weapons of the weak


My gem for @gemsonaresources‘s Gemsona Collaboration Prompt

Anyways, the gemstone I got was Pyrite, and the 4 traits I was given were 

- Can fly
- Angelic and celestial in appearance and mannerism
- Has a diamond shaped gemstone
- Lives on a small island in the middle of the ocean on Earth

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Weak Pyrokinesis


Empathetic, Escapist, Honest, Conceited, Pacifist, Nosy

Pyrite was made during the earliest stage of the gem war, due to a need of gems making buildings for elites and soldiers on Earth. While most of the other Pyrites who were in her group came out correct, Pyrite was defective; she has no (natural) forearms, and her legs are pointed and stuck together. Instead of being shattered with other defectives, an Olivine, wanting to rebel anyways, gave Pyrite limb enhancers and artificial wings, before they both escaped to Earth. Pyrite and Olivine were soon separated, Pyrite landing on a volcanic island in the Pacific. They were mostly left alone during most of the Gem War. Pyrite has no idea what happened to the Olivine, but hopes that one day they will find each other again.

Extra Information:
Pyrite has an interest in Earth plants and animals, even though she ends up burning the plants out of excitement most of the time, or scaring the animals away. Pyrite also enjoys exploring the volcano, or digging holes throughout the island. Pyrite considers the Olivine her friend, and considers Onyx and Sapphire her best friends. Pyrite considers herself neutral on the War, having not met any Crystal Gems, and knowing she would’ve been killed on Homeworld. She remains unaware to the fact that Pink Diamond was shattered, and she was under Yellow Diamond.

diobrandango  asked:

Well damn you've done a p good job of not making it come across that way! Besides, making characters whos powers correspond with their personality is always a pretty good way to go about things, definitely one of my personal favourite ways ppl go about writing that stuff. I wanna know more about Hiro in general tbh is my next ask LMAO

aww, thanks! haha

Hiro! Hiro’s one of the least fleshed out Excentric characters right now, but here’s some things

  • Hiro’s genuinely very kind and earnest and believes in goodness and justice. he’s kind of dense, unfortunately, but he always means well. his biggest obstacle is probably the world challenging his sunny optimism
  • he’s a Type Jupiter: his power is electricity! because the BOEAEA uses electricity based weapons, he’s got a huge advantage. his weakness is temporary paralysis after overusing his powers
  • he’s half-Japanese half-Iranian, and kind of bounced between his mom in America and dad in Japan until present day 
  • he and Calliope dated briefly around age 16-17 when he was living in the US for a time. they were each other’s first respective SOs, but it ended… suddenly, and badly (Calliope was not very delicate re: feelings as a teenager) and poor Hiro was crushed enough to move back to Japan permanently, until…
  • the reason for him permanently moving back to America was his dad’s arrest after a strange and mysterious scandal involving a bizarre robin hood type figure. he idealized his dad a lot and was crushed to find out he was absolutely not the honest, just person he made himself out to be
  • he loves sweets!!! he especially loves things with honey- hey, doesn’t one of the characters in Mitsuko’s name mean…?

I just… really like the idea of Zuko’s broadswords.

Better people than I have written essays on how Zuko’s use of dual swords reflects on his own duality of good and evil. But like on a character and canon level, the fact that Zuko uses swords is very important to me.

It’s implied throughout the series that benders are prioritized over non-benders (though I’ll admit the gap is much smaller than in other nations). I think it may have been a fanfic that stated that it was almost shameful for a firebender to use weapons, that it was a sign of weakness in the fact that their bending isn’t strong enough that they needed to rely on something else.

Zuko is a firebender and not just any firebender but a royal firebender from a long line of scary talented benders. From the start, he had a great many expectations put on him which he consistently failed to meet. Azula was the prodigy he was average at best and constantly made aware of his shortcomings. We see in Zuko Alone that he had a fascination with blades as a boy (Iroh’s knife). Wherever that interest came from, it was his. Something apart from his Father’s unrealistic expectations and something he could do on his own.

