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Extended Imagine - Stormy Snuggles

{Based on this imagine.}

The sky spoke in ominous booms, warning you of the impending storm. You climb out of the car and run for the house - bounding up the steps onto the covered front porch. Chris lingers behind, taking time to check out the jagged black clouds.

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A couple of days after Adolf Hitler ripped off countless time travel stories by killing Adolf Hitler, the now leader-less Nazis went “whelp” and sent some high ranking officers to negotiate peace with the Soviets. The man in charge of the Russian side of the negotiations, General Vasily Chuikov, soon realized he had a huge problem: he wanted to look all intimidating and official in front of the Nazis, but he didn’t have any officers to accompany him (they were all fighting some war or something).

Thinking quickly, Chuikov grabbed a couple of nearby war correspondents who happened to be wearing military uniforms and declared them his totally-legit staff. The correspondents also happened to have famous Soviet composer Matvei Blanter with them – he had been sent to Berlin by Stalin to write a symphony celebrating the Soviet victory. However, since Blanter was wearing a suit like some freaking poindexter, he wouldn’t have been able to pass as a true Red Army officer. Chuikov, using that Soviet quick thinking of his, cleverly shoved Blanter into a closet.

Unfortunately, it was pretty hard to breathe in that little closet. Just as the negotiations were wrapping up, Blanter ran out of oxygen, passed out, and tumbled out of the cabinet and into the room, spooking the hell out of the Germans.

And so, one of the most important surrenders in one of the most horrific wars in history was capped by a scene straight out of Friends

7 Times Serious Wars Went Straight Slapstick

Now [Cheri] was being denounced in cellars and dwarf bars across the city as the first dwarf in Ankh-Morpork to wear a skirt. It was hard-wearing brown leather and as objectively erotic as a piece of wood but, as some older dwarfs would point out, somewhere under there were his knees.*
Worse, they were now finding that among their sons were some – they choked on the word – “daughters.” Cheery was only the frothy bit on the tip of the wave. Some younger dwarfs were shyly wearing eye shadow and declaring that, as a matter of fact, they didn’t like beer. A current was running through dwarf society.

*They couldn’t bring themselves to utter the word “her.”

– on dwarf women | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

As a woman, to be able to express myself is of paramount importance. It’s amazing for people to wear shirts now and declare, ‘We’re all feminists’ and ‘we all love women’. It’s important to remember, though, that it’s not only about women, but it’s also about human equality — equality between men and women, races, and religions. Everybody together. We should all be feminists, but we should all be equal as well, and I think that her message was sent in a time of darkness for us all, with everything that’s going on in the world.
—  Bella about equality
Vampire shoujo Mischa

@minimoonstar replied to your post:  Aw i’d’ve liked to see vamp Mischa XD;

Oh, well, just for you!   A very belated birthday present?  XD; 

With the disclaimer that the fic as a whole will almost certainly die a WIP due to lost momentum, here’s a fragment of the shoujo manga sequel to “Terroir.”   

They met, at Mischa’s suggestion, by the piano at Nordstrom.  Will nearly turned and fled before making it through the double doors.  Between work, hiding at home, and dinners with Hannibal, he’d nearly managed to insulate himself from the oncoming holiday, but in a department store there was no escape.  He had to dodge a relentless stream of shoppers–some of whom looked as haggard as he felt–and circumnavigate a display of stylized reindeer clad in garlands and Burberry scarves.  

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You clicked your tongue against the roof of your mouth, walking through Walmart. You held the container of trash bags, cookies, and toothbrushes to your chest. Chris and yourself had broken off to “divide and conquer” the lengthy shopping list you had for the week. You were trying to find the familiar Red Sox baseball cap you had grown to look for in public places. Just as you were about to make the call to find your husband, you finally spot him in the healthcare section. You smile to yourself, walking to him, and dropping the items that you were carrying into the cart.

