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Imagine Steve and Tony bonding when Tony learns about Bucky and Steve fixing up steves first bike way back when, and takes him to the shop to show him the cars he's revamped

“I don’t often admit to being wrong, but I have to say Cap, I was wrong about you.  I didn’t realize you knew so much about your bike.”

Steve looks up from his place on the concrete next to his motorcycle, fingers grease-stained and a myriad of tools on a cloth beside him.

“Turns out I’m more than a showgirl.  Who knew.”  

“I should’ve known, it’s not like you always had access to a mechanic in the war.” 

“No.  And we made a lot of…adjustments, with Dernier’s help.”

“I’ve seen some of the footage.  Shot flames and everything.”

A wistful grin crossed Steve’s face.  “Yeah.” 

Tony pondered Steve for several long moments before nodding once decisively.  “That settles it.”


“You know what you’re doing and you just admitted how much you like explosions.  Come on. I need another pair of hands in my shop and I want to show off what I’ve done to someone who’s going to appreciate it.” 

Steve paused, gauging Tony’s expression and when he found nothing facetious in it, he hurried to clean up the space around his bike.

“That’d – that’d be real nice, Tony.  Thanks.  I haven’t worked in a shop since-“

“The war?”

“Before.  I couldn’t do much and when I couldn’t get a job illustrating, there was a mechanic shop down the street that would give me the small stuff to tinker with.  I had the smallest fingers and I could fix some of the more delicate stuff.”

Tony’s smile got wider.  “JARVIS.  Give Cap access to the garage.  He’s gonna need it.”  Tony had a mischievous glint in his eye.  “I have an antique that I could use your expertise on.”

Flug: *clearly awkward* So uh, do you also sell weapons… to um, heroes, though, I guess?
White Hat: Oh goodness no, even after Dr. Slys starting working with me we’ve never sold weapons. Force fields, armor, repairs, that sort of thing.
Flug: O-Oh…
White Hat: *moves hand to chest* But my main product as always been myself~
Flug: *Does a double take*
Flug: You… sell yourself?
White Hat: Oh, yes.
White Hat: I can be a body guard if you like, or watch over a city for a day. Sometimes I’m hired to save a kidnapped victim or stop a heist.
Flug: A-Ah, for a second I thought you meant-
White Hat: Though, most often people hire me to spend the night in their bed
Flug: *drops coffee cup* 
Flug: What? Er- I guess if you, um, if they want to spend the night with you- uh,
White Hat: Oh, no. They want me to shapeshift into my brother.
Black Hat, who is nearby: *spits out his tea*
White Hat, now covered in tea: …. anyways

thinking about garrus and shepard in me1, talking late at night over weapon-cleanings or mako repairs when shepard can’t sleep. garrus, the idealistic rookie who wants nothing more than to protect, and shepard, the closest thing to a guiding light he’s stumbled upon

thinking about garrus and shepard in me2, finding companionship in one another after their individual struggles. garrus, weighed down by the lives of the people who trusted him, and shepard, still lost and out-of-place in a world that kept going without her

thinking about garrus and shepard in me3, seeking each other out in moments of solace when the war seems bleak and never-ending. shepard, who keeps pushing herself to do the impossible, and garrus, who just wants to be the light that guides her back home

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I love your stories. How about prompt 80. “Teach me?” ? Do you put your prompts and drabbles on ff net?

Yes I do! Sometimes it takes me a little while to post them on FF.net, but I do post them. :) HERE’s the link to my FF.net ficlet series where I post these drabbles, and HERE’s the link to my FF.net profile, where I have a lot of other stories too, like multi chapter fics that I don’t post here on tumblr. I have a lot more fics over on FF.net, I don’t have even half of them here on tumblr. :) Thanks for this request! Hope this is what you had in mind! <3 :D

Lessons of a Blacksmith

Astrid never tired of watching Hiccup work at the forge. He was so precise in his movements, knowing exactly what he had to do and what needed to be done- something that Astrid saw him do more and more frequently in his leadership skills. He was becoming more responsible- mature. He was growing up.

And… well- she noticed that in more ways than just his attitude and what not. He wasn’t that gangly boy any longer, now nearing twenty years, he’d grown taller- he’d long since passed Gobber and Snotlout’s height. She guessed Hiccup to be around six feet, maybe even a little taller. It seemed he was a late bloomer, for this height had only kicked in over the last few months they’d been at the Edge.

That wasn’t the only thing that Astrid had noticed change. He had more muscle now- he was still thin, but not “scrawny” as he’d once been. Now he was lean and had wiry muscle- enough that Astrid questioned who’d win in a wrestling match, she or him. Most likely her, because Hiccup was a softy and would probably let her win… knowing that dork.