Because Zuko can see that he’s far behind Azula in terms of firebending and it must be so frustrating to be constantly trying and failing. And so maybe at that point he begins to develop his love of swords. Comics stated he trained with Piandao but I can see Zuko taking it beyond any mandatory royal training and just falling in love with the motion and balance of sword fighting. Because it’s something he finds he’s good at, something Azula can’t do. Shameful or not, he knows he’ll never be as good a bender as she is, but he can wield those swords. It makes me smile to think of pre-teen Zuko, in the years following his mother’s disappearance, practicing his swordplay in secret. Using that time to forget all the ways he’s messed up and focusing on something he’s good at. And considering how good Zuko is by the main series, he put a LOT of time and effort into training.

It gets deeper as we think of Zuko using those skills to free Aang as the Blue Spirit. He used sneaky tactics and skills he shouldn’t have to commit treason against the Fire Nation. A Firebender doesn’t fight with swords, but a Firebender also shouldn’t be freeing the Avatar. I feel like Zuko was disassociating heavily during that break-out in order to get the job done, trying to justify that the person doing these treasonous things wasn’t him… when in fact, the Blue Spirit was probably more in line with Zuko’s true personality: rough but with good, noble intentions, quiet not brash, non-confrontational; would rather sneak around than openly harm.

And when Zuko is turned into a fugitive in Book 2 and was forced to hide within the Earth Kingdom those swords, for the first time in his life, became more than a secret hobby, it became his chance for survival. He couldn’t out himself as a bender so he had to rely on his swords to get through the Earth Kingdom. I think it’s also telling he lost his fancy FN blade at the North Pole and had to resort to stolen Earth Kingdom blade. And imagine how he felt to be respected for his blade skills? Teaching Lee how to fight with swords in the middle of the night was so important for Zuko’s development. Patiently talking the eager boy through the stances and philosophy of dual swords, encouraging him. When Zuko offers Iroh’s blade to him, what may have initially started Zuko’s interest, he’s telling Lee it’s okay to pursue this, this is a good thing. Which… obviously didn’t work out but man that’s something big for Zuko.  

Then Zuko openly wearing his swords in Ba Sing Se and using them to defend himself against Jet could be seen as Zuko reconnecting with who he is, instead of hiding it. This metaphor of Zuko’s swords representing his true self continues if you think of how, when he returns to the Fire Nation, we never see his swords. At all. I can’t think of one episode where they appear when he’s living at the palace except, oh, that one time where Zuko faced his father and took back his loyal, his destiny and himself. The final half of season three, Zuko is hardly seen without his swords. They’re always at his back, ready to be used to supplement his firebending or whatever. Zuko has opened up to himself, accepted who he is, and wears his swords and his swordsmanship proudly

TL;DR- The fact that Zuko, a Firebender, trained himself is swords tells us about a childhood of being second best and his blades was something for him to enjoy on his own, one skill he could succeed at. It also becomes a symbol of his true self, of when he hides it and when he allows it to shine.

megaman classic bosses: hey everyone, this is ribbon man. he’s a funny robot made entirely out of ribbons, and hes weak to scissor man’s weapon! :)

megaman x bosses: Titanium Piranha was originally built with the purpose of transporting metal across the ocean. However, after his master died in a shipping accident, he turned Maverick and slaughtered his entire crew. Sigma turned him into one of his 8 fighters and Pirahna’s last wish is to die at the hands of X.

Let Me Protect You - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11,337

Warnings: WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms, Daddy Kink, Shower Sex, Wall Sex, Bondage, Mitch’s Scruff, Mitch’s sexy ass arms and muscles and abs and face and MITCH’S ENTIRE BEING

Notes: Holy. Shit. It’s long overdue but THAT WORD COUNT??? I am dying inside from this. I hope you dirty people like this. Please let me know because this literally killed me inside to write. 

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Destiny 2 - More changes

Posted on the crucibleplaybook subreddit by redditor TwistedManiacYT. He posts about things he’s read tweeted and from buddies of his at the event!

