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A restful few days in the Bunker since the argument with Mary, then (!) (12x14 sneak peek)

I love how in WoR everybody keeps noticing there’s something odd about Shallan and Kaladin and we see all the stuff they’re doing.

And meanwhile Renarin is clearly doing his own novel of stuff and everybody just goes “Huh. Renarin right? Him and his antics.”

A Winter’s Ball

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Warnings/Contains: flirting, the 40s, hamilton, gay peggy, unprotected sex, no foreplay, sex in a tent, soldier!kink, she wears his hat, musicals, 

Word Count: 1848

so this is a 40′s bucky tale based off of the song from “Hamilton: An American Musical” and i don’t own the song or the concept, i just thinking it’s a pretty saucy number thanks (#dontsuemelin) this also includes a wee bit of “Helpless” because Eliza sure knows how to set a scene, thanks sweetness <3

also in this you, the reader, have two sisters. sorry if you don’t have two sisters, you can just pretend they’re your two best friends or something. if you don’t have two best friends, then pretend it’s me and my sister. also i gave them the classic names, so that’s what you gotta refer to your sisters/friends as now. not sorry tbh <3

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Kinks With: Bangtan

Recommended: Dirty Talk With Bangtan, Oral With Bangtan

Warnings: Kinks.

If you don’t like smut, don’t read this. 

Jin: Frilly –Pink- Lingerie. He loves to see you in lingerie. You can get him to cum just by wearing a cute set of lacy, frilly, pink lingerie. He loves to fuck you wearing his favorite set. Your tits look perfect, the lace framing your thighs beautifully. He truly believes you’re a work of art.

Yoongi (Suga): Orgasm Denial. Watching you near tears from the burning feeling of your orgasm fading away gets him so hard. The way your pretty lips beg for his cock, fingers, tongue to make you cum after hours of being denied is something he won’t ever tire of.  

Hoseok (J-Hope): Mirror Sex. He loves nothing more than to make you watch youtself gets fucked in front of the mirror. He wraps his and around your throat as he fucks you from behind, making you keep eyecontact with yourself in the mirror.  He can cum so hard watching the pink spread across your cheeks from seeing yourself so fucked out.

Namjoon (RapMonster): Daddy Kink. Wearing his collar with the words “Princess”. Calling him Daddy while he lands reddening slaps onto your ass. Calling you his dirty little slut. Hearing you scream out “Daddy” while you cum all over his cock buried inside of you.

Jimin: Thigh Riding. The way your body trembled from the feel of his thick thigh pressing against you is something he finds so fucking sexy. His jeans get soaked from your juices. His skin sticky from the cum you’re constantly leaking out. He loves it.

Taehyung (V): Oral Fixation. Honestly, he could eat you for hours. He could live off the feeling of your hard nipples in his mouth. He loves to bite you. He loves to lick you. Any taste of your skin gets him hard. He could cum in his pants from one single taste of your cum on his tongue.

Jungkook: Toys. He loves tying your down with a vibrator buried inside of you. Your body trembling and shaking as you try desperately to get out of the binds. He stands there and strokes his cock as he watches you beg to cum. After an hour he finally, finally…reaches out and touches your clit and watches you explode in orgasm over the toy buried inside of you.

Thank you to those of you who enjoy this…series type thing! Next up is Oral with BAP for all you Babyz!

sheyda  asked:

How about bts react to you getting upset because they were around other girls ?

I hate to admit it but I’m a pretty jealous girl myself. 

BTS: Reaction to you getting jealous 

♥Jin: At first he was confused. Girls? But as you started to describe what you saw after 3 minutes of yelling gibberish, he started to get defensive. Those girls were nothing to him except work. He frowned at you and crossed his arms.

“Babe do you not trust me?” He scoffed in disbelief when you looked away, ashamed. “What kind of guy do you take me for?”

♥Yoongi: He scrunched his nose and tried to cover his ears without making it obvious. He hated your yelling. He didn’t like being in trouble, especially for something he couldn’t help. 

”I didn’t want to be around them… Baby, it’s for work… Aish…” he’d shut you up with a kiss and a quick squeeze on the ass. “Yeah yeah stop your yelling.” He tried to get out of it, and as always, you were buying it. “I love you, let’s go lay down…”

♥Namjoon: He was very understanding when it came to you getting upset over certain things. So when you explained things, you weren’t so mad at him since he was so calm. But this time he made a mistake by telling you that you were overreacting. You raised your voice and he instantly thought of a way to calm you down.

