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The Fili Guide to Self Defense

Fili has many interesting weapons on him. He’s a one-dwarf army. 

 Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up…

*The Bootie Axes (that’s Mr. O'Gorman’s naming convention, not mine): Unfortunately we never see these in action. They’re either a last resort or a cool party trick - “Hey guys, check out my bootie axes!”

*The Mystery Midsection: Fili has an assortment of pointy objects hidden on his body, which is why people are reluctant to hug him (see: the BOTFA Erebor reunion). It’s hard to say how many there actually are, and how many those filthy elves stole. 

I…I think he has armpit daggers…

*The Knives: these sexy looking things are sticking out of each arm. They have a royal crest on them (in case he forgets how special he is). Armed to the elbows.

*The Dual Swords: Fili appears to love symmetry; I mean, just look at his facial hair. It makes sense that our ambidextrous hero has not one, but two, sweet signature blades.

*The BIG ONE: Fili’s huge sword. Enough said.

Apparently Fili possesses this sick looking hammer, according to the Hobbit Chronicles books. I don’t recall ever seeing it, but it’s probably hidden somewhere extremely well. 

We also know Fili is very capable with a bow, but he lets Kili take the glory in that department. Here’s a cool looking ax he found in Erebor:

And the final word:

(Sources: The Hobbit Chronicles books, Dean, my Fili knowledge and personal collection)

So this had been a headcanon staple of mine for ages but, FAHC Dan and the Crew yes? Because it’s some good shit, Gavin and Dan together again, another weapons expert/hitman at the crew’s disposal yes? And the crew get along just fine with Dan yes? Right?

Fuck no. Michael is and always has been a jealous idiot, about Lindsay, Gavin, Meg, even before they were all dating but now? This guy that Gavin absolutely adores, who knows Gavin as well if not better than Michael does, this guy who’s talents range from guns to cars to explosives, to Michael’s thing, Michael’s area of expertise, Michael hates Dan. Dan doesnt like Michael either I mean Michael is openly hostile to Dan and at first Dan kinda thinks he’s like this with everyone and asks Gav why he’s dating that dickhead and Michael damn near blows a gasket, and then Dan learns it’s because he’s jealous and gets defensive and then they both actively just don’t like each other. They play act just dandy when Gavin, who’s so far down the ‘Dan’s back and alive and here with me and he’s ok and my B is back’ rabbithole that he does not (yet) notice the strife between his boyfriend and best friend

And so Michael and Dan constant trying to one-up each other, getting on each others shit like
Random Thug: one more step Jones and the limey gets a bullet in his head
Michael: just one?
Dan: fuck you Jones
Michael: yeah ok, anyway bye Dan, ive got more important shit to be doing, GAVIN MY BOI ARE YOU IN THERE?
Dan: are you gonna damn help me?
Michael: I wasn’t planning on it no.
Dan: You’re a cunt you know that
Michael: eh, I try, GAV, BOI-

Random thug #2: i’ve got your friend limey, stand down!
Dan: friend?
Michael: damn straight he’s not right. ugh, fuck you for making me agree with you dan.
Dan: right, anyway *sits*
Dan: continue. 
Michael: i’m gonna slit your throat and tell Gavin it was a freak accident
Dan: can’t do that if youve been shot in the head. please sir, continue,

Michael: ‘oh hey Gavin,’ i’ll say, ‘yeah boi its the darnedest thing, Dan just up and died. just stabbed himself like eight or nine, ten, twelve times in the face. so strange.’ I’ll say
Dan: if you’re as shit with a knife as you are everything else I wont have much to fear, will i?
Michael: ‘Fifteen, twenty times,’ I’ll say ;carved his own damn eyes out man, dan’s such a weird fucking bastard, i have no idea why you hang out with him’ and then i’ll set your room on fire to really sell it

Dan: you’re doing that wrong
Michael: no I’m fucking not Dan I’ve been doing this eplosioves shit for fucking years you horse’s ass
Dan: oh really, and how did you learn this ‘explosives shit’ eh? 
Michael: I’m self-taught jackass
Dan: and I learned in the military and you, are doing that wrong
Michael: I fucking hate you

Dan: you were supposed to shoot that guy
Michael: oh really Dan? Really? Are you sure because if I’m not goddamn mistaken I was about to get fucking shanked to death
Dan: oh quit your bloody whinging, if you’d shot that guy you could have taken this other twat out before you got ‘shanked to death’.

