Artwork of the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy.
This art is part of my Nostalgia project, stay close for other Final Fantasy character!

Quick Step : https://www.behance.net/gallery/33765300/Final-Fantasy-Warrior-of-Light

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rac3r asked:

Her semblance is the power of adoptive muscle memory, or photographic reflexes, which allows her to replicate any physical motion she witnesses without having to practice it. Her weapon is her camera and her box is a projector. So she replicate movements and weapons provide hard light projections for her to use as weapons. She has a photographic memeory

Yeah, but in the end she replicated thing she never witnessed? And there is absolutely no explanation how she did that? Penny didnt use her lazer thing since V1, so in the end it still ends up being illogical and, probably, fanservice fueled nonesense.


I’m thinking of getting an Inforce WML for my WASR, so this SEVENTEEN MINUTE INTENSIVE REVIEW is just what I needed. I like when he lowers it via a string into the water; it looks pretty cool seeing the beam while it is submerged.


Travis Haley speaks about tactical lights, their myth and other bits of information.