Chris smiles to you briefly before looking back at the shelf. He’s brushing his knuckles against his mouth, looking at the shelf in front of the both of you. Your husband is studying the front of each box carefully. He’s trying to make the right selection.

“Did you get everything on your side of the list?” You ask, eyes brushing over the cart.

Chris nods and he holds out his part of the list to you. “I did. Do you want to double check?” You take the list from him. Starting to look over the items in the cart, you double check to make sure they’re off the list now. In a couple of minutes, you’re finished with the list. Chris did get everything off of it, but he’s still looking at the boxes. The only difference from earlier is that now he’s looked at the backs of a couple of the boxes. You snicker, and Chris looks to you, an eyebrow raised and a smile on his face. “What?”

“Well, why don’t you just get the same ones?” You cross your arms, coming around the cart to stand next to your husband. “I mean, they -“

“They don’t work.” He grins at you before gesturing to the cart’s basket. “Obviously.”

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Courfeyrac loves any sort of crown he can get his hands on and will wear it while declaring himself king of literally anything that strikes his fancy (a conversation that totally happened between him and Combeferre: ”I’m the king of flowers!” “You try telling Jehan that, he will not be pleased“ “…crap.”). Enjolras just glares at him whenever he does it, suggesting that he could just be the leader of the flowers instead Courf please it’s so important to be a good example. Enjolras’ face when Combeferre sticks a tiara on him and declares him flower princess is priceless.

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I’m betting it’s definitely gonna be worth it tho ‘cause your work always is!

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I’m excited to see what you’re working on, I’m sure it’s gonna be great as always :D

aww thanks guys! I’ll try not to let you down!

i’m a slow worker but it’ll be done eventually!

As a woman, to be able to express myself is of paramount importance. It’s amazing for people to wear shirts now and declare, ‘We’re all feminists’ and ‘we all love women’. It’s important to remember, though, that it’s not only about women, but it’s also about human equality — equality between men and women, races, and religions. Everybody together. We should all be feminists, but we should all be equal as well, and I think that her message was sent in a time of darkness for us all, with everything that’s going on in the world.

Regardless of political views, these past two years have been a lot about feminism, and the rights of humans around in the world. She brought that to fashion, which is really incredible because fashion can sometimes become quite “unreal”.

—  Bella Hadid on Maria Grazia Chuiri opening up a conversation about feminism

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hope you like it :)

“You’re the perfect combination of sexy and cute.”

Jasmine brought four dresses to the theater with her, she and Anthony planning to go out for an anniversary dinner after the show. While she had an idea of what she wanted to wear she knew it wouldn’t hurt to at least get Pippa and Renee’s thoughts on the dresses, helping her pick the one that was perfect for a one year anniversary.

She walks out into the hallway her favorite dress, Pippa and Renee both sitting in their doorways waiting, Renee gasping when she sees her sister. “I don’t even need to see the other three dresses, that’s the one you need to wear,” She declares, Jasmine laughing as she turns her attention towards Pippa, immediately noticing the smile on her face.

“It looks gorgeous on you, Jazzy,” She smiles, sitting up in her chair a little further, her arms crossing over her chest. “It’s not fair how cute you look in that. I would look so bad,” She fake pouts, a smile on her face as she does so.

Jasmine laughs, smoothing the dress out in the mirror that was in her dressing room, Renee watching her carefully. “You’re the perfect combination of sexy and cute,” She shakes her head, Jasmine blushing as she shakes her head, her shoulders shaking with laughter.

“You guys hype me up too much,” She rolls her eyes, grabbing her heels from her room and slipping them on, completing the outfit. She takes one last look in the mirror, both girls getting ready to leave themselves.

“We’re not hyping you up if what we’re saying is true,” Pippa reminds her, Jasmine grabbing her bag and throwing it onto her shoulder, carefully walking down the steps with the girls.

Anthony’s waiting by the stage door, suit jacket and button down on underneath. It’s something that he wouldn’t normally wear, Renee walking over and fixing his collar, a smile on her face. “Behave tonight, treat my sister right,” She warns him, Anthony laughing as he hugs her, nodding.

