her nerves calmed after you smiled.

“I would love to and I don’t find it inappropriate at all Ms. Schuyler.” You told her.

“Eliza please or Betsy.” A fond smile lifted on your lips.

“Well then Betsy shall we?” You gestured forwards as Eliza nodded, moving from her place, the first time that night.

Together the both of you walked through the gardens at Schuyler manor. Eliza has walked through them thousands of times so it was nothing new to her but for you, you were entranced, imagining what the garden would like in the Spring when the flowers were in full bloom.

While you admired the garden Eliza admired you.

Conversation was made as you walked through the night together, slowly you both fell for the other but of course you didn’t dare say it for it was not appropriate for women to hold such affections for each other.

“It is getting late.” You whisper looking out at the field of space on the Schuyler’s territory. Slowly Eliza stood besides you. The both of you stood there looking out at the land.

Your still in the garden Eliza by your side….she takes your hand.

“It’s so quiet here.” Her voice was soft. You looked down at your hands, intertwining your fingers with hers.

No one spoke, you just stood there enjoying that moment together. Before long the two of you went back to the ball as people started to leave.

“Write to me.” Eliza says in a hushed tone outside of your carriage which would take you home. You smiled.

“I will.” With a small wink her way you were helped into your carriage. Eliza watched it go until she could not see it no longer.

That night Eliza fell asleep with a smile on her lips.

Hurt (Mark fanfic)

Summary: Your husband Mark hasn’t been coming home so you fight, but eventually make up. This is probably my favorite one i’ve ever written.
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Warning: slight cussing)
Length: 1885

You and Mark had been married for 3 years now, and dating for a long time before that. Your relationship had always been one you were so proud of. But the last couple of months, it had been torturous for you. Mark’s schedule had been so packed, he would come home super tired and want to sleep immediately. Of course you understood, the first few months, you knew how hard it must have been on him. 

But as time progressed more, he seemed to become more and more distant, sometimes not talking to you at all some days. After that, weeks. And then he started coming home late, even staying away at times. You wanted to be supportive, but as you had a busy schedule as well, you just felt alone and hurt. As if he didn’t want to put in any effort at all, and it was always you running after him. 

But this week had just been to much. He hadn’t come home on Monday, which you were starting to get used to by now, but as you called him the next day, he didn’t pick up. Then the next evening he didn’t come home either. This continued the whole week. Today was Saturday, and finally you heard the clinking of the keys in the lock.

“So you decided to come home after all?”
Your voice is cold, icy almost, as if you wanted to cut someone. He looks up at you, dazy eyes from the liquor.
“Yes. I did.”
With his cold answer, you now look up at him, sending him the same ice cold eyes.

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Headcanon that Jason watches the show arrow and shits himself laughing at the portrayal of Roy like

“Hey Roy you’re fucking Oliver Queen’s sister again lol!!”

“Oh look you dramatically cried about Oliver’s Sister!” (For the eighth time)

“Oh what’s this? You actually are clean shaven and lost the scraggly hair? Nope wait, you’re even more of a pain in this show….”

Roy would be like

“When the hell did Ollie get a sister?!”
(Ollie doesn’t have one in the comics)

“I’m smarter than that! And I would NEVER do this stupid shit!”

“Why aren’t you wearing a ball cap???”

Breaking... Ch.22


Part 21

A/N: This chapter was gonna be a lot longer but I decided to break it off a bit for anticipation. Next chapter will be more eventful

Wordcount: 2014

Warnings: Bitches, language, hehehe

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Breaking The Atmosphere

“What do you mean, you’re taking Theodosia Burr?” Alex asked with a chill.

“Pops, I find her to be quite charming. I would like to take her.” Charming? If she’s anything like her father than that’s a fat load of crap. You tried to convince yourself of that, it didn’t work. Alex was about to say something, he looked very against this whole thing. But Eliza nudged him with her elbow and cleared her throat.

“Of course you can take Theodosia, my son.” She smiled.

“Thank you, mom.” For a second, Philip looked over at you. Every once in a while you’d think you’d see it. Your Sunshine, not this dark cloud trying to hide him. Something sparked in his eyes for that single second. Was it regret? Was it longing? Was it remembrance? Was it an apology? You couldn’t tell, he built a wall between you.