She shifted her position on the bench, her elbows leaning against the table and her chin resting in her hands. Hiccup moved away from the hot Forge, sweat dribbling down his forehead and into his eyes. He bumped a barrel of broken weapons on his way to the anvil, causing him to mutter something under his breath in irritation.

Astrid’s eyes followed his every movement, she being quite aware of the sweaty cloth that was clinging to Hiccup’s back…

She shook her head, looking away to keep herself from goggling anymore then what she’d already done. Already she felt Hiccup eyeing her suspiciously, and she tried to instead look interested in a weapon rack leaning against the wall.

She heard the clanging of the hammer against the anvil, flattening the piece of medal that was supposed to be a replacement piece for Toothless’s saddle. She turned back to Hiccup, watching in fascination as the hammer came down again, Hiccup skillfully shaping the lumpy medal into a smooth piece of workable iron.

Hiccup stopped and turned to dunk the medal into a bucket of water, rising steam and sizzling buzzles to the surface.

“How do you do that?” Astrid asked in awe when Hiccup pulled the tongs back, showing a now cool piece of medal, hardened and cooled.

Hiccup smiled and set the piece aside, wiping his hands on the leather apron he wore over his torso. “Years of practice.”

She stood and walked over to the anvil, staring at the iron before switching her gaze to the sweaty young man beside her. She could hear Hiccup huffing breath unevenly from the exertion, and his face was drenched in perspiration although he was smiling happily.

“Teach me?” She asked longingly. Hiccup laughed but didn’t hesitate to grab another apron and toss it over her neck, he himself going to tie the leather chord behind her back.

“I’m yours to command, m’lady.” Hiccup grinned dorkily, earning a small punch into his ribs.

Astrid crossed her arms, waiting for instructions. “Well? What do I do first?”

“Depends on what you want to make.” Hiccup started, grabbing her hand in his and pulling her over to a medal pot filled with a red glowing lava looking substance. “An axe?”

“Yes!” She exclaimed excitedly. Making her own axe- that would be amazing. So many times Hiccup had repaired- or even replaced- her prized weapon. Knowing how to repair and make her own weapon could come in very handy in the future.

“Alright.” Hiccup moved away for a moment before returning with what looked like an overlarge ladle. He pressed it into her hand, surprising her by how heavy the mechanism was.

“Now what?”

“Fill it with the iron, then you move it over her to this mold.” Astrid caught sight of Hiccup’s hand gesturing towards the table directly to her right, one that had a large block resting on it. She nodded in understanding, recalling seeing Hiccup do the same thing many times before.

She dunked the oversized ladle into the lava, pulling it out and scuffling to the side to poor it into the mold through a small hole. Once the lava began bubbling out the hole, Astrid pulled the ladle away and dumped the remaining iron into the caldron.

“Good?” She asked, glancing back to Hiccup was still standing close behind her. He smiled down at her, his arms going to wrap about her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder.

“Superb, my apprentice.” He teased lightly, his lips pressing a small kiss against her cheek. She chuckled and gave his ribs a little poke with her elbow, although that didn’t detour him any from pressing more kisses on her cheeks and neck.

“Hiccup, stop…” She bit back a giggle when he began tickling her under the neck with one finger, his other hand going to tickle her in the stomach. “Hiccup! I c-can’t… can’t focus if you-you’re- hehe stop!”

Hiccup laughed but decided to show mercy, ceasing his tickling to only hug her around the middle again, resuming his former position with his head resting against hers.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever told you.” Hiccup started softly, his lips ghosting against her ear. “But I love you…”

“I love you too, babe.” She responded, turning her head to kiss his lips. “Now finish showing me how to make this axe, and maybe I’ll have time to go on a flight with you tonight…”

Comforting The Monster Within

[Summary]: You help comfort and calm Bruce down while he’s in “The Hulk” state

[Pairing]: Bruce x reader

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You always knew to be cautious around the man they called “The Hulk”. The team told you stories of the gentle doctor and how he would turn into a raging monster twice his size but you just didn’t want to believe them.

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Ideal witcher nest:

Witchers totally pick places to nest, don’t lie to yourself. They pick a room and just… put their things everywhere. 

