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The Fili Guide to Self Defense

Fili has many interesting weapons on him. He’s a one-dwarf army. 

 Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up…

*The Bootie Axes (that’s Mr. O'Gorman’s naming convention, not mine): Unfortunately we never see these in action. They’re either a last resort or a cool party trick - “Hey guys, check out my bootie axes!”

*The Mystery Midsection: Fili has an assortment of pointy objects hidden on his body, which is why people are reluctant to hug him (see: the BOTFA Erebor reunion). It’s hard to say how many there actually are, and how many those filthy elves stole. 

I…I think he has armpit daggers…

*The Knives: these sexy looking things are sticking out of each arm. They have a royal crest on them (in case he forgets how special he is). Armed to the elbows.

*The Dual Swords: Fili appears to love symmetry; I mean, just look at his facial hair. It makes sense that our ambidextrous hero has not one, but two, sweet signature blades.

*The BIG ONE: Fili’s huge sword. Enough said.

Apparently Fili possesses this sick looking hammer, according to the Hobbit Chronicles books. I don’t recall ever seeing it, but it’s probably hidden somewhere extremely well. 

We also know Fili is very capable with a bow, but he lets Kili take the glory in that department. Here’s a cool looking ax he found in Erebor:

And the final word:

(Sources: The Hobbit Chronicles books, Dean, my Fili knowledge and personal collection)

if you’re struggling with homework, just pretend it’s for starfleet.

biology? no no, xenobiology. for when you’re on the enterprise and you have to examine flora and fauna of newly discovered planets

math? more like super important warp calculations

physics? gotta be like chekov hell yeah

english? no it’s a report for starfleet command

learning a language? channel nyota uhura 

gotta pop open a torpedo im really weapons expert carol marcus

a-sarcastic-fox  asked:

What roles do you think the 104th and vets have in a zombie apocalypse? (like who would lead them, be in charge of getting food and stuff like that) Who do you think would survive?

Because everything is more fun with pictures: 

Leader: Erwin // Brawler: Mikasa // Weapons Expert: Sasha // Supplies: Historia // Craftman: Ymir // Brains: Armin // Medic: Hanji // Car Guy: Mike // Mascot: Bertholdt // Wonders what’s happening: Connie // First to die: Marco // Bad things happen but remains alive: Eren // Bites Zombies: Reiner

Hell's Angels (M)

*because I’m extra*

Request: #36 Namjoon Drabble 

Word Count: 8.1k

Originally posted by rapnamu

A pitch black darkness that preceded after a spatter of red clouded in his vision. The world around him felt cold and heavy. His limbs lost its feeling as if he had phantom limb syndrome. The smell of gunpowder dusted itself over his noses and the loud bang of a bomb going off jolted him awake, his eyes opening.

“It took you long enough.”

“W–Where am I?” It looked like an abandoned mall, glass storefronts broken, the escalator stopped working and there were small patches of fire in some places. There was a boy, maybe three years younger than he was, firing from this range and shooting down people.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought he was trapped in a video game.

“The dead zone.”

“Dead zone?”

“For a new recruit, you sure do ask a lot of questions but do little action.”

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Ninjago Movie Headcanons: Weaponry

Lloyd: Insane with two dual swords/ katanas. He mastered one sword easily so he challenges himself with two. His favorite move is to slice flip slice-as we saw in the trailer. Other weapons of choice: one sword, two knives, or a staff.

Kai: One sword. He knows more single sword tricks and moves than even Lloyd. The sword is like an extension of his hand, it is completely balanced. He loves to fight two enemies with one sword because it makes him feel powerful. Other weapons of choice: none (he spent so much time on single sword he can’t expertly use any others).

Nya: Master with a javelin because it is the most difficult ninja weapon, according to Wu. It’s the second heaviest weapon on the team because I the incredibly heavy metal spear at the top, and she holds and twirls it like it’s a baton. She can take down half a dozen enemies in 2.56 seconds with one twirl. Other weapons of choice: sword, double katana, or a blow dart.

Jay: Numchucks, baby. He has insanely quick reflexes (the fastest on the team) so his mind is wired for the quick and delicate movements with the numchuck. He was covered in bruises when he first started training with them, but refused to choose another weapon to become an expert with because “numchucks were fun!” He also has great ears and can attack an enemy when they are sneaking behind him. Other weapons of choice: sword, blow dart, and a shuriken.

