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A group photo of some of my favorite things. I got a generous supply of Elmer T Lee bourbon (my favorite), along with a long sought after premier weapon system to install our slings on the other day. The first of our two #POF #patriotordinancefactory P308 #warhog rifles came in and it is everything I thought it could be. You can tell that a lot of thought, ingenuity, and care has gone into the design and manufacturing of this rifle. It shoots a smooth as my Elmer T Lee tastes. This ain’t your typical AR-10. This thing is a beast of perfection and I would recommend that anyone looking for a .308 platform save their money and get the #warhog. And what better sling system to put on it than our URBAN-SENTRY QDTG sling kit. They were made for each other. They will both last a lifetime. Thanks to my best friend @mss1911 and @boogerhook at Elmore’s Firearms for making this acquisition happen. @urbanerttactical #urbanertslings @pofusafrank @pofusa #nightforceoptics @highspeedgear

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Some new Superverse screenshots! I’ve been working more on charting out the story and maps I need and it’s also finals season, so I haven’t been working on the actual thing recently, but I have put in the game’s weapons. 

There are 10 types of weapons, each type with 10 variations. There are also unique weapons, like the mackerel shown in other screenshots. 5 types of weapons and 2 of their variations are above. Each variation also has flavor text, shown at the bottom.

I also threw in a screenshot of a town called Enme that plays a minor role in the story, just as a sort of bonus.

If you like robots, knights, wizards, space marines, any two, any three, all four or any combination of the above, Superverse might just be the game for you. Unfortunately, a flash drive error resulted in me losing the game’s master copy. If anyone wants to help with music, graphics, character design, VAing, or is just interested in the game just message me! 

Fire away!

The MK-46 30mm gun aboard United States Navy San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock USS Green Bay (LPD 20) blazes away during a live-fire exercise.

The remotely-operated MK 46 Gun Weapon System uses a 30mm (1.18 inch) high-velocity cannon, a forward looking infrared sensor, a low-light television camera and a laser rangefinder….for shipboard self defense against small, high-speed surface targets.

This high-tech gun system can fire up to 200 rounds per minute.

The MK-46 30mm gun can be seen centerline just below the bridge on USS Green Bay (LPD 20). The ship’s odd-looking superstructure provides an improved level of stealth from detection by enemy radar systems.


>>Top photo:Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Patrick Dionn, USN

Defensive Gun Options for New Shooters

I came across this article the other day, a lot of interesting information for new and not so experienced shooters. The article touches upon a lot of questions that you will have to ask yourself when shopping around for a new weapon system or if you’re thinking about getting your first one. Even though things like cylinder vs slide is a pure preference, a lot of research should be done and if possible shoot both to see which one will work best for you. A lot of people don’t realize that with purchasing a weapon comes a lot of other expenses that must be taken under consideration ie: holster, carry ammunition, cleaning supplies etc. This article will give you a general idea about all of the above. Worth checking out.

doppelshifter  asked:

Hey Ara, is your AI core transferrable to another chassis, if needed? For example, if any emergency requires you to go for a clanky-yet-functional engineering chassis, or a sturdy mil-spec chassis (even though you mentioned you'd be unfamiliar with the weapon systems).

“Correct, my AI core is an instance of the master copy constantly running via the ISG, what you might call on Earth ‘the cloud’, and could make an instance to go run on alternative avatars. However, it might take some adjusting to do.”

Voltron Spy Au(the good shit™)

this was like 7 pages on microsoft word lol

·(shiro - 27, keith - 21, lance - 21, hunk - 22, pidge - 19, allura - 26, coran - 57, matt - 25, detective holt - 45)

(mention of blood and injury!)

· ALTEA is a spy agency that’s terribly underfunded due to the death of the previous director, alfor

·allura takes over the agency as per her father’s request before he died

· coran was her father’s advisor and is now her legal guardian/advisor

· so allura is making repairs to the agency’s weapons system since its so out of date when coran notifies her that some kid has hacked their security cams

· (spoiler alert it’s pidge)

· allura isn’t phased but she makes sure to put up extra firewalls just in case

· two weeks later there’s a reported break in at the garrison, which is a high tech military base, a rescue mission for takashi shirogane, an ex police officer found a year after he and his partners, matt and detective holt, went missing while investigating the kerberos case

· after looking at the live footage, she decides to go after them bc the garrison is literally their equivalent to area 51 and its super hard to break into so how the fuck did 3 college kids do it??? and are they seriously on a motorcycle going 100 mph????