*I will bold things that catch my eye

Just a heads up that these mechanics might get changed/modified. But for now these are some new crucible mechanics

  • 2 Primary slots and 1 Heavy
  • Sidearms are now in Primary Category
  • Titan Skating is Gone.
  • Lightening grenades take longer to activate 
  • *Revives: Every player gets one revive “point” at round start. You lose your revive point on death or reviving someone.
  • 10 seconds before you can be revived after death
  • In this builds playable subclasses, there was no blink
  • If you take damage while reviving or pulling a crate you get interrupted and have to do it again.
  • No 1 hit abilities. Only 1 hits are from supers and power weapon ammo
  • (NOT CONFIRMED) Snipers can 1 Body Shot. Not low impact snipers tho
  • The 3 nades/ jumps are all the same. 4 perks that can’t be changed. 4 locked perks
  • Titan smash (Fist of Havoc) acts like a roaming super now. You can run around and smash multiple times
  • Golden Gun now has 6 Shots
  • Weapon Mods!!!!
  • Explosive Throwing Knifes!
  • Gunslinger and Warlock now have ‘Dash’ ability (Like shadestep)
  • There’s a new HC which creates sunspots after you get a kill with it!
  • There’s an auto rifle with Really really high Hip fire accuracy and automatically loads picked up ammo!
  • There’s a 3rd ability for all classes, For strikers there’s a small shield.
  • If you’re just short of a ledge your guardian will clamber up so you make it
  • Submachine Guns are very useful. Fun to use at close range with devastating effect.
  • artifacts have been removed. In that slot there’s an image of a lock with text that says “Clan Badge”
  • 3 melee punches to kill an enemy in PvP
  • Shotguns/Rockets/Snipers are all power weapons. You don’t ever spawn in with ammo for them. Secondary is weak sidearm/smg/fusion
  • Heavy ammo only for the one who opened the chest
  • Maps now have name of key locations pop up on screen when you are close
  • New HUD at top shows life and super status of all players.
  • Ammo drops for one-shot weapons (shotty, sniper) will be for one player only.
  • Warlock surfing is gone.

esquire korea ♡ may ‘17 issue
translation: fantaemsie

shin ki joo
: the live broadcast is particularly soul stealing, isn’t it. at the break of the day, from 12pm 'til 2am, you proceed on a live broadcast and, when coming back home, there’s nothing other than exhaustion to be felt.

jonghyun: perhaps, somehow, it’s an escape with the radio. i don’t really like going outside that much. i also don’t really like meeting people a lot that much. i’d be afraid of doing something new, too. radio seems like my own space now. it became an escape hatch where i can encounter, non awkwardly, new things.

shin ki joo: a strange / unfamiliar world that flows into my familiar space.

jonghyun: even though it became a psychological refuge / hide out i think it was a space of both love and dislike that gave physical exhaustion too.

shin ki joo: the person who was having a hard time in an unfamiliar space like that … somehow, on stage, quickly and thoroughly shed it off. the donsaeng to whom i’d give movie lessons all the time in the sitting room …, seeing him one day on stage showing off his muscular body.

jonghyun: that’s the celebrity profession’s big weapon and weak point. reporter shin is one person among the people who know what kind of person i am and, quite greatly understand my humane side. understanding kim jonghyun like that …, but when seeing my appearance as a singer: it’s different. it’s strange and surprising while looking at that appearance. i’d be thankful if you thought: “so, that’s how kim jonghyun creates kim jonghyun on stage.”

shin ki joo: it’s the same as if thinking: “which one is the real kim jonghyun?”

jonghyun: both of them are the real kim jonghyun. i think what’s important is just which side i’m more comfortable with. a long time ago i think i was more comfortable with the singer kim jonghyun since that kim jonghyun image was the first one to be exposed to the world - because it was familiar with me too. however …, it changed when i started doing radio. by starting to express to people that i’m also human, the image of kim jonghyun that i came to show through radio became very comfortable to me. thanks to blue night i got a change to release my collection album and to hold a concert in a small theater too.