He grabbed onto your hips and pulled you closer, rubbing them gently and slowly getting you to sit on his lap. He smiled and fixed your hair, noticing how your voice got calm once again.

 “It was just a party with my friends… Baby girl are you mad at me? How cute…”

♥Hoseok: He wouldn’t be able to stop his smiling. He knew how much you loved him and he felt the exact same way. “Are you jealous?” He bit his lip gently and watched your facial expressions. You went from angry to embarrassed and unsure. 

“That’s not the point.” You defended yourself.

“Ohh I think it is.” He stared at you with dangerous eyes and a small but noticeable lip bite. “How about I make it up to you yeah?”

♥Jimin: He’d pout because he doesn’t like being scolded, especially by you. He hated thinking that he made you upset.

“Those girls? They’re our stylists baby…” He played with your hands and stared at them intently. He wanted to get your mind off those girls, so he started to speak to make you flustered. “I think it’s getting to be a great time to get married huh? What size ring do you wear?” 

His words caught you so off guard that you started to cry and kiss him repeatedly until you both fell onto the floor.

♥Taehyung: He would try to get out of trouble with compliments. He knew how easily flustered you would get. “You know you’re cute when you’re mad… Your cheeks turn red and your pretty eyes get big… Did I mention your eyes are my favorite color?”

“They’re just (e/c)…” You mumbled while covering your red cheeks and fidgeting.

“They’re part of you though.”

♥Jungkook: He’d listen to your scolding with a cocky smile the whole time. He leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed and legs widely spread to show off his stuff in those tight ass jeans.

“Jeon wipe that cocky ass smirk off your face right now.”

“Why? It seems to get you all hot and bothered when I make this face.” He patted his lap. “Come, I’ll fix that for you baby.”  

You know, the watch make me crying in daily basis now.

Steve wear it everywhere. To the damn war, when he spying. It was given by his father and he wear it like anywhere even in the damn warzone??? I just like how important his father to him?? or how important is he to him to the point he always wear it and held his words with high regards???

Also, he entrusted the watch to Diana. He give Diana literally a big part of himself.


Don’t Tell Your Friends

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 3,363, including song lyrics. 

Request: @everlastingasecond requested a sequal to She Do This Often. It wasn’t supposed to go up until later, but an idea popped in my head and I had to write it! So here it is! 

Warnings: It’s based off The Weeknd - Tell Your Friends, so language, obviously. Implied smut, light smut and Bucky being teased into oblivion. 

A/N: Inspiration struck me like lightning and I just had to post it! Hope you enjoy, sweetie. Please let me know! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Understanding the 21st century was still one of the greatest mysteries to Bucky Barnes and he spent every day trying to solve a new one.

Today mother nature had decided to torture the humans by putting the warmest day of summer upon them and Bucky was, mildly put: dying. No matter where he went in the facility he couldn’t seem to find a cold place where he could cool down and he was sure that if anyone was to take his temperature at that moment, he would be hotter than fire. He had even contemplated just going down to the lab and walk into the cryo chamber for a solid 10 minutes. Just to cool down.

It would also buy him a great load of time away from the rest of the team who were using the pool as their way of cooling down. The water was ice cold and he knew it would feel wonderful to take a dip and he really wanted to, there was just one very big problem with that idea.

You were there as well.

And he was sure you would be dressed in nothing but a very small bikini and that he couldn’t handle at this very moment. He was boiling up already, looking at you really wouldn’t help any part of him to calm down. Instead, he was sure it would only fuel the fire that was burning up inside him and he was sure no cryo chamber would be able to cool him down after that.

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Request : HOLY SHIT ALEX WHAT WAS THAT ok ok I need to chill but dear lord those Madara headcanons were sinful as fuck! And now I need a scenario based on those or else I might die (but it’s okay if you don’t want to)            


The headcanons this anon is refering to are here.

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Warning : Poorly written Smut

You let your eyeliner pen fall back into your makeup bag and admired yourself in the bathroom mirror, proud of the result. Your (h/l) hair had been neatly styled in something more chic than anything you ever attempted to do before, and the black backless dress you chose to wear complimented all your curves perfectly. It was a rare thing to find yourself pretty, and you suddenly felt more confident than you had been in a long time.