· she finds them in an abandoned subway, pidge calmly (read: shaking the living bejesus out of him) trying to get shiro to wake up while lance and hunk stand guard

· hunk nearly takes her down (judo flipping her and pinning her arms behind her back) bc he thought she was an officer

· after they realize allura is not the Police and she will not be arresting them, she invites them back to her house, which is a big ass mansion, nicknamed the C.A.S.TL.E. due to its size.

· shiro regains consciousness like halfway there and pidge immediately bombards him with questions, only to be heartbroken that he barely remembers anything, and that those memories are fuzzy as well

· they arrive at allura’s house and she makes them tell her how the fuck three college students broke into a heavily surveillanced military facility
· turns out pidge hacked the alarms, lance made disguises to get past facial recognition, and hunk made devices to mask their voices

· allura: “i’d like to talk to you three about the avengers initiative”

· they immediately say yes, except for shiro bc he’s not ready to go back into the line of fire just yet and that’s understandable to the rest of them just take ur time broski

· they begin their super complicated, super required, spy training and lance is rlly good at shooting??? like he’s hitting all the targets and he’s super focused???? who is this impostor???

· lance is immediately given the position as their sniper. the gods have decided

· pidge is hand to hand combat and is their infiltration expert and resident hacker

· hunk is their muscle and their mechanical engineering expert

· shiro decides to do a lil combat training as well so he’s not basically dead weight

· shiro is very good at combat(mostly punches/use of his upper body) and has sharp reflexes due to his police training

· and that one scene from age of ultron with chris evans and the punching bags totally happens with shiro when he’s training

· they form an elite spy group called VOLTRON

· their first mission is an assignment to infiltrate a nearby GALRA base to gather information on who the GALRA are supplying and where their other bases are located

· but the thing they’re all confused about is that the security was supposed to be spread out but it’s REALLY concentrated in one area

· turns out zarkon decided to stop by to check on the resident patrol, including his prodigy, keith

· everyone’s like: uh no thanks im good bye now

· so they (pidge and lance, the infiltration team since they’re so skinny) try to sneak out but lance gets cornered by all these soldiers and he gets separated from pidge

· keith, who is currently a GALRA patrol, helps him escape, knowing fully he’ll get labeled as a traitor

· it’s basically a bunch of “do you trust me” bullshit. keith kicks ass and lance falls in love

· after they successfully escape, lance asks keith to come with him and join VOLTRON, but keith just runs off bc he has trust issues and he knows that the rest of the team won’t accept him for being an ex-GALRA soldier, not to mention being zarkon’s ex-prodigy

· lance is very heartbroken

· they do end up seeing each other again but that’s another story for another day ;)

· after a few more training sessions, poison tests, and blindfolded fighting sessions, they’re ready for another undercover mission

· its at a large ballroom dance in a hotel called balmera

· shiro and hunk pose as bodyguards for the hostess, a heiress named shay, pidge is a busboy (busgirl? busmate?), allura and lance are posing as partygoers, and coran is in a van in the parking lot giving them all directions through earpieces

· hunk talks to shay and finds out that this whole event was planned by zarkon, that shays family is under zarkon’s thumb, and that this event was just a plot to lure out the vigilantes that freed zarkon’s prodigy

· keith and lance end up sharing a dance and both recognize the other instantly

· keith keeps looking over lances shoulder, silently urging him to leave before it gets dirty

· lance doesn’t know what keith means until a hidden GALRA sniper, haxus if you will, shoots him in the side

· he falls forward into keith’s arms

· the gunshot sends everyone into disarray

· pidge is trying to evacuate ppl through the back doors of the kitchen, allura is kicking the asses of two GALRA guys that tried (read: failed) to kidnap her, keith is trying to keep lance alive and breathing while sobbing his eyes out, and shiro and hunk are shooting ppl that try to touch shay

· sendak grabs pidge and threatens to crush their spine if allura doesn’t hand over the keys to ALTEA

· allura reluctantly agrees and sendak drops pidge face first, breaking their nose

· sendak breaks into ALTEA and corrupts their technology with a GALRA virus

(· injuries: pidge: broken nose, chest pain- lance: side wound((stopped bleeding))- shiro: shallow cuts on cheeks, wound in shoulder- keith: slight head injury- allura: few bruises, deep cut on lip- hunk: cuts on fingers, minor gunshot wound)

· pidge gets their nose to stop bleeding although they’re still woozy from blood loss

