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Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! “The Wearing of the Grin”, 1951, directed by Chuck Jones. 

Wholesome Week Day 7 - AU OF CHOICE

I was really happy with how this one turned out so I figured I’d post it a little early.


So in this Alternate Universe @moringmark@spatziline and their pet pig move into the Diaz’s neighborhood. The two quickly befriend Star and Marco, and join them on their adventures (with hilarious results). Also, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz love them to bits. Sugaritos are their new favorite food.

“Why is your pig wearing sunglasses?”

“His future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades!”


miles started a twitter rp group for overwatch in a college au… so after rocking back and forth on who to choose, i settled for roadhog. and then since hes a furry i made him a fursona. ur welcome.

like if the junkers were meant to like..At All be taken serious by the narrative I’d probably be more critical but when we’re at “This joke character who wears a furry pig gas mask and collects arcade plushies is Morally Black and you shouldn’t like him because he KILLS PEOPLE” it’s like I. okay. alright. he makes a fucking snoop dogg reference

Luke Brooks Smut #12 (REQUESTED) Car Smut

Warning: the following text contains NSFW content. DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE.

“Alright 3 more questions then y/n and I have to get off because we have a long drive in the morning.” Luke says to the camera. The fans have been begging the boys to come to San Fransisco for the longest and finally they decided too. Beau, Chelsey, James and Daniel are already there while Jai is in Melbourne flying to San Fransisco. Leaving Luke and I driving there.

“How much do you enjoy Luke y/n? I think i can answer this one for her. She loves me so much she can’t stay away from me every second of the day. She tells me I’m her oxygen.” He interrupts himself by laughing. I laugh along with him because he knows damn well I wouldn’t say that nor do I do those things.

“Luke is an okay boy, he’s not all that.” I joke. “See I told you, she can’t get enough of me. Watch this, hey Y/n give me a kiss.” He says leaning into me. I push his face back and laugh. “No I’m joking I love him so much,I can’t imagine a world with him.” I smile. “Awww you’re so sweet.” He says kissing my cheek.

“Two more before we have to go” he says looking at the comments. “How long have you guy guys been a couple, about a year now.” He smiles. “One more!” He says scanning through the comments.

“That’s not a question but okay” he says turning to face me. He lifts my chin up with his pointer finger and thumb before placing a kiss on my lips. “That’s what they asked?” I question. “No they demand your Twitter name.” He laughs. “ oh it’s y/t/n.” I smile.

“Well that’s it guys , thank you for watching and we’ll be back soon.” He says. We both blow kisses to the camera.

After he closed out the broadcast and closed his laptop,he went to take a shower. I started to finish packing so I could’ve ready tomorrow.

10 mins later Luke comes out with a towel wrapped around his waist and his chest glistening from the reflection of the light coming off his chest. “Y/n? Hello…” He waves in my face. “Huh?” I question.

“I asked if you were ready and if you needed a shower.” He laughs. “Oh I’m ready and I’ll just take one in the morning babe.” I say. I strip from my clothes and grab one of his shirts from his drawer and climb into his bed. Luke just stood there watching me.

“Why are you starting at me.” I ask. “Well you just took off your clothes, you were in just your bra and panties before you put on my shirt. So I had to sit back and admire you.” He smiles. I get off his bed and pad over to him. “Admire me huh?” I say seductively.

I pull his towel so it falls on the floor, I grab his erection and stroke it lightly. His eyes turn a darker shade, his breathing becoming shaky. “Fuck y/n” I grunts. I go down on my knees and take his length into my mouth. My tongue swirls over him as I go up and down. “Y/n” he moans.

A few minutes later he pulls out of my mouth and jerks off, cumming on to his shirt. “I love you so much fuck y/n” he breathes. “Let me fuck you.” He pleads. “No well do it when we’re in San Francisco babe” I giggle. He pouts.

“Now I need to change my shirt haha.” I laugh. He took my shirt off leaving me in my shorts and bra before picking me up and laying me on the bed, him hovering over me. He starts to kiss and suck on my neck. Luke’s hands roam up and down my body before pulling down my shorts and underwear.