You were excited, albeit a little nervous and apprehensive for tonight. It was your and Madara’s third anniversary of dating and for the occasion, Madara decided to take you out on a special date. He didn’t give you much details, however – just to dress formal. After telling your best friend about it, she suggested that maybe Madara was finally ready to pop up the question, and since then, it was all you could think of for the rest of the week.

You shook your head. Better not get your expectations too high. Madara wasn’t all for public displays of affection. If he brought you to a public place, never in a million years would he propose in front of everyone. It was better to just concentrate on the present and enjoy a night out with your boyfriend without expecting too much of it. You didn’t want to end up disappointed. It was so rare that Madara even took you out on a date. You should not think too much of it.

You left the bathroom and walked into your bedroom, where you found Madara standing in front of the mirror, struggling with his tie knot – it had been a while since he wore one, and his skills got rusty. You let out a soft chuckle and approached him.

“You’re doing it wrong,” you called, reaching out to help him. He let you do your thing, taking his time to admire how beautiful you looked tonight – and then, he saw the reflection of your naked back in the mirror, and he suddenly went stiff. “Madara ?”

“You are not wearing this tonight.” His words sounded more like a command than a question, and his reaction surprised you.

“What do you mean ? I thought you would like this dress,” you wanted to clarify. You were starting to feel self-conscious about yourself.

“We are going out in public,” he reminded you, looking you straight in the eye to show you how serious he was about this. “This is too revealing. I should be the only one who gets to see this part of you.”

You tried to hold his fiery gaze, but the sparkle of lust you noticed in his onyx orbs intimidated you. Madara wasn’t exactly a jealous person. In fact, he was so confident in himself that he was convinced that you wouldn’t be able to find someone better than him and run away. However, he was very possessive, and couldn’t stand the thought that other men would get to see something only he should see. It drove him absolutely crazy.

“You are mine,” he groaned into your ear, and your face turned red as a tomato. You didn’t remember ever seeing Madara being this possessive before. What’s gotten into him so suddenly ?

“It's– it’s just a dress…” you stuttered, looking down at your bare feet, but Madara didn’t let you do that for very long; he placed your chin between his thumb and index finger and forced you to look at him.

“I don’t want other men to look at you. With this dress on, they sure will. You are mine and mine alone. Only I get to see you that way. Do you understand ?” he repeated in a much darker tone this time. You stood there, frozen, and Madara must’ve taken this reaction as a no because he stepped even closer, closing the gap between the two of you and brought his lips mere centimetres away from yours. “It looks like you need a reminder of who you belong to, (y/n).”

Madara leaned forwards and crashed his lips against yours, placing one hand on the back of your neck and let the other one rest on the small of your back, bringing your body flush against his. It didn’t take you long to respond to the kiss, and you felt Madara smirk against your lips. He traced down the exposed skin of your back with his hand until he reached your ass; he gave it a squeeze to let you know he wanted you to jump. Without breaking the kiss that got more and more heated every passing second, Madara lifted you off the ground and carried you to the bed, practically throwing you on the mattress when he hit it before he climbed on top of you, trapping you between his arms so that you couldn’t escape.

“What are you–?”

“Shh… Forget about the date,” he murmured, leaving a kiss on your right collarbone. “You need to be taught a lesson.” With that, he bit down on your skin, and you whimpered; however, it didn’t sound like your usual moans, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Madara, who lifted his head to look at you, wide-eyed.

“What was that ?” His question made you blush and wish to sink into the mattress; however, you soon realised that Madara definitely didn’t mean it in a bad way. You had learned to decode him throughout the years and the usual sparkle of lust and desire in his eyes looked even brighter than usual – the spark turned into a fire. Madara couldn’t explain why, but hearing such an innocent sound come out of you ignited a burning passion he had never felt before. All he knew is that he wanted more. Much more.

The Uchiha bit down on the same spot and you made the same sound again – it sent shivers down his spine and he felt his pants tighten all of a sudden. He groaned and jerked his hips downwards, creating friction between his crotch and yours. You heard a loud rip, and your dress was torn in two, leaving you in only your panties.

