wear a big smile

Here’s the hard part: you don’t ever stop loving him. You move on and you grow and you change, but it doesn’t ever stop, this feeling. And when you see him five years from now, all uptight in his fancy new job and wearing a suit that makes him look like a big deal, when he smiles in that easy way and says,“Hey, you. It’s been a while,” your stomach will still trip over itself. Your hollow hands will still want to reach out and mess up his tie. His hair. Trace the skin of his back until he sighs. And you’ll still wonder why. Why it didn’t work. Why it couldn’t now. Oh, God. No, you’re never going to stop loving him. Your heart just doesn’t know how.

Saucy like a chunky meatball dipped in the finest of pureed tomatoes and delectable seasonings, all on a bed of angel hair pasta.
#BettySpaghettiMode XDD

Dating Poe Dameron Would Include
  • Fun Boyfriend™
  • Seriously, you could swear you’ve developed a fine set of abs since you started dating, he makes you laugh so much!
  •  Always making you laugh before he flies out for a mission. Even though he’s a very competent flier, you both know how dangerous his tasks can be. He doesn’t want his last memory with you to be with you crying, and you don’t want your last memory with him to be of him looking like he’s not secretly distraught.
    • So he makes you laugh, you smile for him. It’s gotten to the point where he says your laugh is his lucky charm

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I will love you when you’re just waking up with your tired eyes and sleepy voice. I will love you when you’re looking at the setting sun with nothing but pure amazement in your eyes. I will love you when your memories get the best of you and your mind floods from overthinking. I will love you when you think of yourself in the lowest way possible, and I will do everything in my power to change your outlook. I will love you when you breakdown and just need someone to hold you through the pain. I will love you when you find nothing worth loving about yourself. I will love you when your tears seem to be unstoppable. I will love you when you wear your smile so big I think it could fill the entire town. I will love you when you are completely together and when you are completely apart. I will love you through your highest highs and your lowest lows.

I will love you through it all.

Betty’s a serpent (part 2)

(part 1)

Bughead fanfiction

Thank you all for the love on part 1. This chapter is slightly different and slightly longer with a few flashbacks but I hope you still like it


“What’s with the Cooper-Jones sign?” Archie wondered

The couple looked between them before Betty pulled out a necklace with a silver ring on it. “Jughead proposed last month”


Veronica gasped whilst Archie just looked shocked. Kevin, who was the only one who could form a sentence, said “Let’s back up a minute. When did Betty become involved in all this? he gestured around him.

Betty, with the help of Jughead, had removed the ring from her necklace and was wearing it on her left ring finger “Since Jughead did” she took a breath “since he transferred to Southside High”


“Juggie?” Betty asked for the doorway to the trailer

“Bets” he choked out looking between the love of his life and his new family. 

“You got a girl in there Junior?” Viper asked. Sensing his nervousness, he dismissed the other serpents and asked if he could home in. Betty opened the door wider to let the two in. Removing his signature baseball cap as he entered, he extended his hand to the young blond “Viper, nice to meet you.”

“Betty. Betty Cooper” she introduced herself

“Cooper as in Alice & Hal Cooper?” 

The girl nodded “you know them?”

“Hal no, but I do know Ali. Hell the whole South Side knows little Ali” seeing the confused look on Betty’s face he continued “you do know Alice is from the South Side right?”

Both teens eyes went wide as they looked to each other then shook their heads no. Viper sighed then continued “Look you should ask Ali for the full story but i’ll tell you that she’s one of the best serpents we had. She had this feistiness about her that could silence even the biggest of the serpents. Just tell her we miss her round here. Enjoy your evening.” and he showed himself out.

Betty looked to her boyfriend, not sure what to say so he engulfed her in a hug and they clung to each other like they were the last people on earth. Eventually Jughead pulled away and kissed her forehead, taking her hand and leading her to his room. Heading to the small chest of draws by his bed, he pulled out an old t-shirt and gave it to Betty leaving her to change. 

Jughead headed back to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, returning to see her standing next to the bed. She smiled at him and kissed him “the last time I shared a bed was with Polly” which earned a smile from him.

“Sorry. This wasn’t exactly how I pictured the evening turning out” he climbed into the bed and Betty followed. Both laying on their sides to face each other Jughead whispered “you’re so beautiful” causing Betty to blush

“I’m already in your bed Juggie, you can stop with the sweet talking” she smirked moving forward to kiss him. 

The next morning, Jughead and Betty were making breakfast when there was a knock on the door, Jughead opened it to see Viper standing there with another jacket in his hand. He welcomed the older man in and Betty greeted him. “I don’t mean to intrude, I just thought you might like to have this Betty” he handed her said jacket and she opened it up to see the serpent logo on the back “look at the front” he told her so she did and saw the name Alice embroidered in it with the words 1st generation in brackets beside and underneath the name Betty with 2nd generation also to the side. “Your mom gave that back the night she married your father, I told my wife about you and Jughead and she stitched that in last night. It’s called a legacy jacket. It’s like Jughead’s one. Listen ultimately it’s up to your mom but she’s still family and Jughead is family which makes you family too kid.”

Tears had started to form in Betty’s eyes “I don’t know what to say”

Viper smiled “Just tell Ali that we’ll take care of you” the girl nodded and hugged the older man.


“wow and Alice was okay with this?” Archie asked “she didn’t even like me and I lived next door for 16 years.”

Veronica slapped Archie’s arm “this isn’t about you Arch. What did Alice have to say about you joining?” 

She was actually really supportive” Betty replied

“why?” Veronica replied

“The serpents helped raise Alice” Jughead answered “her mom worked as much as possible but the serpents always helped out. Viper’s wife used to babysit her after school and on weekends then as she got older, her and my dad used to hang out causing trouble. Viper took them both in and helped them learn the ways of the world, how to avoid trouble things like that”