Gavin: you two came for me!
Michael: I did! I did, all by myself. Dan didn’t help worth a damn.
Dan: Bullshit, Michael spent the whole ride here crying in the backseat
Michael: because I love and missed you boi, I was emotional
Dan: oh is that right, and I could have sworn it was because of your crippling inadequacy compared to me. That or the fact that you have no idea what a proper explosive rig looks like
Michael: mmmmm fuck you dAN

They spend all their time digging st each other until Gavin walks in the room and spend the rest of their time squabbling for Gavin’s affections. Michael makes up for Dan having known Gavin longer and all their inside jokes and their closeness by lots and lots of physical affection. He stands there kissing Gav staring Dan dead in the eye. Dan responds by buying Gav a new phantom, and grinning at Michael while Gav coos excitedly over it.

Them working together is usually only for Gavin’s sake and is never any modicum of friendly without Gav there like, their one common interest that they won’t immediately fight about, for his affections sure but not him, is Gavin. Their one common goal being his health and happiness. Gav gets hurt? Send Dan and Michael out and Gav will be carted back to the penthouse in record, tossed in the hospital where he will stay until Caleb clears him, no ifs, ands or buts. Gav gets kidnapped? Gavin’s rescued a day or less later and an entire swath of gangs in that sector of the city get taken out. Gavin’s been up for 5 days trying to get into some database? Dan and Michael bully Gav into sleeping, a feat more impressive than anything else.  Dan senses something wrong with Gav, emotionally, physcially, Michael confronts Gav about it. If Gav lies his way past Michael, Dan’s there to pick up the slack. Just, Dan and Michael’s the ‘we ‘share’ a loved one but also fuck you’ guys


Silver & Fletcher 1886 Patent “the Expert” revolver

Designed by Hugh A. Silver and Walter Fletcher c.1880′s, from a Webley RIC No1 New Model revolver - serial number 84335.
.455/476 Enfield six-round cylinder, double action, Silver and Fletcher hammer safety - it retracts the firing pin, Silver and Fletcher extracting system apparently located on the right side of the frame, in line with the bottom right chamber of the cylinder.

The Silver and Fletcher extracting system could be used in one of two ways, as described by their original American patent pictured below. The first one was to fire with the loading gate fully open, which although not ergonomic allowed spent rounds to be ejected after each shot. The second one was to fire with a closed loading gate, only afterward opening it and squeezing the trigger another six times to eject all spent rounds.
Engaging the system by opening the loading gate lifted the case’s rim out of the cylinder with each pull of the hammer.

What EXO looks like in my fic, Engraved  (part 2 here)

1. Xiumin, the Leader

“They say the rings he wears used to belong to his victims”

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2. Suho, the Planner

“Behind those sweet eyes hides a cunning mind." 

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3. Lay, the Surgeon

"Doctor Zhang will see you now.”

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4. Baekhyun, the Hacker

“Where there’s internet, there’s a way for me to fuck things up.”

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5. Chen, the Thief

“Any lock can be picked, and any game can be won.”

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6. Chanyeol, the Weapon Expert

“If it goes boom, he’ll be able to tell what it is.”

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7. D.O., the Hitman

“He likes to look his victims in the eye, see the life drain out of them.”

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8. Kai, the Con Man

“His smirk is dangerous, because he knows it is.”

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9. Sehun, the Dealer

“If you’re willing to pay, I’ll be willing to find it.”

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These are in order!!

