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WARNING: I have a part 2 and a part 2 ½ and I’m not afraid to use them, goshdarnit. Thank you, take care out there, and enjoy.

Steven Universe is a charming, popular show with a quad-polar fandom, and I’m only here to point out what I say is legitimately wrong with this cartoon. Simple enough? Fair enough. Previously, I talked about how their handling of villains has disrupted their focal story. And now, point number 3:


Okay, before I provide attention to our main gem heroes, I thought I’d give their home of Beach City a vocal point to express the diversity they offer and what makes them an essential drive for Steven and the Crystal Gems to protect the Earth by any means. I mean, they offer such valid representation for the show’s world building and can offer plenty of stories to tell to give us that slice of life vibe the show really needed. But I believe, after seeing Beach City time and time again over the course of 4 years, that I can summate its presence in the show with a single- Nay. With two simple yet comprehensible words.

Who cares? 

Whooo CARES?

Thank you, respectable actor Elaine Stritch. Rest in Peace

To continue, don’t get me wrong. Worldbuilding is more than essential for a story like Steven Universe, Berserk, Friendship is Magic, Legend of Zelda, and so on. Whether big or small, expanding a setting is important to giving characters a versatile way to look at their world in a differing light than before. But suffice to say, what world has Steven Universe built for itself?

*A populated province in the East Coast?

*A barn?

*Ancient ruins?

*Distant Gem Territory?

Aye, this troof is gonna be hard to explain. We just have locations, people. That’s it. They’re no special than the mini Galaxies from Super Mario Galaxy 2, only on Wii, Rated E for Everyone. A place can look cool and a population there can bring life to it, but they should have something for the characters to interact with and visibly wonder about what they might get into as they adapt and progress in some way. And by some way, I don’t mean insert plot devices that help make the characters do significant looking things, and I’ll get to that a bit later. But to sum it up, Steven Universe present locations, but those locations lack identity and coordination.

Stick around, Link, I might need your example

I got a short story to tell. True story. And this story provides my reason, above all else, for why Beach City doesn’t hold much water anymore when talking about world building, specifically after the show’s first season (or Full Disclosure).

There’s a comic book TV show called Preacher, premieres Mondays @ 9, only on AMC. Essentially it’s about a criminal turned Priest, possessed with a supernatural power, going on a cross country road trip to find the physical form of God with his his mate who’s also a vampire and his ex-girlfriend. Pretty vivid premise, but see for yourself. The first season however sets up the road trip where the priest, his ex, and vampire friend stay in a small town in Texas to not only introduce them, the power that the priest gets, and the type of humor throughout, but flesh out a few citizens they encounter pretty well in a thematically connected turnabout for ten episodes straight. All seems good.

Up until the entire town loses their minds, after losing all faith in belief, which eventually leads to a methane nuclear sized explosion that wipes out everybody except the three main characters who exited a few scenes before.

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The End.

Now, let’s talk relevance. If I ran Steven Universe, and I don’t think I can, and I pulled 👆👆 that on Beach City at season 1′s end. Erase everything you’ve seen, every citizen will be forced to disappear except the major plot oriented characters, basically resetting the structure. If I did that, how much would it change? What would we really lose? The diverse Beach citizens that don’t and can’t do shit against the enemies we’ve see unless they’re forced to get involved in some way which rarely happens? 

You can put as many people of color and as many personalities in your world all you want, but effort should also be put into not just making them NPC levels of value to the point where a reset button wouldn’t put much a dent to the “world building”. The worst part is that it’s not like Batman’s Gotham City or Spider-Man’s New York; places where the villains are plotting while they’re within city walls. Steven Universe’s enemies have to either be brought out somewhere (gem monsters, Lapis) or brought to (Jasper, that red Eye, Aqua and Topaz) Beach City for the place to provide any significant or value. So…

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Just saying.