‘In this same interlude it doth befall

That I, one Snout by name, present a wall.

And such a wall, as I would have you think,

That had in it a crannied hole, or chink,

Through which the lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe,

Did whisper often very secretly.

This loam, this roughcast, and this stone doth show

That I am that same wall. The truth is so.

And this the cranny is, right and sinister,

Through which the fearful lovers are to whisper.’

That should’ve been a passage he marked. As quick as the second had come, it was gone once again. Philip tightened his lips and walked away, the same way he always did.

“You’re going to let our son take my rival’s daughter to a party? Are you crazy, Betsy?” Alex asked. Eliza shook her head.

“Trust me, love. A mother knows what she’s doing.” She assured, winking at you after she finished her sentence. What’s that supposed to mean?

             A few days passed and you were left to your same routine. You were dusting off the shelves in Alex’s study when you heard someone come in. You looked over to see Lafayette leaning against one of the cleaned shelves.

“Oh, hey Laf. Did you need something?” You asked. He tapped his finger against his chin and took a step forward.

“Yes actually, I do have a small favor to ask of you Miss Y/N.”

“You can just call me Y/N or Titania like Alex does, but sure, what’s the favor?”

“I was invited to a party by a friend of mine. I would like to ask you to allow me the pleasure of escorting you there.” WHAT?!

“Um, wait what? A party? Oh no, no, no, no! I’ve never been to one before! Besides, why would you need me to go?” You asked nervously.

“Well you see, I am not exactly the best dancer and every time I try to go to a gathering by myself a madam will ask me to dance. I just cannot find it in my heart to say no to them, it seems rude but I always accidentally step on their feet…” His face flushed a bit. Fucking Marie Antoinette, this is all your fault! “If I take you with me, I believe I will be asked to dance far less.” Honestly, I should’ve expected that this was the reason. Lafayette was known for being extremely awkward in many situations.

“I mean; alright I guess? As long as I don’t have to talk to many people because honestly I do not know the proper etiquette for these things…” Lafayette smiled at your answer.

“Merci, we can both not know the proper etiquette together, how does that sound?” He asked humorously, you chuckled.

“Sounds like a plan!” You laughed.

             You told Eliza about what Lafayette suggested and she seemed very pleased that you said yes. She even said she would help you get ready, of course Angie decided she would as well. When the day came, Eliza summoned you to her room and she pulled out this very elegant blue dress.

“What’s this?” You asked.

“Well, as much as I love the dress Hercules gave you, it simply is not ball appropriate. So, you shall wear this.” She informed. Angie, who was sitting on the bed called out excitedly.

“That’s the dress Mama says she fell in love with Daddy in!” You looked at the beautiful blue color.

“Eliza…this is too much, you’re so sweet to me!” She brushed off the comment.

“Nonsense! I would do anything for my girls and you are certainly no exception! Now, come over here! We are wasting precious time!” You went over and she immediately started to work on you.

“Mama, how did you and Daddy fall in love exactly?” Angie asked curiously. Ohhh, I’ve never heard this story before! Eliza giggled to herself.

“That is actually quite the fascinating tale. You see, many people in our family believe that Alexander and I were in love at first sight…”

“Wait, are you saying you weren’t?” You questioned, she nodded.

“I had met Alexander once at my Father’s estate. He brought a message from Mr. Washington and stayed over for dinner. At the time, I had no intentions of courting with him.”

“Really? Why?” Angie seemed confused.

“Well… I was in love with someone else at the time. He was a red coat named Andre.” She explained. WAIT! A! MOMENT!

“You were in love with someone on the opposite side?” You were astounded. Eliza nodded with an amused smile. Am I the Andre to Philip’s Eliza? Was I just a phase?

“Madly in love, in fact. When I saw Alexander that night at a winter’s ball, everything changed. Love is a very complicated feeling, that’s what I realized in that moment. You can’t control it, you can’t change it and that’s scary.” Yeah…I know the feeling… “At first, I didn’t think Alexander was interested in me. Although my sister was already married at the time, I assumed he fancied her more. But here we are, many years later. Alexander has taught me many things, but mostly he’s shown me that love is not easy. You will doubt each other, hurt each other and not even intend to, or even worse… You do it to protect them.” Eliza finished putting the dress on you and quickly worked with your hair. She took two pieces from the front and braided them to the back, making sure your hair stayed out of your face. Was my sparkle not enough? Did someone give him more than I could offer? “You look beautiful dear!” Eliza teared up, Angie got off the bed, an idea burning in her pupils.

