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I had a terrifying thought after seeing this photo (which probably won’t happen but still).

Set in the season 10 finale

The Mark still glows angrily on his arm, demanding and hungry for more blood. Dean, still standing on his knees in a puddle of blood, looks around at the scattered corpses. 

Cain had been right. There was no escaping from his fate. Dean realizes belatedly when he looks down at Crowley’s, Castiel’s and Sam’s lifeless bodies. The time stops, the world around him cracks and shatters, raining down on him in burning, acid form. The first blade in his hand shakes. One by one Dean unclenches his bloody fingers and the deadly weapon clatters to the floor. As the universe around him self-destructs, Dean begins to scream. But there’s no one who can hear it. They are all dead. His screams become louder and hysterical, ripping up the skies above. 

His hand reaches out for the first blade once again, to raise it one last time and sink it deep inside his heart. The blade blazes wrathfully under the dying sun’s light and with a hoarse shout Dean brings it down to end his now meaningless life. Then everything goes black…


A muffled groan.


Dean tries to open his sore, stinging eyes, sticky from sweat and welled-up tears. This voice. He can recognize this voice from billions of others. 

"Cas," the older Winchester wheezes out.  "But how? I killed you all." 

"Dean, look at me."  

A strong hand helps the hunter sit up and Dean feels himself leaning against something thick and solid. It’s a tree trunk. As his vision clears up little by little, the first thing he sees is Castiel, who’s wearing a muddy and ripped trench coat. He looks dirty, exhausted and with a one month-old beard. 

Wild fear creeps up his body, sending chills down his spine, as realization hits Dean hard.

"Cas…this place…are we…" Dean looks around the forest, for it’s where they are. He hears a distant growling and yelping, suspicious rustling in bushes. 

"Yes," the angel nods.  "We are still trapped in Purgatory. We never managed to leave it."

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Robin Williams - Weapons Of Self Destruction (by mslokater)

LMAOOO. Automated phone menus.

I miss human contact even on the phone for directory assistance it’s like “City and state please”.

Washington D.C.

What would you like?”

Constitution Hall.

Did you say Kennedy Center?

No, Constitution Hall.

Did you say Cogressional Ball?

No!. It starts to become like the miracle worker. Constitution Hall.

Did you say cocksucker?

No I didn’t say cocksucker!

Would you like to talk to a person?

Fuck yes!

If you’d like to talk to a person press one"

[He acts like he is dialing on a phone]


If you’d like to speak to someone in English press two


Are you sure you don’t want to talk to someone in spanish? Press three


Press four if you’d like to move to the next menu


Press five if you’re getting somewhat irritated


Press six if you’re my bitch


Press seven. You know you want to


Press eight daddy. Do it


Press nine!


What are the chances of talking to a real person? Zero! press it!

Beep! Beep! Beep! BEEEEEEP!