Now this is my timely crossbow.

It’s meant to, if its wielder (me) fires 11 quarrels within 60 seconds of each other, release a huge burst of fire at the 12th.

The clock’s gold (here white) hand shows how many seconds remain for the next quarrel to be fired and continue the chain.
The black hand (only drawn in picture two) shows how many successful shots have been fired, up until the twelfth.
Once the wielder takes too long or the burst of fire has been released, the mechanism jumps back to shot 1.

Picture 3 shows the simple arrowfiring mechanism that is set below the fancy numbers etc.
The string (green) is fastened to two little boasts (orange) that can each move along the bands of slightly more flexible metal (dark yellow). Now, I’ve found no more elegant way to move this stuff along (and please don’t reply with any, I’m too tired) than to make each quarrel with a strong magnet at its end, slit to hold the string.
The rail made to pull the quarrel and string back also has one, and its north pole faces the other’s south pole (or vice versa).

So, you insert the quarrel into the top (bit unhandy maybe, I’ll see), link the magnets and use the crank to pull them back.
Then, there’s a little barrier that will stop the quarrel by an orb of whichever material sitting on the shaft, but the rail keeps being cranked, so the magnets have to separate. Once the pull of the string forward is stronger than that between the magnets, the quarrel will lose and go snap an enemy.

Perhaps above the ‘tunnel’ there’s a counting device activated by the passing of the quarrel’s magnet that lets the hand move on a Roman number every second time it does so, but neither that NOR the firebursts I will smash my brains at this evening.

@xbxbxb123 if you’ve got any improvements, let me know via message but by the horrorterrors, let’s not discuss them right now |’D

Rainbow Quartz 2.0 (I’ve taken to calling them RQ-V2…) summoning their weapon… An unbreakable Drill Lance that can change length and size! Well, I liked the idea anyway

edit; changed them to have three eyes instead of four like the original RQ. My theory is that Smoky has an unsymmetrical amount of limbs because Steven is half human so that’s what I’m going with until I’m inevitably proved wrong


i wanted to have a go at designing a set of unique armour for my bloodborne character, so here he is! he’s an ex-combat medic/barber surgeon with a very bad (or dad?) sense of humour. 

(plus some fake screencaps, because they’re fun to draw.) 


Album flash: Danger Days and Conventional Weapons

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