“Wait! Don’t go anywhere! I have an amazing idea!” She ran out of the room and you were left to wonder for a moment. After a few minutes she came running back in with something in her arms. You froze when you realized what it was. Five bushels of baby’s breath… She stepped behind you and laced the stems into your braid. “The best accessory a lady can wear is fresh flowers.” She stated. You felt odd about using the flower. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You were pretty but felt, out of place. Monachopsis, that’s the word that came to mind in that moment. You didn’t feel like you belonged there anymore, you tried not to think about it too much.  Once you were all dressed and ready, Eliza led you out to the main room.

“Alexander has already called the coach. He should be waiting outside with Lafayette.” You took a step out the door and let your eyes adjust to the bright light. Alex was talking with Lafayette outside the carriage and once they noticed you and the other woman with you they smiled. You went down the steps and Alex took your hand, turning your wrist and signaling for you to spin.

“Oh, I wonder where that dress came from!” He hinted while you span in place, his banter made you feel a bit better about everything. Alex gave your hand to Lafayette so you turned your attention to him. He smiled at you pleasantly.

“Miss Titania, Alexander instructed me to call you that, you look quite elegant, if I must say.” You fanned your face jocularly.

“Monsieur, you flatter me so!” You said with fake bashfulness.  He opened the carriage door and helped you into it, when he got in he sat across from you. You waved everyone goodbye and joked that you would be back before tomorrow. The carriage pulled forward and you watched as it drove out of the yard. Just as the house was starting to fade out of sight, you saw another carriage pull in. Another carriage? The house was too far away at that point for you to investigate any further. You were starting to get a bit nervous and your leg began to bounce from under your dress. You stared out the window until you felt something tap your arm. You jumped slightly and turned your gaze toward Lafayette.

“Miss Titania, you seem a bit flustered. May I ask what is wrong?”

“Oh, um, yes. I’m just a bit anxious is all. I’ve uh, never been to anything like this before.” You chuckled and scratched your cheek.

“Do not fear! As a gentleman, it is my job to ensure that you have as nice of a time as possible. After all, those who can’t dance shall not dance together! Or…something of that effect.” Wow…he’s just as awkward as me. What a precious lil baguette!

             It wasn’t long before the carriage pulled in front of a large house. It was mostly brick and was almost the model image of Victorian styling. The carriage stopped in front of the estate and Lafayette stepped out first to help you down. The two of you made your way up the grand stone steps, the door was opened for you. You thought you were going to be early but there were already tons of people inside the large, open room. It wouldn’t have bothered you so much if not a good majority of the people looked over at you. Lafayette had his arm linked with yours and pulled it slightly to get your attention as he led you through the room.

“I think they like you.” He whispered.

“Who’s party is this anyway?” You questioned.

“The Price’s, I was quite close with the father of the house, the rest of the family was more than happy to allow me to attend.” You nodded to show that you understood. You felt several eyes gaze at you from time to time, you weren’t sure how to feel about it. Lafayette was nice enough to make sure you never felt too uncomfortable. At one point he was leading you across the room by stopped halfway. “I will be right back; I must greet the lady of the house. Would you mind waiting for just a moment?” He asked.

“Go ahead, I’ll be here.” He continued to walk across the room. A young man approached you not long after. Well, not quite young, he still seemed quite a bit older than you.

“Hello Miss, what is a fair lady, such as yourself, doing here all by your lonesome?” He certainly knew that you were not alone. Can’t a girl be by herself for ten seconds and not be bothered?! “May I get you a drink?” He asked.

“No thank you, I don’t drink.” I don’t trust the alcohol in this century! He tried to insist but you declined, that didn’t stop him from trying to ask again but he was stopped by a voice interrupting him. You felt someone standing behind you.

“Excuse me sir, thank you for keeping my friend company for me. Now if you don’t mind…” The man quickly walked away from the masculine voice behind you. Why does that sound so familiar? You sighed.

“Thank you, I wasn’t sure how I wa-“ You turned around and froze.

“Hello Titania, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it?” A bright color filled your eyesight.

“Mr. Jefferson…”