Gabriel Reyes;
Age: 39
Rank: Leader/ Console member

Reinhardt Wilhelm;
Age: 50
Rank: Second in Command/ Console member

Torbjorn Lindholm;
Age: 46
Rank: Console member

Sombra Reyes;
Age: 22
Rank: Body guard/ Console member

Winston Prime;
Age: 32
Rank: Treasurer/ Console member

Hanzo Shimada;
Age: 40
Rank: Teacher/ Console member

Aleksandra Zaryanova;
Age: 29
Rank: Trainer/ Console member

Mako Rutledge;
Age: 30
Rank: Weapons expert

Mei-Ling Zhou;
Age: 26
Rank: Reconnaissance

Lena Oxton;
Age: 23
Rank: Reconnaissance

Satya Vaswani;
Age: 24
Rank: Tracker

Hana Song;
Age: 23
Rank: Weapons engineer

Edith Bastion;
Age: 28
Rank: Engineer 


SPECTRE 1: Kanan Jarrus aka Caleb Dume The leader

SPECTRE 2: Hera Syndulla The pilot

SPECTRE 3: C1-10P aka Chopper The mechanic

SPECTRE 4: Garazeb Orrelios aka Zeb The muscle

SPECTRE 5: Sabine Wren The weapons expert

SPECTRE 6: Ezra Bridger The padawan

Haikyuu: Zombie Apocalypse

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything for international fanworks day >.< 

Haikyuu characters and what Zombie Apocalypse Team stereotypes they would play :)

Characters featured: Akaashi, Bokuto, Oikawa, Hinata, Kenma, Kuroo, Kageyama, Daichi, Suga, & Tsukishima

Warning: These are very blunt. Not everyone can survive I’m so sorry aldskfjals

  • Akaashi would be one of the “calm and rational” ones in appearance, but on the inside, he’s secretly freaking out and probably grabs Bokuto’s hand at night after he thinks that Bokuto is asleep. He would either be the weapons expert (imagine Akaashi sharpening knives with a resting bitch face) or the person in charge of the get-aways.  

  • Bokuto is, as usual, loud and proud; he would be the one cheering up everyone when they’re in the dumps, sort of like a keeper of spirit? (my teacher calls people that on school trips lol) Bokuto would probably play either the mascot role, or the ‘morale booster’ if that’s a thing.

  • Oikawa would make even more lame jokes and forced laughs to try and hide how terrified he truly is, but after he gets yelled at by Iwaizumi he would cry until ‘Iwa-chan’ apologizes and everything is OK~

  • Hinata would follow in the footsteps of his two senpai (Nishinoya and Tanaka) by yelling “Come at me” whenever fighting waves of infected, but then scream when they actually notice him and approach (except he would actually get his head into the fight when Kageyama calls him a dumbass). Sorry, but Hinata would also most likely play the role of the “guy that dies first” because while he has courage, his disadvantaged physique/mental abilities would most likely lead to demise :P Or maybe he would be a speed fighter? Idk…

  • Kenma is the brain behind most of his group’s operations, because he quietly takes care of the behind-the-scenes things that other people forget; he would also pretend to be apathetic about death, but secretly sneak out to mourn in the night :(

  • Kuroo would be the most “normal” out of all the hq characters, probably excelling in stealth-ing (yes that is a word) and looting. He would also probably take on more of a leadership role, even if other Haikyuu captains were around (imagine Kenma having a panic attack and being comforted by Kuroo alksdjflaskdfjaskj)

  • Kageyama, hands down, would be one of the coordinators of the attacks; while he can be somewhat oblivious in every-day life, he would be super observant and focused and alert during serious situations.

  • Daichi would also play some sort of a leadership role with Kuroo, although he’s mainly the one that keeps everyone together (imagine Daichi and Kuroo giving motivational speeches, like, “We must work as a team, like blood” (Kuroo) then “Even if you think that the infected are too strong for us, we must fight our hardest until the end” (Daichi) )

  • Suga(wara) is the medic/mom of the group; he would be “that guy” that insists on bandaging up everyone they come across that isn’t infected yet but gets stabbed in the back for it.

  • Tsukishima would just act like his normal cold, reserved self, until someone attacks (or kills?) Yamaguchi because then he would transform into a desperate, pissed off beast that’s out for blood. Before that though, he would also be the person to continuously suggest using other people as bait for the sake of “efficiency”.
Rogue One Leverage AU

“The rich and powerful, they take what they want. We steal it back for you. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. We provide leverage.”

  • Baze(Hitter)- Highly skilled martial artist, weapons expert. Tired of everything. A former mercenary. He is well known as an almost legendary hired gun, assassin and bodyguard. Motherhening the whole Rogue One team. (especially on Chirrut but damn it even he considers Jyn as a little sister doesn't give her the right to keep bothering him for rather he has a thing with Chirrut leave him alone)

  • Bodhi(Hacker)- Computer specialist. Used to work for the Galactic Empire, a cooperation that has control over almost everything in the market. Decided to quit the job after figuring out what he really want to achieve. Drive the getaway car. The cinnamon roll in the team. Cassian and Jyn will freak out when he got hurt.