“You don’t have to worry about that,” He promises, Pippa walking behind Renee and leaning up for a hug from Anthony as well.

“Behave, my son,” She teases, Anthony laughing as he hugs her tight, Jasmine appearing on the steps moment later, Anthony biting his lip to stop his jaw from falling open.

“You look gorgeous,” He whispers, leaning forward to kiss her gently, his hands resting against her hips. Pippa and Renee hover in the doorway with smiles on their faces, giving them a moment before they say they’re leaving.

“Have fun, lovers! Don’t stay out too late tonight, it’s a two show day tomorrow and we’ll all know what happened if you miss the first one,” Renee warns, sneaking out the door with Pippa before Jasmine and Anthony have a chance to protest.

If there was a perfect date scenario that Jasmine or Anthony had running through their minds it was definitely coming true that night, a late night dinner by candles on Valentine’s Day capping off the perfect night.

And maybe it’s not a traditional first year anniversary moment, but Anthony and Jasmine don’t care, their love far stronger than whatever they had planned to do. Anthony is just grateful he gets to see jasmine dressed up like this after a long day, celebrating for the first time in what they hope is a long line of anniversary dinners.

Graduation/ Love isn't always enough

Quick AN: I’m not used to writing in second person so there shouldn’t be any ‘I’ or ‘me’ in this. Hopefully I didn’t miss any of them. Haha


You’ve begun to learn more and more that love isn’t always enough. You need more than love to make a relationship work. You need more than love to push through those hard days at work. There’s commitment, responsibilities..a list of other things you need to make it through. When you start to lose those pieces? Everything begins to fall apart.

When Shawn and you first began dating love seemed to be everything. You two weren’t necessarily blinded by it, but you fell so quickly it felt as if it would never go away.

Now, over a year later, you had begun to realize when times get hard the one thing that had started your relationship was lost.

How is someone suppose to know how to have a healthy relationship, yet alone see each other enough when one of us is so busy?

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Gods of Metal, Gods of WarGods of Glory, Gods of HonorWe call upon thee to reveal our true masterFor we are in peril, surrounded by disaster The human plague has reached its peakFor hypocrisy is all they speakTruth has no meaning, why live anymore?We raise our swords high; we wear our armorWe declare war on humanityWe declare war on christianityWe declare war on all things false But what is this, he is hereOur savior, the King of FearRiding past with his staff held highLightning.

u ok?


The Secret’s in the Telling by @the-pyrophoric-one.

“Well, pardon me for being cautious,” Regina mutters stiffly. “I can’t help but be leery of your supposed act of kindness, princess. I don’t believe ridding my car of chunks of crushed pony is part of your job description as Sheriff, Miss Swan,” Regina says matter-of-fact, a slight mistrusting frown still lingering on her features. “Why, it’s not even something a White Knight would do.”

“You’re right, but hey, guess what? I’ll do it anyway,” Emma declares, wearing a proud little smirk on her face. “You know why?”

“Cause you’re an idiot,” Regina states with a hopeless sigh.

“Precisely,” Emma’s lopsided grin broadens into a dazzling smile. “I’m your idiot.”




Regina sits up abruptly. “What?!”

“What?!” Emma starts at the same time, eyes wide.

For @morphiaandcats.

Nightly Horrors (part 4)

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 5

(Eric x Reader)

Warnings: Smut

Had he really said what you thought he had? Maybe you heard wrong. It could have been ‘Vishnu had a hex’ or ‘Wish you were Max.’
God no, these didn’t make any sense at all. Enough was enough. You needed distraction. Your friends had decided to go to the club this evening anyway so you were going to join them. This kind of places weren’t really for you but everything was better than sitting around alone thinking about Eric.

