An Egyptian semi-automatic rifle chambered in 8mm Mauser. It’s based on the Swedish AG42 Ljungman. Although it has a removable magazine, the Hakim is generally loaded via stripper clips. The Ljungman and Hakim are infamous for their tendency to smash the thumbs of their owner’s who are loading them. This occurrence is so common that it’s jokingly referred to as “Hakim Thumb”. (GRH)


Tonight at 7 PM PT, the Sploosh-o-matic will join the arsenal of Splatoon! It’s range is super short, but it gobbles up foes in close-quarters combat. Take them by surprise and there’s no escape! The Squid Beakon subs will help you get in there, and the Killer Wail special will let you wreck shop once you do.


Wilkinson Arms Linda

A large semi-auto 9x19mm pistol. The owner of the company named it after his daughter. The carbine model is called the Terry, but they also made a tiny .22 LR pistol called the Sherry. The Linda fires from a closed bolt and has a dust cover much like an AR-15. Usually you’ll find them with factory 31 round mags. No longer in production, they have a slight cult following due to their “ugly but lovable” appearance. (GRH)


A disassembled Romanian semi-auto rifle chambered in 7.62x54R. PSL stands for “Pusca Semiautomata cu Luneta”, or “scoped semi-automatic rifle”. Although sometimes mistaken as a Dragunov, it’s more along the lines of an enlarged AK. Their value has gone up over the years. You used to be able to find them for $650~ but now they hover around the $1,000 to $1,400 range. (GRH)


Taurus Raging Judge

The largest of the non-carbine Judge revolvers, the Raging model can fire .45 Colt (Long Colt if you prefer), .410 shotshell and .454 Casull. It’s sheer size and weight help tame the recoil quite. They’ve become somewhat difficult to find in their full length barreled versions. (GRH)

Alright. So, I have this headcanon where Dark Swan is just an uber dork who still loves guns over magic. She spends her time Googling Borderlands 2 weapons and recreating them with her crazy dark-but-still-kinda-light magics, and ends up going a bit overboard, but who cares because it makes her look badass. And when Henry sees them he’s all, “Emma! Emma…is…is that a Tediore…??!” And Regina is all, “Emma Swan, don’t you dare throw that–” BOOM! “–gun.” Because Tediores explode like a grenade when you reload them. She experiments with recreating whatever the hell Slag is, but all she ends up doing is making a huge mess in Regina’s dining room. And if she’s heard Regina say, “Emma, don’t you dare get slag on my couch.” once, she’s heard it a bazillion times. She’s essentially Henry’s new BFF when she magics up a baby skag for him as a pet, and Regina is FURIOUS, but the damn thing ends up bonding with the former Evil Queen so they keep it. It’s not allowed in the house due to the fact that the last time they let it in, it found a decanter of Regina’s apple cider, and dealing with a drunk baby skag is so not fun. Henry names it George which Emma thinks is a ridiculous name, but Regina shushes her and tells George that his name is lovely and makes weird kissy noises at the damn thing that has Emma regretting all of her life choices and making weird gagging noises that has Henry giggling at the both of them. Emma is an absolute handful the longer she slips into the Dark One’s power, and Regina is essentially looking after two children instead of just one. Although, Henry is arguably more mature than Dark Swan by far. If they don’t find Merlin soon, Emma is going to recreate the entirety of Storybrooke into some Pandora-like haven for her Dark One crazy, and Regina isn’t even sure if she’ll be able to stop her doing so.

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nothing special, just AK-47 made of bacon.

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