shin ki joo: you got to become more confidentially closer to people.

jung woo sung: as i heard: the radio played such an enormous role.

jonghyun: after awhile …, the collection album two will get released. in the future, in that manner, two types of albums will come out. music to some extent fantasy-like with a possibility of a performance to it; and like the collection album’s songs, music with ballad and jazz, a bit with an acoustic sensibility contained in it.

shin ki joo: shinee’s kim jonghyun and blue night’s kim jonghyun.

jonghyun: i suppose that, inside shinee’s music, i’m in my ideal form and, inside story op’s music, i’m more in my every day humane form. i’m planning on distinguishing between the two of them more clearly from now on.


CS little moments appreciation [11/?]

Requested by Anonymous

Before I begin to talk about this moment, I have to say something about the editing here, because sometimes it seems like the people creating the show don’t really get what they have in their hands with Colin or Jen. The music added to that moment was totally unnecessary and even ruined a bit the master piece of Colin’s acting at that moment.

And that acting was indeed master piece because you can see the process of what I’m gonna talk about below evolving in each single frame.

That look can only be described as the finale battle between good and evil, between love and hate, between heroism and cruelness that went through Killian’s body. If you want, the battle between Killian and the Dark One, to the end, with no survivors (not even him, sadly…). 

You can see how it starts, with Killian evoking from the ashes to see the woman that he loves suffers. He doesn’t want to look at it at first because it is too painful, seeing her hurting while he is so deep within the DO. But then his presence is growing little by little, you can actually see the moment in the third gif where both Killian and the DO are equals, if you want, the moment where Killian was getting up and raising the sward to challenge the DO. Then in the last gif you can spot the moment he overcame it, the moment he was wining the sword fight. The man winning over the possession that was able to control him before.

Killian here chose the man he is (not becoming the man he wants to be, he was already that person) over the power that the darkness gave him. Many haters criticized the fact that he only resist when Emma was in pain, and not when the others were about to be sent to hell (including Henry), well it would have been ideal for him to resist before, but seeing Emma in pain provoked her heart’s protector to raise from the ashes. 

That season’s motive was about using love as a weapon. Killian was weak to fight the darkness when he felt the woman that he loves didn’t believe in him or trust him to resist it. He regain himself when true love brought his real self back to the surface to a final battle between the man he is, and the man he despises most, and it was his weapon to push it away from within himself and defeat the darkness once and for all. Because I don’t agree with Killian’s words, he doesn’t risk his life for love, revenge, or himself. He’s doing it only for love.

The  CS little moments appreciation project

Glowing Connections

Fandom: Voltron
Pairing: A sprinkle of Klance, a mention of Lancelot
Characters: Lance, Pidge, Allura, Coran, Hunk, Keith
Summary: The bond between Paladin and Lion is sacred and unimaginable. It is a connection between two souls completely attuned to each other and it is a bond that grows even stronger with time an care. It is a bond that can grow so strong it can leave a physical trace on a Paladin’s body. A mark that proves how connected a Palain and Lion truly is.

So why does Lance, of all people, seem to hate the markings so?


AN - A terribly named fanfic based on the amazing glowing tattoos art by @jen-iii

Pidge let out a shout as sharp claws dug into the spot her green shoulder pad met her white chest plate, a crack in the armour that the creature she was fighting used to tear the chuck of metal off.  She cried out again as the harsh treatment damaged her shoulder and a growl followed her shout.  Lance held his weapon firmly, aim focused on the aliens own weak spot, in only a moment the creature would move its own shoulder just so, causing the protective scales to lift and give Lance enough time for him bullet to hit its mark.  

All he had to do was focus.

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So I’ve been wanting to do a Persona 5 inspired screenshot edit and @saint-kohsfire tagged me in a meme he made, so I thought this would be a good time to do it! Drawing that little portrait of Y’shenn in the corner was actually a lot of fun! I also wanted to make all the menu options “PUNCH” but the perfectionist in me said that I wouldn’t be able to get the font perfectly, so I didn’t haha.