Without wasting any time, Madara sat up and got rid of his tie and dress shirt, making sure to get a good view of your naked form in front of him before going back down and take your right nipple in his mouth. You arched your back slightly and let out another one of these moans that seemed to make him go crazy.

With his right hand, Madara caressed your skin, exploring every curve of your body as if it were the first time he discovered them. Then, he bit down on your nipple – you gasped, and he took the opportunity to slide his hand underneath your panties. You moaned louder when his middle finger brushed against your clit, and Madara’s breath hitched at the sweet sounds he was able to get from you with his simple touch.

Madara hummed against your skin. “That’s it baby, moan for me.” He applied a little more pleasure on your sensitive bundle of nerves and traced small circles around it. He had planned to keep teasing you for a little while, but the more you moaned, the crazier he was getting. “Fuck,” he breathed, his erection painfully pressing against his pants. He could not take it anymore. He stopped and got up, getting rid of his pants and underwear in one swift motion. “Look at what you’re doing to me. You will have to fix this.”

You sat up, cheeks flushed and still slightly out of breath from Madara’s earlier ministrations. Your face turned even redder at the sight of Madara’s erection, the tip swollen and already leaking precum. You gulped and approached him on all fours, kneeling down in front of him.

“You’re such a good girl,” Madara praised you, running his hand through your hair to push it back. He gripped a handful and tugged on it slightly, making you whimper again, and he groaned – he didn’t whether he should shut you up or let you continue making those sounds. He took a deep breath. “Suck.”

You opened your mouth, and seeing you being so obediant sent a shiver of pleasure down Madara’s spine. He pushed himself all the way to the back of your throat without a warning ; you tried to relax your muscles as much as you could, but it was so sudden you couldn’t prevent the gag that followed the intrusion. But then, you heard Madara gasp, and it gave you a boost to keep going. You took a deep breath through your nose and started sucking on his cock, shoving it as far back as you could. You moaned around it, and you felt Madara’s cock throb in your mouth and his grip tighten on your hair. Madara bucked his hips forward, hitting the back of your throat again. You shut your eyes closed, starting to feel dizzy from the lack of air, but you kept going until you heard your boyfriend curse again. “I can’t wait any longer.”

He pulled your head back by the hair and you took a deep breath. “Turn around. Ass up,” Madara commanded and you obeyed immediately. He lined himself up with your entrance, pushing the tip of his dick against it, making you moan again. He swore and placed his hands on your waist before thrusting deep into your core. Your arms gave up under your weight and the sudden feeling of being filled. Madara didn’t waste any time and started relentlessly pounding into you, elliciting those sweet moans over and over again as you got louder with each thrust. “That’s right baby. Tell me who you belong to,” Madara demanded.

You had to fight back your cries to form a coherent sentence, and Madara’s name came out of your mouth in a trembling voice. The Uchiha chuckled and thrusted deeper and harder into you. “What’s that ? I didn’t hear you. Say it again. Louder.” He thrusted harder with each word, making you whimper in pleasure.

“Y-you ! It’s you !” you screamed, but it wasn’t enough for him.

“Say. My. Name,” he groaned. He could feel himself getting closer to the edge – and so were you.

“Madara !” you moaned his name as you came, and Madara followed in a grunt. You could feel his seed shooting through inside of you and Madara stood in place, possessively wrapping his arms around your waist and letting his forehead rest between your shoulder blades.

When you both came down from your high, Madara let go of you and laid down beside you, still panting slightly. He looked deep into your eyes and brushed a stray hair strand back with his right hand, before letting that same hand trace down your back to settle on your waist. You smiled at him and scooted closer, glad he didn’t look mad anymore.

Movie Triggers

Triggers can come from anywhere, and they can happen at any time.

Which is why Jack was so surprised to feel a panic attack creep up on him while he and Joe were sat on the couch, watching a movie.

He tried to ignore it, push the thoughts flying through his mind, thoughts that were more memory really, reassuring himself that he was fine.

But as the movie depicted the car crash — the sound of metal scratching against metal, glass shattering, and people screaming — it brought the memories to the front of his mind faster and faster. Jack wasn’t even sure if he was watching the movie or reliving that horrible day.

He could feel himself rapidly losing control as the panic took over. The sounds of the movie faded out, replaced quickly by his own screams from all those years ago, his body began to shake and his lungs burned for air, his eyes felt wet from unshed tears and his heart raced. The attack grew, becoming something so massive and uncontrollable that Jack wasn’t even sure what could be done.

