Hello guys! ;;v;; 

Long time no see, and now I open commission. This is my first commission in usd, so I hope my price is suitable for you all. ;; v ;;

The problem is I need at least 50$-or 60$ before 26th September, because I had to buy some stuffs from my friend, but my paypal account only had 5$ in it. ;;

So, I open this commission. ;; I hope all of you wanna participate in helping me by commissioning me :”) 

This commission will be closed if I already get the goal amount of usd that I need!

The payment will be done in paypal only.



- Please fill the form that I provided to you.

- After you fill the form, please send me the form and your character references by e-mail.

- After I received your e-mail and approve your form, please send me the payment first.

- After I received your payment, I will be working on your commission. 

- I will send you the sketch of your commission first. 

- If you approve the sketch, I will proceed to finish your commission. (max. sketch revision is 2 times)

- No refund once I already working on your commission please. :’)

- I will send the finished version of your commission with e-mail back to you.




Type of commission: chibi commission/headshot commission/bust-up commission/sketch commission

Character(s): Single/Couple

Special request: (e.x: please draw my oc with sexy smirk, please draw my oc with innocent face, etc)

Send the form to lunallachii@gmail.com



  • Human / Half-Human (only mermaid, satyr)
  • Kemonomimi (animal-eared + tailed character)
  • Anthro that most-likely a human
  • Gijinka / Humanized
  • Fanart & OC
  • Hetero, Shou(nen/jou)-Ai, Yaoi/Yuri
  • OC/OC, Canon/OC, Canon/Canon, crossover pairing
  • Simple BG


  • Total Anthro
  • Mecha
  • Armor & Weapon
  • R-18 (I might open R-18 commission in the future, but not now :’) )
  • Old People
  • Detailed BG
  • Feral/Furry
  • Animals/Monsters/MLP/Canine/Feline/Pokemon/Digimon/Beast/Non-humanoid