Zane: He is very good at all ninja weaponry but the team elected him to be their archer. As a robot, he is the most accurate archer in their city, and probably their universe. He never misses a shot and is incredibly agile on the rooftops. His robotic tech created different types of arrows for different enemies. He can also do hand to hand combat with his bow as a weapon. Other weapons: blow dart, sword, and two shurikens.

Cole: He uses the war hammer. It’s by far the heaviest weapon on the team (Jay can barely swing it above his head). He uses his strength and the strength of the hammer to crush enemies. On stealth missions he resorts to his nifty scythe, but he’s more comfortable with the bad boy- the hammer. Also, it goes really well with his outfit. Other weapons: scythe, sword, and his fists.

So this had been a headcanon staple of mine for ages but, FAHC Dan and the Crew yes? Because it’s some good shit, Gavin and Dan together again, another weapons expert/hitman at the crew’s disposal yes? And the crew get along just fine with Dan yes? Right?

Fuck no. Michael is and always has been a jealous idiot, about Lindsay, Gavin, Meg, even before they were all dating but now? This guy that Gavin absolutely adores, who knows Gavin as well if not better than Michael does, this guy who’s talents range from guns to cars to explosives, to Michael’s thing, Michael’s area of expertise, Michael hates Dan. Dan doesnt like Michael either I mean Michael is openly hostile to Dan and at first Dan kinda thinks he’s like this with everyone and asks Gav why he’s dating that dickhead and Michael damn near blows a gasket, and then Dan learns it’s because he’s jealous and gets defensive and then they both actively just don’t like each other. They play act just dandy when Gavin, who’s so far down the ‘Dan’s back and alive and here with me and he’s ok and my B is back’ rabbithole that he does not (yet) notice the strife between his boyfriend and best friend

And so Michael and Dan constant trying to one-up each other, getting on each others shit like
Random Thug: one more step Jones and the limey gets a bullet in his head
Michael: just one?
Dan: fuck you Jones
Michael: yeah ok, anyway bye Dan, ive got more important shit to be doing, GAVIN MY BOI ARE YOU IN THERE?
Dan: are you gonna damn help me?
Michael: I wasn’t planning on it no.
Dan: You’re a cunt you know that
Michael: eh, I try, GAV, BOI-

Random thug #2: i’ve got your friend limey, stand down!
Dan: friend?
Michael: damn straight he’s not right. ugh, fuck you for making me agree with you dan.
Dan: right, anyway *sits*
Dan: continue. 
Michael: i’m gonna slit your throat and tell Gavin it was a freak accident
Dan: can’t do that if youve been shot in the head. please sir, continue,

Michael: ‘oh hey Gavin,’ i’ll say, ‘yeah boi its the darnedest thing, Dan just up and died. just stabbed himself like eight or nine, ten, twelve times in the face. so strange.’ I’ll say
Dan: if you’re as shit with a knife as you are everything else I wont have much to fear, will i?
Michael: ‘Fifteen, twenty times,’ I’ll say ;carved his own damn eyes out man, dan’s such a weird fucking bastard, i have no idea why you hang out with him’ and then i’ll set your room on fire to really sell it

Dan: you’re doing that wrong
Michael: no I’m fucking not Dan I’ve been doing this eplosioves shit for fucking years you horse’s ass
Dan: oh really, and how did you learn this ‘explosives shit’ eh? 
Michael: I’m self-taught jackass
Dan: and I learned in the military and you, are doing that wrong
Michael: I fucking hate you

Dan: you were supposed to shoot that guy
Michael: oh really Dan? Really? Are you sure because if I’m not goddamn mistaken I was about to get fucking shanked to death
Dan: oh quit your bloody whinging, if you’d shot that guy you could have taken this other twat out before you got ‘shanked to death’.

Gavin: you two came for me!
Michael: I did! I did, all by myself. Dan didn’t help worth a damn.
Dan: Bullshit, Michael spent the whole ride here crying in the backseat
Michael: because I love and missed you boi, I was emotional
Dan: oh is that right, and I could have sworn it was because of your crippling inadequacy compared to me. That or the fact that you have no idea what a proper explosive rig looks like
Michael: mmmmm fuck you dAN

They spend all their time digging st each other until Gavin walks in the room and spend the rest of their time squabbling for Gavin’s affections. Michael makes up for Dan having known Gavin longer and all their inside jokes and their closeness by lots and lots of physical affection. He stands there kissing Gav staring Dan dead in the eye. Dan responds by buying Gav a new phantom, and grinning at Michael while Gav coos excitedly over it.

