wear it like that

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Felix Argyles hair for the rate

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neko neko

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neko neko neko neeeeko

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neko neko nyaaaa neko neko ni

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n-neko neko neko neeeeeko nyaako

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purrsia you diiiid put this into my mind tho-

it’s like those one guys that were on the amazing world of gumball


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One thing that gives me joy is the heavy parka Cassian wears all the time, when everyone else is wearing relatively mild weather clothes. Like the trip to Jedha? Jyn wears a light jacket, a scarf just in case. Poncho for the rain on Eadu. Bodhi? Coveralls are fine. Baze and Chirrut? We will wear the same outfit everywhere. But Cassian? Let me wear this Very Large Coat. With a Fur Hood. Everywhere.

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