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God damn that laptop is like 900 dollars

Well yeah I mean, I needed a heavy duty laptop for gaming n arts. Like i can do google chrome, photoshop cs6, paintool sai, itunes, torrent and updating ow all at the same time with it so it’s p worth it. Plus it’s hd as heck, has JBL speakers n has wear n tear that lasts v long so u rlly get ur money’s worth 👌👌

Hitsugaya's List of "Ways Soul Society Can Use Kurosaki Ichigo"

As requested by anon. :)

In a previous list from last year, Hitsugaya sent various memos to the other squads. The memo he sent to Squad 1 promised a detailed list of ways that Soul Society could make use of the great resource that is Kurosaki Ichigo. It is time to take a look at (part) of that list!

  1. Test the Seireitei’s defenses by seeing if Kurosaki can break in.

  2. Save wear ‘n’ tear on our bankai by just letting Kurosaki defeat the really tough villains. (He will anyway)

  3. Train officers by making them fight Kurosaki.

  4. Discipline new recruits by telling them that if they’re bad, they’ll be thrown into a pit with Kurosaki.

  5. Redo the captain’s exam to include a fight with Kurosaki. Just to make sure only the strongest make captain.

  6. Use Kurosaki as a temporary captain to fill empty captain slots.

  7. Way to get free energy: Put Kenpachi on a treadmill that is hooked up to a generator. Have Kurosaki stand in front of the treadmill, offering to fight. Watch Kenpach run and produce power.

  8. Easier way to get free energy: Just have Kurosaki run on the treadmill because I hear he can do that for a really long time.

  9. Easiest way to get free energy: put a lightbulb in Kurosaki’s ear and see if it lights up.

  10. Study the effects of long term power use on humans.

  11. Send Kurosaki as an ambassador to Hueco Mundo, since he’s a little hollow.

  12. Send Kurosaki as an ambassador to the humans, since he’s a little human.

  13. Send Kurosaki as an ambassador to the Quincy, since he’s a little Quincy.

  14. Send Kurosaki as an ambassador to the fullbringers, since he’s a little fullbringer.

  15. Send Kurosaki as an ambassador to the Rukongai, since he has family there.

  16. Send him as an ambassador to all the places because he is all the things.

  17. Have him stand on rooftops on misty nights so that helicopters can land.

  18. Make Unohana take him with her when she’s flying Minazuki at night. Think Rudolph. And safety.

  19. Don’t send an agent to Karakura Town. Let Kurosaki take care of it (since he will anyway).

  20. Use him to test the safety of equipment and medications. He doesn’t die easily.

  21. Use his glowing blue spiritual pressure as lighting at special events.

  22. His getsugatensho seems like a good way to cut down dead and possibly dangerous branches.

  23. Also for removing spiderwebs maybe.

  24. Any shinigami who is moving to a new place should call Kurosaki for moving help. He can’t say no.

  25. And he will probably bring his friends.

  26. Any shinigami who has lost a pet or a child or a friend should call Kurosaki. He will not stop until they are found.

  27. Encourage squad cohesion by reminding all the shinigami that no matter their differences, they all love Kurosaki Ichigo.

  28. Raise revenue by selling Kurosaki Ichigo plushies.

  29. Improve our building’s structural integrity by making them strong enough to withstand Kurosaki’s shikai.

  30. Ask him to wear a beeper so that we can summon him at any time.

This scene. This scene really drove it home.

After that fight and that poison, I could only imagine how powerless she feels right now. She’s in a WHEELCHAIR and her eyes tell tales.

When I first saw Korra looking in the mirror after Asami did her hair FOR HER, my heart sunk. It fell even more after I saw that she wasn’t standing and was in fact sitting in a wheelchair. Her voice sounded so out of it, so distant. She– obviously – still isn’t quite together after the fight.

But she’s not just physically drained.

My first thought when I saw Korra presented this way was “depression.”

Now I’m not saying she is in fact clinically depressed now and is some sort of symbol the team CONSCIOUSLY created (unless, you know, it is) with mental illness in mind, but you know there’s more than just physical wear ‘n tear at play here. 

I can almost feel all the thoughts clouding her head and making her feel so despondent through her distant stares and replies throughout the final few scenes. It struck a rather personal and relatable chord in me I didn’t think would ever be touched by this show. What she hallucinated while being chained down in front of Zahir has really taken it’s toll on her psychologically. It shows. So. Well.

bryankonietzko I want you to thank yourself and all of the other BRILLIANT people who worked on this book, these episodes, this scene, and these gorgeous characters. No one’s work has gone unnoticed, I GUARANTEE YOU.

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Making his case for SOTY with this and his upcoming Chronicles2 part.

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I really love your outfits but I feel I'm to big to wear them. Any suggestions?

I am definitely a girl who has a little bit’ o bass. In middle & high school my friends (yep, my friends) used to make fun of my hips for being large.

I am not a perfect skinny bitch and I truly and honestly hope no one ever thinks that about this blog.  This blog is about the non-perfect parts about everyday wear n’ tear: my clothes have stains, rips, and aren’t designer.  I purposely don’t paint myself or try and put myself on the blog (almost at all).  This isn’t about me.  This is about a project.  My way of cataloging what I wear everyday.  And to encourage other people to think about their clothing & outfits differently.  You don’t need an amazingly large closet or budget to be fashionable or to feel comfortable.  We all have things we feel insecure about (our bodies, our budgets).  And though I can not speak for you - or how or what you feel comfortable in - I definitely want to encourage you to feel stronger & more comfortable in your own skin.  That will open a larger door of fashion to you.  Think outside the box.  If American Apparel & Urban Outfitters don’t make clothing for you - go to thrift stores!  Learn to alter your own clothing!  Make things that are different & new!  I believe in YOU!