  • Chirrut(Grifter)- A blind man who attempts to make a career as a fortune teller (failed no matter how he always claims that the force is with him). However, during a con, he can disappear effortlessly into a character. Might have some history with Baze as he seems overprotective of Chirrut. Is actually very good at fighting and that he can “take care of himself on his own”.

  • Jyn(Thief)-  Expert thief, cat-burglar, pickpocket and safe-cracker. Is awkward around other people and has a terrible understanding of social norms. Was trained at a young age by expert thief Saw Gerrera. She comes to regard the other members of the team as her family, and for the first time in her life, trusts someone other than herself.

  • Cassian(Mastermind)- A former Intelligence officer who tired of doing all the dirty works. Has a feeling that everything surrounding him are all corrupted. Want to simply do the good things and help the weak. Has a serious drinking problem.

  • Kay(The actual Brains)- Used to be a secret informer in the Empire for Cassian when he was still an agent. When Cassian quit and form Rogue One, Kay decided to join him. Always disagree with the plan that come up by Cassian but follows it anyway. Kinda worries about Cassian’s alcoholism.

Most of the description are copied from wiki with some change because I suck at writing and just wanna share some headcanon uuggggghhhhhh I have no energy left.

“There’s a scene, late in the movie, with Kate McKinnon, that made me feel like I’ve never felt at a movie before. (No, it wasn’t the vibrating chair talking, this was real.) I should confess: Some of this is personal. My favorite character, in any big action-ensemble movie, is always the demolitions guy: the mad scientist, the weapons expert, the damage-dealer, the one who just wants to see stuff blow up. I say “demolitions guy” because he’s always a guy; they never cast the mad scientist or gun nut as a woman. But in this movie, he’s Kate McKinnon.

So she gets the scene these guys always get, in a movie like this. She has a wonderful new toy. The film slows down. She starts moving, and sure enough, she just starts unleashing raw havoc everywhere.

Something in my chest opened up. This is it, I realized. This is the thing I never got to see before. The scene where the demolitions guy is a girl. I was right: It actually does feel different when it’s a girl. This must be how guys feel every time they watch one of these movies. This is it, the version that’s for me, the scene I always wanted, and it’s here.

I don’t know what that feeling was, or how to describe it. But here’s the best way I can: For all the talk about “childhoods,” I got exactly 30 seconds in that movie where I felt like I was 8 years old again. Except that it was better than being 8 years old. It was like being 8 years old would have been, if the world had been fair.

I didn’t realize the political implications until I was out of the theater. I didn’t realize that this was also an openly queer actress, playing a more-or-less openly queer character (and we could do with more “more” and less “less,” Sony), that it might have hit other people in the audience even harder than it hit me, and for that reason. I didn’t think about anything, except that a woman was getting the same big slo-mo blowing-shit-up scene a million guys have gotten, and that scene is awesome. I’ve always loved that scene. Women aren’t treated as a big boundary-breaking historic symbol of progress and equality, in this movie. They’re treated like people.

And then you go out into the real world, where thousands of people are trying to hurt Leslie Jones on Twitter, and everyone hates Ghostbusters again. The same world you went into Ghostbusters to escape. But you can escape it, for a little while, in that theater. There’s a reason we need movies like these, after all.”

– Sady Doyle, These Times


I’m super happy with how this turned out. Though Red-Gill looks less like an argorian and more like just a generic fantasy lizard man.

Okay for those who don’t know (which is probably most of you) These are mine and @retrosyk​‘s Skyrim characters. Baldurr(Nord/Dragonborn), Juniper(Berton/Werewolf), Red-Gill(Argonian/Bounty Hunter), Dura Las-Gor(Orsimer/Weapons Expert), Volanaro(Altmer/Mage).

We’re hoping to make a comic with them, but we’d like to make a lot of comics so who know if it’ll happen.


