weapons in gaming

Had friends over for an all nighter. Usually we play video games, I instead spent like 4 hours explaining the core plot of homestuck

As a Great sword user in Monster Hunter, I always was frustrated by some of the designs, especially those from the first game because they look really crude.

This primal look has its own merit and a certain charm, but as the weapon’s look imprved, some of them look really ooutdated now in my opinion. So I decided to challenge myself a bit and made those three revamped design!

In the olden days, this was the day boys were finally considered to be men. They were taught the ways of the sword to prepare them for battle with their enemies. Hanging the family shield on the wall as decoration is another tradition that has been carried down from those days.

through lots of in depth character meta derived from playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, i have determined that Franziska von Karma is a sword lesbian