Arcana: Sun
Melee Weapon: Knuckles
Ranged Weapon: Slingshot
Initial Persona: Karna
: Fire
: Agi, Lunge, Tarukaja, Headbutt, Maragi, Dekaja, Counter, Agilao, Speed Master, Taunt, Rampage, Maragion, Counterstrike, Assault Dive, Heat Wave, Agidyne, Charge, Matarukaja, High Counter, Endure, Maragidyne, Heat Riser, God’s Hand, Evade Psy

I was torn between making Y’shenn the Strength, Chariot, or the Sun arcana, but I went with Sun since it fit with Karna! Feel free to tag yourselves and mention me so I can see your responses!

The World of Elmwood A Mystic Messenger AU

Elmwood Reading List

Not sure if this has been done, but well, here it is, a Fantasy AU for Mystic Messenger:

Saeyoung: Rogue: Human: Age 22

A street urchin he took to a life of theft to survive and take care of his sickly brother. He became adept in pick-pocketing and street hustling. A true con-man. In his teens he stumbled on information that he was able to sell for more money than his stolen trinkets could bring in. From then on he trafficked in info mostly. At the age of 15 his brother, Saeran, disappeared. He has been looking for him ever since.

Pick-pocket * thief * weapon of choice: daggers tipped with sleeping potion * blades hidden throughout his body * does not kill unless seriously threatened * jokester * keeps others at arms length * loner

Saeran: Assassin: Human: Age 22

Abandoned by their mother, Saeran depended on his brother Saeyoung to stay alive. He always felt useless and a burden to his brother. At the age of 15 he was approached by a beautiful sun elf who promised him power and the ability to help his brother. He became an unwilling acolyte of the Lich Queen whose true beauty had long ago been obliterated. He was trained as an assassin and given dark magic to fade into the shadows. He became shadow itself.

Assassin * infiltrator * weapon of choice: garrote and hand crossbow * Lich Queen controls him through mind manipulation

Yoosung: Cleric: Half-elf: Age 21

Mother is a sun elf, father is human. Raised by his mother who tried to shelter him from the brutality of both the elven and human societies hatred of half breeds. His innate optimism and positiveness helped him endure his youth. Wanting to help others and be a positive influence and role model for other half breeds, he became a cleric and travels the world helping any who are in need. He survives on the generosity of those he helps, never charging for his services.

Healer * alchemist * weapon of choice: holy hammer * infused with the power of Gala, his goddess

Jumin: Mage: High Elf: Age 127

A high elf prince and the heir to the throne. He has been highly educated in a multitude of subjects and speaks many of the other races languages. From youth he had an aptitude for magic and was sent to the prestigious Academy of Magic in the Silver Marches, this is where he first met Zen (a silver elf) and their mutual hatred began. He has risen far in the magical arts and is rumored to have the potential to be the most powerful mage in generations. He is well traveled and extremely disciplined.

Mage * fire * ice * electric * mostly offensive with a few defensive barriers and shields * currently studying matter manipulation * weapon of choice: himself, magical staff * few friends * brother V

Zen: Paladin: Silver Elf: Age 124

An aberration in elven society, for having been born with red eyes and skin several shades whiter than the average silver elf, Zen just missed being a complete outcast because of his incredible beauty. Even so, his family feared him and treated him with disdain, so much so that at an early age, he left the safety of his forest home and ventured into the dirty streets of human society. He used his exotic looks and the curiosity of humans to line his pockets. He met a man named Ahmet, a paladin of the highest order, who showed him a different path, one he willingly embraced. A protector of all and defender of innocents.

Paladin * warrior * serves under the god Bahn * weapon of choice: hammer and shield * hates Jumin

Jaehee: Monk: Human: Age 26

Born to a maid and farmer in the village of Tundre, at the age of 6 she was orphaned. No one in the village was willing to take on another mouth. A traveling monk accepted her and took her to the mountain monastery of his order. The Order of the Rose. Her discipline was highly praised and she learned technique quickly. The passion in her heart shone through her every movement. Once achieving the level of master, in record time, she was sent out into the world to learn first hand about other cultures and races.