Faintly, he could hear someone talking, a soft touch on his arms and face, but he couldn’t concentrate on who it was, too lost in the memories and panic.

“Jack!” Joe’s voice finally breaks through, and the younger man briefly registers two hands on either side of his face, his own wild eyes staring into Joe’s worried ones. “Hey, you with me?”


“You’re okay. I’m here.” Joe speaks softly, his thumb brushing away a stray tear, “I’m right here. Just focus on my voice. Can you breathe with me?” Jack tries to shake his head, but the hands on his face prevent him, yet Joe still gets the message.

“I know you can, come on babe, take a breath in, just a little, good,” The older man smiles softly as Jack takes in a small, although shaky, breath, “Now another one, with me, slow and steady…”

It takes a few minutes before Jack can feel his breathing return to a somewhat normal state, but the panicked feeling remains in his body and mind, and when Joe’s hands slip into his, he grips them tightly.

“You with me now?” Joe asks softly, his eyes still locked with Jack’s.

“I think so.” The younger man mumbles quietly, shifting forward to press his face into Joe’s shoulder, suddenly feeling exhausted.

“What happened? You were fine and then suddenly…”

“Panic attack.”

“I got that,” Joe moves one of his hands into Jack’s hair, running his fingers through the locks gently, “But why?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Jack says into the sweater his boyfriend is wearing, his words slightly muffled.


“Please, Joe,” He pleads, lifting his head again, “Just…leave it. I can’t talk about it right now.”

Joe takes a moment to respond, but he nods, “Alright. Do you want to finish the movie?” Jack’s body tenses at that suggestion, and Joe is quick to switch, “Or how about we just head to bed? It’s fairly late anyways.”

“Bed. Bed would be good.”

“Then let’s go,” Joe stands, tugging Jack up with him.

The two remain silent as they shuffle up to bed and get ready, and once they’ve climbed into the soft covers together, Jack is quick to curl up against Joe, wrapping an arm around the smaller body, pressing his face into the crook of his boyfriends neck once again.

“You sure you’re alright?” Joe asks quietly, worry laced through his tone.


“I mean about the other thing.”

“We aren’t talking about it.”

“We have to eventually…”


“Okay, tomorrow.” Joe concedes, running his fingers along Jack’s spine until he feels the younger man drift off to sleep, following behind him not much longer.

A couple hours later, Joe is torn from his sleep, and he sits up, running a hand through his hair as his sleep addled mind tries to figure out what woke him up.

“No…” A small whimper comes from beside him, “Please…help….”

His eyes fall on Jack’s sleeping form, taking in his boyfriends face which is contorted into one of fear and pain, his body thrashing in the bed lightly.

“Jack,” Joe reaches over to brush the fringe out of Jack’s face, “Come on, love, wake up…”

But the whimpered words continue to slip past Jack’s lips, his breathing growing laboured, Joe’s worry growing.

“Please, Jack, wake up…” He begins to shake the younger man’s shoulder with slight force, jumping back when Jack sits up abruptly, a small cry coming from him. His eyes are wild as they dart across the darkened room finally falling on Joe’s face.

Before Joe can say anything, Jack throws himself towards the older man, his sobs echoing around the room as he latches onto the older man.

The two remain sat there for a while, Joe doing his best to comfort his clearly distraught boyfriend, despite not knowing what exactly was causing the distress.

When the cries quiet down into soft hiccups, Joe pulls back, wiping the stray tears off of Jack’s face, kissing him softly.

“Come on, love.” He tugs at Jack’s hand while he stands up, grabbing their blanket with his other. He leads the quiet man out onto the balcony, gesturing for him to sit on the small seat they have out there, wrapping the blanket around both of them as he pulls Jack against his chest, his fingers running through the soft locks slowly.

“Sorry,” Jack mumbles quietly.

“For what?”

“Waking you up.”

“Don’t apologize.”

“Too late.”

“I know,” Joe chuckles softly, “But do you want to talk about it now?”

“Not really.”


The faint sound of London traffic drifts around them, and Joe can feel Jack slowly relax against him.

“I was in a car accident.” The younger man suddenly speaks up, and Joe’s fingers pause for a moment, the words washing over him, before he continues, waiting for Jack to keep speaking.