“Wow” Kevin responded “so how did you end up with your own office here?”

~~~~ FLASHBACK~~~~

Later on, in the same day which Betty had received her mother’s jacket, she and Jughead decided to see Alice knowing Polly and her father would be in Greendale baby shopping. Her mother knew that she was spending the night at Jughead’s after everything that had been revealed over the past few days. 

Arriving at the Cooper house, Betty let herself & Jughead in and headed for the kitchen where her mother was using the dining table as a temporary office. “Hey mom” she greeted, holding the jacket slightly behind her 

“Good morning Betty, Jughead” she nodded towards the boy

“Mom do you know someone called Viper?” Alice stopped what she was doing and looked up indicating the two to sit down. 

“I’m guessing you spent the night at the trailer park and met him there?” she asked

Betty nodded “and he gave me something that belonged to you” she pulled out the jacket and held it up “you were a serpent mom?”

Alice had an unreadable face deciding on whether to lie or tell the truth, she decided on the latter “Yes I was with FP actually and if I know Viper and your father, I’m guessing that you’re in his care” 

Jughead nodded “He also invited you to dinner whenever your free, said his wife misses your cooking”

Alice chuckled “I do make a mean meatloaf. If you met Viper and you have that jacket, I’m guessing you’ll have your own somewhere”

“Actually mom” she got up to show her mother the names “Viper called it a legacy jacket” Alice stood up to see the jacket closer, looking at the fresh stitching then looked into her daughters eyes. “What is it mom?”

“He didn’t explain the legacy jacket did he?” she looked between the two “It’s a really big deal Betty. It means not only are you in the serpents without any sort of initiation, but you have authority in the group” she looked at Jughead “do you have FP’s jacket?” he nodded “you both are in an amazing position with the serpents. It takes years to rise the ranks but you both have mine and FP’s old jackets so you’re effectively the new us”

“So what did you do mom?”

“FP & I were the number one team. We stuck together everywhere we went. People would come to us when they needed something doing fast and discreetly but we would also be the voice of reason. I took care of the books and FP, the planning side of things. He’d have to come up with a ‘Plan B’ then a back up plan for that just in case.” She took her daughters hands in hers “Betty I’m not going to object to you being with them, I know how family oriented these guys are but I’d like to see them before I say anything definite. We’ll all go round to Viper’s for dinner and I’ll have a talk with him” The elder Cooper approached Jughead “I know you love my daughter and I know how much she loves you but if you do anything to hurt her, I swear to God prison would look like heaven to you. Got it?” he nodded

“I’d never hurt Betty. She’s my whole world” 

Alice nodded “good” she turned back to her daughter “Come on Betty. I need to teach you this meatloaf recipe, you’ll be in Viper and Jackie’s good books for life” the mother and daughter walked towards the kitchen when the elder stopped and turned around to face Jughead “are you coming? I’ve seen how much you eat and learning to cook isn’t that bad” the boy eagerly followed them into the kitchen.

Later on Jughead and Betty led by Alice walked to Viper’s trailer door and stood at the door whilst the she knocked repeatedly.

“Alright I hear ya!” came a loud voice from inside as the door opened to reveal Jackie, Viper’s wife, who looked shocked to see her. “My my my, Alice Smith, sorry Cooper. It’s been a while, come here” the two women hugged “come inside” she invited the three in. “Viper, Ali’s here” which caused Viper to come walking in fast from the back room and he engulfed her in a hug too.

“So I hear you gave Betty a legacy” she asked smiling at the father figure. 

Wearing a proud smile he replied “If she’s anything like you Ali, we’d be honored to have her.”

“Let’s talk about this in the den” Jackie, Viper and Alice walked further into the trailer whilst Jughead and Betty stood awkwardly in the living room. A few minutes later, Alice emerged wearing a big smile and walked towards Betty taking her hands “as serpents; we loyal, trusting, and honest” she signaled Jughead to join the two and took his hands too “I am trusting you Jughead. If you’re anything like your father I know she’ll be loved. Viper and Jackie own a bar not too far from here called Scorpion, you’ll both have your own office and be able to do your school work, don’t mistake me letting you do this for me letting your grades slack. Both of you” the teens nodded.

“Come on then, let’s visit Scorpion” Viper said as he was putting his jacket on “we can re-heat the food later.” The five walked out and went to their respective vehicles.

Walking into the dim bar all eyes turned to Alice, who did appear more nervous than her usual confident self. Viper shouted to the group “Little Ali returns” which was met with a huge cheer followed by people hugging her. She looked at home.

Jackie had escorted Jughead and Betty to the stairs where she whistled to get everyone's attention “Y’all know Jughead is our legacy from FP” which again was met with a cheer “we now have our second legacy” she held Betty’s hand and raised it “Little Ali’s daughter Betty Cooper” which was met with a cheer of her name as the patrons raised their glasses. “No one should mess with these two specially not since she’s Jug’s girl” that was met with wolf whistles as the young blond blushed “on with our drinking folks” that received the biggest cheer as the serpents dispersed. “Come on” she turned and walked further up the stairs passed the ‘no trespassers’ sign. 

Jackie led the two to an empty room and opened the door leading them in. Viper and Alice followed shortly after with the elder man saying “We’ll change the locks so only you have the keys. You can decorate however you want. This is your space, we’ll be downstairs.”

Alice walked over to Betty and hugged her “I’ll see you soon sweetie”

“What do you mean mom?”

“You’ll be living with Jughead now” which was met with a confused expression “serpents stick together. With potential turf wars, it’s best if you stick together” she cupped Betty’s face “you are always welcome home okay.”

By this point Betty had started crying and hugged her mom “I love you”

“Love you too Betty” she turned to look at Jughead who was speechless “Take care of my girl” the boy nodded and was shocked when Alice hugged him too. “Well I’ll be off then” and Alice left with Viper and Jackie following leaving the two alone for the first time to process everything.

“So this is happening” Jughead looked to Betty who broke out in a huge smile “I love you so much” and the two hugged.


“You live together? How did I miss that?” Archie wondered

“Wait skip ahead, when did Jughead propose?” Veronica asked "also don’t mistake me asking for me approving. I just want to know if he’s as romantic as you claim.”

Jughead placed a hand on his heart and looked at Betty “aww you think I’m romantic” which earned him a light slap on the leg and a giggle from the blond. 

“It was perfect for us”

~~~~ FLASHBACK~~~~

With Jughead still attending Southside High, he always arrived at Scorpion before Betty. Walking up to the newly decorated office he noticed something different. There was now a same tag on the door, reading it he smiled to himself and took a picture and walked in.

Betty was changing after cheerleading practice when her phone buzzed with a message from her boyfriend saying he had a surprise for her. Betty smiled widely at her phone which Veronica noticed “something good happen?” the raven haired girl asked

“What?” Betty asked still distracted from texting Jughead

“Your phone, you keep smiling” she explained

“Oh yeah, it’s nothing really”.

Deciding to let it go, the two continued changing in silence. “Wanna head to Pop’’s?”

Betty shook her head “no thanks, I have somewhere I have to be.”

“That’s fine! I can drop you off”

“It’s cool Veronica. I like the walk to cool down. See ya” she threw her bag over her shoulder and started on her walk to the bar.

Arriving, everyone greeted her by name as she headed upstairs. The first thing she was was the name on the door. Cooper-Jones. She ran her fingers over the grooves before walking in. Jughead got up and greeted her with a kiss “You saw it then?”

Betty nodded “did you do that?”

“Nope, but I did find this note.” He held out a piece of paper with scruffy writing that said ‘sorry i can’t be there to see your blossoming romance (no pun intended. i asked viper to make you this. p.s. jughead check the bottom right draw and answer the phone at 5′

Betty glanced at her watch to see they had ten minutes before the call. “Did you look in the draw?” Jughead nodded producing a black velvet box. Betty gasped. 

He took her hand and led them to the couch “Listen, I can’t promise you everything you deserve but what I can do is promise to stick with you through the good times and the bad, listen when you want to rant and be the shoulder you cry on. Help you when you need it, try and take the stress and pressure off you. Encourage and support you but most of all, I promise to love you forever.”

Jughead got down on his right knee and opened the box “this was my grandmothers ring. She married my granddad at 18 and stuck together through everything, the wins and the losses. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll stick by you.” At this point, Betty had tears rolling down her face “Marry me Elizabeth Cooper”

Betty nodded profusely “of course I will Juggie” he placed the ring on her finger and kissed her. They sat content on the couch for a couple more minutes before the phone rang. Answering it on speaker, they accepted the charges and was greeted with FP’s voice saying “hey there lovebirds.”