GOT7 as gang members texting Youngjae who is the the new recruit~

Jaebum (Boss): Boss/Ringleader
Mark (Coke): Illegal Gambling/Drug Trafficking
Jackson (Boom): The Weapons Expert/Hitman
Jinyoung (Chip) : Hacker/Computer Expert
BamBam (The Hot One): Honey Trapper/Kidnapper
Yugyeom (Reaper): Assassin/Sniper
Y/N (ICU): Spy/Informant

For those who want to know where this came from: I did a small scenario with an AU for Jaebum/Youngjae in which Jaebum was vandalizing Youngjae’s house and so Youngjae tries to catch him in the act. And then in the story I just threw in the fact that Jaebum may be part of a gang and Youngjae was kind of scared by him which hinted that he may actually be the boss.

So, an anon just asked if it could actually be a story and I assigned them each roles in a gang for fun. And now we’re just kind of rolling with it!

Honestly, I have no idea where this is going to go…just ask me questions about it, make fics and texts and snapchats, send in writings about it and lets all make it a thing together haha~

Voltron Spy Au Headcannons:

as promised I’m gonna drop this au on y’all I yelled to @voltron-guilty-pleasure at the crack of dawn

  • Voltron is the name of their org, and each member has a symbol. The cats are the insignias of each spy
  • Lance has been trying for 3 months to create an acronym for Voltron that works. He pops up every few days with one that just. Doesn’t quite fit. 
  • Coran does logistics and briefs the team before each mission.
  • Allura is the diplomat, and is sent out on missions in which they can resolve things/achieve their goal peacefully.
  • But in the event that they can’t, the crew is ready
  • Shiro is weapons expert. Everything is a gun. Hand is gun. 
  • Keith is 1v1 pro. You don’t want to catch those hands. You’d most likely die.
  • Hunk is a Sweetheart™. Until the crew needs him to blow something up. Then he’s got a homemade explosive in his hand in .02 seconds and no one knows how he made it 
  • Pidge’s nickname on the crew is Ghost. They’re the best at stealth, hands down. Hacks security systems and what have you but definitely has fun in the field with razor wire as their weapon. Pidge has threatened the attack Lance with their wire on plenty of occasions
  • Lance is sniper. He isn’t usually up-close-and-personal with the rest of the crew, but his presence is ALWAYS felt bc he wont. shut. up. over the headsets. He can see everything from where he positioned for his shots
  • “Keith did you just? Slap the guy? My granny can do that.” “What do you call that move, Keith?” “Pidge….I’m scared of you. Please stop smiling”
  • Lance also gets up-close work, bc he doubles as the honeypot. It was a hard process, bc Coran and Allura had to do a lot to help him become a smooth talker, but now he’s good. Scarily good.
  • Shiro sometimes accidentally seduces targets bc he’s Shiro. the team just rolls with it when it happens.
  • Keith one day seduces a Hot Alien Guy, and everyone is so proud. except Lance. Lance is PISSED. Keith thinks it’s bc he took Lance’s job
  • Lance, internally: “He’s into guys!!??! How did I miss this? GDI I had a chance all along”
  • Lance externally: *bickering with Keith increases*
  • Pidge and Allura start a betting pool amongst the crew. The place bets on when they think the two will kiss. Pidge thinks Keith will punch Lance then they kiss. Shiro jokingly says they will kiss after helping each other in a fight. Hunk thinks hey will talk it out first. Everyone else laughs
  • Time passes and they are still Not Together and Being Annoying, so Shiro gives up on his bet and decides they need to just talk it out and shoves them in a conference room until they figure it out and stop messing up the team dynamic (make ‘em feel guilty so they actually try)
  • Meanwhile their base gets attacked by their #1 enemy
  • Keith and Lance go from in each other’s faces to having each other’s backs in .0005 seconds
  • Everything is said and done, everyone is in various areas of the base, breathing heavy but successful
  • Keith and Lance take a step back, look at each other. “oh shit he hot”. Cue “make out after fighting together”. Then they casually stroll out to asses the situation with the others.
  • Everyone is ok. The battle is over. Keith tells everyone “Y’all owe Shiro money”
  • Pidge threatens Lance with their wire again. “You couldn’t keep it in your pants for ONE more day!” Lance is screaming and running. Everyone else is going about cleaning.
My unhealthy obsession with that stupid bullet continues.

I met up with some old friends yesterday.

Important things about this couple in relation to this story:

(1) have never watched TWD (though the husband read the comics up to like issue 30)

(2) ranged weapons experts.