  • About 50 blankets
  • one small exit and entrance
  • so much food and snacks hidden away everywhere
  • books
  • weapons hidden everywhere you expect
  • a nice fire or stove where the best blanket and mattress is to enjoy the heat
  • clean clothes
  • so many socks
  • armor and weapon repair and cleaning kits
  • their favorite things (gifts from people they care about, impressive trophies, trinkets or small pieces of things they picked up on the Path that interested them)
  • 50 pillows
  • weapons hidden where you don’t expect them (but still, you are not surprised)
  • a very organized box of herbal teas
  • armor and weapon diagrams stuffed away in a secret container
  • gold also somewhere out of sight
  • blankets you realize that are made from monster hides (griffin fur is actually really soft)
  • Bonus points: your witcher was in the room the entire time and you didn’t even see him

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Can I request Lukas relationship and quirks headcannons? Your blog is really nice!! Keep up the good work!!

thank you, friend! i’ll do my best ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

relationship headcanons

  • despite his sweetheart nature, the beginning of a relationship with Lukas would be awkward. Lukas is clueless when it comes to romance, so things like pda and gift-giving would be completely foreign. compliments would come easier, but they would be something a la Shang: “you… you fight good.”
  • that said, it’d be up to you to initiate a lot of firsts. Lukas would be nervous in all of these gestures, but he would still appreciate them regardless.
  • it wouldn’t take you long to find out how, in spite of how collected he seems, he sweats a lot around you. the first time you held his hand, you could feel its clamminess. still, as mentioned, he appreciates these gestures. even if his hand is shaking or it’s filled with sweat, Lukas would still lace his fingers around yours, a soft breath emitting from his nostrils.
  • as your relationship progresses, Lukas would (naturally) become more comfortable with you. conversations with him would be pleasant, yet you would quickly find out his humor is rather dry. thus, bad jokes would obviously follow!
  • Lukas isn’t terribly protective or possessive of you. he trusts you in both your friendships and on the battlefield. however, if you were injured, how he would react are as follows:
    • Lukas would want to treat a minor injury, such as a cut or a deep bruise, himself. as he cleans the wound, he tells you to please be more careful. the Deliverance has an important mission to carry out, yes, but it’s no use with one less soldier. he places the bandage on afterward, then holds your hand before whispering, “well, i would also miss you. if not for the Deliverance, then please… do it for me.”
    • in terms of a serious injury, Lukas would instead blame himself. he should have been closer to you, should have seen that arrow before it hit you. his emotions would be a mix of anger and sorrow, his brows furrowed as he sits next to you. he wouldn’t even be able to look at you – it’s too painful – but for the first time since you started dating, his calm composure is broken. Lukas begins to cry softly.


  • when visiting towns, aside from getting his weapons and armor repaired, Lukas loves visiting the bakeries. it’s canon that Lukas has a sweet tooth, but he makes it his mission to visit any and all sweet shops in Zofia. he loves discovering new tastes from different regions of the country and comparing them. for example, towns on the east coast use sea salt to highlight the sweetness of their tarts, while towns in the south use more eggs to make the crust soft.
  • as Forsyth notes, Lukas loves to read. he trades novels with villagers he encounters, but he gets especially excited when he gets his hand on mysteries. he’ll read anything – books on business etiquette, raunchy romances, anything! – but mysteries always keep him on his toes. the Deliverance is always dealing with one issue or another, so to be able to take his mind off battle strategies and focus on an engrossing murder case is such a pleasure.
  • because of his affinity for books, Lukas has a lot of random knowledge. likewise, he absorbs information like a sponge; if you ask him to recite a poem, he can do it. need a recipe for pumpkin-flavored custard? he’s got you covered. how about the exact date King Lima IV died? done.

She has no throne. Girls without thrones should not have knights, but hers won’t go. Princess Zelda – the girl who killed Calamity – would love to fade into legend, but Link’s bought a house, he’s fighting off monsters, and he’s selling giant horses to strangely familiar Gerudo men. She’ll never have any peace now. (ao3)  

(chapter one) (chapter two) (chapter three)

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Ep 62: You’re Doing it Wrong [Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

Been playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild for a couple weeks, wandering around exploring.  It’s fun roaming the map!

Named a couple horses Roach, then named some horses dumb things, and then gave up on horses because they are all garbage.  Don’t even get me started on non-repairable weapons constantly breaking, either.  I find myself saving all the best weapons for “a better battle” and so far have never used ‘em.

Despite all that and the weird cooking menus, the game is great and I’m enjoying it! One day, sure, I’ll get around to the main story.  But for now? I’m just going to keep on mapping out areas, hoarding weapons, and wrecking monsters. Zelda can wait a bit longer, I’m sure.

- Foxmime


DeLisle 1944 Silent Carbine

130 manufactured in 1944 by the Sterling Armament Co. in Dagenham, East London, United Kingdom.
.45ACP subsonic, 7-round standard pistol magazine, bolt action, integral suppressor.