Betty chuckled “Hi Mr Jones”

“Please Betty, your Jughead’s girlfriend so it’s FP now”

“and what if she became my wife” the boy interrupted

“you proposed already? I hope you asked Ali first”

“of course I did and Hal. She was thrilled about it, he not so much but he did give his blessing”

“Well” FP continued “how’s my soon to be daughter-in-law feeling? Have you told anyone else”

“Really happy Mr Jones, I mean FP and no, you’re the first to know.”

“wow I feel honored. I spoke to your mother, son and she is willing to sign consent and if Ali and Hal are too then you’re free to get married whenever. Razor’s a minister and he’s up for it. Just say the word and you’ll get the official serpent wedding treatment.”

“and what exactly does that consist of dad?”

“um” FP paused “We’re working on that at the moment. Viper has all that we’ve come up with so far, he has access to my account to help pay and hopefully I can get a day release to see you both.”

“We’d like that FP” Betty smiled.


Veronica and Kevin were crying whilst Archie sat there smiling. “Your happy?” he asked his former neighbour “truly happy?”

Betty nodded “I really am”

“Then I guess congratulations are in order” the three got up and hugged their friends, Veronica and Kevin inspecting Betty’s ring. 

There was a knock on the door and BP walked in looking at Archie “I’m sorry man” the younger boy nodded and they shook hands before he turned to Betty and Jughead “Viper wants to make sure that you’re happy locking up. Said Jackie’s on his back about date night.”

Jughead laughed “tell him that he can go”

BP nodded and walked out.

“wait” Veronica turned back to them “what about the wedding?”





Maybe the reason why she kept asking if I loved her was because of me. I’ve stopped showing her off—I no longer post her pictures, write status about her, or tag her with silly memes. I no longer reply to her comments of sweet nothings and she just deletes them when I ignore them. For me these were stupid stuff but these little things made her happy before.

I stopped kissing her at random moments. I no longer hug her when she’s scared, anxious, or insecure. Hell, I couldn’t even remember the last time I did. I didn’t know how to tell if she’s really okay or not because I stopped asking her if something’s bothering her. I no longer remind her how beautiful she is even if she only wears a big shirt. When was the last time her smile reached her eyes? No, she did smile. She smiled at me even when I hurt her, lied to her, ignored her.

She lost her best friend, her brother, her lover, when I stopped being them. I took myself away from her. And it hurts to know all these without realizing what I’ve done to her.

How could I give my attention to other girls without checking first if she’s okay? How could I text other girls and forget that she’s waiting for my messages? How could I allow myself to admire other girls without realizing I already have the best? I was too busy to see that she’s already drifting and I’m doing nothing to pull her back. And when I think of the idea of losing her, it broke my heart. It damaged me to think of some other guy making my girl happy, doing things we used to do, loving her the way I should.

No, I couldn’t lose the girl who stayed with me even after I broke her and cried herself to sleep. I couldn’t lose the one who only ever understood me, the only one who didn’t only tame my demons, but also danced with them. I couldn’t lose the girl who loved me when I didn’t love her enough. I couldn’t lose my best friend, my love, my world. She’s all things I need and I’m so stupid to only realize it now.

I’m sorry, my love. I love you. And I’d do anything in my power to keep you.

—hanzelwrites, Letters I Wish He Sent Me

Kissing Contest

Shawn Mendes 
Words: 1,000 
Note: Basically I saw ^^^ and ended up writing this in about an hour. I changed it a bit, but I think it came out okay? This is kinda collage Mendes, so woo! 
Also, if someone can send me that photo of Shawn in glasses and blue shirt, pls do so! I’ve been trying to find it for at least 10 minutes :D 

“Who’s ready for some kissing!” Some guy standing on a picnic table yelled through a megaphone. The crowed of students cheered loudly, all seeming way too excited for this stupid contest.

“The rules are simple! We start on the dong! Whoever can smooch the longest gets a one week couple’s holiday!” A chorus of oooo’s spread around the group. One of my friends rolled her eyes and mimicked the sound, making me laugh,

“Just remember lips only! And only couples are permitted!” Megaphone guy turned to a very red-faced guy at the front of the crowed, giving him a knowing look. Red-face stumbled back, trying to escape from the taunting laughter of his friends.  

“Can I get some music please!” After a few seconds of minor technical difficulties and some muffled words, the intro to Eye of the Tiger blasted out through some Iphone dock someone must have brought along. Okay, this shit was getting way too cheesy now.

“How can you sit and watch this?” I asked the friend who managed to talk me into coming along. While I didn’t attend this school, a lot of my friends did, so it was unusual for me to get dragged to things like Halloween parties, or random beer chugging festivals like that one time.

“Don’t worry, it gets better.” She had to yell over the music to be heard, “Last year this one girl went nuts because her boyfriend was making out with some other girl. They won though, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.”

I flashed her a look as if to ask ‘why the hell am I friends with you?’, but she didn’t seem to notice as the crowed began counting down.


The group broke up as people rushed around trying to find significant others, or just random people to make out with.


Standing up, I quickly began collecting my things, hoping to escape before it was too late.


Shoving my notebook in my backpack, I shouted a ‘see you later’ to my friends who all looked a bit disappointed that I was leaving so soon. One even grabbed my arm, trying to slow me down.


Laughing, I managed to free my arm and waved them bye as I began rushing down the path.


I weaved in and out of the crowed, almost hitting into a couple who seemed to be getting a head start.


Someone called my name. At first I thought it was one of my friends running after me because I forgot something. But when I turned around I was met with a very handsome guy running towards me. He looked vaguely familiar, and he was wearing a burgundy sweatshirt with the universities initials on it, so the fact that he knew my name wasn’t all that creepy.


He was suddenly stood in front of me.

“Kiss me.” He breathed out through pants. I knew his voice from somewhere. Then it clicked. His name was Shawn…Something. He worked at the coffee shop me and my friends sometimes go to study in. He would always smile when I walked in, Well, he seemed like the kind of person to smile at anyone, but he always gives me a slightly bigger piece of brownie, so that’s got to count for something.  


My heart began pounding at a thousand miles an hour. I stared at him with wide eyes as I tried to process what he just said, “Wait, what?”


“Will you kiss me?” He asked again, jumping from foot to foot, pushing his glasses up his nose as he anxiously awaited my answer. And while this probably wasn’t the time to admit it, but it was cute.


Although I knew I could say no, I panicked and nodded my head.

A loud gong echoed through the air. Dropping our backpacks, Shawn was quick to close the distance between us, his hands grabbing my face softly as he pulled me cover to meet his lips. Things were very awkward at first. We didn’t know which direction to turn out heads, so our noses were constantly bumping into each other. Then his glasses kept getting in the way. And I didn’t know what to do with my hands, leaving them dangling at my side for a good few minutes until I finally placed them on his waist, gripping onto his jumper a bit too tightly.

But damn this boy had great lips. They were just so soft and plushy, and I don’t know what he did to them, but they were sort of sweet. It was like kissing a marshmallow and I was totally 100% okay with that.

We managed to sneak a quick break so Shawn could take off his bloody glasses off, shoving them in his back pocket. But then we were back together, just as Megaphone guy walked by, staring us down. The dude turned to me and winked, and I tried to stay focused on the guy I was sucking faces with, but the smile he was wearing was way too big for my liking.

“Fucking creep.” Shawn mumbled under his breath, just loud enough so I could hear, wrapping his arms around my waist tighter. The dude soon moved alone, probably going to find a more interesting couple to stare at.