My friends LOVE their guns (they are safe and smart about it relax) so after wife showed me her new 9mm (v. much like Dawn’s) I decided to ask for their opinion on the Beth situation.

Me: So my twd fav. got shot in the head. She and another woman were standing like this *body arranging* with basically your new gun right about here *I don’t point it at her bc I’m not an idiot* exit wound here *show where on head* so where do you think the entrance wound was?

Husband: Under the chin, probably.

Wife: Or through her cheek? But chin would be a surer kill.

Me: It was right here *more pointing*

Wife: …No.

Husband: Yeah that’s. Wrong.

Me: Exactly.

Husband: Well–unless… *long thoughtful pause* A 9mm wouldn’t have enough momentum to ricochet inside her skull and still exit. The bullet came out?

Me: Blew out the back. Quarter-sized exit wound.

Wife: 9mm… is she definitely dead?

Husband: Yeah. ‘Cause that probably wouldn’t kill her, actually.


Wife: Well––not right away, but she’d probably be dead in a couple of days if she didn’t get antibiotics.


Wife: Oh. That chick ain’t dead.


I have seen posts on tumblr crowing about how Suicide Squad is a testament to diversity in casting, while Doctor Strange is the most white-washed in Marvel history???

As a Muslim, and an Asian, I feel like I should challenge this notion. I feel like for Suicide Squad to be the standard in diversity, Karen Fukuhara should have been Captain Boomerang, instead of yet another sword wielding martial arts expert; Will Smith should have been Harley Quinn, instead of yet another smart mouth, bad ass, tough guy, weapons expert; and Margot Robbie should have been Deadshot, because we want to be in awe of how deadly she is with that custom AR-15, instead of how she looks in short shorts.

As for Doctor Strange being the most white-washed in Marvel history, Chiwetel Ejiofor is Baron Mordo, Benedict Wong is not playing a man servant, and Tilda Swinton is the Ancient One that nobody expected, because Marvel and long-time comic readers understand that the Ancient One is a title that is earned, and to earn this title one doesn’t have to be an old Asian man spewing words of wisdom. I think we’ve seen enough of that nonsense.

I think diversity should mean more than just casting people of color in movies and TV shows to play stereotypical roles, like the martial arts expert or perky comic relief, or the evil terrorist, or the tough talking gangster. I think it’s demeaning to these beautiful, talented actors, and the audience, that they’re not allowed the space and direction to do more, or show more.

anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where you're the captain of a space vessel and the the whole cast of Undertale are your crew.

Oh my god this is fantastic.

Undyne is the general/battle master.  Obviously.  Toriel the motherly but sometimes overbearing doctor/first aid officer.  Papyrus the cheery comic relief who through wacky shenanigans saves the day.  Sans the weapons expert and navigator.  Gerson the cranky but wise “back in my day” veteran who confronts every problem with “this reminds me of this one time when I was a wee lad …” Grillby’s the cook.  Flowey the lurking plot device that slithers around the vents.  Mettaton the sassy know-it-all ship AI. 

And Asgore who leads the whole thing with me and the whole thing is just one catastrophe after another and it is fantastic.

Check Please Space Pirates AU
  • Jack is the ship’s Captain 
    • With his First Mate Shitty and Pilot Lardo
    • Also Medic Rans and Navigator Holster
  • Just casually flying through space looking for wreckage to turn to scrap metal, and anything valuable that might have been left behind.
  • Not talking about Jack’s Space Academy past, nope.
    • But very much talking about the corrupt colonial Capitalist human Empire #shittysdiscourse
  • One day they get a tip on a job starting in a few months, but it’s in hostile territory, and it’s long haul.
  • They need to make some changes…
  • Guess who needs to hire more crew!
    • First they need a weapons expert, cue sweet baby, terrifying in a fight Chowder
    • Then they need an onboard engineer in case something breaks while they’re in the black, cue awkward scowly handy Dex
    • Then they need a Communications and Civilian Liaison Officer, because Jack is an anxious angry space robot and Shitty is naked half the time… cue chill even in stressful negotiations Nursey.
    • And last but not least
    • Y’all know who I’m talking about
    • They need a ship’s cook to keep them damn well fed for their time away from civilisation.
  • “Bittle here’s 500 credits to fill the ship’s pantry…buy more protein”
  • Bitty, sweet planet-side Bitty, who is sort of, maybe, a liiiitleee afraid of Deep Space but it’s fine it’s totally fine haha please let me keep this job…
    • its just so big and empty and black and 
    • what is that noise is the ship okay ??
    • “Bitty dude we haven’t even taken off yet”
    • Jack: *annoyed noises*
    • Jack: *takes Bitty out in the two person cruiser sessions to get him used to the black*
  • I’m talking 
    • negotiating with crooked scrap dealers
    • space fights 
    • bitty setting up a little space garden in a storage room of the ship 
    • crew kegsters after a good haul
    • running into famed Space Academy Cadet Kent Parson
      • walking quickly in the other direction away from famed Space Academy Cadet Kent Parson
    • Falling in love in a battered tin can hurtling through Space
  • Just…
  • HMS SMH in space y’all

