Nah, sorry, we aren’t #bros. We’ve never talked before. Plus I was just being real about my sex life as a disabled adult. If you think that’s funny, that’s fine but I’m not a monkey for your amusement.

I’m very comfortable with my situation, and my life but shit like this bugs me. If you were actually my #bro, then yeah, I’d bust out some wheelchair jokes but you’re not. Hell I’m pretty sure your blog is run by a bunch of twelve year olds. The information on the pictures you post is frequently wrong or inaccurate. There’s nothing wrong with posting pictures of guns you found on the internet but get your facts straight first.


Is this not your photo / rifles?

Yep those are both mine. But it’s weaponslover - the fedora wearing, hi-point wielding, lonely sad excuse for a gun blog that won’t go away. Whaddaya expect? I could forgive them if they just gave credit for any of their stuff. Seen Huff’s posts on there along with a lot of stuff from buddies, but fuck it, why give anyone else credit right? Because it’s SO HARD. It literally takes more time to save the pic and repost it than it does just to reblog it or tag it.