The kiss started to drag on, feeling more like hours since we started. At some point the couple next to use must have got caught out, and I was trying so hard not to laugh at their stupid argument.

I broke when the girl next to us mentioned something about her boyfriend reading gay smut. This time our break was a lot more noticeable, catching the attention of one of the other judges and I knew we were out once and for all.

“I’m so sorry.” I apologised, still trying to reign in my giggles. The couple shot me a dirty look before the girl huffed and stomped away, the guy chancing after her.

Shawn smiled down at me, his lips all red and puffy from the kiss, “It’s okay. I didn’t really care about the prize anyway.”

Okay, now I was even more confused, “Then why did you ask me to kiss you?”

His face burned a bright red as he looked down at his shoes, “I thought it would be a good way of asking you out.”

God, he was cute.

Leaning up, I pressed a kiss against his hot cheek.

“So, want to go get some coffee?”

You look perfect (Reggie x reader)

Originally posted by sensualkisses


A/N: So I hope you all know Perfect by Eed Sheeran because this one is based in that song, which by the way has me obsessed!

And also as you can see this one is from Reggie’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

(Y/N) and me have been friends since we were born. Our parents have always been really close, which made that she and me were really close too, we didn’t have other option though.

We spent summers together, she helped me to get better grades since I can remember and I always defended her when someone hurt her, even though she never wanted my help because she said she could defend herself.

I remember how our parents were always joking about how some day we would end up together because we were inseparable no matter how older we got.

We both denied that and we told them to shut up and leave us alone, something pretty normal with middle school kids.

But we weren’t in middle school anymore. We were in senior year, we didn’t know where we would be next year and I didn’t like the idea of being far from (Y/N) after spending eighteen years by her side.

And it wasn’t just that, a couple of years ago I found out that maybe our parents weren’t so wrong. I would love to be with (Y/N) like more than just friends, but I guess that I never got the courage to tell her. When it came to her I couldn’t hide behind that façade of brave and fearless boy that I used for everyone else.

The formal dance was getting closer and I knew that (Y/N) didn’t have a partner yet, so I was going to do it, I would ask her to come with me.

That morning when I saw her coming in my direction my heart skipped a beat, she was wearing a big smile on her face, a smile she was giving to me.

“Hey Reg” she greeted standing in front of me.

“Hey (Y/N), you look extremely happy today” I said closing my locker “Did something happened to put you in that mood?

“Not exactly, but I hope it happens” she giggled.

“Oh, can I ask what is it?”

“Actually… I’m the one who wants to ask, you don’t have a partner for the dance yet, right?” I freeze in my spot, I didn’t know where this was going, but if I didn’t answer I would never find out, so I just shook my head no “Great!” she exclaimed with her smile still on her face, even bigger if that was possible “not great that you don’t have someone to go with to the dance, but great because…” she stopped for a second to laugh at herself and how she was beating around the bush and as usual she made me laugh too “I wanted to ask you if you’d like to come with me to the dance” she finally said. I was paralyzed again because of her words; it was the last thing I thought I would hear. I thought she wanted to ask me if I could go with one of her friends or who knows what, but not this. “It’s ok if you don’t want to, I would understand. It’s just… I’d like to go with you”

“No no, I mean yes. Not that I don’t want to go with you” I stopped for a second to get myself together before I speak again “What I want to say is that I would love to go with you to the dance”

“Fantastic!” she smiled again “I’ll see you later Reginald” she added leaving as the bell rang.

I looked at her until she disappear into the crowd, I couldn’t believe what had just happened and at the same time I was surprised by her, she always managed to amaze me more and more every day. I don’t think any girl at this high school would have think of ask the guy to a dance, but she just did it.


After a couple of weeks the day came, I told (Y/N) I would pick her up, so there I was, so nervous I couldn’t even knock on the door. I could hear voices inside, the sound of the TV on and steps near the door.

I finally knocked and waited until her father opened the door and when he saw me he smiled widely and invited me in.

“(Y/N)! Reggie is here!” she said from the bottom of the stairs.

“Hello Reggie! We’ll be there in five minutes!” her mother said from somewhere in the second floor.

“Hello (Y/M/N)!”

“I guess you already know that five minutes mean ten minutes at least” joked her father guiding me to the living room where he was watching a football game.

We sat there to watch the game and talk about football in general, when I was little my father, (Y/N)’s father and me used to play our own games every time we could and of course (Y/N) would end up joining us.

I heard footsteps running down the stairs and when I turned around I saw (Y/N)’s mother at the bottom of the stairs, she made us a signal for us to join her while she got a camera from the table in the hall.

We waited until (Y/N) showed up upstairs and I wasn’t capable of process what my eyes were seeing,  I always see her beautiful whatever she is wearing, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this beautiful, so I had to make an effort and hide how amazed I was by her beauty.

“Mom!” she exclaimed putting her hand in front of her face when she saw her with the camera “stop!” she laughed coming down the stairs as fast as she could.

“I know this isn’t prom, but you’re not leaving this house before I take some photos” she said grabbing my arm and moving me in (Y/N)’s direction. She stayed in the second stair and put her arms around my neck, leaning her chin on my shoulder.

We made different poses, funny poses all the time until (Y/N) put her hand in front of the camera and took my hand with the other to lead me to the door.

“Be careful!” her mother shouted from the door while we were going to my car laughing.

“You look more beautiful than I expected” I said opening the co-pilot door for her.

“Thank you Mantle, you don’t look bad yourself” she answered giving me a smile and getting in the car.


The dance were like any other one this high school had done before with the difference that this time I had a great time with my partner. We dance every song that they played like if anyone was watching, we were experts dancing thanks to all the times we danced in (Y/N)’s living room when I stayed the night.

When they played slow songs we just danced like the rest of students and we talked about whatever came to our minds. She had her arms around my neck and I had my hands on her waist.

At the end of the night Cheryl announced she was throwing an after party at her house and everyone was invited, which included us.

“You can go if you want” (Y/N) said when I came back from telling my friends that I wouldn’t go to the party ”you just have to leave me at home first because I can’t walk anymore with this shoes” (Y/N) wasn’t the biggest fan of parties, which didn’t mean she wasn’t the life of the party when she attended one, and that’s why she told me that she wouldn’t go, but that I didn’t have to stop going for her, what she didn’t know was that I had other plans in mind for us.

“I was thinking that maybe we could go to my house, it’s still early and I’m sure our parents are still out there having fun”

“I like the proposal” she said intertwining her arm with mine and leading us to the exit.

On the way to my home it started to rain, something pretty normal in Riverdale, it would probably just last a couple of minutes, but we had to go from my car to the front door, which meant we had to get wet.

“Are you ready?” she asked with one hand ready to open the door and her shoes on the other.

“I was born ready” I answered opening my door and running to my house.

I could hear (Y/N) laughing behind me and when we finally refuged form the rain we looked at each other, we were soaking from head to toe, but that only made us laugh even more.

We went into the house and when I was about to go to get some towels to dry us she stopped me.

“Let’s go to the garden, it’s not raining that much and the grass will be wet” she said it with her eyes full of illusion and it remind me of when we were little and we found some abandoned dog, she would take him with her and she would start to talk about how great his life would be since that moment. That was another reason why it was impossible not to love her, how easy she gets excited by little things.