I’m alive! :D

Sorry I’ve been so inactive! I got back from Hawaii earlier this week and then devoted my entire week to finishing my Summer Sketchbook which I finally turned in this morning! Meaning I now have an entire…six days of summer left to draw whatever the heck I want!

Doodle dump of some OCs, from a little space-pirates idea I had a while back, starring spunky sixteen-year-old and talented mechanic Piper who joins a ragtag group of pirates in desperate need of a ship repairman. Here’s some of the crew including Bucky Li, a hyperactive swordsman and weapons expert, Tyrus*, the super strong four-eyed first mate, and Erin, a rescued angel-winged prince from another star system, who the crew plans on collecting a generous reward upon his safe return.

Still needs lots of work, both design and story wise. I’m not sure if anything will actually come out of this, but these dorks sure are fun to draw~ :)

I’ll try to answer all you guys’ asks over the next couple of days! Thanks for being so patient~ >///

“When someone breaks into my house, I usually don’t invite them to stay. But that’s me.”

Once upon a time

Melinda May followed her mother’s steps, an intelligence operative, when she joined S.H.I.E.L.D., believing the organization was the best defense for the world against any threats that may come their way. Trained by the best during her years in the academy,  she becomes an aced pilot as well as a martial arts and weapons expert. She met Coulson there and they befriended back then. Their first mission together turned out to be a bust and she had to wait five hours in the water until he came to extract her. Several years after, both of them along other agents were sent to Bahrain as a “Welcome Wagon” but the mission went wrong. May, single handled rescued the hostages and crossed the enemy forces, with her bare hands, gaining then her famous nickname of the Cavalry, which she hates.

After that, she changed and finally asked to retire from the field, entering the Administration, not wanting to see combat ever again but keeping her pilot license. After Coulson’s death, she’s charged by Fury to assemble a team to watch over him, which she does without questions. When he finds out the truth about the T.A.H.I.T.I Project, they have a big argument, leading her to get away  from the rest of the team just before the organization fell. She comes back and help them fight against HYDRA -and Ward-. As Skye’s new C.O. she grows more and more fond of the girl and acts as Coulson’s right hand, helping him on his new duty and with his condition.

What the headlines say

Having Coulson’s back as she ever did, she’s handling most of the ongoing missions in the Playground to let him deal with what he has to deal with. Still training Skye to become a full field agent, she seems to let herself go more often, opening up to the young girl. Not really pleased by some recent additions in the team, she grew out to appreciate them and seems to like teasing Hunter. In light of the recent events, she’s even more protective about Skye and is willing to try everything to help her cope with what happened. Even if it means reconnecting with her ex-husband.

Helping Coulson has let her to an unexpected journey. The one of finally allowing herself to think of him as more than just a friend. She has partaken in some fun with old and new recruits and has filled in for Coulson on many occasion (especially when he went on the field).  She has watched helplessly when Mack was shot in front of Skye and Coulson’s eyes. Knowing just how much that can affect a person, she is worrying for Skye and Coulson. She has been an active element in trying to locate  Tony and Clint , mostly keeping the shit together, until the boys were back.  Right now, she truly wish to be on vacation.

  • RACE – Human
    POWER /ABILITY –  master pilot, martial artist, acrobat and marsman, multilingual
    AGE –  45
    OCCUPATION  Shield agent, pilot

  • Status: Taken
  • Player: Miu