Now if the whole series was like season one with the non “To Be Continued” slice of life episodes, then it would’ve work. Phineas and Ferb, Foster’s Home, and Friendship is Magic has done this well with keeping their main location (The Foster House, Danville, Ponyville, etc.) as their central hubworld for casual stories with a venture outside of them from time to time. I would’ve been okay with Beach City being the spot for Steven and his limitless squad to grow together like Rebecca intended at first. Then I’m reminded that there’s an world expanding story in this, with bigger consequences and threaded arcs, and I’m stuck between investing in the many things they give me, complaining towards full episodes that add up to nothing and went nowhere special, and whining about the lack of reruns it gets on TV compared to Teen Titans GO.

Bottom line, you had/have your comic series to commit to your slice of life genre instead of trying to keep it in the show.

Now, I’m at a disadvantage here. If I want to talk about the actual “SCIENCE FANTASY WORLD BUILDING”, then I’ll have to talk about the Crystal Gems’ involvement in them and I wanted to save that for another day. Luckily, I don’t have to, for SU has unintentionally played itself: when it comes to the Gem oriented locations outside Beach City, they tell but never really show. And turns out I don’t need Link’s example, but Samus Aran’s. Namely, her universe in the Metroid Prime series.

A key element to world building is the control and fun in exploration where you find and somewhat interact with aspects of an environment’s purpose and history while you’re on the go, giving the place more of an identity. Metroid Prime does this well where you journey through different parts of the Galaxy and with your scan visor, you can catalog and figure out the intricacies of the settings, the enemies within them, and info that seem trivial at first, but can offer much in progressing ahead in the game. Note the example before you…

And don’t stare deep into Samus’s blue eyes

Sure it’s an optional part of the game, and you can still trek on with or without having to continuously research the world’s lore, but it offers that versatility where you’re well in control in how to experience the game. Then again, this is a video game, where your skill in figuring things out is the only way to progress anything. What cartoon has this similar level of versatility? I mean, what else?

What else?

Gravity Falls may have stayed in one place, but it gives the characters and audience so much to explore and theorize on. They don’t tackle “everything” the world might have offered (bigfoot), but still give you so much to look out for without ever holding your hand or giving a cliffnotes version on a mystery of theirs. Hell, the fandom was hollering on Tumblr over predicting one of the show’s biggest mysteries being confirmed long before it aired. Hirsh didn’t just give those theory nuts what they wanted, his crew eased us in on how the narrative is taking a turn to someplace different and new without really forcing it on everybody. There was still that enjoyable sense of control that resonated in both the show’s direction and the audience’s experience.

I mean come on, this just oozes the moment of truth

Don’t get me wrong. The crewniverse offer very interesting locations and things that resonate with Gem stuff. My final problem with this is that when I think they might utilize these different places and things, they hold back to sharing but a glimpse of anything the show has plenty of utilizing potential for. Like…

Could this control room present more information about Homeworld’s plans for the gems than just the Cluster? “Probably not, it fulfilled its purpose. Let’s move on.”

What about these drills? Could we personally see how one works, like accidentally reactivate it to see how it functions? “Nah, they’re all dead. Let’s move on.”

Or what about the holes? Could we have some kind of flashback depicting how a gem leaps out the ground? “Nope.” Not even the off col- “NOPE.”

What’s that supposed to be? Is it something important to Homeworld? “We’ll get to that later. Let’s move on.”

Ooh, are there more ships like this the CGs could use for space travel? Maybe spruce ‘em up with Pearl and Peridot’s technical abilities? “Nah, this is all we got and Centipeedle lives there now so… Sorry.”

Man, this place looks cool. Connie might consider this since she handles weapons and might want something new, like armor or throwing weapons. “Look man, this tour is scheduled. You’ve seen it, we’ll get back to it later. Moving right along.” This tour sucks. “You paid for it, my friend.”