Monk * pacifist * will NOT kill * respects all life * weapon of choice: she IS a weapon * Has no ONE god she worships

Rika: Sun Elf corrupted by power who became the LIch Queen: Age unknown

Related to Yoosung through ancient blood lines. Rika had been an advocate of humanity and kindness. Her power grew at an exponential rate and affected her thought process. Became obsessed with ridding the world of all pain, whether the people liked it or not. Began experimenting with dark magic and slid more and more towards inhuman practices, losing all sense of morality. The darkness grew inside of her to the point that it broke through her skin. Finally, she accepted her new identity and began gathering acolytes to bring about her new world order.

Dark Mage * evil * seeks out the weak promising power then using them mercilessly * weapon of choice: mental attacks and simple manipulation

V: Warrior Mage: High Elf: Age 198

Older brother of Jumin. Was the prince and heir to the throne but he fell in love with the sun elf Rika and followed her into the dark abyss. Blinded by love he was in too deep to extricate himself from her machinations. He reluctantly protects his Queen, even to the detriment of himself and others. To keep his loyalty the Lich Queen often comes to him in her beautiful form and manipulates his emotions so that his own confusion keeps him unable to truly understand his own moral standing.

Fighter * access to kinetic magic * weapon of choice: long sword, short sword, dual wield * magical armor * hates himself * is loyal to his love

And there it is, let me know what you think! PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU!!

Like a fierce virago, I tried to play the role of a man. During this siege, which lasted 15 days, I carried out all of the functions of a soldier that I could. I wore a breastplate like a man; I came and went on the ramparts, with a cauldron on my head for a helmet. Though a woman, I seemed a warrior, I threw the weapon; though filled with fear, I learned to conceal my weakness.
—  Margaret of Beverley, defending Jerusalem from Saladin’s troops in 1187

anonymous asked:

(different anon than previous one) I think the sword at his side is a rapier actually, or the Zora equivalent? I think such a sword would fit nicely with your headcanon that Sidon looks for enemies weak spots because a rapier is a weapon deals a lot with aiming for the weak points in your opponents armor. I doubt he'd use it for actual battle but I like to think he'd fence as a hobby. Plus, imagine Sidon enthusiastically shouting "En garde" when he and Link spar.

Yooo I could totally see that! 

It probably started as just a way to practice fighting, but it may have become a way to just let out steam and just have some fun.

He’s wanted to say ‘En garde’ to someone since he was a wee baby, you don’t understand. You bet Sidon would jump on that shit first opportunity.

Head-cannon accepted. 

bela-lugosis-corpse  asked:

I've been thinking about this for a while, but how effective is full plate armour? Was it actually a good way to defend yourself?

Short Answer: Yes. 

Here’s a general rule: People in the past were ignorant about a lot of things, but they weren’t stupid. If they used something, chances are they had a good reason. There are exceptions, but plate armor is not one of them. 

Long Answer: 

For a type of armor, no matter what it is, to be considered effective, it has to meet three criteria. 

The three criteria are: Economic Efficiency, Protectiveness, and Mobility.

1. Is it Economically Efficient? 

Because of the nature of society in the Middle Ages, what with equipment being largely bring-it-yourself when it came to anybody besides arrowfodder infantry who’d been given one week of training, economic efficiency was a problem for the first couple of decades after plate armor was introduced in France in the 1360s. It wasn’t easy to make, and there wasn’t really a ‘science’ to it yet, so only the wealthiest of French soldiers, meaning knights and above, had it; unless of course somebody stole it off a dead French noble. The Hundred Years War was in full swing at the time, and the French were losing badly to the English and their powerful longbows, so there were plenty of dead French nobles and knights to go around. That plate armor was not very economically efficient for you unless you were a rich man, though, it also was not exactly what we would call “full” plate armor. 

Above: Early plate armor, like that used by knights and above during the later 1300s and early 1400s. 

