Fire Emblem – Skill themed asks!

Felt like doing some FE related asks so I put together this! Feel free to add more if you have any ideas!

  • Supportive – Who did you S-rank and why?
  • Misfortunate – Unluckiest moment in game?
  • Fancy Footwork – Singers or dancers?
  • Aching Blood – Did you name/forge any weapons? If so, what was your favorite name that you gave to a weapon?
  • Triple Threat – Swords, lances, or axes?
  • In Extremis – Clutch moment for you in game?
  • Perfectionist – Do you like to unlock/get every unit?
  • Vendetta – Is there a boss/chapter that you hate to go through every time you play?
  • Wary Fighter – Are you reckless or careful in your strategies?
  • Swap – Did you ever sacrifice a unit in order to save another?
  • Aptitude – Was FE easy for you when you started or was it difficult?
  • Rally Spectrum – What is your most favorite/preferred stat?
  • Galeforce – What was your most broken unit?
  • Aether- Favorite lord?
  • Armsthrift – Which weapon system do you like? Durability or no durability?
  • Rightful God – Favorite boss in the series?
  • Veteran – Which FE games have you played and what was your favorite?
  • Paragon – Was there a unit that you put extra effort into/ favored over others?
  • Quick Burn – Do you try to get through the game quickly or do you take your time?
  • Wildheart – Do you like using beast/laguz units?
  • Vow of Friendship – Do you reset if you lose units in battle?
  • Inspiring Song – Favorite song(s) from the series?

fightlite.industries😍😍😍Love it!!
#Repost @the_realsteuber
Can’t say enough about this thing, obsessed doesn’t cut it.

What’s on the rifle:
- ARES SCR lower (Fightlite)
- Fortis Night Rail (16" Keymod)
- Primary Weapons Systems CQB Comp
- New Frontier Billet Side Charging Upper
- 16" Ballistic Advantage Modern Series Barrel (5.56)
- ZeroBravo Handstop
- Burris MTAC with PEPR Mount (1-4X with illuminated reticle)
- Carbine length gas tube and DI low profile gas block

Big ups to @violinceofaction for making it happen!

December Prompts !

Day 20 : Coffee Shop

@coffee-without-a-pause told me my Hux was always a jerk (well, for a good reason!!!), so I tried to draw a nice Hux. This feels so wrong :(

Overwatch OC

Hello all ! I’ve made an update for the form I did a long time ago (and that people seemed to love). So I added
- the role of your character
- a more detailed weapon system
-the Sport and Haloween option for the skins
- Sport highlight intro
- Sitting and laughting emotes

Hope you’ll use it ;D
No need to credit me if you use it ! I just copied the form from the game/official website !

Real Name: 
Nickname :
Occupation:  (their job)
Base of Operations:  (country)
Affiliation:  (Overwatch, Talon, independant, other?)
Rôle : (Offense, defense, tank, support?)



Primary weapon : (don’t forget to tell us how many ammo they have!)
Left click: 
Right click:  (optionnal)

Secondary attack:  (E key)
Ability:  (shift key)

Skin: (other than commons recolors)
Rare :
Epic :
Sport :
Halloween :

- Heroic : (the defaut one)
- sitting :
- laughting :

Victory pose:
- Heroic:  (the default one)
- sport :

Voice line:  (feel free to add the sport and haloween ones, you can add as many as you want – the heroes in game have around 12 common ones)
- “”
- “”
- “”
- “”
- “”
- “”

Highlight Intro:
- Heroic: ( the default one)
- Sport :

Map: Already existing or original one.
Inspirations:  (what inspired you to make this character the way it is?)
Outfit inspiration: 
Music theme: 

The Corvus Blackstar is a type of gunship used by the Deathwatch Space Marines.

A sleek and deadly craft, it is designed to penetrate the outer defenses of alien hosts to strike directly at its heart. Though small enough to slip through sensor grids, its weapons systems are highly advanced, allowing the Blackstar to cause devastating impact for a craft its size. Primarily fulfilling the role of transport, its vectored engines are nimble enough to dart through winding terrain. Once in position it will switch from fighter craft to hovercraft, deploying the Deathwatch Space Marines held within. The pilot of each Blackstar is a veteran Techmarine who has earned the right to field it over long and arduous years of schooling. The pilot uses the same machine each time; so intense is this training that the Techmarines will link with the Machine Spirit of the aircraft.

The Blackstar has advanced systems to ensure its survival. Its robust construction can shrug off even a direct hit from enemy anti-aircraft fire, and it is also equipped with Infernum Halo Launcher decoy flares and Interceptors. For armament, the Blackstar is most commonly armed with four Stormstrike Missiles and twin-linked Assault Cannons, though some are equipped with prow-mounted Lascannons in order to penetrate armored targets. Many of these craft also carry Blackstar Rocket Launcher arrays under each wing which can fire incendiary Dracos Air-to-Ground Missiles or air-to-air Corvid Rockets. It is also equipped with a Blackstar Cluster Launcher, auxiliary Grenade Launchers mounted in the rear to strafe smaller targets.