wear a cape

i just can’t fucking believe……………………… honestly think about the parallels between maggie’s first time acting on her feelings versus the first time alex does. maggie not only gets rejected but her entire life is destroyed, but when alex first acts on her feelings maggie is so gentle????? and reassures her that she didn’t do anything wrong by kissing her and lets her down gently and even tells her that she’s there for her. maggie’s role in alex’s coming out process is basically maggie being the person she wanted when she was fourteen. maggie became the person she needed herself and i just????????? i love her so much i’m emotional

Okay, so, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Jesse new skin is really mcfuckin awesome and I would probably kill someone for his boots. Now, unless this guy has twigs for calves, which I doubt, then there is no way he got his boots under both his seemingly tight pants and chaps. Try it. Boots do not like going under tight pants. This may just be a tiny design flaw, however I have a different idea. May I present to you, Jesse McCree wearing ankle boots.