Egoraptor said it best: I’m not witnessing an adventure, I’m a guest at their theme park. This is Kingdom Hearts levels of dragging it along, and I know…
“But Monkey Network, they might come back to all that stuff soon. It’s called foreshadowing, you whiner.” To that, I say HA! There’s a huge difference between foreshadowing and giving us cameos. And that is in…


Long story short, if it’s subtle and holds a threatening or vague presence, THAT’s foreshadowing. If it’s already out in the open and is not given a lot of screentime or detail, that’s cameo-ing and waiting for more. The last thing a show should do is hold back and have its audience wait like shoving a secret box in our face, and that’s all Steven Universe has been doing. That’s why so many rant about what’s filler or not. That’s why so many theorize on the most reaching of details. That’s why people proudly growl at what could be the crew’s simple decisions. Because when everything must come back to Beach City, post “Full Disclosure”, exploration can be limited, detail can be limited, and it’ll be up to the audience to speculate/construct the world-building for themselves, making the control and experience for the show feel one sided, therefore UNFAIR. To summarize, I can present the fandom’s frustration…through song.

Like I said, the things I’ve seen offer so much to think about, but Rebecca Sugar sack could’ve done better with presenting them in a better light than a dim mode. The fate of Steven Universe’s future is a mystery to me, and I don’t know what they’re gonna cram in season 5 this fall. All I know is MJ (or Mystery Girl) is fine as fuck and we’re all gonna get something good eventually. My man Ian Jones-Quartey said good world building takes time, and they sure are taking their time.

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And we will be waiting, that’s for sure

Dearly Departed

This is a welcome home present for @sojustifiable. Welcome home, Amanda–you did an amazing thing and deserve far more than this paltry offering!

Thanks to @redphlox and @makapedia for giving it a once over.

Maka had taken to riding his bike. She liked to ride at night, to feel the wind in her hair and on her face, to race beneath the darkened moon. It made her feel closer to him, to use his bike, to wear his spare riding jacket, to take the twists and turns in the road he would take and to take them fast.

It was nearing midnight, and she thought, perhaps, she should head home. The ghost of his soul called to her, though she knew it was a phantom, an echo, a memory of when he was near.

Breathe in, breathe out. He’d be back. He’d be near again. Only another month, just one more month, and he’d be home. Surely she could live without her weapon for one more measly month!

The fact she was the one who had pushed him to go didn’t escape her. The fact that she was the one who had insisted he only call once a week so he could focus on spending time with his brother also didn’t escape her. She hadn’t thought about texting, though, so he did that frequently, snarky little updates that made her smile. They shared ridiculous pictures of their day. It just made her miss him more, the ache where his soul belonged keen. When she focused, stretched her soul perception thin, she could feel him so far away, yet so familiar that even the vast distance could never erase his presence completely. She didn’t often focus, the urge to call to his soul, to call him home far too strong.

Slowing as she came to a crossroad, the scene utterly still in the darkness, she looped the bike around, her vision and perception reaching for the distant twinkle of her home on the horizon, deep in the desert night. There was the faintest trace of a too familiar presence, but she blinked it away, her mind clearly offering her a vision of what she longed for rather than what was there.

When had she gotten so needy? She’d had a life before Soul became her weapon. She was her own person! He was–he was just her partner–and her best friend–and her soulmate–no, no, shit–her–her–

Her Soul. Who she–

Maka refused to admit what was in her heart, plain as the North Star overhead. Because it was stupid, because her feelings were one sided, because he wasn’t here, and someday, he would leave for good just like her Mama had, to live a life of his own. His friendship would always be hers, but anything else must be destined for another.

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I am almost 100% sure that we have already seen Peridot’s weapon in Warp Tour shortly before she disappears again. It seems to be an electromagnetic pulse grenade, since instead of actually blowing up and destroying all the warps pads, it simply broke the flask robanoids. Best guess it’s because of her status of being a technician.

- Anonymous

anonymous asked:

Do you think Peridot's weapon could be that bomb she planted way back when in Warp Tour (I think?) on the warp pad? It would kind of fit her tantrums, sudden and explosive. I thought that was how she got out when Steven trapped her because she was going to communicate with Yellow Diamond. She doesn't use them often it seems. I would say she was just holding a bomb in her gem like Pearl does but I kind of thought that was unique to Pearls, y'know 'stand there, look pretty, and hold your stuff.'

Referring to this:

Source: SU Wiki

This answer took a while because I had to rewatch everything and do some research to be certain. So I took some frames from Warp Tour:

So some things about this being her weapon don’t really add up. First, it’s not drawn from her gem. Peri reaches behind her head into her hair and grabs it.

