weapons of choice

shadowhunters questions


1. the mortal instruments or the infernal devices?

2. favorite book(s)

3. favorite family name

4. favorite male character

5. favorite female character

6. least favorite character

7. favorite part of all the books?

8. least favorite part of all the books?

9. which character would you want as your parabatai?

10. weapon of choice

11. your otp

12. best brotp

13. notp

14. clace, malec, or sizzy?

15. nephilim or downworlder?

16. warlock, werewolf, or vampire?

17. jace and alec or will and jem?

18. new york institute or london institute?

19. if you could change something in the books, what would it be?

20. if you could bring someone back from death, who would you choose?

21. favorite quote

22. favorite shadowhunter rune?

23. how did you find out about the books?

24. when did you read the books?


25. which cast member are you mostly trash for?

26. what are you most excited to see?

27. what scene do you really want to be included?

28. shadowhunters tv show or city of bones movie?

29. thoughts?


It was brought to our attention that the scarf and stockings for 1/6th scale RWBY Yang Xiao Long collectible were the incorrect color. We assure you that the final product will match the appropriate colour for Yang’s costume.

The 1/6th scale RWBY: Yang Xiao Long collectible figure is available for pre-order at www.threezerostore.com starting for 150USD / 1170HKD with International Shipping included in the price.

Yang Xiao Long is one of the main characters and her weapon of choice is a pair of Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets, Ember Celica.

1/6th scale R.W.B.Y: Yang Xiao Long collectible details:

*figure stands around 33cm / 13 inches tall;
*new fully-articulated body developed specifically for the RWBY series of collectible figures;
*paint application to depict the cell shaded design of the character;
*hand-tailored clothing & detailed accessories;
*”Ember Celica“ weapon (Bracelets mode & Gauntlets mode);
* 2 pairs of interchangeable hands: relaxed hands and closed fists.

Please head here to see more photos.

RWBY 12"可動人偶陽小龍在之前公佈的圖片中,圍巾及襪子顏色有偏差,現在我們發佈最新修正的圖片,最終產品將會修改為正確的顏色。

RWBY 12"可動立體化第四彈!陽小龍(Yang Xiao Long)正式於 www.threezerostore.com 接受預購!定價$1170元/ US150 (全球包郵)。

武器是灰燼天堂(Ember Celica),能射擊爆裂性霰彈槍子彈的鋼鐵拳套,集增強拳擊威力、遠射攻擊及快速移動於一身的熱血武器!

RWBY 故事背景是一個充滿著超自然力量的現代世界。人類為了生存,發起了對黑暗戮獸的戰爭,直到他們發現塵晶(Dust)的力量,這讓人類得以對抗黑暗戮 獸!RWBY成員包括:Ruby Rose(紅玉・玫瑰),Weiss Schnee(白・雪),Blake Belladonna(布蕾克)及陽小龍(Yang Xiao Long)。

陽小龍(Yang Xiao Long)產品規格:
* 全身關節可動;
* 1:6比例,全高約13英寸(33厘米);
* 以官方中3D數據作為機械製作藍本;
* 手工特製的服裝和配件;
* 灰燼天堂(Ember Celica)武器(護腕模式和拳套模式);
* 2種互換的手型 - 平手和握拳。

RWBY ヤン・シャオロンのスカーフとストッキングの色が間違っていたため、画像を修正させて頂きました。最終製品版では、この画像の色の物をお届けいたします。

Weapons of Choice // Deadpool and Dominic

When the last item that Dominic required finally arrived, he gave the delivery boy a cold smile and tipped him for his work. He could tell from the way the boy gave a sigh of relief that he wasn’t the first to deliver to the address and he didn’t have a death wish. “I’ll take it from here.”

He made his way into the apartment building and found the one that belonged to Deadpool. He knocked soundly on the door with one hand while he balanced a stack of six pizza boxes in the other. Now to hope this conversation went well.

My darling czartesh, the way you should keep your dueling instruments in proper shape is the same condition you should keep your undergarments - dry, clean, and within easy reach. Nothing corrodes the material or loses the edge faster than storing a blade wet and dirty. It’s rather disgusting, and has a nasty tendency to attract scavengers, parasites, and spread diseases. And it gets fragrant very quickly.

The best way to protect against this is to give your tools a good flick at the very minimum before stashing them. If you can, wipe them with something clean - a cloth, fresh grass, sand, the clothing of your fallen foe, and so on. Give your blades a soapy washing every so often, towel it off immediately, and it will serve you well.

That said… you really don’t need to keep your blades constantly sharpened. They don’t need to be sharp enough to draw blood just by running your finger over the edge, and you should be aiming them at locations with minimal protection or bone coverage - it only takes a little muscle to push even a dull blade through a layer of sinew and muscle and into a vital organ or artery. 

Happy dueling, my ducklings!

Ug. I still want to talk about James Ironwood.

I want to talk about how amazing it is that someone who is a pillar of strength to his army is equally physically strong.

I want to talk about how he isn’t afraid to charge in and fight himself when it’s called for.

I want to talk about how skilled he is; what a heavy hitter he is.

I want to talk about how he threw that grimm around like he was nothing. How Ironwood could lift Penny with one arm and not flinch. I want to talk about how physically intimidating this controlled, military man really is and how well he hides it.

I want to talk about how much I love his weapon of choice.

That pistol.

That beautifully carved, formal weapon that is just so classic and fitting for a man of his stature. He’s not a flashy man. He’s simple, he’s elegant, and he’s got a gentleman’s weapon to foil his brawler fighting style.

It’s so perfect.

I want to talk about how Ironwood called Roman a “Vagabond.”

I want to talk about how he told the students to fight or leave, and carefully added that no one would blame anyone if they left. It was a comfort, not a condemnation.

I want to talk about how much having his army turn against him is going to hurt him in future episodes.

I want to talk about James Ironwood.

Talk to me about James Ironwood.