wear it like that

dnd character idea i wanna try:

a priest orc– not a half orc, i mean 100% locally sourced GMO free Buff As Shit Orc that cut off all familial ties to follow their dreams to become apart of a priesthood, to heal others, to become a better person and haul around a bigasse mace called Thoughts & Prayers

I just randomly thought of something.

You know how like when Matt gives Pidge his glasses he’s like “the garrison fixed my eyesight” does that mean the glasses he was wearing at that moment which he gave to Pidge were just like clear lenses bc if he was wearing his old glasses after they fixed his eyes he wouldn’t be able to see shit and like if he gave them to Pidge she wouldn’t be able to see shit either bc she didn’t need glasses.

@ dreamworks answer me


The Ballarat Murder Club’s Pajama Party

I found this and… yeah you might guess who this is.

Drunkira’s reign continues. Omg I just thought of a HC where he has to use speech-to-text because his texts can’t be deciphered otherwise. Like he uses a gross amount of emojis and weeb talk like uwu or ‘h-hewwo?’. (submitted by @midnightwerewoolf)

I bought a $20 bottle of wine this weekend because the girl hosting the wine-tasting was pretty and made a lot of eye contact and said “I knew you’d like this one, I picked it just for you”

I could not ever be in charge of any confidential secrets because it would take literally one (1) pretty girl being nice to me to make me crack

Sorinaweek 2017

Day 1 - First Date

Amusement Park! 

Because it’s something casual, which Erina probably never visited before. Means she also never ate candied apples. 

when i get sonic forces im probably never going to get around to actually playing it since i’d just spend the rest of my life in that character creation screen

happy birthday to this special boy