This fascinating weapon was developed by William Godfray de Lisle, British engineer at the Air Ministry, between 1942 and 1944. Its suppressor, an improvement over Hiram Percy Maxim’s silencer, made it inaudible beyond 45m, a quarter of its effective range. It was an invaluable asset for British commandos and a much better alternative to the Welrod pistol that could only fire a few rounds at very short range before needing repair.

  • the zombie apocalypse didn’t dampen any of his happiness
  • he’s pretty much still the same, just a bit more cautious as to the volume of his voice lmao
  • most people thought he wouldn’t get too far along but he proved to be full of hidden skills
  • for one, he’s good at repairing broken weapons and improvising in making new ones
  • ever seen a double-sided rake? well now you will because seokmin made it
  • that’s actually how you got close
  • you were on a run and were assigned to bring in every potential weapon you could find before taking them to seokmin for checking
  • you practically had to drag the duffel bag you had because it was full of metal scraps, tools, and a few guns
  • seokmin saw you struggling and immediately tried to help you
  • “here let me help you with that.”
  • truthfully, you were distracted by the light glaring off his sweaty, sleeveless arms and that even more blinding smile on his face 
  • you quietly unloaded all the stuff onto his workstation, yours and seokmin’s hands occasionally brushing against each other
  • “thanks for doing this,” seokmin said, pulling a strip of duct tape loose, his arm muscles (and your eyes) bulging
  • you tried to keep your cool and be like “it’s no problem.”
  • seokmin just smiled and reached under the table before handing you what looked like an upgraded version of a shotgun
  • “take this the next time you’re out there.”
  • and you looked at him all weirdly like “you giving me this for free?”
  • seokmin laughed before going “not really. you can pay me by becoming my new assistant.”
  • you reluctantly agree but on the inside you were like ‘holy shit??? what the fuck???’
  • so for the next few weeks you spend more and more time together, the first few times being a little quieter than you’d like since he did most of the talking, and even then he’d go into long bouts of silence if he was super concentrated 
  • the only reason for this is because you were too afraid of saying something stupid in front of him
  • but eventually you open up and gain knowledge about one another
  • and you honestly believe the apocalypse would be way, way worse without the ray of sunshine that is lee seokmin
Send a word for my muse to attempt to teach yours:

((Send the word, plus “reverse”, for your muse to be teaching my muse))

Babel: Another language. 

Vroom: Machine maintenance/repair. 

Cha-cha-cha: How to dance.

Do-re-mi: How to play a musical instrument. 

Checkmate: A game

Home run: A sport

Yum: How to cook

Stitches: How to sew

Click: How to use a computer/smartphone.

Pow: Close-range fighting.  

Target: How to shoot, or throw weapons. 

Handyman: Home maintenance/repair. 

Beep-beep: How to drive/fly a vehicle. 

Giving Tree: Gardening

Etc: Some other skill or activity not listed above. 

Genealogy of the Holy War or FE4 without spoilers

Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War introduced the concept of support conversations, the weapon trianglespecial skills, two generations/children characters, magic being split into different ranks like Fire/Thunder/Wind, Light and Dark, and very developed characters/villains.

Genealogy of the Holy War also had a few weird ideas that didn’t return. Like units couldn’t freely trade and had individual money. Units could only trade with others either in support partners, through a pawn shop(above), or specific events.

The other was broken weapons could always be repaired back to use in the pawn shop. This included Legendaries.

It was one of the most successful games in Japan, only falling behind Mystery of the Emblem and its remake for DS. 

Awakening took inspiration from Genealogy of the Holy War. One such example being Holy Blood featuring in the story of Awakening, but not the gameplay like Genealogy. 

Holy Blood being power originating from their ancestor drinking dragon blood manifesting in the form of a Mark, the full Mark usually only shows on the firstborn(hence Chrom gets it and not Lissa). While fully human and distinct from Manaketes, these humans have increased abilities and can usually wield special weapons. The full mark holder can also be possessed by the dragon of whom their mark owes its origin too.

The Grimleal in Awakening who worshipped Grima as a god and worked to create another human for  him to possess where almost identical to the Loptyrians of Genealogy who worshipped Loptyr as a god and worked to create another human for him to possess. They both used the Deadlords as mentioned earlier.

A big thing is Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War two generations. The character above is the main character of the first generation, Celice/Serlis, while the characters behind are Sigurd and Deidre, the main character of first generation and his wife respectively.



Like Awakening, the mother determined the character, while the father determined the stat growths, skills, and supports/events. Unlike Awakening which used time travel, Genealogy used a time skip after what happened to the parents of the first Generation 1, I’ll avoid spoilers.

Only 2 potential parents remained in the second generations story and only one was still playable(guy in the pics above).


