wear now wear later

honestly i think my antok has a winter coat already, his fur is so thick

so in a setting where there’s seasons, his fur is like twice as thick, so ultimate fluff

  • *8.50pm, the morgue*
  • Holmes: *examining a body*
  • Hooper: *drumming his fingers*
  • Holmes: *still working* Am I keeping you, Martin?
  • Hooper: *through gritted teeth* Yes, as a matter of fact, William. The lads invited me for a drink.
  • Holmes: *looks up; frowns* The lads?
  • Hooper: *nods* Anderson and...his sort.
  • Holmes: *stands up* You're not to go.
  • Hooper: *raises an eyebrow* Excuse me?
  • Holmes: *scoffs* I apologise, which part of the statement was unclear to you?
  • Hooper: *annoyed* You cannot tell me what to do!
  • Holmes: *rolls his eyes* You never drink with the lads-
  • Hooper: *folds his arms* I suppose you have a better suggestion?
  • Holmes: *blurts out* Dinner with me, obviously.
  • Hooper: ...
  • Holmes: ...
  • Hooper: *nods* Okay.
  • Holmes: *alarmed* Pardon?
  • Hooper: *rolls his eyes* My flat, one hour. I have quite the surprise for you *winks; leaves*
  • Holmes: ...
  • Holmes: *grins slowly*

Before I go to sleep I feel the need to remind people that Hancock is 191 cm (6'3¼") tall, became empress of Amazon Lily and a member of the Shichibukai when she was only 18 years old, has Conqueror’s Haki, and could undoubtedly beat the absolute crap out of every person the Straw Hats have defeated thus far in the story without breaking a sweat. 

Deepika & Varun at Screen Awards 2015