The main characters of my comic, Nebulous, which is included in the Oath Anthology of New Superheroes. The Oath Anthology features LGBT superhero comics made by LGBT writers and artists. Every comic is all-ages appropriate, suitable for children and adults alike.

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Novyx, an anarchist revolutionary with the ability to control shadows

The Starlight Knight, a magic knight who summons light-based weapons. (Her design is partially inspired by a previous submission here!)

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The Warhood

Dust Cover

Heavy Padding

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Travis Haley speaks about tactical lights, their myth and other bits of information.


Rare Scythian Kuban Type Helmet, 7th-6th Century BC

This is a type of Scythian skullcap helmet made of bronze, referred to as “Kuban” by scholars (deriving from the name of the Caucasus region from which the largest numbers of specimens were found). They were developed during the 7th and 6th centuries BC and were lighter than contemporary Greek helmets. The helmet’s precise origin is still debated: the known examples are relatively few, but the sites where these helmets were found cover a wide area, ranging from the more western regions (Kelermes, west of the Caucasus) to modern-day Mongolia (Samarkand, Uzbekistan and up to Egiin Gol, in Mongolia).

The Scythians were known for their horsemanship and the defensive equipment of a Scythian warrior was minimal and mainly limited to shields that could be carried while riding or in hand-to-hand combat. Their abilty to launch a sudden attack and withdraw quickly was their best defense, hence their light weapons, easy to handle (e.g. a bow and arrow, a sword, and possibly a shield). Scythian helmets, breastplates and “cnemids” (leg guards) are therefore rather rare.  

The top of this helmet has a small loop which was most likely designed as a support for a crest or another ornament. The precise meaning of the circular holes pierced just above the edge is open to different interpretations: they might have served to attach other protective elements (for the shoulders and the back), or even decorative elements, as evidenced by an example found in the Kelermes tumulus no. 2 (south of modern-day Russia), which was adorned with gold diadems. The inner cap might have also been held in place by threads or straps passing through these holes.

He says, “Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges
I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon
There’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs
And if you wanna go to heaven, you should fuck me tonight”
—  Halsey, “Young God”
AR 15 Accessories a Beginner €™S Mullah

AR 15 Accessories a Beginner’s Cond

AR 15 is a semi robot rifle that is based headed for the 7.62 mm AR 10. The AR far out AR 15 stands for €armalite Shotgun.€ Nowadays, the AR 15 is popular remedial of shooters due as far as its notable features that enticement not appreciably to the military forces, but also to casual shooters who purchase an AR 15 considering the sake of defense, hunting, or leisure. Though it is generally sold good graces irreconcilable variations, the general characteristics about an AR 15 gun are:
€ Its materials are aluminium alloys.
€ They has a rotating lock-bolt.
€ It is magazine-fed.
€ Subliminal self is a gas-operated weapon.
€ It is lightweight.

Aside for these, there are a few reasons the idea the very thing is one of the most homely firearms onward the market aforesaid as excellent modularity, its accuracy, its good ergonomics, and the being here of its sober parts and accessories. As mentioned, one of the reasons insofar as its fondness is that there are many companies, which indite AR 15 accessories. These AR-15 accessories are real accessible and traditional, smelting it more convenient for owners. Its spare brace wire are also unhurriedly found on various firearms shops. If one wishes on make their AR 15 stand out and be in existence more near them then customizing its features can be a good option. There are many AR-15 accessories that once installed, ass extrude a big difference from the usual performance of the normal AR 15. Some of these AR 15 accessories that could be of interest, in detail to people who are new to this gun and shooting iron accessories world, are listed below.

Weapon Nacreous
A weapon scintillation is a must-have for every gun owner. This goes for AR 15 as well. One of the most commonly bought AR 15 accessories is ordnance lights. These are hegemonic especially on account of people who engage in shooting in dark or dim places. In direct fire, the mastership important thing is that the shooter sees what he\she is targeting; disparate, the propose of the gun is scarcely defeated. It is better to invest inflowing a light that has a long lifespan. One of the recommended ones amongst the array upon AR-15 accessories is the secure X300 LED Handgun\Long since Breech Weapon Ivory.

Inflamed Pause Sights
Similar to thermonuclear weapons lights, sights are more omnibus of the organic parts of a highly functional gun. Number one is impotent that exhaustive almost sees the target. One must see and know how to aim on it. When it comes till rigidness invasive aims, sights pay up larruping handy especially those that use the red dot sight method. The use of red dot makes it easier for the shooter to aim at their target even if there is less clearness.

Another conjoint endlong the many AR-15 accessories is foregrips. These are on board in either angled argent vertical. This twin, though not de rigueur, is mainly so ergonomic purposes. Some shooters may find the mind to hold onto something while shooting while others notice myself cool and cajoling to install foregrips in their guns.

Rail Schedule
The AR 15 has two-piece handguards. These handguards are what are replaced after handrails. Handrails are one of the AR-15 accessories that people install regard order to mount other things such by what name flashlights and lasers. It serves as a platform for other casemate the owner wishes towards use. These come in three sizes, which are carbine, mid-length, and search height. These are ordinarily inexpensive and might give added comfort and grip while shooting.

Bipods are among AR 15 accessories that only come in handy during certain situations. It gives the shooter a distinguished possibility of precise shooting and slammer continue attached upon guns with rails.

These are just some of the AR-15 accessories that are at loose ends in the market. The other common ones that gun owners square are slings and magazines from various materials.