Change of plan guys.

Buying my buddy’s Glock 19 for a good price with some ammo thrown in. Long story short, its a totally barebones glock. My NEW question is this:
What would you say are your TOP modifications or parts after buying a glock.

Keep in mind I am in California and am not a cop yet, so has to be neutered for the most part. Any suggestions help and as always, thank you ahead of time.

Tagging a couple that helped me last time.

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And please, feel free to hop in as always. If i forgot you, its because I’m on mobile so hey

Nah, sorry, we aren’t #bros. We’ve never talked before. Plus I was just being real about my sex life as a disabled adult. If you think that’s funny, that’s fine but I’m not a monkey for your amusement.

I’m very comfortable with my situation, and my life but shit like this bugs me. If you were actually my #bro, then yeah, I’d bust out some wheelchair jokes but you’re not. Hell I’m pretty sure your blog is run by a bunch of twelve year olds. The information on the pictures you post is frequently wrong or inaccurate. There’s nothing wrong with posting pictures of guns you found on the internet but get your facts straight first.


  • Probably smarter than you
  • Certainly richer than you
  • Doesn’t take kindly to fake compliments and people trying to win his attention
  • Has a very peculiar sense of humor
  • Despises 99% of human population
  • Owns one of the biggest business empires in the world
  • Always in control, even when he seems pretty chill and relaxed he’s still very alert and notices and hears everything
  • Doesn’t tolerate betrayal in any form and kind
  • Has a ‘sweet tooth’ for luxury, believes that money are meant to be seen and spent
  • After multiple scientific experiments his DNA is pretty messed up, almost resistant to time and aging, has powerful regenerating abilitites, immune to radiation, though lost most of his sanity,human nature and ability to feel to it
  • Scarlett is the only person who can wake up any sort of positive emotion and nicer side in him
  • Extremely possessive and protective
  • Often ends an argument with a bullet just because he’s tired of your bullshit
  • Hates wasting time
  • Allergic to lazy people and those who don’t do their job right
  • Lost his parents at very early age, inherited a fortune from his father, but multiplied it many times since then
  • Has extreme trust issues
  • Emotionally detached
  • Misanthrope and sociopath
  • His biggest fear is loosing Scarlett who represents anything human that left in him
  • Will kill you right on the spot if you mess with her or look at her the wrong way
  • Very hard to fool
  • Definitely a gentleman
  • Always tired, but rarely shows it
  • Interested in advanced technology and new age weapons
  • Loves to customise everything that belongs to him from suits and cars to guns and facilities

thatonegunblog  asked:

Nice one where you upload my picture and don't credit me. Good gob.

I assume this Ask is because of the reblog dealing with weaponslover’s behavior.

If you’re trying to compare what weaponslover did with defcon’s photos, then your vain attempt at trying to catch some sort hypocrisy with is misguided.

I don’t even know which image you’re talking about. I follow less than 30 blogs, only one of them is gun related; dirty-gunz, one of the first followers I had, and I’d consider him a friend.

Where do I get my images? Gunbroker mostly, then international forums (Russian, German, Polish, Pakistani, Indian etc), and lastly from Facebook pages who have been copying my posts but not crediting me. I’ve actually seen gunbroker auctions that cut and paste my captions to describe their auction listing. I’m kind of proud of that because they’d pick my description over the factory.

Go to any one of the thousands of Facebook pages, Pintrests, Instagrams and of course Tumblr blogs and you’ll see your photos floating around without any credit to you.

Good example…go to Solar Tactical’s Facebook page and you’ll find dozens of the images I posted. You can even compare the timestamps; they post it a day or two after I  make a post. They don’t use my captions; they just use the images for advertising their shop, but there ya go…even if I sourced and credited an image, it’s already been lost and being reused by someone else.

Fact: When you upload an image to the internet, it becomes public domain. Someone out there is going to  see your image, save it, post it somewhere for reference or personal use and eventually it will spread around until the actual source is lost.

No one’s immune to it. I’ve had my own personal gun photos being taken and used by “pale & pastel” blogs, whatever the fuck those are.

The image below is of my Glock 20 and Desert Eagle XIX. When I posted it I probably got maybe 120 notes? Then some pale & pastel blog took my image and they have 20,000+ notes.

*For the record, prussianparadox is not the blog that took my image, they were just the first page I could find with note counts.


Would I liked to have gotten credit for the image? Yes. Was I upset when I saw what happened? Yes, for a split second, but I have to refer back to the fact of the internet, it’s public domain now.

If you really want credit for your images, watermark them.

I did try to source images back to their owners but its time consuming and even then Google’s reverse image search isn’t 100% reliable.

So, if you’re still trying to vaguely disguise your “apples and oranges” comparison between weaponslover’s blatant watermarking of defcon’s photos and me posting your photo without credit, then you need to read up on the definition of hypocrisy. I did not stamp my name or url all over your image like what weaponslover did.

If you really want me to credit your images, then politely send an Ask and I can modify and edit the post to include you BUT I’d expect you to do the same to every other blog, page and website or you’re just being hypocritical.