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What is Sri's ultimate?

it’s called the “Call of Garuda” where she summons a mythological creature named Garuda. The Garuda inflicts damage to enemies within wingspan. it also boosts Sri’s speed and health until the ult finishes.

When Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited Abu Dhabi in 2016, she was the first member of the British royal family to be protected by an all-women security team. The women wore flowing, black hijabs, are all members of the UAE’s presidential guard, are highly skilled in martial arts and combat, and each one is hiding unidentified weapons on her person. Source



Shiromori’s shear weapon was hands down my favorite prop to design. :3

There’s not too much to say about the process of this one other then looking up a TON of scissor, shear and other sharp object references to get a better idea of how the blades and handles would work when open/closed or how things would rotate on a pivot point. Colors went through a few page variations and I certainly had fun trying some rather wacky color schemes using Shiro’s palette, but we were very happy with the final result. ^^

Above is the turnaround I did after the design was approved with vectors provided by the lovely @chloepoisonhearts​ 

Stair backgrounds provided by my buddy @elosandesketch



Photo #1

  • Attributed to Jean Berain I (1640 - 1711)
  • Dated: circa 1670 - 1680
  • Culture: French
  • Medium: steel, gold and velvet, etched, chiselled and gilded
  • Measurements: blade length 53.2 cm; straps length 7.3 cm; weight 1.92 kg
  • Inscription: ‘NEC PLVRIBVS IM·PAR’

Photo #2

  • Dated: 1719
  • Culture: Polish
  • Medium: steel, oak, copper alloy, gold, velvet and silk, stippled and gilded
  • Measurements: overall length (including socket) 62.2 cm, straps length 45.7 cm; weight 2.69 kg

Photo #3

  • Dated: 1714
  • Culture: French
  • Medium: steel, silver and pine, damascened and engraved
  • Measurements: overall length 184 cm; head length 32 cm; weight 1.3 kg

Photo #4

  • Dated: 1620
  • Culture: French
  • Medium: steel, gold, copper alloy, silk, velvet and cotton, blued and damascened
  • Measurements: overall length 222 cm; head length 53.3 cm; weight 3.104 kg
  • Inscription: 'L’ With collars of the Orders of St Michel and the Saint-Esprit

Photo #5

  • Designer: probably Georges Berain
  • Dated: 1662 - 1715
  • Culture: French
  • Medium: steel, gold, silk, wood, silver, copper alloy and velvet, chiselled, blued and damascened
  • Measurements: overall length 240 cm; head length 53.3 cm; weight 2.91 kg
  • Inscription: 'NEC PLURIBUS IMPAR’ 'Equal to anything’

Photo #6

  • Dated: 1640
  • Culture: German
  • Medium: steel, copper alloy, gold and oak, etched and gilded
  • Measurements: hear length 61 cm (including socket); straps length 47.6 cm; weight 3.48 kg
  • Heraldry: 3 lances, the banner charges with crosses patty; supported by cranes holding also the mitre, sword and episcopal staff
  • Inscription: 'IN · HOC · SIGNO’
  • Decoration: Arms (three keys, 2 and 1; supporters; two cranes, each holding a key)
  • Inscription: '·POUR · BIEN ·’d

Source: Copyright © 2016 The Wallace Collection