Second, there’s no gem glow. And from the first episode (Gem Glow) we know that it’s the indicator for whether a weapon is going to be summoned, because that weapon is made of light. So the weapon starts out as a mass of white-ish light before taking form, much like the gems regenerate as white humanoid blobs before they take on their colour and defined features. That’s also absent here, as the object comes out green as grass already.

In all these cases, the gems and the weapons are a very light, almost white, colour first, because the light is forming itself into an object.

Third, I think it’s more likely that she hid the bomb in her hair or gem (leaning towards hair, actually). Although Pearl’s have this trait primarily as servants who carry things, it would be an incredibly useful thing for an engineer-type position like Peridot’s, in which one would have to carry different tools and materials for repair and inspection. Pearl would probably be optimised for carrying things. And we’ve seen that in Mirror Gem, she not only puts things in her gem, but also stores it in a capsule or sphere, probably to minimise space.

We know Peri isn’t that high up on the Homeworld hierarchy, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume she had to carry things as well, if at least for herself.

Besides, that’s not the only ability Peridot shares with Pearl.

She can also create holograms that separate from her own body and are technically autonomous, but preprogrammed to say or do specific things, much like Holo-Pearl.

As to the nature of what that thing she summoned is, my fourth and final point is that it doesn’t seem to be any sort of weapon.

A word people have used is EMP emitter or electromagnetic pulse emitter. And it makes sense. The robonioids don’t get injured or physically damaged. They’re deactivated. The radius of the blast extended far enough that the screen went white. Though the CGs were in the periphery, they didn’t feel alarmed or get hurt. I think the robonoids are something Peri has to work in close proximity with at this point in time. Her gear would be optimised to deal with them. Recall that this was the first thing Peri did upon realising the site was compromised. This shows that this is Homeworld standard operating procedure.

I’ve mentioned in my Gem Weapons post, that it would actually be more interesting if we got to see Peridot come up with her summoned object. Because Gems aren’t born knowing how to summon their weapons, and I think that weapons as the summoned object came about because they were used to being a fighting race. But in the new age of Homeworld, where battle-related and brute-strength things are often replaced with technology, and there is a relative peace (or de-militarisation) going on, new gems like Peridot don’t have their weapons because they had no need to use them. And if that’s the case, her summoned object could be anything that’s more relevant to her than a weapon will be. It’d be a great indicator that a new age is coming where gems don’t have to fight each other anymore.

[TRANS] Naver January’s Music Special Teen Top, before their world tour

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Source: http://music.naver.com/promotion/specialContent.nhn?articleId=4573&page=1
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January’s Music Special: The world puts their attention on Teen Top, the beginning of everything

Teen Top, before their world tour

Sweat-filled concert practices revealed!

Finally, the world will place their focus on Teen Top! They’ll be starting off their world tour with an Areana Tour in Japan. Naver Music will be showcasing Teen Top at their concert practices as they prepare for their world tour. What’s Teen Top’s secret weapon for their world tour, the members’ hopes for the world tour (is a definite) and even the diaries they wrote personally. Let’s take a look with Naver Music!

Step 1: Teen Top’s secret weapon is?

Everyone is putting their heart and soul into preparing for Teen Top’s World Tour. We heard that they’ve prepared new performances for the World Tour that have yet to be seen previously. Fans will be able to catch ‘the beginning and the end’ of knife-like dance with Teen Top’s fanciful and upgraded performances

First to be revealed – the members performing the songs they wrote! You’ll be able to catch rapper line L.Joe and C.A.P putting up performances of the songs they wrote; it’s definitely a chance for us to witness Teen Top’s developments!

The solo stages where you’ll be able to experience the uniqueness and charms of each member! Rather than just showcasing knife-like dance, each member of Teen Top has prepared a special performance. The solo aspects which you’ve yet to see in a group! There’re also members who will be putting up ballads, so do look forward to it!

At the Korea concert for the World Tour, you wouldn’t be able to know where the members will be appearing from, so there is an element of surprise. In particular, the Teen Top members will be on the movable stage which has been specially made for the concert, so you look forward to the members appearing at the places you least expect! Everyone should be looking forward to it.