Them working together is usually only for Gavin’s sake and is never any modicum of friendly without Gav there like, their one common interest that they won’t immediately fight about, for his affections sure but not him, is Gavin. Their one common goal being his health and happiness. Gav gets hurt? Send Dan and Michael out and Gav will be carted back to the penthouse in record, tossed in the hospital where he will stay until Caleb clears him, no ifs, ands or buts. Gav gets kidnapped? Gavin’s rescued a day or less later and an entire swath of gangs in that sector of the city get taken out. Gavin’s been up for 5 days trying to get into some database? Dan and Michael bully Gav into sleeping, a feat more impressive than anything else.  Dan senses something wrong with Gav, emotionally, physcially, Michael confronts Gav about it. If Gav lies his way past Michael, Dan’s there to pick up the slack. Just, Dan and Michael’s the ‘we ‘share’ a loved one but also fuck you’ guys

Gemsona weapon ideas (part 3)

Here  is a link to the previous one. I keep making these because i like to help people come up with neat ideas. so as long as i keep finding cool weapons, i shall keep making these.

The Targe is a Scottish shield with a big spike in the middle for extra offensive ability.

The Derringer pistol is a very small gun that holds only one or two bullets.

the Duckfoot pistol is what people used before they realized shotguns were much better.

I’m not going to lie, this thing is from Star Wars. Ryyk blades are used by wookies. if they have any real world equivalent, i do not know what it is called.

Black Eggs are painted eggshells filled with things like crushed glass and chili powder, they are crushed in your hand and thrown at the eyes of enemies.

the Aara (or urumi, i dont know which one is correct) is Indian in origin and is basically both a whip and a sword

the Kopesh is a sword used by ancient Egyptians.

Katars come in two main varieties, a single blade, or a blade that splits into three blades.

the Maquital is a weapon used by ancient central american civilizations, it is a wooden sword-looking thing with obsidian blades embedded on the sides.

please note: i am not a history or weapon expert, everything i post about them is stuff i saw on wikipedia, i just like cool looking weapons.

Pond 1860 Patent revolver

Manufactured by Lucius W. Pond in Worcester, Massachusetts - serial number 581.
.32RF six-round cylinder, single action with spur trigger, bottom-break mechanism with release tab on the side of the frame, cut for a shoulder stock.

Yet another illegal metallic cartridge revolver made during the American Civil War. If you ask me the Union government should have just revoked Rollin White’s patent on bored-through cylinders, it clearly hurt the American firearm market and claimed to cover a system that was obviously not foreseen by its holder.
Then again I’m no patent law expert.

Another personal head canon I have (putting it here to let y’all know this blog ain’t dead):

Spy and Scout’s Ma trained together in some type of Spy Academy. Both were the best in their chosen fields of work. Only a small number of people where chosen from all over the world to gain further training. 

At first both hated each other, Scout’s Ma thought that Spy was an ass-hole, Spy hated her Boston accent. However working and training over time allowed both to better understand each other, pushing aside ego and the act that comes with becoming a Spy. 

Spy was the better actor of the two, he was able to become any person and fit into a scene without even trying, while Scout’s Ma was the weapons expert. 

They both worked together once they graduated and  where the most dangerous people on the face of the earth.

It was about three years before both agreed on trying to have a relationship. All was going well before Scout’s Ma disappeared. 

Spy travelled the world to find her, catching up with old enemy’s with grudges, old employers and everyone else in-between. He came to his conclusion that she wanted to disappear. But why?? That was the question that keep him up at night for 1 ½ years.

When he discovered her location Spy was surprised where she was. A small apartment on the outer city of Boston. It wasn’t a surprise to him, but he was taken back by how much she had changed her identity. New name, documents and appearance. 

Walking down the hall way towards her room Spy played out how he would act. Should he play it like a smart ass?? Be cold and distant?? Perhaps understanding??

Before he finishes his thoughts he knocks on the door. Spy is meet by the woman he loves (something he would never say out loud). Her usual short brown hair is replaced with wavy long blonde locks. Eyes that would usual be filled with mischief and a lust for life are glazed. Spy notices dark bags underneath her blue eyes. He can’t help but notice that she has gained a kilo or two.

The yelling of the young woman could be heard three cites over. An augment breaks out between the two. Words they don’t really mean are thrown in each other’s faces. Spy demands an explanation, a reason, for leaving him heart broken. For having him spend countless night unable to sleep worrying about her safety. 