I followed her to the garden and I was about to turn on the lights, but again she stopped me and told me the moonlight was enough to see what we have around us.

So we finally stepped out the door and we sat on the floor while we wait for the rain to stop and when it happened (Y/N) stood on her feet and went to the grass, barefoot. She would probably regret this the next day when she gets sick, but right now she was the happiest person alive.

“Are you coming or what Reg?” she asked turning in my direction.

I stood on my feet, but before I went to her I got into the house and put some music, not too loud so it wouldn’t disturb the calm before the storm but loud enough for us to hear it.

“Would you dance with me mademoisselle?” I asked doing a reverence.

“Of course” she answered doing the same.

I put one hand on her waist, she put one on my shoulder and we put the other ones together in the air.

We dance without saying anything, just listening to the music. I made her spin a couple of times, but I never let go of her hand and I always brought her back to me. I noticed she was looking to the ground, avoiding eye contact.

“Did you suddenly turn into a shy person?” I joked.

“Never” she said finally looking at me “but I must look terrible” she added laughing to play down. This time I didn’t laugh at that and it made her get nervous “Reg? Are you still here?” she blushed a little because the lack of response from me.

“You look perfect” I whispered so weakly that it made me think I had thought about it instead of saying it out loud.

We had stopped dancing and I hadn’t even realized it, she kept looking at me directly in the eye, with a serious expression in her face.

She let go of my hand and I thought that she wanted to get away from me, but what she did was to put both of her hands on my cheeks and stand on her tip toes so she could put her lips on mine.

I was shook at first, but I kissed her back, putting my arms around her waist to keep her close to me.

My heart was beating so fast I was concern it would leave my chest at any second.

“I don’t know why I waited so long to do this” she said biting her lip when we stopped kissing.

She kept her hands on my cheeks, caressing my skin.

“I guess our parents weren’t so wrong” I laughed.

“Not at all” she answered looking at me in the eye and then looking my lips.

I moved away her wet hair from her face and I kissed her again, like I had always wanted to do.

dating remus lupin would include...


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- he’s literally the sweetest boyfriend ever
- reading to each other in the common room
- him writing sappy love poems about you
- he blushes when you read them and giggle
- you think he’s absolutely precious and reassure him with a kiss
- catching him staring at you every second of every day of the week
- sweet, gentle touches at all times
- kissing his neck because you can’t reach his lips most of the time
- refusing to let him go on a full moon
- “please don’t go.”
- “i have to, baby. i’ll be back soon, i promise.”
- extra cuddles before he has to leave you
- wearing his sweaters around even though they’re very big on you
- him smiling and flushing bright red when he sees you in them
- leaving cute notes and drawings in the margins of his journal
- he replies back to them in your journal
- it becomes one of the cute little things you both do every day
- pouring your heart out on paper about him to send to your parents
- they fall in love with him through your letters because your happiness shines through your writing
- he admires you when you sleep a lot
- james and sirius coo, pinching his cheeks when they catch him doing it
- “our sweet remus is in love, james.”
- “we’ve been replaced!”
- “shush. you’re gonna wake her!”
- him staring at you because he can’t believe you’re his girlfriend
- cuddling with his head on your chest
- you find it cute that he’s comforted by the beating of your heart when he cuddles you
- telling one another everything
- having absolutely no secrets because you both value honesty 100%
- fights are few and far between 
- having little fights about who loves the other more 
- cute play fights all the time oMG
- nose kisses!!!!
- watching him read and blushing like crazy because you’re so in love with him
- “i can’t focus on my book when such a beautiful girl is staring at me, sweetheart.”
- so much blushing i can’t even
- jealous remus = cuddly, needy remus
- “you’re cute when you’re jealous.”
- him getting shy because of it and nuzzling his face in your hair
- “i love you”’s every second of the day
- being relationship goals to everyone

My brother’s best friend || D.H.

A/N: This was a lovely request  that I can 100000% relate to. If my brother and his friends ever find my blog than I never wrote this 😏

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


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It was freezing outside and I was shivering although I was wearing a beanie and a thick woollen scarf. Today of all days the school bus had broken down and I was left in the cold when all I wanted was to just get home. I unlocked my phone and dealt my brothers number, thankfully he picked up right away.

“What’s up little sister?” Phil greeted me, he clearly sounded stressed.  

“Hey, could you pick me up? I think there is a problem with the bus’s engine and I’d freeze to death if I walk all the way home.”

“I’m on my way to this meeting. I told you it’s today, didn’t I? Sorry, sis, I can’t pick you up right now.” Phil indeed sounded immensely sorry.  

“Oh yah, I forgot. Then I will just have to walk.” I said with little motivation. It was surely going to take me about two hours.

“I’ll call Dan. I’m sure he can get you, he’s coming over today anyway.”

Dan. Just the mention of his name made my heart beat faster. I had a huge crush on my elder brother’s best friend. Super cliché, I know. But how could I not crush on such a guy?

I will never tell Phil how I feel about his best friend. He would make it obvious and probably embarrass me in front of him. The chances of Dan liking me back were -11%. Do guys ever go for their friend’s little sister? I don’t think so. At least Dan doesn’t.

“Hop in” Dan told me, as I opened the door to his car.

“Thanks for picking me up.” I shyly smiled at him as I got in.

“I wouldn’t want you to freeze to death. Phil would have killed me if I left you here.” Dan laughed before he started driving again.

Why do guys look 100 times more attractive when driving? I could literally feel my level of nervousness rise by the second. Never had I been all alone with Dan before.

“So, how was school?” he asked me, keeping his eyes on the road.

I was glad that he decided to break the silence since I was horrible at starting a conversation.

“You are seriously asking me that?” I grinned as he laughed a little.

“Right, it was as boring as always.” Dan answered for me instead.

I chuckled and nodded my head in agreement. Dan took a quick glance at me and shot me a smile.

“Phil said you are staying over today?” I wanted to make sure that I heard him correctly.

“Yup, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Why would I?” I blushed a bit as I said that and hoped he wouldn’t see it.

It was getting pretty warm in the car so I took of my beanie and totally messed up my hair while doing so. It must have looked totally dishevelled because Dan was goofily grinning.

“Well, that’s a look.” He joked as I tried to quickly fix my hair.

“Shut up.” I groaned in embarrassment.

We continued to make small talk and joked around until we arrived at home.

“Thanks again, Dan.” I emphasised after we had both gotten out of the car and I unlocked the front door.

I didn’t know when Phil was going to get back from his meeting, I just knew that I was alone with Dan until then. Normally he would have come over later, but because of the circumstances he was here already. It was just me and him. Just us two. Alone in this house.

I threw my school bag into the corner the second I walked in.

“Looks like you are spending the afternoon with me. I’m the cooler Lester anyway.” I grinned as we both got rid of our coats and boots.

I always get super excited whenever my brother invites Dan over, being alone with him made my heart race and I had to stop my hands from trembling by taking a few deep breaths.

“So, that’s your room. I feel like the last time I was in here there were Barbie dolls all over the floor.” Dan told me, having followed me into my room. He was examining the pictures and posters that decorated my walls.

“You are definitely exaggerating.” I laughed “Do you wanna order pizza and play video games?” I asked Dan and as soon as those words had left my mouth his eyes lit up.