“I was little. With my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We were heading back from a holiday, and it had been raining pretty heavy. I remember laughing with my cousin in the back seat, and then I remember the seatbelt straining against my chest and there was screaming.” His fingers grip the blanket tighter, “We all got out of it with minor injuries. But I had trouble getting in a car for months after that, and I still get flashes of it. I thought I was over it, but there are times where something triggers it, like the movie tonight.”

“I’m sorry, love. We wouldn’t have watched that if I had known…”

“No,” Jack lifts his head to meet Joe’s stare, “I’m okay, I haven’t had an attack in a long time. Even if you had known, there was no way of telling that it would have happened. I’m sorry for freaking you out.”

“You didn’t freak me out,” Joe smiles, “Worried, yes. Because we were cuddling and then suddenly you were…gone.”

“I don’t like to talk about it,” Jack admits, “Which is why I haven’t told you about it.”

“Thank you for telling me,” Joe leans in, kissing him softly, “It must have been hard.”

“Thanks for not running away screaming.”

“Never. You’re stuck with me.”

“Darn, and here I was hoping to finally get rid of you.” Jack laughs weakly.

“You must be feeling better,” Joe snorts, “But next time, try harder.”

“Will do.”

Being Married to George Weasley Would Include...


* flirting like teenagers
“Oh well hello there beautiful.”
“Hello handsome.”

* baking, all the time

* Falling asleep on the couch

* Still wearing his clothes

* two words: Weasley Christmas

* Always marking the days till a Weasley Christmas

* relatives and friends always asking about when the kids are coming

* Living in a cozy flat above the joke shop

* George wanting A LOT of kids

“We could have 7 or 8 possibly.”
“George do you want to raise a family or start up a Quidditch team?”

* cuddling in the couch and talking about anything under the sun

* buying a tv and watching muggle dramas

“What! Why is Izzie dating a patient! This is wrong!”
“George, calm down I’ve seen this season already the relationship goes downhill from here.”

* One of you having nightmares and the other pulling you into their arms

* Every once in a great while waking up and George is in the office, talking

“Hey Freddie ol’ boy, how’s it up there? I, miss you. And well guess what (Y/n) and I got hitched. You where right when you said she’d be the one.”

* hearing him talk to Fred would always make of an emotional next morning

* Kisses, you thought you two kissed a lot while dating

* Him being overjoyed when you became pregnant

* Ending up having 5 kids

* 4 rambunctious boys

* 1 adorable girl

* George loving your family unconditionally

* George crying when you send your first kid off to Hogwarts

* Spelling out words in Weasley Family Photos with their Christmas sweaters

* Molly spoiling your kids

* George telling the children stories

“And then the knight swooped her off her feet, and took the lovely lass out for a Butterbeer. And that’s how your mum and I met.”
“George that’s not how it goes.”

* You both knowing that you have never been happier

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Awkwardly Accidental (Matt Murdock x deaf!reader)

Hello I was wondering if I like to request a Matt Murdock fluff about them having a tickle fight and he hurt the reader by accident. And he feels bad and stops. While the reader says it’s fine. Please add fluff. I love you and your writing 😘😘

I’m using this as a sequel to: Awkward & Adorable 

Foggy was right, when you and Matt were together, you were an accident waiting to happen.  You had finally figured out communicating, but anything beyond walking side by side always ended up with someone getting a new bruise, a twisted ankle, or most recently a fall on the ice that left you unable to sit comfortably for a week.  Daredevil and his girlfriend were becoming the most famous klutzes in Hell’s Kitchen.

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Heat (pt. 2) {Bucky x Reader}

words: 1913

warnings: smut smut smut pure pure smut, swearing, USE CONDOMS, KIDS

A/N: SORRY FOR SUCH AN AGONIZING WAIT, BUT HERE IT IS. Also, remember I’ve never written smut before, so please be gentle but feedback gives me life so let me know what you think! :)

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You tug your lower lip into your mouth before releasing it and running the tip of your tongue over it, his eyes following the movement carefully. You smirk at him, knowing that what you’re about to say has the power to change everything.

“I bet I look better out of it, though.”

Bucky visibly tenses as he turns over your words in his head. Fuck it, he’s been wanting this for too long and here you were, maybe wanting this too.