All his answers are answered when he hears a baby cry.

He calms down, lets her attend to the screaming child. Spy gather’s his thoughts. Maybe she ran because the child wasn’t his?? That’s got to be the answer. They both took precautions didn’t they?? 

The woman walks over while holding the child and guides Spy to a cheap couch. There she explains everything, the fear she felt. How her employers might force her to dispose of the child, she is an investment after all. Enemy’s coming after her to hurt her and her child.

The last part she looks at Spy, tells him that she was afraid of him. She starts to cry holding her child closer to her chest. She knows that Spy was always dedicated to his work, that when he dies it would be on the field. That in his life that there is no time for a child, a family. She didn’t want to burden him with her mistake. She goes on to explain that she always wanted a large family and this was the best opportunity she had to leave her work behind. 

Spy slowly moves closer to the the weeping woman and holds her. Giving her all the time in the world for her to regain composure. When she is calm he asks to hold his child. Carrying the baby in his arms he can’t help but smile, he softly asks what gender it is. A baby boy he whispers to himself. He’s the father of a baby boy. 

Every bone is his body is telling him to run, to put this child and woman behind him. To get back to his job and pretend none of this is real. But deep down Spy wants this, to be surrounded by children and a beautiful wife. He knows he can’t he still has work to do. 

A few days spent together and many long conversations later Spy leaves. Making a promise to give her a large family and do all he can to support their growing family. 

You da real MVP for getting through all this. I like the idea of Scout’s Ma being just as capable as Spy, having the two as equals, also I am suggesting that all Spy is the father to all of Scout’s brothers as well. 

As always if ya have something to add please do so. 

thepoisonking  asked:

Hello Script Aunty! Do you have anything on Gunshot Wound Survival? When you're dealing with a bunch of Trigger-Happy Mob Bosses that want to start firing some types of bullet: Ice, Fire, Water, Lighting, Corrosive Acid, Paralysis, Slow-Acting Poisons my question is, how would these bullets affect the types of wounds and deaths? (and what kind of scars would they leave, if they recieved a type of 'revival herb/spell/potion')

Hey there, @thepoisonking (tags: why they no work?!!)

So here’s the thing about gunshot wounds. They depend so very, very much on the trajectory and on what exactly has been hit. For example, a bullet wound in the belly may kill quickly (if it hits an artery), moderately (if it hits a solid organ), or slowly (if it nicks the bowel). It may not kill at all.

The best advice is to follow general bleeding control: if it bleeds, put gauze / cloth and some pressure on it until it stops. If it doesn’t stop, or if it’s spurting, your characters should apply a tourniquet. If the non-stopping bleed is in the trunk or non-tourniquetable area, they should probably pack the wound. This will hurt like hell.

As for the ballistics… First, disclaimer. I am not a munitions expert, I am not a weapons expert, and I am not a weapons developer. The information here may not be accurate. They are my hypothesis and some thoughts, not realistic writing advice. Use them at your own risk.

Unfortunately, once you get out of the realm of realistic bullet types (full metal jacket vs hollow-point), especially into not-yet-extant bullet types (acid, paralysis, etc.), you’re straining my ability to help you.

And remember….

However, I will try to help you.

Acid, ice and incendiary rounds will likely have effects that are in areas around the wound, so that the area has a double-dose of injury. The typical wound from a gunshot has some cavitation around it as the bullet has passed through:

Originally posted by pinballwarfare

That area around the bullet trajectory will then snap back into place and appear undamaged, while sustaining significant injury. But now we’ve basically added an explosion into that area and caused additional damage.

The downside, from the shooter’s perspective, is that while these rounds might cause additional tissue damage, they may cause cauterization via the thermal effects on the nearby vasculature.

Paralysis bullets are challenging. Paralytics tend to need to be injected into veins, and they will stop all muscle activity – including those for breathing – when administered in the correct dose. So if your arms makers find a strong paralytic that doesn’t denature at the heat at which a bullet fires, that can be passed into skin at several hundred feet per second, maybe?

I’ll offer this: incendiary (”fire”) bullets are used in this world of ours, but my understanding is that they’re typically a part of antitank or antiaircraft munitions, not small-arms weapons like handguns. To quote Wikipedia, “Incendiary projectiles, in particular those intended for armor penetration, are more effective if they explode after penetrating a surface layer, such that they explode inside the target.”