Ten minutes later we were sat in front of the TV, both holding a controller.

“Why are so good at this?” Dan asked me. He was clearly impressed and surprised.

“Who do you think plays these games with Phil when you are not here.” I answered, trying not to give away the fact that I was very much enjoying Dan’s admiration.

This afternoon was all I had ever hoped for. I have always been a bit jealous of Phil and everybody else who could see Dan whenever they wanted to. Now I was finally spending some time with him and it was going incredible well.

“You are going down, Howell.” I exclaimed halfway through the game. I was certain that I was going to win.

“You actually think you can stand a chance against me? That’s cute.” He said as if he was talking to a toddler and ruffled my hair.

“Dan! You messed my hair up again.” I complained as I tried to fix it for the second time today.

“Honestly, nothing can beat the way your hair looked in my car today.” He admitted, smirking.

I like to wear beanies okay? I prefer being warm over beautiful.

“Don’t be mean!” I whined and playfully hit his left shoulder.

“I said it’s a look. That’s a compliment!” Dan threw his hands up in defence and grinned at me like a fool.

“Okay, then stop flirting with me.” I told him jokingly, probably taking it a little bit too far in an attempt to be funny. He must’ve thought I’m a total loser. To my utter surprise, he blushed. I made Daniel Howell blush!

“I wasn’t trying to flirt with you.” He stuttered wide eyed. His cheeks were still red and he wasn’t concentrating on the game anymore.

“I know.” I assured him. The rush of excitement slowly vanished as I could feel my heart sink. Of course, he wouldn’t flirt with me. I knew that. Why would I expect anything else?

“Yeah, you’re Phil’s sister. I would never.” Dan babbled, trying to make it sound like he was totally revolted about the idea of me and him together.

“I know.” I repeated awkwardly, trying my best to not sound hurt.

“Can we continue-“ I started but Dan cut me off.

“Like, I would never. Phil would hate me - or even kill me. It’s not like I’m interested in you. And you are definitely not into me, right?” He rambled. It seemed like he was trying to convince himself instead of talking to me.

He didn’t even give me the time to answer before he was thinking out loud again.

“You are off limits. One just doesn’t kiss one’s best friend’s sister. Even if I wanted to which I certainly don’t and-“ He stopped himself in the middle of his sentence. His eyes were burning into my skin. We just stared at each other for a second before his lips crashed down on mine.

He was eagerly kissing me, stabilizing my head with his hand. I kissed back, like I had kissed him a million times before. This had to be a dream, right? Suddenly I wasn’t thinking anymore, it was like my brain had shut down and my heart and emotions had taken over. My inside was tingling, and I was nearly bursting with joy.

It was a quick but intense kiss and after we broke apart I was overwhelmed with what had just happened. Did Dan just actually kiss me?

“Didn’t you say you weren’t flirting with me and that you certainly don’t want to kiss me?” I asked Dan and although I wanted to tease him, I had an extremely huge smile on my face.  

“Yeah, that wasn’t exactly true. I was just trying to convince myself, but honestly kissing you is worth getting killed by your brother.” Dan was smiling too and shyly scratching the back of his head.

I just stared at him like a fool and he stared right back. We were both wearing big smiles and I was already fantasizing about kissing him again.

“Don’t tell Phil, but I -“ Dan started, but he was interrupted.

“Don’t tell Phil what?” Phil himself asked with raised eyebrows as he entered the room, looking at Dan and then at me.

For Benjamin (Ezekiel X Benjamin (Sorta) X Reader)


Your door has been locked for days. Your room filled with the sobs and screams from your ongoing grief and pain. Feeling your heart pound to ever cry you let out, you were emotionally broken. Ezekiel has stood outside of your room, listening to the muffled cries coming from you, feeling his heart tear with ever whimper you released. He knew your love for Benjamin was strong, and he knew that your bond with him could never be broken. Ezekiel also knew that you needed time alone, but he never expected you to spend two weeks locked in your room.

He would send Jerry to bring you food, but Jerry would come back, holding a tray of food that was barely eaten. Ezekiel was becoming worried, and so was everyone else in the Kingdom. Your refusal to leave your room, and denial of eating frightened everyone, especially Ezekiel. He knew you’d take Benjamins death hard, but now you were only putting yourself in danger, and Ezekiel had enough of it.

It was a late evening, and Ezekiel had just finished telling Henry good night. Before Ezekiel stood up to leave Henry’s room, Henry grasped onto Ezekiels shirt, keeping him close. “Is (Y/N) going to be alright?” Henry asked, looking into Ezekiel’s eyes. Ezekiel released a short breath, before nodding. “Yes. I’ll make sure of it” He smiled at the young boy, before pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“Wait!” Henry exclaimed before Ezekiel had a chance to leave. Henry hopped out of his bed, ripping the drawer of a nightstand open, pulling out a package of Oreos. He turned to Ezekiel, and handed him the cookies before smiling. “Ben was gonna give these to her, but he never got the chance. They’re her favorite. Just tell her it’s from both of us, please?” Henry looked up at Ezekiel, as the king released a small chuckle. “Indeed” he nodded, before Henry went back to bed, and Ezekiel left the young boy for the night.

Ezekiel walked to your room, standing outside of your door, listening to the soft whimpers. He knocked twice, waiting for a response from you. “Go away,” you cried “nobody is here”, Ezekiel frowned. “(Y/N), please open the door” Ezekiel pleaded. He could hear your soft footsteps walk towards the door, before the lock clicked, and the door opened, revealing your red puffy eyes.

Ezekiel could see the heartbreak scattered across your face. You wore the same sweater from the day of Benjamins death, his blood still stained on the long sleeves. Ezekiel opened his arms, and you threw yourself into him, breaking into loud sobs on his chest. Your arms were wrapped tightly around him, and your head was buried within the depth of his shirt, as your salty tears stained the thick fabric. Ezekiel stood with you, comforting your every sob. He began to tear up, he could feel your pain, and he hated that you were in so deep.

It wasn’t long before you were lying in your bed, with Ezekiel holding you in his lap. Ever since the apocalypse, you’ve always saw him as a huge father figure in your life, and the minute he found you, he felt the need to protect and love you as if you were his own, and he’s done exactly that. The only thing he knew he couldn’t protect you from, was this. And he absolutely hated it.

You stared at the package of Oreos sitting on your nightside table, feeling Ezekiel run his fingers through your tangled hair. “I miss him” you spoke, not taking your eyes off of the Oreos. “Everyone does. He was a good man. Well respected, heavily loved, he didn’t deserve this” Ezekiel was soft with his tone, knowing you needed to let out your pain. “I should’ve been there. I could pushed him out of the way, o-or jumped in front of him! It would- He would be alive!” You shouted, before Ezekiel shook his head.

“Do not speak like that, (Y/N). Benjamin was loyal, but if you got hurt for him, he’d never forgive himself!” Ezekiel said, as you turned to look at him. “He loves you, and I could see it with my own eyes. You two had such a bond that couldn’t be broken, even now you two are closer than ever, and I don’t think it will ever change. We cannot change the past, but we can change or future, by giving some time to it in the present” Ezekiels words caused you to shed crocodile tears. It felt almost impossible to cry, because you’ve cried everyday since Benjamins death; you didn’t have any tears left.