· they sneak out while everyone else is tending to the wounded

· pidge manages to sneak in through the ventilation system

· they fuck with all of sendak’s plans like the lil shit they are with the help of their floating robot, rover

· they end up fighting haxus on the roof, shooting him twice in the chest before he falls off said roof with a hand clutched onto rover, who sacrificed themselves to defeat haxus

· the others find out pidge is missing and go after them

· allura and keith fight the outside patrol, hunk watches over shay, while shiro (along w lance’s unconscious body) look for sendak

· sendak and shiro have a fistfight, shiro almost overpowering sendak before a GALRA sentry threatens to hurt lance

· shiro gives in since he can’t stand to lose another team member, especially one as valuable as lance

· shiro and lance are taken hostage, shiro is tortured as bait to draw out pidge

· it unfortunately works and sendak ends up grabbing pidge again, this time choking them


· then he does the dramatic #swoon as he passes out

· keith and allura storm in (the boys are back, the boys are back)

· they beat the fuck out of sendak, pidge slicing off his robotic arm and keith forcing him into a cryopod

· after that, everyone is forced into healing pods by mustache uncle, although lance has permanent scarring and pidge has temporary purple, hand shaped bruises on their neck that faded in abt 3 weeks, yet they insisted on wearing a scarf


· their next missions are spent fucking with zarkon, freeing cities, and expelling the virus from ALTEA’S systems

· but on the way to an important mission, each “paladin” gets ambushed and kidnapped by GALRA sentries and ALTEA is taken over again but its not by the GALRA

that’s all for now ;)

should’ve put this under a read more @ghostal-service @lordandsaviorshiro you guys said you were interested in my au, so i decided to give you all the juicy stuff!

it had been roughly two months since the Temple of the Luminous body had lost its patron goddess, and since ridley and the space pirates had left. the covenant forces and promethean drones remained with the temple, with only a scant few joining ridley. during that time, Delilah had taken the role of high priest, trying to keep things running

many in the Temple thought this was a test of their faith, and threw themselves at their work. after all that time, some navigators had noted a strange anomaly.

a bright blue streak was flying through the void, at incredible speeds, faster than any ship or asteroid had ever been recorded. the streak was recorded to contain an immense amount of energy. projected target:

Terra hope. no weapon or defense system had slowed it at all


MS-14C Gelgoog Cannon

The Gelgoog Cannon is equipped with a specialized head unit and mounts a powerful beam cannon on a modified B-type backpack, and even with it, the suit’s reactor is still powerful enough to support other weapons systems. This meant the Gelgoog Cannon could carry beam rifles and bazookas, or even swap out the forearm jet engines to mount optional missile launchers. For defense, the Gelgoog Cannon could be equipped with a buckler shield, a small arm-mounted shield, in place of the forearm jet engines on the left forearm. As the Gelgoog Cannon made use of the B-types powerful backpack, it had enough thrust to keep itself maneuverable despite the added weaponry weight. The suit soon proved itself a capable fire-support and anti-fleet unit.


femshrike  asked:

Can you post any Afghan National armor/weapons systems?

I’m gonna focus on their helmets because I happened to find an excellent page that talks about the subject:

German M16 Stahlhelm (the emblem is turned)

Austro-Hungarian M17 Stahlhelm

Soviet Ssh 68 

Afghan sodiers at the start of the soviet invasion, still using their old german uniforms and equipment. 

Three afghan soldiers in the late 40′s, two using the standard uniform of the time, and the other using what was considered to be the typical uniform of the mountain militias. 

Anti-aircraft artillery parade in Kabul, 1945.

Afghan soldiers in 1952

Cavalrymen parading with the Afghan independence flag, following the 1919-1921 civil war that ended British rule. 

Source: http://www.cascoscoleccion.com/afganist/afg17aus.htm

Something important to consider in Civil War:

Tony was holding back. 

Consider at least two type of Tony’s weapons that are lethal. 

In Ironman, Tony goes to a weapons depot where the Ten Rings were holding a bunch of hostages, and Tony targets them with his weapon system. A bunch of what look to be guided bullets or something similar, seek out and kill all hostile targets. 

In Ironman 2, at the fight scene with Ivan Vanko and the Hammer Industries drones that he made, Tony had lasers in both hands that could cut clean through them. He cut metal in half with lasers. 

Both Steve and Bucky, despite being super soldiers, are made of flesh and blood, which is STILL a lot easier to cut through, requiring less heat and intensity for a laser to cut. It is ‘a one off’ as Tony puts it, but you would only need one shot.