As you had to have units in the second generation and only the main character of first generation married by default, the intricate substitute character system existed. Basically say a Mother didn’t get married or died in G1, in her kids place would be a new character who fulfilled the same role her kid played in G2 but with a new personality and look.

Like despite both archers above fighting to support to finance their village , the regular one was somewhat arrogant, while the substitute was insecure about his lowbirth/lack of holy blood. They also had different supports and could get different weapons.

Final thing Awakening had from them is several of the Legendary Bloodlocked weapons like Mystletainn, and Naga Tome appeared as extras. The only ones that do not return as Extras are the Loptyr tome and the Valkyrie Staff. The Awakening versions are weaker then the FE4 originals and are not blood locked.


Reading through this post, it’s really interesting to see how similar FE4 and Awakening are alike to each other. It seems like a really good game and it’s not hard to see why it sold so well. Seeing as Awakening was slated to be the last game in the series if it didn’t sell well, I can understand why they took so many elements from it because it sold very well.

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Any thoughts/headcanons on Toadrat? (Roadhog/Junkrat/Lucio)


  • When I first think of Toadrat I think of the three of them repairing their weapons/tinkering with things together. Junkrat just mumbling under his breath and Lúcio playing some music and Roadhog mostly staying quiet except for a few words. I think it would just be relaxing for all of them to do that together? I’m sorry if that’s boring but i think it’s cute so
  • I also think about them sleeping like Junkrat on one side, Lúcio on the other? They might change it up, though. Junkrat’s not the type to sleep in the same position every night I think.
  • I really think Lúcio would like watch out for Roadhog and make sure he’s doing okay? Because he is older and he has breathing problems so I can see Lúcio making sure Roadhog doesn’t push himself, making sure he gets proper rest that kinda thing. I think that might irritate Roadhog at first, but he notices that Lúcio kinda does that with people he cares about; makes sure they’re taken care of. To the point that he forgets to take care of himself. And I think Roadhog would remind Lúcio with a hand on his shoulder or nudging him in the back with his belly and telling him to stop working and go to bed.
  • Doing each other’s NAILS. Roadhog and Lúcio have to both work together to get Junkrat’s nails done. It’s hard for him to sit still so one has to distract and the other has to paint.
  • I just REALLY LIKE how they’d all look out for each other. During missions?? They just look out for each other and they get SO MAD when one of them gets hurt. And it’s like… everything just comes together when they’re fighting. The junkers work together well already, but with Lúcio there, they can move faster and get shit done because they’re not as afraid of injury as they previously were. Plus those shields mean that Roadhog can go full hog and Junkrat can just go all over the place. 
  • I think the three of them in the kitchen cooking would be exceptionally interesting and hilarious.
  • I really need Roadhog to open up to both of them slowly okay. Maybe reveal tidbits about his past over time and then he shows them both his face at the same time and Lúcio gets all emotional and Junkrat gets touchy. He traces the scars and makes comments and Lúcio just stares at Roadhog from afar and just mutters compliments under his breath.
  • I need Roadhog to open up to Lúcio about the Australian Liberation Front and how hard he fought. Telling Lúcio that he sees that same kind of passion and fight in him. Lúcio just talking about the rebellion and the secrets that he hadn’t told anyone. I just need them to bond over it, okay.
  • Junkrat being surrounded by people who love and care for him is super important and it makes him feel amazing okay. Having that support and not feeling like a freak or like he’s all alone. Feeling accepted and appreciated. Lúcio would always shower him with affection and so would Roadhog. Sometimes. Not nearly as much as Lúcio, though.

I like the dynamic between the two of them and I think they make a good team! It’s harder for me to think about them sexually? Like all three together, though I’m not saying I’m not for that. I just think I need to write more of them before I’m able to talk about that. I don’t know Roadhog well enough, and I’m not ashamed to admit it lmfao.

Drabble based on this which resulted in this and  this and well…

Warning: Slight mentions of a daddy kink (though it’s more of Vlad being an asshole and teasing Danny) 

Edit: you can now read it on AO3, FF.net, or under the cut

Every kid knew how embarrassing it was to accidentally call a teacher “mom” or “dad”.  It was like a given, at some point, you have or almost have, made that horrifying mistake. Usually in elementary or middle school, which let me tell you, is a whole hell of a lot better than in highschool. However, you don’t know how truly mortifying it is when it’s done outside of an innocent environment, where the teacher simply shrugs it off. It’s especially worse if the words are what the other actually wanted to hear, but… context is everything.

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The weapons repair system is returning?! Stop being amazing! Stop it! Will you guys be making a stand alone mod for Fallout 4 for the Weapon Repair System later on? Like you are doing with the Skills Mod?