“I’m not wearing that!” You declared.
“Come on we’re going out, having fun you can’t wear your normal boring clothes.”
“But look at that monstrous thing. What is that, surely you can’t call that a dress.”
“It is indeed. So stop insulting my clothes and put it on!”
“Fine…” You mumbled while walking to the bathroom to get changed.

And hour later you were standing in a corner of the club, bottle of beer in hand and not having fun at all. Your friends had found some dauntless guys they now, were dancing with leaving you behind alone. Not that you hadn’t gotten any offers yourself. In fact you had turned down a whole bunch of guys already. It was that damned dresses fault you thought. A black leather dress, ending just above your knees. Where did she even get that? Your friendly neighbourhood porn store next door?
“Wanna get out of here?” You heard someone say next to you. Here we go again. You were thinking of a good excuse to give the guy when you finally turned to your left, only to see Eric standing there smirking at you.
“Oh hell no, why would I? It’s really fun here.”
“Yeah? So that’s why you’ve been turning down guys the whole evening? Cause you’re having so much fun?”
“Are you stalking me now? Creep.”
“Nah but you’re really hard to miss in that outfit.”
As you kept talking to Eric another boy was making his way over towards you. You were really tired of this shit. Thinking that you had to deal with this one too you mentally prepared yourself.
Eric shot the guy a look that made him stop dead in his tracks and turn away in another direction. You began to laugh and looked at Eric.
“Thanks,…I guess.”
“Everything for my favourite initiate.” He said with a grin.
“If I’m your favourite I pity the one who gets on your bad side.”
“The ones I dislike aren’t here long enough for you to pity.”
He suddenly grabbed you by the arm and was walking towards the exit, dragging you behind despite your complaints. You’re outside when you’re finally able to break away form him.
“Wha..Where are we going?”
“My place, now.” He says with impatience.
When you don’t move he pins you to nearby wall and steps back a bit. He gets down on his knees in front of you. Staring up at you with big eyes. Holy shit. Seeing Eric like was pretty hot, though you had no idea what he was trying to do, kneeling before you in a dirty back-alley.
His hands found your legs and he began to move them upwards, caressing your thighs. You watched him, his hands moving up even further and shivered slightly. You felt yourself getting wet as he continued his actions.
You couldn’t help but moan as he rubbed you through your panties, sending jolts of desire through your whole body.
“What if someone…Eric, stop…” You breathed out.
“You won’t be saying that in a minute, sweetheart.”
He parted your legs further and tugged at your underwear. Leting your panties slowly slip down your legs, he brought his face closer to you. His mouth ghosted over clit, feeling his breath on your skin, your hips moved, wanting him even closer.
Suddenly he dipped his tongue into you, licking your clit and you fought the urge to let your eyelids fall close.
“You taste sweet.” He whispered before dipping down again, his lips and tongue moving between your legs. He was devouring you slowly, leaving you a panting, moaning, writhing mess. Your hips were moving on their own now and you brought your hands up burying them into Erics hair. You tugged at them roughly while Eric sliped two of his fingers into you, his soft lips closing around your clit, sucking gently as his tongue flicked. Your back began to arch, your head pushing back against the wall as you felt the edge nearing, the heat building up inside of you. He pumped his fingers faster inside of you as your moans grew louder and louder, finally bringing you over the edge, as you held his head in place.
Coming down from your high you let go of his hair and sunk down slowly, resting on the cold stone floor. You were out of breath, panting like crazy.
“So my place doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?” He said, lifting you up and throwing you over his shoulders. He gave your ass a light slap and started to walk in the direction of his apartment.

Gift fic #2: jongyu; wolves; nc-17

for fede!

(would like to point out that this is 4.75k and it should not have been and that is my fault but i like to pretend it’s fede’s because i can. the only thing i had in mind when writing was i wanted backhugs & biting and then this happened. also this fic is a tease, both to readers and to me and did i set it up so i can continue on with it? yes! will i? probably!

i like this verse a lot. but i still curse you fede. also i’m just calling these gift fics now so i don’t feel so bad about how horribly behind i am.)

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