You sat up, and wrapped your arms around Ezekiels neck, hugging him and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek, feeling his arms wrap around you, pulling you tight. “Thank you, Ezekiel” you whispered, feeling him you back, before wishing you good night and telling you he would check up on you in the morning. After he left your room, you sat in your bed, staring at the package of Oreos before you. You pulled them off of the table, and smiled, knowing how much time Benjamin spent scavenging Oreos just for you.

You pulled the tab back, opening the slick cover, but quickly noticing that it had been opened before. There weren’t any cookies missing, but there was a small note attached to the inside of the cover. You pulled it off, quickly opening it, trying your best to decipher the sloppy handwriting.

(Y/N), I know you have begged me to find Oreos for you, and I did. I’ve had them for a while, but I’ve been keeping them from you, just until I could find the right moment to present these cookies that you’ve always dreamt of eating again. I just hope you love me just as much as these Oreos that I know you’ll devour. I just hope you don’t hate me from keeping them from you, I just wanted to surprise you, because I always love seeing that big and beautiful smile you always wear, and I wish you will never take off, because you wear it perfectly.

Love Your One and Only, Benjamin.

P.S. if Henry tries to find you after dinner, asking you for some, tell him you ate them all. He’s not allowed to have sweets. Dads rules are still rules with me.

You laughed to yourself, feeling tears stream down your face. You pressed the paper against your lips, as if it were Benjamin right there, right in front of you. You folded the letter back up into its original form, placing it right under your pillow, as you pulled an Oreo out from its sleeve of other cookies, and took a huge bite. You laid back in your bed, looking up at the ceiling, closing your eyes and letting the flavor of the much missed cookie tingle your tastebuds. “Thanks for the cookies, Ben” your muffled whispers spoke, as you smiled and took another bite of the cookie, pulling another from the sleeve, and feeling your heartbreak numb, just for that moment, smiling for Benjamin, your Benjamin.

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Headcanon where Dean finds the reader in Bobby's salvage yard underneath a car (like a ford mustang, that happens to be the same year his car is or something like that) fixing it up.

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Not my picture

- “Y/N?”

- Him calling your name is what breaks your concentration and brings you back to reality. 

- You’re already on your way out from under the car you’re working on, when he finds you - you can tell by the way his footsteps stops right next to the car.

- “Y/N?” He asks again in this time he sounds really surprised. “What are you doing?”

- You casually tell him that you’re fixing up the car, raising one eyebrow.

- And then Dean’s eyes go round in excitement, and he can’t help but to smile. 

- He walks around the car, carefully examining it. 

- You thinking that he’s such a car nerd. Him thinking that he didn’t know that you’re a car nerd too.

- “It’s a nice choice. Ford Mustang-”

- “…1967.” You finish off. “Same year as the Impala.”

- “And you’ve done a great job too.” He says which genuinely fills you up with proudness as you smile.

- Dean is wearing that proud big brother grin, that you love seeing on his face. 

- “That’s my girl.”

- The next day, he brings out cold drinks for you and him, grabs himself a beach chair that he found behind Bobby’s house, and then he just sits down, keeping you company. 

- Him loving seeing you work on that car, he can watch you for hours. And he does. 

Falling For the Sun

Member: DK
Genre: Some good ol fluff
Word Count: 1,250

Without a doubt, Seokmin was infatuated with you. He was never subtle about it, he was head over heels from day one; even when you weren’t. He would stare at you across the classroom with big puppy dog eyes, in all honesty you would have been creeped out if it was anyone else. But it was Seokmin. Seokmin who got your name wrong for a full week, Seokmin who felt so bad about forgetting your name he bought you cake everyday for the next seven days, Seokmin who had a wonderful way of making himself known.

It had been recent that two of you had made it official and started to date, but all your friends joked that you had been dating before the two of you even realized. In some instances you supposed they were right: you two and jumped on the chance to get to know each other the moment it allowed, his hands somehow always found themselves somewhere on your body, and even though the two of you had never voiced it beforehand there were always, always butterflies. When he finally asked to make it official and you told those you were close to they responded with “You weren’t dating already?” That was just the type of man Seokmin was, the type of man head over heels for you.

Even though the two of you had been “dating” both unofficially and officially for quite some time now, there were milestones in a relationship that you had yet to conquer. He had yet to stop calling your parents “sir” or “ma’am,” he still made sure to pay for every date you went on (no matter how hard you fought him), and he still refused to tell you he had a crush on the rapper Cheetah even though you totally knew he did. He had also never seen you without makeup, until today.

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My Compass

Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when it comes time for Felicity to move to Las Vegas, neither of them know how to handle it. 

This is part one of a three part mini-verse. Enjoy! 

Starling City 1998

Felicity’s heart feels like it’s going to burst out of her chest and her stomach clenches as she works to hold back hysterical sobs. Her hand trembles as she knocks on the door of Oliver’s ridiculous house.

The bitter part of her wants to rip the huge, overly expensive door knocker off of the door, tear up the insane amount of poinsettias on the walkway, and tear down all of the Christmas lights from the building.

Why is it some families are blessed with so much while others have so little?

Why is it Oliver can grow up in a literal castle while she has to move 1,200 miles away just so that her mother can get food on the table.

It’s the first night of Hanukkah. She’s supposed to be praying around the menorah and eating latkes. She’s supposed to be arguing with her mother about the fact that she feels she’s outgrown the dreidel. She’s not supposed to be on her best friend’s doorstep trying not to have a breakdown.

It’s not fair. She doesn’t want to move.

She can’t.

She won’t.

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Request: Anonymous said: hello! i love the ‘bf chenle’ can u do one for jisung?

  • highkey awkward bf who never knows wtf he’s supposed to do??yes
  • but also highkey sweetest and cheesiest bf??hell yes
  • listen in the beginning it was so awkward ok like he rlly had no clue and he just always !!!! whenever ur there 
  • most of the time he’d just be so shy to do anything and he’d even be stressedt about holding ur hand
  • akgrjghrj he’s just so shy okay :”((
  • the longer u two are dating tho, the more comfortable he gets ofc
  • tbh jisung would always make his hw w you
  • and if you’ve got any problems he’d help you out
  • he’d love to play video games w u
  • it’s okay if you can’t play well!!he’d help u a lot ok
  • would sit behind u and guide ur hands to the right controls
  • grinch hands
  • whenever ur sad tho
  • he buys u sm food and u both share it in the dorms
  • probably buys u chicken, ice cream, pizza and anything else u want to eat
  • ajhfjhg sometimes he’d try to cook for u, but chenle just sighs as jisung fails to fry the chicken
  • and he’d just end up ordering chicken and pizza lmao
  • jisung loves it when u visit him at the dance practice, bc he likes it when u cheer for him even tho he just becomes a blushing mess when u do aljfjheg
  • tbh he’d show u a lot of his own dances and he’d be left scratching the back of his neck and blushing when u tell him that he’s rlly good
  • ur kisses tho
  • he’s the type to kiss u on ur cheek when u least expect it
  • ur first kiss was probably when u kind of turned ur head and instead of him kissing ur cheek it was ur lips
  • his older members teased him a lot for that :”)))
  • when it’s winter, jisung rlly likes to play in the snow w u
  • snowball fights is a hell yes
  • would probably surprise u from behind and then put snow in ur hair
  • and he’d laugh at u when u pout
  • it’s okay tho u can get some chocolate milk tea after that
  • ajhjgeh he’d sneakily hold ur hand and u wouldn’t notice till u looked down
  • jisung is just gonna keep sipping on his tea, lowkey blushing but still wearing a big smile on his face
  • when ur feeling rlly cold, he’d probably want to give u his jacket but he doesn’t know how to ajhjhrgh
  • he’d just end up taking off his jacket and wrapping it around u without saying anything
  • i feel like jisung wouldn’t like going on picnics as a date bc of insects ajhejlhg
  • he’d rather go to a coffee shop or go to the movies tbh
  • would secretly take pics of u and put them on his story on snapchat or snow for that matter
  • and he’d chuckle when he sees ur reaction 
  • omg jisung would have one of ur selfies as his homescreen on his phone but he doesn’t show anyone afheljhgjeh especially not u bc he feels like you’ll think he’s creepy or smth
  • he’d be blushing sm when u find out ajzhfzjhf
  • sometimes he’d buy u rlly small gifts that he saw in the store and that reminded him of u
  • he wouldn’t say that but like he’d still give it to u and be like “i thought you’d like this”
  • when his schedule isn’t too busy he’d walk u home from school
  • and he’d ask u how class was and probably buy smth to eat for u two while he’s walking u home
  • and when he has to drop u off, he quickly hug u and maybe kiss ur cheek
  • afjehjgh he’s honestly so cute and i just :”)))
  • stan jisung yall
BTS reaction to you being lovely with your nephew/niece