There does appear to be a type of shotgun round called “Dragon’s Breath” that has some really neat images, if you do a quick image search.

I think I’ve been as helpful as I can be, but ultimately you’re the one who has to gets to decide how the munitions in your world work.

Best of luck!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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can u write brotherhood-verse gladio/ignis please? :3

For the very patient anon who asked for this like, a month ago.  Gladio is 19, Ignis is 18.

Excuse me?”  Ignis is absolutely sure that he misheard Gladio and he crosses his arms over his chest.

“You heard me.”  Gladio grins and puffs his chest out a little.  “If you can pin me in sparring practice, I’ll give you a kiss.”

Ignis feels his face heat up.  This is absolutely humiliating.  He and Gladio have shared a few lingering touches after their sparring matches - long after Noctis has retired for the evening - but they have yet to kiss.  The moment has just never seemed right as there’s always the risk of interruption from something or someone, and Ignis would be lying if he said it wasn’t bothering him.  The fact that now Gladio wants to make this into some sort of game gets under his skin and his face pulls in a scowl.

“This is absolutely juvenile,” Ignis grouses.  He presses his lips together thinly and gives Gladio, who’s simply grinning, a glower.

The grin doesn’t leave Gladio’s face, but he rolls his shoulders in a casual shrug.  “Alright, I get it,” he concedes.  “Sorry to have put you on the spot like that.”

Despite the fact that he’s still showing far too much teeth, Ignis lets his shoulders relax incrementally.  “Thank you - ”

“I mean, if you don’t think you can do it, that’s fine.”

Ignis freezes and his eyes harden.  “Excuse me?”

Gladio gives him a hooded gaze and chuckles.  “You’re excused,” he says with a magnanimous wave of his hand.  “You can go.  If you don’t think you can do it, I’m not gonna make you waste your time.”  He debates about teasing that Noct or Prompto would likely want to engage in a sparring match, but he decides that’s far too cruel and bites his tongue.  He only wants to rile Ignis up, not hurt him.

The ash-blond narrows his eyes as he considers the words.  Some rational little whisper tries to warn him that Gladio is playing him, trying to antagonize him, but Ignis pushes it away with a brief gesture.  “Well, it’s certainly not that I can’t,” he says, hating the petulant snap to his tone.  “Are we using weapons?” he asks, his eyes traveling over Gladio’s form.  His gaze lingers briefly on the shock of brown hair, beginning to grow in longer independently of the shaved sides, before traveling back down to Gladio’s face.

The taller man grins.  “Not this time,” he says.  “We haven’t practiced hand-to-hand in a while.”  There is literally no probable situation in which they’d both be unarmed, but if he’s going to continue the facade, he might as well go whole hog with it.  “First person to pin the other wins.”

Ignis turns this over.  He knows the terms if he wins, but he does not know yet what Gladio wants.  “If I pin you, I get a kiss,” he says slowly.  “And if you come out on top?”

Oh, he’s tempted to point out the lewd double-entendre to the words, but that would spoil the fun.  He wants Iggy at his best, not flustered, distracted, and easy to overpower.  “Hmm…”  Gladio pretends to think about it for a minute.  He knows exactly what he wants, but he has no intention of tipping his hand.  That would really leave Ignis distracted and flustered.  It’s a nice thought that he tucks away for later. “Guess you’d better win so you don’t have to find out,” he chuckles.  He takes a few steps back and slides into a ready stance.

Ignis knows he’s being played now, but he can’t bring himself to stop it.  He brings his hand up in the same stance and he focuses his gaze on Gladio.  He can’t lose.  Ignis has no idea as to what Gladio would demand if he pins Ignis first - not to mention just what the thought of Gladio pinning him does to him; he shoves that thought away - but he knows that he must win.  “I will win,” Ignis retorts sharply.  “Whenever you’re ready.”

Gladio pauses for a breath before he lunges forward, his fist extended in a blow that’s already pulled for safety.  He’s pleased when Ignis blocks it easily and sidesteps him.  He knows that the smaller man is able to fight, but it always sends a little thrill through him to be on the receiving end of it.  He smirks when his fist is deflected.  “Good, you’re awake,” he teases, eyes locking with Ignis’.  “It’s only gonna get harder from here!”  He reaches out and grips Ignis’ wrist, trying to lock him down.

