weapons personified

Miraculous Ladybug, “color”

Summary: “her mouth is sweet with the honeyed taste of daydreams and-”

Rating: T

Pairing: hints of ladynoir



the teacher’s voice is a low drone that ebbs and flows, a tide of words that laps at marinette’s ears and lulls her into a state of languid relaxation. sunlight cuts into the room through a big, curtainless window, spilling over her notebook, her pens, and the skin of her arms like warm yellow flower petals. on her right, the scratch of alya’s pencil is like kitten claws skittering across paper. marinette doodles little black cats in the margins of her notes and her lips quirk up at the edges.

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The Anatomy of Masks

Dishonored’s masks are invisible. You see them everywhere and yet fail to properly notice their presence. Maybe it’s due to the coherent design, which makes the masks feel like a natural (and rather insignificant) part of the world. Maybe it’s the fact, that the designers avoided imbuing the masks with mystical powers or heavy-handed symbolism. 

In some ways it is refreshing to see masks approached with such pragmatism. Corvo Attano’s mask might be the one most metaphorically loaded one, with an arguably supernatural origin, yet at the end of the day it was created by the hands of a regular craftsman for a common purpose - anonymity.

Yet masks are powerful, even if people in Dishonored don’t recognize them as such. I will examine the story reasons, gameplay mechanics and possible interpretations for the masks found in Dishonored. To simplify matters, I segregate them by their owners: Corvo Attano, the Whalers, the Overseers and the Nobles. 

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Thus it was possible to transfer an ancestor into a sword blade. If we consider the possibility that a famous warrior after his death had his cremated bones transferred into the symbol of power par excellence, the sword, his strength, spirit and luck was passed on to that weapon and it became personified. The meaning of named swords suddenly takes on a new significance.
—  Lotte Hedeager, Iron Age Myth and Materiality :An Archaeology of Scandinavia AD 400-1000 (2011)
Every anime I try to explain comes off sounding stupid

“These giant naked monsters that eat people and there’s this kid who wants to kill them all because one are his mother and he wants to see the outside, they live in these walls to protect themselves”

“This kid with a fox demon inside him who wants to be the leader of his village”

“This kid is the son of Satan and he wants to kill Satan”

“This guy who can swallow fire and control it because he has dragon lungs”

“People who turn into weapons”

“People who personify countries there’s an Italy and he loves pasta”

“A bunch of guys who swim together”

“Some students are trapped in a high school unless they kill someone and get away with it”

Anime in general sounds kinda dumb/weird when you’re told what it is. You need to see to believe.