They visit you while you’re babysitting your nephew/niece and see how you interact with them.

Jin: This boy probably knows how to deal with kids the best out of them all. So when he sees you handling your nephew/niece so well and being lovely with them he’d smile brightly. If your niece/nephew would allow it he’d join in and play with them and act silly. In his eyes, you’d be even more perfect if you could deal with children well.

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Yoongi: He likes children, but he doesn’t have as much energy and patience for them as other people. He’d just sit down on the sofa and watch you two being adorable together. He’d wear a big smile but he’d try to hide it. He’s a softie, a sight like that wouldn’t leave him unfazed.

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Hoseok: He would immediately join you and your nephew/niece. He loves children and he’s a ball of sunshine and positivity. Anyone who treats kids nicely gains points with him, especially you. When he watches you playing with your nephew/niece he’d drift off to think about how you’d act if this was your own child and if that child would also be his.

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Namjoon: He’s very mature and he likes children. Their innocent mindset and their quick and open approach towards strangers is something that fascinates him. Seeing you playing and having fun with your nephew/niece would make him smile a lot. He would wait until your nephew/niece asked him to join you two and he’d have a lot of fun with your nephew/niece, probably teaching them some stuff in the process.

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Jimin: He’d be hesitant to join your nephew/niece and you in whatever you were doing, he wouldn’t want to interrupt your family time. At first, he’d just sit beside you and watch you with his huge trademark smile. He’d be so filled with happiness when he saw you acting cute with children. If you and you nephew/niece wanted him to join the play, he would join immediately.

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Taehyung: This boy loves children and he wants to have some of his own later in life too. So if he sees you acting cute with kids and treating them well he’d be even more in love with you than before. He’d join you two while secretly planning his future with you and thinking of baby names for your future children.

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Jungkook: For him, it wouldn’t be anything more than just what it was; you acting cute with children. He wouldn’t think anything of it. Of course, the thought that you’d be this lovely with your future kids too would cross his mind, but he thought of himself as too young to think about stuff like this already. He’d be more the mischievous type and play fun games with your nephew/niece.

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Sam rushed out of the hotel room to greet Dean before he saw you. Both you and Sam knew Dean would flip out once he saw you. Even in the state you were currently in, you understood that Dean was going to flip his lid the moment he laid eyes one you.

Sam closed the door softly behind him, putting his hands out in front of him trying to stop Dean’s advance. “Before you get pissed off, I… I just want you to know this isn’t my fault,” Sam started, a look of worry and concern spreading across his face.

You peaked out the window and giggled a little to yourself as you watched Sammy and Dean talk. You could hear Sammy as he spoke to Dean, and you knew he was trying to keep him from seeing you. You covered your mouth in a giggle when you watched Dean’s eyebrows furrow. You squinted as you tried to read his pouty lips.

“Dude, what the hell is going on?” Dean asked. You giggled again. Dean cussed. You loved it when he did that. Hell wasn’t even that bad, but it still made you giggle when he did it. You narrowed your eyes at the boys watching the conversation.

“It’s Y/N. She isn’t exactly herself,” Sammy tried. Dean scowled harder. “I mean, she is her but not,” he tried again with a shrug, grasping at straws. “I seriously don’t know what the hell happened, man,” Sam finished apologetically. “One minute she was Y/N and the next, well…” he trailed off, running his hands through his hair, glancing over his shoulder.

Dean looked over Sam’s shoulder and caught a brief glimpse of you. Your eyes met briefly, and you scurried away from the window hurrying to sit on the bed. “What the hell?” you heard Dean from the door. “Get out of my way Sammy or so help me God,” Dean threatened.

It was good to know that even like this, your boyfriend still wanted to get to you. To take care of you.

Dean threw the door open, and you were sitting crossed legged on one of the beds, the clothes you were wearing earlier now about three sizes too big. You smiled widely at him, happy to see him. Even like this, you loved him. You scrambled to get up and threw yourself into his arms.

“Dean!” you squealed, wrapping your arms around his neck. He caught you easily, his now extremely large arms wrapping around your tiny waist. He squeezed you tight for a second then looked at Sam.

“Dude, how old is she? Like five?” Dean asked, moving to let you rest on his hip.

“Hey!” you protested, punching him in the shoulder. “I’m seven, asshole.” You giggled after you said it, like you weren’t allowed to. Your brain was so confused. Part of you knew you were really an adult trapped in the kid version of yourself and the other half felt like you really were seven again.

Sam and Dean couldn’t help but laugh at your reaction. “Yeah Dean. She is seven, isn’t it obvious?” Sam laughed.

“Shut up, Sammy,” you snapped, glaring at him just like you would have as adult you. He wiped the smile off his face, and Dean chuckled.

“That’s my girl,” he smiled, kissing your forehead. You smiled proudly at him, ready to hug him again when a sharp pain shot through your head.

“Owwwwwww!!!!” you screamed, grabbing the sides of your head and burrowing into Dean as the pain seemed to radiate through you. “Dean!!!” you wailed, thrashing in his arms. “Please make it stop!” you begged. You didn’t feel like a kid anymore, but you were still stuck in a kid body. All of your insides felt like they were on fire. Your head felt like it was going to explode. “God. Dean please!! Make it stop!“ you sobbed uncontrollably and suddenly started convulsing in his arms.

“Sam what the fuck is going on?” Dean asked, the panic in his voice rising as he rushed to lay you on the bed.

“I don’t know,” Sam all but screamed, running his hands through his hair in panic.

Suddenly you stopped moving or speaking.

“Cas,” Dean muttered at first. “Cas!” Dean suddenly yelled, but they hadn’t seen him in months. Who was to say he’d come now when they needed him the most? Dean sat by your side and took your tiny hand in his and prayed. Cas couldn’t let him down now. Not when he needed him more than he had ever needed him before.

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