Some doodles of Lothian’s staff, that gives him the ability to take on the form of one of the new owl models he’s not really aware of that yet tho and the reason he is the “bird son” lol. Given to him by his main mentor, the staff itself is based off The Chief’s Enforcer (and it’s other models) I just wanted to get a somewhat final design down =)



Shiromori’s shear weapon was hands down my favorite prop to design. :3

There’s not too much to say about the process of this one other then looking up a TON of scissor, shear and other sharp object references to get a better idea of how the blades and handles would work when open/closed or how things would rotate on a pivot point. Colors went through a few page variations and I certainly had fun trying some rather wacky color schemes using Shiro’s palette, but we were very happy with the final result. ^^

Above is the turnaround I did after the design was approved with vectors provided by the lovely @chloepoisonhearts​ 

Stair backgrounds provided by my buddy @elosandesketch