Above: Two examples of what most people mean when they say “full” plate armor, which would have been seen in the mid to late 1400s and early 1500s.

Disclaimer: These are just examples. No two suits of armor were the same because they weren’t mass-produced, and there was not really a year when everybody decided to all switch to the next evolution of plate armor. In fact it would not be improbably to see all three of these suits on the same battlefield, as expensive armor was often passed down from father to son and used for many decades. 

Just like any new technology, however, as production methods improved, the product got cheaper. 

Above: The Battle of Barnet, 1471, in which everybody had plate armor because it’s affordable by then. 

So if we’re talking about the mid to late 1400s, which is when our modern image of the “knight in shining armor” sort of comes from, then yes, “full” plate armor is economically efficient. It still wasn’t cheap, but neither are modern day cars, and yet they’re everywhere. Also similar to cars, plate armor is durable enough to be passed down in families for generations, and after the Hundred Years War ended in 1453, there was a lot of used military equipment on sale for cheap. 

2. Is it Protective? 

This is a hard question to answer, particularly because no armor is perfect, and as soon as a new, seemingly ‘perfect’ type of armor appears, weapons and techniques adapt to kill the wearer anyway, and the other way around. Early plate armor was invented as a response to the extreme armor-piercing ability of the English longbow, the armor-piercing ability of a new kind of crossbow, and advancements in arrowhead technology. 

Above: The old kind of arrowhead, ineffective against most armor. 

Above: The new kind of arrowhead, very effective at piercing chainmaille and able to pierce plate armor if launched with enough power. 

Above: An arrow shot from a “short” bow with the armor-piercing tip(I think it’s called a bodkin tip) piercing a shirt of chainmaille. However, the target likely would have survived since soldiers wore protective layers of padding underneath their armor, so if the arrow penetrated skin at all, it wasn’t deep. That’s Terry Jones in the background. 

Above: A crossbow bolt with the armor piercing tip penetrating deep through the same shirt of chainmaille. The target would likely not survive. 

Above: A crossbow bolt from the same crossbow glancing off a breastplate, demonstrating that it was in fact an improvement over wearing just chainmaille. 

Unfortunately it didn’t help at all against the powerful English longbows at close range, but credit to the French for trying. It did at least help against weaker bows. 

Now for melee weapons. 

It didn’t take long for weapons to evolve to fight this new armor, but rarely was it by way of piercing through it. It was really more so that the same weapons were now being used in new ways to get around the armor. 

Above: It’s a popular myth that Medieval swords were dull, but they still couldn’t cut through plate armor, nor could they thrust through it. Your weapon would break before the armor would. Most straight swords could, however, thrust through chainmaille and anything weaker. 

There were three general answers to this problem: 

1. Be more precise, and thrust through the weak points. 

Above: The weak points of a suit of armor. Most of these points would have been covered by chainmaille, leather, thick cloth, or all three, but a sword can thrust through all three so it doesn’t matter. 

To achieve the kind of thrusting accuracy needed to penetrate these small gaps, knights would often grip the blade of their sword with one hand and keep the other hand on the grip. This technique was called “half-swording”, and you could lose a finger if you don’t do it right, so don’t try it at home unless you have a thick leather glove to protect you, as most knights did, but it can also be done bare-handed. 

Above: Examples of half-swording. 

2. Just hit the armor so fucking hard that the force carries through and potentially breaks bones underneath. 

Specialty weapons were made for this, but we’ll get to them in a minute. For now I’m still focusing on swords because I like how versatile the European longsword is. 

Above: A longsword. They’re made for two-handed use, but they’re light enough to be used effectively in one hand if you’d like to have a shield or your other arm has been injured. Longswords are typically about 75% of the height of their wielders.

Assuming you’re holding the sword pointing towards the sky, the part just above the grip is called the crossguard, and the part just below the grip is called the pommel. If you hold the sword upside-down by the blade, using the same careful gripping techniques as with half-swording, you can strike with either the crossguard or the pommel, effectively turning the sword into a warhammer. This technique was called the Murder Stroke, and direct hits could easily dent plate armor, and leave the man inside bruised, concussed, or with a broken bone. 