He spreads my legs quickly and starts licking my clit. “Fuck Luuuuuuke omg.” I moan. His tongue starts going faster before placing his middle and ring finger inside me. “That feels good, yeah?” He grunts. My legs start shaking and he pushes them down so they wouldn’t close.

“Luke I’m close.” I say, my chest rising and falling. “Cum for me” he says. A few minutes later I reach my high and my legs feel like jelly. “Okay now I really need to shower. Nevermind I’ll just shower in the morning that was great babe.” I say pulling him up to me.

We both get changed and ready for bed. When I wake up, Luke’s arms are draped around me and I pry them off so I can take my shower.

After my shower, I walk out to see Luke packing last minute things and getting them outside into the car. Right before I start getting dressed he walks in.

“Look at my beautiful girlfriend.” He coos walking over to me before wrapping his arms around my waist. He start kissing my neck and attempting removing my towel. “Luke we have to go.” I laugh. “I’m just trying to help you get dressed babe.” He says.

“Luke I’m not stupid.” I laugh at him.
“I know and I also know I have to wait till we get to San Francisco.” He says kissing my neck still. He kisses my lips before grunting. “I need you so bad.” He says walking away to pack his camera.

I put on some comfortable shorts and a dirty pig hoodie and my nike free runs. “Ready?” He asks. Luke is wearing a dirty pig shirt and black adidas sweatpants. We’re so alike it’s hilarious.

He gets the rest of our bags and places them in the back of them car, he wouldn’t let me help so I just sat in the passenger seat. “If you want you can just go back to sleep babe.” Luke says pulling out the driveway. I nod before getting my fluffy blue blanket and falling asleep.

“Beau we left an hour ago fuck, it’s not like we’ll be there in 2 minutes it’s a 6 hours drive. Alright. Okay bye.” Luke says before hanging up on the phone. I wake up and stretch before kissing Luke’s cheek.

“Beau won’t stop bitching, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you babe.” He says to me. He takes my left hand into his right and kisses the back of it. “How was your sleep?” He asks. “It was okay, could’ve gone much longer but you know.” I joke.

“I wouldn’t woke you up anyways, road trips are boring when you have no one to talk to.” He pouts. “But sleep is so great, it’s beautiful if it were a person I would best friend them for life.” I say, emphases on the L of life.

“Yeah cause you hate me already.” He says. “If I hated you I wouldn’t have given you a blow job without you asking last night or other nights.” I laugh. “You’re right.” He chuckles, places his hand on my inner left thigh. He’s caresses it and goes higher up my leg.

“Hm whatcha doing there Mr.Brooks.” I ask. “I’ve been horny since we’ve been on the road.” He laughs. “So what do you wanna do about it?” I flirt. I move his hand back on the wheel. “Wouldn’t want to crash babe.” I laugh.

He groans. “Babe come on I need you.” He pouts. “Just think, in a few hours you’ll be able to fuck me as hard as you please.” I say.

He sucks in a breath. “Fuck you know how much I love it when you say stuff like that babe” he says. I decided to tease him even more by placing my hand inside my shorts and underwear. “Oh my god y/n don’t do this to me whyyyyy.” He whines.

“Focus on the road Luke!” I laugh. I start circling my self and I lay my head back against the chair. “I can’t wait for you to be inside me Luke.” I say to him. He looks over and he grabs my hand.

“Y/n stop you’re killing me.” He says.
I pull away from him before masturbating again. “Luke no, don’t you like this.” I say. “Yes of course I do but you’re gonna give me blue balls.” He laughs. “Well how can I help you if you’re driving?” I tease. “You want me to give you head?” I ask.

His eyes brows raise and his smirk is plastered across his face drone surprise. “Road head huh?” He smiles. “I was kidding Luke.” I laugh. “But I’m so hard right now. Ugh.” He growls. “Sorry Luke. Just tell me what to do.” I say.