To clarify, shad0wshayd3 is making the skills mod for FO4- not our team.  Our team is only doing Cascadia.  So any additional features we have will likely only be released as frameworks unless an individual member of the team who created it decides to do the legwork to implement into the core game themselves..

Engineer Thoughts

I had too many of these for me to hold onto so I’m letting them go out into the cold unforgiving world. Also I SAY Engie and I mean ‘mostly centered around Engie singular but I’ll start to derail when I get into the intermercinary relationships’. Safe for work with swears.

I imagine Engie as a pretty obsessive and cold guy under all his humble-bumble Bee Cave mannerisms. He kinda has to be able to gnaw at a conundrum until its solved, it’s his job to solve problems. (like how he spent all his Exp. Date time continuing bread-teleporter experiments) putting a lot everything else to the side. Probably goes to sleep counting force in newtons of output he did that match. When he wants a fun distraction he’ll try to figure out how Merasmus’s magic works (where does the mass come from to make the Headless Horseless Horseman, for example). And this is usually a good time for him.

Early on sometimes the mercs would ask him what he’s thinking about when he get all focused, to which he knows means it’s his duty as a holder of 11 PhD’s to fuck with them as much as he can with his answer. For the ones that are easier to confuse he’ll just let a train of thought run into the extremes, sidetracking interchangeably with something in a different field of study with ’now you can get that effect just with ample application of C4 - which is that chemical that NASA put in their Space Snail Shuttle to get it to explode slower - but the real deal is coating the stuff the inside of the glove BEFORE you arm the shotgun and you’ll get that poor sonofaguns number before he knew he had one…’ until they just kind of. Walk away.

For ones that might intend to follow his reasoning, or record the information in audio, or take photos of his blueprints, or take photos of his blueprints in certain compromising positions, (not that he’s bitter, mind), he’ll just straight up babble Thesis-Sounding words in their direction while he plays his guitar with some (but not all) of the strings untuned to hell. Which incurred a neat trick one time where he played ‘La Marseilles’ just slightly out of tune - the Spy was the one who twitched.

An Engie has to get his fun where he can take it, outside of work. Otherwise he’ll have to find other ways to keep himself busy (keeping respawn up, checking the phone lines, pretending to check the phonelines), or his team will try to walk all over him. “Hey Engie, you not busy? Repair my guns/equipment/medigun/life/marriage? Thanks!” Now he’ll do you a solid if you ask nicely, but he ain’t no maid! And dang, boy, learn how to repair your own weird shotguns!

Though when he does find himself bored enough to sit down and repair anything, he might find the issue that his brain will latch onto a train and thought it and not let him go until he’s fixed the weapon but also made it at least 50-100% more deadly and potentially OP. The Force-A-Nature? The Machina? The Cow Mangler? The Backburner? The Fists of Steel? All Engie (or ideas er, adopted, by Mann Co.). I’m sure doing all this starts to warm him up to the idea of doing more things for people who are surprisingly receptive to being given crazy weapons.

Don’t let him repair anything that was not invented/intended/needed to also decapitate foes, though. Sniper made that mistake when his camper van had to be jump-started and it came back with a electric laser cannon that fired whenever he honked. To his credit, Engie swears he left a detailed 600 word explanative post-it-note on the steering wheel as he paid off Sniper’s Bail to the county jail that had suffered a mass breakout as well as a laser to the fence. But to earn himself brownie points, afterwards he helped steal back the van from the Impounded Weapons Lot. And added a dashboard button instead of a horn. And after another incident caused by Sniper’s long legs and lack of caffeination that would make Pyro give off electric shocks for a week thereafter, he replaced it again by a button covered by breakable glass that read ’ARE YOU DOUBLY SURE?’ in red letters.

Demo has a damn good campfire horror story about the time an alarm clock got fixed up by a mad scientist, or as he calls it, the Tale of the All-Armed Clock. The tired haunted look in his eyes makes you wonder though.

Spy is under legal/lethal contract to never let Engineer have at his Spy Co. devices again. He’s learnt his lesson. For one, that when Engineer says ’He’s just taking a quick look’, in his Rule-Screwing Texan Gremlin Tongue he means ’he’s gonna take a quick look and a quick play around and quick sketch-up of an unrelated side-study of Invisibility Fields and start a quick writing of terrifying ideas like “Reconsider Invisible Sentries”’. The other lesson learnt is that Spy Co. always knows when their stuff has been tinkered with.

Also Spy, after hearing-tell of the events of Sniper’s Van, has never let Engineer have a remote chance of even accidentally getting near his expensive car, let alone access. Still, he swears that the ‘Oil Slick’ button must have always been there, they just omitted it from the manual. Because there’s no way.