Step 2: Ahead of the World Tour

The Teen Top we met at the practice studio was different from the bright Teen Top we were used to on stage – they’re so serious and filled with passion; a different charm from the dancing Teen Top. Seeing the Teen Top members holding onto the microphones and singing each word to their best ability had left a deep impression on us. We shall now set off for Teen Top’s sweat-filled practice studio.

C.A.P was ill but he gave his best till the end of the practice. He tried hard to hide that he was ill and rapped his parts really well with his deep and unique voice. No wonder he’s the team’s leader.

Niel transforms his solo song to make it uniquely his. He tried his best to sing it; he was focused and so, he covered the song perfectly. He tapped his fingers along with the beat and he made not a single mistake – the perfect vocalist Niel! No wonder he’s the main vocal?

What would be the solo song Ricky will be performing in Japan? It sounds very refreshing as Ricky sings the song. We heard that the solo songs he’ll be performing for Korea and Japan are different, so we’re looking forward to it even more.

L.Joe showcases his gentle rap as the band plays the music. Even after the end of his practice when the other members were taking turns to practice for their solo performances, L.Joe did not stop his rap practice – that left an impression on us.

Word by word, Changjo gave his best for his performance. We couldn’t help but give him a round of applause when we saw his professional side when he checked with the band as he carried on with his practice. We’ll look forward to an even cooler Changjo at the concert.

A perfect harmony with the chorus. Though it was just a practice, Chunji pulled off the sweet ballad with his deepest emotions. Chunji’s unique and clear vocal colour was perfect for the song. After the solo practice, he checks on the details, very cool of him indeed.

Step 3: Teen Top at their practice

Left: All smiles and harmoniously~ Let’s work hard for practice today as well!

Right: The Teen Top members’ gazes change the moment practice starts!

Left: L.Joe was serious throughout practice!

Right: Cutely looking around~ Ricky!

Teen Top’s World Tour practice went on very seriously! Teen Top (of course) and the band members were serious and they practised hard.

Left: Leader’s serious gaze! He was ill but he remained focus till the end – the cool C.A.P.

Right: Even when the other members were practising, he listened to his music and continued practising his rap.

Step 4: The members’ handwritten diary

Chunji’s diary!!!

It’s 2014 and we’re preparing for our 2nd concert. I’m really nervous and excited, it’s our first concert in 2014!!! There’ll be many new performances and we hope to have lots of fun together. Hope many Angels can make it ♥ I’ve to go off to practise now…

Today’s diary: Weather – Sunny (NIEL)

We practised for the World Tour today! It’s really tiring but it’s fun at the same time~ It’s a dream come true for us to be able to do a World Tour! I think I’ll be really happy when I stand on stage? The best!! Oh~ yeah~ I’ll sweat it all out today and catch some good sleep ~! Cool cool~!

C.A.P’s diary

I was really nervous during our first concert last year but it’s already 2014 and we’ll be holding our 2nd concert. I feel that we should do even better. We really need to do much better. In order to show you our best sides, we have to give it our best. I’m tired now, I’ve to go to bed~ ♥

Ricky’s diary

We Teen Top will be holding our World Tour in 2014, WOW. I’m really really really happy and I’m excited just thinking about it. I’m also thinking if we can pull it off well. But as I think of our beloved Angels, I gain strength and can’t help but smile. We’ll give our best and bring to you the best of us. Just wait a little while more, I love you.. ♥

Changjo’s diary

We’re preparing really hard right now. Looking forward. Really nervous. Can we pull it off well? Only a few days left. We need to think even harder to put up good performances! Good! Hwaiting ♥

Byunghunnie honey’s diary  _

2014!! Teen Top’s World Tour <3 Really looking forward to it. Thinking of how the Angels will fill the venues, makes me so so so!! Happy~  Although we still have many songs left to practise… But I’m so happy I think I will die! Totally! I’ll definitely show you a cool guy performance! Please wait a little while more, our Angels-gels ♥_♥ -L.JOE-