“Rub your clit.” He demands and I obey. The pleasure going through me makes my legs shake. “Fuck, say my name.” He grunts looking back and fourth from the road and me. “Luuukkee.” I moan. His breathing increases and he palms him self.

“Y/n please.” He begs. I look around us to make sure there isn’t any cars, and it’s still early in the morning so it’s a little dark. I unbuckle myself before reaching over him and grabbing his length out of his sweats. He wasn’t lying when he said he was dying because he was very hard. I wrap my lips around him before sucking. “Fuck y/n” he moans.

His right hand holds my hair up. “Yeah just like that don’t stop.” He grunts. I go up and down and swirl my tongue around him. His thighs tremble from pleasure. His grip on my hair firmer than before. I swirl my tongue around his tip and he starts going crazy.

“Oh fuck. Y/n.” He moans. Every now and then his grip would get firm then soft then firm then soft. “Don’t stop.” He breathes. His hips buckle and he lets out a short breath. I look up at him while swirling my tongue around him and his eyes are furrowed and focused on the road with his mouth dropped in pleasure.

“Fuck stay down there’s a car passing us.” He says holding me down gently. I decided to do something I’ve never tried before since I have the opportunity. I start licking him slowly and lower my head down on him so that he’s at back of my throat. I keep doing this mouth, gagging from time to time.

Luke stays silent the whole time and his grip has gone firmer than ever. I go back up to his tip and look at him. His lip is in between his teeth and he starts twitching in my mouth. “Fuck I’m gonna cum y/n"he grunts.

I take my mouth off him before grabbing his length and stroking it fast. Seconds later he cums on my hand. I get up and get the towel on the floor in the front seat to clean it off. "Fuck y/n that was the best head you’ve ever given me.” He pants, his grip tight on the wheel and puts his length back into his boxers.

He grabs my left hand and kisses the back of it. “Anything for my king.” I say. “You’re in trouble when we get the hotel. You’re all mine got it?” He says, his accent heavy. The excitement in me is overwhelmed. I nod, “Good.” He says.

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nickname: Most people just call me by my name (Hannah)
zodiac: Aquarius
height: probably around 5′4
last thing i googled: “texas” - we were playing a game where we had to make pictures out of sticks and stones - my cousin didn’t think my picture looked like texas, she then said she thought texas looked like a boot. she’s 25
favourite music artist: it depends on the day honestly. right now i’m not really super into music. my all time favorite band is mcr though
song stuck in my head: n/a
last movie i saw: Shawshank Redemption (I’m not crying or anything)
what am i wearing right now: light pink pig onesie
why did i choose my url: i really really really love deers, and it was cute
do i have any other blogs: not any i currently use
what did my last relationship teach me: communication 👏 is 👏 key 👏
religious or spiritual: neither. i believe in people
favourite colour: red has been my go to since i was a child. but anything pastel is cute too.
average hours of sleep: i just got out of uni for the year (minus exams) so my sleeping schedule is pretty screwed up right now. maybe 8 hours?? i have trouble sleeping though.
lucky number: 17, idk if it’s lucky, just always been fond of the number
favourite characters: lexie grey, addison montgomery, charlotte king, alex danvers, julia braverman-graham, paris geller, maureen johnson, angel dumott schunard, jillian holtzmann, kate kane!!!!! nadia pym, posion ivy, america chavez, rose tyler (+ everyone from doctor who, i can’t hate a soul on that show) (this started as a short list i’m so sorry)
how many blankets do i sleep with: currently three. i do this thing where whenever i get a new blankie i have to sleep with it every night, until they pile up and i have too many. then i have to start over with two
dream job: currently i’m studying to be a teacher, not sure if it’s my dream job though. i’d love something that puts me in contact with people, while giving me the flexibility to travel, while having an influence on the world and future generations

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Mako met his first steady boyfriend during a rally against further deforestation and water pollution of the areas surrounding his childhood home. The man was wearing a “Love Pigs Fuck Cops” patch on the back of his faux leather jacket as he stood in between a line of officers and his fellow protesters. Mako’s knees went weak at the sight.