(Though as much as Spy tries to stop Engineer meddling with the tools of his trade [speak for yourself, Spy], he was pleasantly surprised when there was a cigarette-box compartment added to the newest Dispenser models - which would later bear a lighter function too after a vaguely directed sarcastic suggestion.)

Medic’s Ambulance (neé Wedding Catering Van) has gotten a lot of hidden storage space longways about the width of the average human male (and an extra large special compartment too). They have some nice cooling system that Medic also uses to store perishables in hot weather. Otherwise Engineer hasn’t done much in the way of touch-ups, Medics birds were quite insistent he not touch their perch areas. He won’t tell you how he knows it, he just does.

Miss Pauling has approved of the minor adjustments to her scooter, which just encouraged Engineer to make more and pile them on top of each other (though Pauling does have a set of rules make sure he doesn’t go all out and turn it into a tank - like one that says he “can’t adjust any more than 2% the outside form of the Scooter”. She delivered these rules as a contract she wrote up. Engie appreciated the gesture.). The toxic gas tires and the headlights have a flashbang feature are cool tricks. But not as overall useful as general adjustments like the hidden gun compartment under the seat and the engine that can go from 1 to 100 in five seconds. In Pauling’s dizzy words 'That accelerated quickly!’

But upgrades take workshop space which, depending on the base and the luck of the draw, might have to be shared. Demo and Engie go to each other to confer ideas of explosive power often (and sometimes just a cold drink and a chat), but it’s a barely-held truce whenever their base forces them to share a workshop. They get a bit excited and competitive.

Engie and Medic have great times together though, and will tell everyone they’re 'doing serious research which will improve battle capability yadda yadda science words’. But really they’re just doing increasingly wacky teleporter experiments (preferably while either very drunk or very sober) until the cows come home, with intent to produce a cathartic and oogleable experience. This is probably how they found out about the bread. After a hard day once in a while, Medic will drag a weird thing in and demand to see what going through the teleporter will do to it, to which Engineer will provide the teleporter (sometimes with minor adjustments to make things interesting), and they wake up in the morning with a headache and three teleporters fixed to the ceiling each with a banana trapped in a perpetual fall.

They’ll survive sharing a workspace, somehow. Just as long as the biotic stuff and the electric stuff don’t mingle too often. It gives them ideas.

But it’s basically a three-way Passive-Laxative-Corrosive-Explosive-Aggressive Cold War situation when things get skimpy enough that Medic, Engineer and Demo have to share a single Research Room. Not that Medic blows many things up, but, oh no! Whoopsie, he didn’t expect that blood-filled lung to just burst like that! He thought it would take two hundred times more pressure! Hope you didn’t accidentally ingest any of that raining blood, hoho, no, that would be bad!

Yeah, of course you didn’t mean for it to rain blood all over his fresh coat of paint.  An accident. Which is why Engie is sure Medic’ll understand when his Miniature Prototype Gattling-Car (which he only really started working on after the blood-splatter occured, what do you know) will, oh darn, lose control to the recoil and just wander into Medic’s cadaver pile and somehow ruin all the ones with the nice intact eyes. By accident.

But of course a bullet jumped off some bone and a launched nose fell into Demo’s chemical cocktail of doom, the acid of which would have ruined his hair had he not thrown his Hat to the floor where it dissolved. And Demo was gonna be the bigger person with the nicer hat about all of this, but the bigger person could also be the guy who let the left side of the room just fill slightly with gas -

You see the point. And the explosion, if you’re walking by. Don’t get them wrong though, if these eggheads were to ever work on the same problem, they’ll solve it with enthusiasm. And whaddyaknow, Engineer enjoys the company, in between making sounds from the workshop that give the other teammates something to worry about.

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Final Fantasy XV AU

A/N: I forgot to mention in the other two parts of this. But I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of @promptoargentum-is-my-husband!!! Thanks so much girl, I needed the help.

Part 1 Part 2

The Night Is Permanent 
Part 3

Your P.O.V.

You walk into the garage and look around and see your son helping Cindy out with repairing a weapon. You smile as you look at the weapon and shake you head. 

“How did Prompto manage to break his gun?” You ask as you walk over 

‘Don’t ask me. He came in here and asked me to repair it and that is what I am doing.” She says 

“Of course he did.” You say, smiling at how idiotic he used to be 

“So I heard you’re finally going to tell him.” She says 

“Yeah, Noctis has spent five years without a father, he deserves to have a father, besides I miss all the action.” You say with a chuckle 

“Well, we have plenty of action for you.” She says 

“Mommy, am I going to meet daddy yet?” Noctis asks as he looks up at me 

“Yes you are sweetie. You’re finally going to meet your daddy.” You say

He smiles and runs over to you, hugging your legs. You run your hand though his hair, smiling down at him. You wave at Cindy as you start to walk out of the garage with his hand in your’s. You see the three boys standing there, you feel your breath hitch as you lay your eyes on Prompto. 