Above: The Murder Stroke as seen in a Medieval swordfighting manual.

Regular maces, hammers, and other blunt weapons were equally effective if you could get a hard enough hit in without leaving yourself open, but they all suffered from part of the plate armor’s intelligent design. Nearly every part of it was smooth and/or rounded, meaning that it’s very easy for blows to ‘slide’ off, which wastes a lot of their power. This makes it very hard to get a ‘direct’ hit. 

Here come the specialized weapons to save the day. 

Above: A lucerne, or claw hammer. It’s just one of the specialized weapons, but it encompasses all their shared traits so I’m going to only list it. 

These could be one-handed, two-handed, or long polearms, but the general idea was the same. Either crack bones beneath armor with the left part, or penetrate plate armor with the right part. The left part has four ‘prongs’ so that it can ‘grip’ smooth plate armor and keep its force when it hits without glancing off. On the right side it as a super sturdy ‘pick’, which is about the only thing that can penetrate the plate armor itself. On top it has a sharp tip that’s useful for fighting more lightly armored opponents. 

3. Force them to the ground and stab them through the visor with a dagger. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Many conflicts between two armored knights would turn into a wrestling match. Whoever could get the other on the ground had a huge advantage, and could finish his opponent, or force him to surrender, with a dagger. 

By now you might be thinking “Dang, full plate armor has a lot of weaknesses, so how can it be called good armor?” 

The answer is because, like all armor is supposed to do, it minimizes your target area. If armor is such that your enemy either needs to risk cutting their fingers to target extremely small weak points, bring a specialized weapons designed specifically for your armor, or wrestle you to the ground to defeat you, that’s some damn good armor. So yes, it will protect you pretty well.

Above: The red areas represent the weak points of a man not wearing armor.

Also, before I move on to Mobility, I’m going to talk briefly about a pet-peeve of mine: Boob-plates. 

If you’re writing a fantasy book, movie, or video game, and you want it to be realistically themed, don’t give the women boob-shaped armor. It wasn’t done historically even in the few cases when women wore plate armor, and that’s because it isn’t as protective as a smooth, rounded breastplate like you see men wearing. A hit with any weapon between the two ‘boobs’ will hit with its full force rather than glancing off, and that’ll hurt. If you’re not going for a realistic feel, then do whatever you want. Just my advice. 

Above: Joan of Arc, wearing properly protective armor. 

An exception to this is in ancient times. Female gladiators sometimes wore boob-shaped armor because that was for entertainment and nobody cared if they lived or died. Same with male gladiators. There was also armor shaped like male chests in ancient times, but because men are more flat-chested than women, this caused less of a problem. Smooth, rounded breastplates are still superior, though. 

3. Does it allow the wearer to keep his or her freedom of movement? 

Okay, I’ve been writing this for like four hours, so thankfully this is the simplest question to answer. There’s a modern myth that plate armor weighed like 700 lbs, and that knights could barely move in it at all, but that isn’t true. On a suit of plate armor from the mid to late 1400s or early 1500s, all the joints are hinged in such a way that they don’t impede your movement very much at all. 

The whole suit, including every individual plate, the chainmaille underneath the plates, the thick cloth or leather underneath the chainmaille, and your clothes and underwear all together usually weighed about 45-55 lbs, and because the weight was distributed evenly across your whole body, you’d hardly feel the weight at all. Much heavier suits of armor that did effectively ‘lock’ the wearer in place did exist, but they never saw battlefield use. Instead, they were for showing off at parades and for jousting. Jousting armor was always heavier, thicker, and more stiffly jointed than battlefield armor because the knight only needed to move certain parts of his body, plus being thrown off a horse by a lance–even a wooden one that’s not meant to kill–has a very, very high risk of injury.

Here’s a bunch of .gifs of a guy demonstrating that you can move pretty freely in plate armor. 

Above: Can you move in it? Yes.

Here are links to the videos that I made these .gifs from: 




Gone: Chapter 4

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