He turns around and as he stalks towards you, there’s a hungry, almost predatory look in his eyes and jesus fucking christ, you can feel your already damp panties grow wetter.

“Oh, there’s no doubt in my mind about that, doll” His voice is low and raspy and he’s standing right in front of you, his breaths heavy, and you can feel his heat and you’re craving him.

“Touch me, Buck, please”

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wearing each other’s clothes + huDDLING FOR WARMTH

My second (and last) Secret Santa gift for lvypepper! A fic this time ^-^ I hope you enjoy fluff! :DInspired by this post aswell as this one.

Gajeel awoke to an empty bed. While this used to be his normal morning routine not too long ago, he had quickly gotten rid of that habit - in favor of waking up to a far more pleasing sight. Except that today she didn’t seem to be there. Even though she should be. They had staggered home from the guild’s all out Christmas Party together, after all. For a moment, he lay still, perking his ears in hopes of catching some noise. Last night’s events were hazy, blurred even. Had he done something wrong? Had she left? His feet touched the cool ground even before his mind had cought up with the motion, and he ruffled a hand through his hair to tame the mane of bedhair on top his head. “Levy?” The insecurity in his tone made him cringe. Come on, Gajeel. Swiftly, he got up, ignoring the bricks that were his eyelids. They sure had drunken their fair share yesterday, had they not? He groaned as he made his way to the kitchen. Just then, when he passed through the doorframe, his mind had finally become alert enough to pick up on a low clinking sound that he recognized all too well. It was the familiar sound of dishes againt dishes. When he rounded the corner, he had already shaken off all his worries - but the sight in front of him made his confident steps falter. There she stood. In his shirt. And it was conveniently covering just enough of her backside to reveal the groove between her bottom and thighs as she stretched upwards in an attempt to reach the shelf where he kept his mugs. “Lemme help, Shrimp.” She jumped when his words echoed through the otherwise quiet kitchen. From the look on her face as she turned to face him, he concluded she was feeling just as miserable as him. The suspicion was confirmed when she opened her mouth to release a croaky plea. “Water.” Despite him knowing it was not the wisest of choices, he couldn’t help the chuckle that slipped past his lips. Her expression changed to one of indignation. Had her throat not been killing her, she would have offered a witty retort, he was sure. But alas, she simply turned back around. He watched as she rubbed one foot against her calf repeatedly. The motion reminded him of his own feet, which felt like they had turned to icicles. Not that he minded. But Levy must be feeling just as cold. And she was only wearing his shirt… Without another word, he approached her and wound his arms around her waist, pretending he didn’t have to bend his legs to do so. A comment on her height, with her in this state, equaled imminent reprimand - or worse. By the way she relaxed into him, he could tell she was not truly upset. Not that either would have the energy to be so, anyway. He picked her favourite mug off the shelf, handing it to her silently - and just as silently she filled it with water while he waited with his chin atop her head. After she had satisfied her craving, she let our a hearty sigh, and he took it as a sign of departure. “Yer freezin’. Wanna go back to bed?” Her simple nod, paired with a low whine, was all the answer he needed to pick her up into his arms. Immediately, she wound her legs around his waist. He loved holding her like this: she was light as a feather to him, and the way she looked up at him now was all the reward he needed. As she wound her arms around his neck and pulled herself upwards to peck his cheek, he desperately fought the light blush spreading across his cheeks. He failed. And grimaced. But all embarassment was quickly forgotten as she snuggled up against him, burying her small head in his hair and pressing it against his neck. “You’re warm.” she sighed. “‘Course I am. Straight outta bed.” “Bed…” Her sleepy voice tickled his ear. “…sounds good.” The next time they got up, the midday sun had long molten the ice on the window glass and given way to a lazy afternoon glow.

Training! {Rin Matsuoka X Reader}

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Fandom:Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Characters:Rin Matsuoka

Word Count:750

Request:RYYYYYYYY! Since you like Free! could you maybe sometime write something where Haru (or Rin, if you’d rather write for him, since you have his jacket) teaches the reader to swim, ‘cause she’s really bad at it?

Notes:I can’t have my first Free! fic not be Rin based,also side note-I can barely swim XD <3 Ryan

The bright lights glaring above the pool…

The crispness of the cool blue water…

The sounds of the rippling of the pool…


The lights fade…feeling very cold…the ripples turn into frenzied waves…black

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