Ignis quickly draws his fist back to his ear, loosening Gladio’s hold, and slides in to strike Gladio’s abdomen.  But the opening was a trap, and Gladio bats him away just as easily.  Ignis grits his teeth and ducks low, trying to sweep Gladio’s feet out from under him with his leg.  It’s a foolhardy measure, he knows, but he has to try something.

“Don’t put yourself so low to the ground,” Gladio retorts.  “Makes it a lot easier for me to get on top of you!”  He’s almost disappointed at how easy it is to dodge Ignis’ leg sweep and he descends upon the younger man.  Oh well, it’s not like he loses out no matter how it goes.

To his surprise, Ignis rises up slightly and braces against the ground, rolling Gladio over his shoulder when he comes close.  Gladio lets out a surprised sound as he hits the ground, but he’s back on his feet before Ignis can get close enough to grab him.  Another thrill roils through his blood at the sight of Ignis’ ash-blond hair plastered against his forehead and his wild green eyes bearing down on Gladio.  He chuckles and rolls back to his feet.  Well, this certainly is more interesting than he expected.

They trade blows back and forth for a few frenzied minutes, Gladio pleased with how well Ignis matches him.  He knows the younger man is skilled with his weapons (thanks to Gladio’s expert training), but he sees now that Ignis’ lithe body is just as dangerous.  He smirks.  It’s about time for him to end this game, and he moves to put his plan into action.

Gladio feints to one side and Ignis falls for it, preparing to strike back at his left, but Gladio loops around right.  He gets behind Ignis, gripping one wrist and twisting it behind his back, trapping it there.  He hesitates only briefly with what to do with his other hand before he snakes it around, resting it across Ignis’ collarbone and lightly curling his fingers around Ignis’ exposed throat.  There’s no danger to the hold - he’d never hurt Ignis and they both know that - but Ignis is well and truly trapped within Gladio’s grip.

The younger man’s cheeks heat up and he lets out a growl as he struggles.  Damnation - with him trapped like this, it would be easy for Gladio to simply bring them both to the ground and pin him as per the rules of engagement.  But for some reason, Gladio doesn’t.  He chuckles into Ignis’ ear and flexes his fingers lightly.  “Gotcha,” he says easily.  He suddenly becomes acutely aware of how closely they’re pressed together and his breathing hitches slightly.  “Hey, Iggy.”  His voice is low and takes the slightest sultry edge to it.  “Do I get to tell you what I want, now?”

Oh, he could give in.  He could let Gladio do as he wants, but Ignis is too proud.  He enjoys the press of Gladio’s body against his for a moment before he smirks and strikes.  Ignis slides his foot back between Gladio’s legs and drives his free arm back into Gladio’s abdomen.  When Gladio grunts in surprise, Ignis uses his elbow to drive Gladio back over his outstretched leg, sending him sprawling with his own momentum.  Ignis immediately twists and follows, descending down upon Gladio and straddling his chest.  His hands fall to Gladio’s wrists and he pins him thoroughly to the ground.

A breath passes between them before Gladio grins wildly.  He’s absolutely thrilled by the fact that Ignis has pinned him, as well as how their bodies are pressed together.  He’s tempted to roll his hips up into the other man’s, but he’ll let Ignis have his victory this time.

“Not bad,” Gladio purrs, smirking up at Ignis.  “Think I underestimated you.”

“You did.”  Ignis smirks.  “But I’ll forgive you as long as I get what I asked for.”

Gladio pauses, then chuckles as he leans up and closes the short distance between his lips and Ignis’, letting out a soft hum at how warm and soft the other’s mouth is.  For a first kiss, it’s pretty damn perfect, chaste and soft as it is.

When it comes to a natural end, Ignis breathes a little heavier and smiles.  Gladio likes the image he makes so much that he can’t resist asking.

“Was it everything you hoped for?” he asks, his voice softer and fonder than he’s used to.  But the way it makes Ignis smile is worth it.

“Most assuredly.”  His thumb brushes against the inside of Gladio’s wrist, and then he realizes that he still has Gladio pinned.  Flushing a little, Ignis sits up and allows Gladio the room to do the same.  “I apologize,” he says.  “I - ”

“Don’t you dare,” Gladio grins.  “I was really fuckin’ impressed.  You’re gonna have to teach me how you did that sometime.”  His voice is warm and he chuckles.

They’re still sitting close together, almost between each others’ legs, and Ignis decides he has to know.  “Gladio…what did you want if you won?”

