weapons of self destruction

Well, it was a long day. I had to cheer myself up so I grabbed my (dying) graphic tablet.

The quote is from Robin Williams’ stand up from 2009 (Weapons of Self Destruction). Best pickup line EVER! Robin, thanks for putting a smile on my face. The world misses you so badly!

I still catch myself thinking about you. Not just at night, even in the daytime. Sometimes you are my first thought in the morning. This has happened since forever. No I have not forgotten you. That seems impossible. And for a fact, I know it is. But I promised myself I will make space for my future. Which doesn’t involve you, no matter how much I want it to happen. I guess this is why love has always been a weapon of self-destruction.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1107 //  @coffeeinmyvein

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I asked Zundial, now I'll ask Suu: any sleeping HCs for the boys?

hereby challenging @zundial to armed single combat over any discrepancies in our responses, winner finishes the loser’s story for them. for the record my weapon of choice is long range self-destruction so good luck with the rest of tata eri

osomatsu: has a hard time falling asleep (because he usually sleeps in the latest), fills his restless nighttime boredom with fucking with choromatsu by punching and kicking him and whatnot and seeing how long it takes for choro to realize that he’s still awake. snores badly when he goes to sleep drunk. likes to splay his limbs out but no one really cares unless it’s summertime. once he’s asleep he sleeps like the dead

karamatsu: likes contact but has to put up with not getting it because his options are ichimatsu and todomatsu and neither are down for cuddling, todo because they’re adult men and ichi because it’s karamatsu. he sometimes gets away with it if he happens to be especially deeply asleep and rolls over unconsciously - they both might grumble and grouse a bit and ichi might resort to physical violence if he’s in a particularly bad mood but in the end they both take a “well, guess it can’t be helped” mentality while passively enjoying it

choromatsu: would absolutely be 75% less shouty at a minimum if the poor guy could get any damn sleep. between osomatsu and jyushimatsu’s antics (we’ll get to jyushi) he doesn’t get nearly as much rest as he needs. occasionally he’ll reach his limit, sleep for 15 straight hours, and then be discordantly level-headed and productive. episode 24 was probably caused by choromatsu getting a good night’s sleep

ichimatsu: to an outside observer he looks like a fitful sleeper but actually he sleeps quite soundly, he just rolls around and moves his arms and kicks his feet a lot while sleeping and ends up tired the next day as a result. likes having the end spot in summer since he can stick his limbs out and cool off but hates it in winter since jyushi often ends up rolling up the blanket from the opposite end

jyushimatsu: sleeptalker. not just a sleeptalker but the kind who’ll sit up, look you in the eye, and rattle off the lovecraft-level horrific shit you can imagine in the most coherent of ways. just about everything he says is so clear that you’d think he’s awake but it’s all so ominous that you’d really prefer if he would just babble. choromatsu opts for wearing earplugs but no earplugs will ever do anything to soothe the terror he feels when he opens his eyes in the middle of the night and sees jyushimatsu staring at him with his wide-mouthed smile as he rattles off whatever apocalyptic prophecy he’s dreaming of now

todomatsu: like osomatsu he has a hard time getting to sleep but it’s less because he can’t fall asleep despite trying and more because he just won’t put his phone down - but he’s also the first to make a stink about them not going to bed at a reasonable time (unless choromatsu has somewhere to be in the morning, then he’s definitely first to complain) because beauty sleep or whatever. other than that, he’s the most “normal” in terms of sleeping habits and usually gets comfortable and sleeps until morning without much in the way of shenanigans

bonus: on the coldest winter nights all individual quirks are chucked straight out the window into the frigid cold and they just pile up to share warmth. those are some of the most peaceful nights the matsuno household knows

Why every Gaster is terrible.
  • Canon: Removed himself from existence to avoid death.
  • Swap (kid): Uses his sleeves as weapons.
  • Swap (river): First he anchors his boat. Then he [REDACTED] his boat.
  • Fell: Beat his kids until his kids beat him.
  • Swapfell (kid): Hides rocks in his sleeves to make them more powerful weapons.
  • Swapfell (river): He is basically Charon of Greek mythology.
  • Outer: Puts self destruct buttons onto all devices in his home.
  • Lust: Puts his dick into all devices of his home.

I had a terrifying thought after seeing this photo (which probably won’t happen but still).

Set in the season 10 finale

The Mark still glows angrily on his arm, demanding and hungry for more blood. Dean, still standing on his knees in a puddle of blood, looks around at the scattered corpses. 

Cain had been right. There was no escaping from his fate. Dean realizes belatedly when he looks down at Crowley’s, Castiel’s and Sam’s lifeless bodies. The time stops, the world around him cracks and shatters, raining down on him in burning, acid form. The first blade in his hand shakes. One by one Dean unclenches his bloody fingers and the deadly weapon clatters to the floor. As the universe around him self-destructs, Dean begins to scream. But there’s no one who can hear it. They are all dead. His screams become louder and hysterical, ripping up the skies above. 

His hand reaches out for the first blade once again, to raise it one last time and sink it deep inside his heart. The blade blazes wrathfully under the dying sun’s light and with a hoarse shout Dean brings it down to end his now meaningless life. Then everything goes black…


A muffled groan.


Dean tries to open his sore, stinging eyes, sticky from sweat and welled-up tears. This voice. He can recognize this voice from billions of others. 

“Cas,” the older Winchester wheezes out.  "But how? I killed you all.“ 

"Dean, look at me.”  

A strong hand helps the hunter sit up and Dean feels himself leaning against something thick and solid. It’s a tree trunk. As his vision clears up little by little, the first thing he sees is Castiel, who’s wearing a muddy and ripped trench coat. He looks dirty, exhausted and with a one month-old beard. 

Wild fear creeps up his body, sending chills down his spine, as realization hits Dean hard.

“Cas…this place…are we…” Dean looks around the forest, for it’s where they are. He hears a distant growling and yelping, suspicious rustling in bushes. 

“Yes,” the angel nods.  "We are still trapped in Purgatory. We never managed to leave it.“


in heathens when tyler says:
“just because we check the guns at the door doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades”
I originally thought it must have some connection to guns with hands. and I think I have an idea on that. I think he’s saying that even if you take away everything that someone could use to kill themselves doesn’t mean their thoughts are no longer self destructive. you can take away the weapons but the thoughts are still there. it relates to guns for hands because it’s that idea that it can be a part of you… like something thats yours that’s can’t be simply taken away. but not in a good way.