“Hurry up mommy! I can see Uncle Ig with two other people.” Noctis says 

You laugh and kneel down to his height. He looks at you with a pout on his face, you smile as you wipe some oil off of his cheek. 

“First, let me tell you who those two other people are.” You say then point to Gladio “The one with the long hair and tattoos, that’s Uncle Gladio.” 

“He was your’s and Uncle Noctis’s protector right?” He asks 

You nod and smile “Yeah. He was supposed to protect Uncle Noct, but he took me under his wing too, just like Uncle Ignis.” 

“Who’s the other one?” He asks 

You look at Prompto and sigh, looking back down at Noctis, “That is Prompto, your dad.” 

“Really?” He asks 

“Yeah. Let’s go meet them for real now?” You ask 

He jumps up and down excitedly as you stand up and walk out from behind the truck, not making eye contact with anybody. You can hear Prompto’s breath hitch as you stand across from them. 

“So this is the little guy?” Gladio asks 

“Yeah. This is Noctis Regis Argentum.” You say, finally looking up 

“He sure does look like you, Prompto, doesn’t he?” Gladio says with a pat on Prompto’s back 

“Y-yeah he does.” Prompto says

You kneel down to Noctis’s height and look at him then at the other three and you see Prompto just watching. 

“Noct hun, meet Uncle Gladio and daddy.” You say 

He looks at them and just runs and gives Prompto the biggest hug ever. You stand up, folding your arms together as you watch those two. Prompto looks at you, a gleam in his eyes. You smile as you watch Prompto put him down and he looks at Gladio and you just laugh. 

“You look just like your dad and Uncle Noct mixed together.” Gladio says and ruffles his hair 

“That’s what mommy always says.” He says 

“Except he has darker eyes than both of them.” You say with a smile 

“That’s because he got your eyes.” Prompto says with a smile 

“Hey Ig, Gladio, can you take Noct to get something to eat. I’m sure he’s hungry, he was helping Condy repair a gun.” You say 

“We can do that for you Y/N.” Ignis says 

Noct looks at you and waves bye to you and walks away with Ignis and Gladiolus. You bite your lower lip and start to walk towards the fence. 

Prompto’s P.O.V.

I watch as Y/N starts to walk towards the fence. I shake my head, then start to run after her. I grab her hand and make her look towards me. She looks at me with tears in her eyes. 

“How old is he?” I ask 

“Five. He was born shortly after I left.” She says 

I look back as they disappear into the restaurant, then looking back at her as she watches him and smiles. 

“I’m sorry Prompto. I should’ve taken Noct’s advice and told you.” She says

“I don’t care that you didn’t tell me. All that matters now is that I now know of him and can help raise him.” I start “And now I have you back, I can finally be happy again.” 

She looks at me and just hugs me. I wrap my arms around her waist and hold her again. I look up at the fence behind us and see three or four Arachne next to the gate. 

“Shit!” I mutter and see let go of me and turn around 

Before you can blink, the Arachne have broken through the fence and are going after me and Y/N in an instant. I go to push Y/N out of the way, but she pushes us both to the ground before I could. 

“Go warn Gladio and Ignis. They’re after Noctis like Ardyn has been ever since he was born.” She yells 

“I’m not leaving you alone again.” I say 

“Prompto, I’m more worried about our son, I don’t know what Ardyn is cable of anymore, besides I can take on four Arachne. I promise I’ll be fine.” She says, kissing my cheek 

I sigh and nod, as she gets up and summons her gun to her hand. I run off towards the restaurant, I hear a few gun shots before I run in. 

“Gladio, Ignis, you need to get Noctis hidden.” I say quickly 

“What’s going on outside? Where’s Y/N?” Gladio asks 

“Four Arachne sent by Ardyn broke in and she sent me to tell you to hide Noctis.” I quickly explain 

They nod and quickly grab Noctis and run towards the back of the retaurant. I watch as he just looks back at me and I run back out to go help Y/N. 

When I get back to where I left Y/N, only one Arachne remains. I look around for a weapon and quickly grab a sword and go to attack it before it attacks her. She looks over at me and smiles as we get back to back. 

“I’ll take front, you take back?” She says 

“You know it.” I say with a smile and run off towards the back 


Before I can get the finishing blow in, I see something come up behind Y/N. I go to yell at her to watch out when I get hit by the Arachne. She yells at me to get up, when the Red Giant grabs her and walks off. 

“Daddy!” Noctis yells as I black out