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Some doodles I saved up of the HTTYD girls

Anan translation - Endo Aya’s strategies for going after the sextuplets.

Totoko’s voice actress’s comments about what the brothers might be like to go out with and her tips on how to win them from the recent Anan special magazine. 

Endo Aya’s strategies for going after the sextuplets.

Totoko-chan, the super cute only girl in the group. She’s very popular with the sextuplets, and we’re as jealous as could be. Together with Endo Aya who performed her, we’re going to examine their manly charms in a somewhat serious way!

She’s Totoko-chan so she understands?! The sextuplets “manly charms.”

The beloved heroine Totoko, whom the sextuplets never stop admiring. Since she is approached by them constantly on a daily basis, she’s bound to know about their attitudes towards love, and (we’re not sure whether or not they actually have any) their manly charms. Therefore, we threw Endo Aya, who played Totoko the closest observer of the sextuplets for half a year, the silly question, “What are they like as men?”

(Endo) To start with, whatever they may say, I think that they are kind boys. No matter how selfish Totoko gets, they face her head on and take the blow. This time, I tried thinking about each of them carefully, but even though they are jobless virgin NEETs who sponge off their family, there are moments when I suddenly felt like they were “good men” and I got flustered, lol. Despite telling myself that “If I went out with them they’d definitely be a burden,” I had a hard time keeping my cool. (Lol)

So she has analysed each of their manly charms, from Osomatsu to Todomatsu, and has proposed her strategies for going after them.

With this you can be just like Totoko… perhaps?

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Percy Weasley

“Hello, Minister!“ bellowed Percy, sending a neat jinx straight at Thicknesse, who dropped his wand and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort.

fire emblem tryna tell me Camilla rides a dragon in bikini bottoms and high heels ?? ?

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Louis's entire wardrobe of jumpers is basically like 'what if my boyfriend wants to wear this too', could I please get this in a size bigger. 😣😣

I know!! It’s the worse thing ever. 

I was asked several times to do the “Meet the Artist” thing and ya– Here you go lol It’s like 6am 8)))

From closing out @givenchyofficial’s runway show (handpicked by @riccardotisci17 himself, btw) back in 2010, to modeling *and* styling @31philliplim’s FW17 lookbook, Toronto-based model @juanpaoloroldan has made quite the name for himself. Get to know him (and his style) a little bettter with a look inside his closet and home on #coveteur.com.
“My style is always evolving because I’m constantly discovering new things that influence the way I put myself together. I’ve been addicted to collecting vintage clothing in the last 5-6 years. I mix my vintage finds with current pieces—I wear anything from the late 1800’s to the ’70’s as far as vintage goes. I just basically wear what I want and not really pay attention to trends too much. It’s more personal for me and I get to express myself in the way I want—I guess I’m a classic man with a gangster twist. At least that’s how I feel when I dress myself.” 📷: @reneerodenkirchen http://ift.tt/2mFcpK3

Genderqueer/Genderfluid winterfalcons 8I

I wrote a little story about this which I will put beneath a read more so you can reblog without a big paragraph of my silly writing attached.

I’ve seen lots (and lots and lots) of Sam comforting/taking care of Bucky in this ship, and others even.

But listen, Sam is a person, he has good days and he has bad days too…

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It a dorky Addendum Team Seven picture in casual clothes for @shanatical


ZOO | Chloe + Jackson

1.02 Vs. 1.09

“join the church of stezzo” - Steph

“oh heck” - Zahra

Have a little about me because hey hey hey I’ve never done this and some things have changed so here we have this trash

i wore thigh highs today bc i felt so so cute in them and when my mother got home from work she was like ‘they’re too sexy. boys will get the wrong idea’ and i just


In the end, Kuroo did get to see Kenma in a dress (via Lev).