wear fake fur!!

🦄✨☁️ this ones for my girls wearing cotton candy body spray and covering themselves in temporary tattoos. for the ones with sticky lip gloss days and cried off fake lash nights. chipped polish and fake nails, huffing nail glue and getting high on benedryls. the ones who prefer stickers over flowers, glitter over nude shadows, and are still trying to figure out how to contour themselves a kardashian or over drawn lips. who are more impressed by a boy with drugs than the ones with a job. bubble gum machine dreams, slot machine nightmares, thrift store street walker outfits and the heels to set it off. the ones who carry fake luxury bags and wear fake fur and no panties with a slip. the girls that were outcasts but identified with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, putting on my best goth make up to watch the simple life. the ones who buy cute sweets not to eat just to have, only filling ourselves with sweet things. we are the ever living ghost of lux Lisbon and Cecelia, and we are dreamy as fuck. get you one! 🦄✨☁️


At the end of the summer @monsterquill and I decided to get matching necklaces as a sort of concrete signifier of our qp relationship, especially since we’re going to school so far away from each other. I’ve been missing them a lot and I wanted to show everyone the cool eye pendant one that I’m currently wearing but it’s too dark to take a selfie and Z is sleeping so instead I decided to post some selfies from the day before yesterday in which I’m wearing my other necklace (my Cap dog tag that goes with Riam’s Bucky one!). Those pictures are also special because I took them after I found out some REALLY EXCITING top surgery news (which I will share tomorrow!!!). I was never really a fan of my natural smile when I was younger but I’m slowly moving past that so I tried to capture my genuine happiness and excitement. As I was making the post I then realized that I’m wearing the same mcr sweatshirt in literally all of my selfies from this past week so I added some of those too haha.

So yeah, here’s a compilation of my dorky face plus affection for Riam and mcr haha :)