Gladio opens his mouth, ready to answer, but the door to the training room opens and Noctis enters, looking surly but otherwise ready for his daily training, and the two scramble to separate.  They’re not ready for the prince to know just yet (though Noctis thinks they must find him stupid to not see it), but it’s hard to act normal when you’re both flushing and sputtering.

Oh well.  Ignis never has to know that all he wanted was to have Ignis come over and take a nap with him.  The adviser never seems to sleep, and Gladio wants to help him get a full night’s rest, or at least a few extra hours.  If Ignis thinks the prize was something more, then it’ll make it all the sweeter when Gladio finally does spring it on him.

Scratch - Part 9 - (Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: I finished writing the epilogue last night and I can’t believe this story is over, for me at least, y’all still have like four more parts to read. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Apparently Nat wasn’t just good at being an Avenger. She was also a great matchmaker.

In the past month I had gone on five dates with Oliver. He was one of Shield’s lead weapons experts, and the first guy in a long time who looked past the fact that I was an Avenger and actually wanted to get to know me.

“How was the date,” Nat asked when I walked into the compound grinning.

“Great,” I smile plopping down on the sofa where she sat. “Laser tag in the middle of the day is honestly the best. And its nice to have an opponent who knows what they are doing and won’t let me win to spare my feelings.”

“So you lost,” Nat raised an eyebrow.

“Oh no. It wasn’t even close.”

“Oliver is a trained sniper.”

“So is Bucky and I’m sure you could beat him at that game blindfolded.”

“Yeah I probably could,” Nat laughs. “So you really like him huh?”

“I do,” I smile. “He is a great guy.”

“So great that you’ve moved on from Steve?”

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Little Cosmos

Paring: Yondu Udonta/Reader

Tags: female reader, reader-centric, Parent Yondu Udonta, time travel, fix-it fic, set in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, spoilers!!, fluff, angst. 

Summary: Sometimes, to fix the hurt, you need a little miracle. Or perhaps, a stray sorcerer supreme.

Word Count: 1,426

Posting Date:  2017-06-11

Current Date: 2017-06-15

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rosey51235  asked:

A FAHC!AU where the crew has decided to hire a full time cleaner (Just all their household garbage like dishes and laundry and whatever) and it's the reader. Any events of your choosing can then follow. :)

You opened Geoff’s drawer to put away his freshly laundered clothes and gasped upon finding a large stash of guns.

“I knew it!” you said to yourself grabbing one of the guns. “Has he even heard of proper gun maintenance,” you sighed looking at the condition of the gun.

You forgot about the laundry and ran down to your car to get your cleaning supplies.

A few hours later and you had half the guns in the house spread on the table, halfway through your cleaning when the crew entered. All of you froze upon seeing one another. You were hired for mundane tasks and they were supposed to not be the cities biggest criminals (though you had your suspicions.

“Finally, someone else who knows how to clean a gun!” Jack threw her hands up and shot you a smile before heading to the kitchen.

“You okay with this?” you ask, raising an eyebrow at him, he was the boss.

“As long as you are,” he shrugged and walked off to his room.

Little did you know that was the beginning of you becoming the crew’s weapons expert.


Silver & Fletcher 1886 Patent “the Expert” revolver

Designed by Hugh A. Silver and Walter Fletcher c.1880′s, from a Webley RIC No1 New Model revolver - serial number 84335.
.455/476 Enfield six-round cylinder, double action, Silver and Fletcher hammer safety - it retracts the firing pin, Silver and Fletcher extracting system apparently located on the right side of the frame, in line with the bottom right chamber of the cylinder.

The Silver and Fletcher extracting system could be used in one of two ways, as described by their original American patent pictured below. The first one was to fire with the loading gate fully open, which although not ergonomic allowed spent rounds to be ejected after each shot. The second one was to fire with a closed loading gate, only afterward opening it and squeezing the trigger another six times to eject all spent rounds.
Engaging the system by opening the loading gate lifted the case’s rim out of the cylinder with each pull of the hammer.


B. Batty is not my first high endurance character. The first was Candy, the single most frightening person in the Commonwealth.

She was a rapid fire weapon expert who basically just stood her ground against all incoming damage, and eventually ran around in only ballistic weaved torso gear because she simply did not need any additional defense and could focus on fashion.

She’s actually why I’m not concerned about the glowing sea with B. Batty. She could walk around it with only perks for protection not only without issue, but with constant health and rad regeneration.