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I am convinced that at some point RNJR realized how terrible they were at holding on to their map so they bought like 20 in bulk and that is why they keep abandoning it

You want to know why it’s taking you so long to get to Haven, Ruby? It’s because of your constant detours to buy more maps!

“Don’t worry it’s my first time too! …Huh? Why is your face red?”

“S-shut up, dolt…”


Day 8 - Prompt - Double Date with Scythe wielders

And here’s the conclusion to the double date although I did not deliver a way for them to meet …please ignore the fact that this makes no sense M’kay.

On the other hand, I can totally imagine these gals getting along and having fun with NanoFate acting as role models for White Rose since they have the same themes surrounding their relationships XD

Anyway, the next few prompts have filled out the rest of the week,, the week after that is totally empty so give me all you’ve got for ideas.

RWBY and Scythes: The Most Dangerous Weapon

So as most viewers of RWBY will know, Ozpin once referred to Ruby’s scythe as “One of the most dangerous weapons ever designed”, much to the amusement of literally everyone who knows anything about weapons. After all, scythes are terrible at combat, right? Sure there are some designed for battle, but the type used in RWBY aren’t that. So why would he say that? Simple. It’s not Earth. Remnant is a different place, and as a big Scythe fan (Crescent rose is love, crescent rose is life) i’m going to explain why. (under a read more for length and gif use).

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designs for the transistor au idk