weapon x first class


(And this is the Gambit I was talking about)

Remy LeBeau, Weapon X First Class issue 3.

Can I repeat again how happy I am to have found this story arc? Look at him!!! Little twink Gambit!! He’s so beautiful!!

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My fangirl has no shame.

(THIS is the Victor Creed I was talking about Emmers)

Finally found the issues this panel belongs to (and have been drooling over them since OMG jackpot!) and it does not disappoint. Although I still don’t understand Xavier’s weird obsession with bringing Creed into the X-Men. I know he thought he could help Victor, possibly fix him but one thing that I find myself repeating over and over again to people is that YES Creed endured abuse that helped shape him into the monster he is, BUT Victor was already at the very LEAST a sociopath, who lacked any semblance of conscience or empathy. Further more, Creed doesn’t WANT to be fixed. Creed just wants to do what he does best, which is live a life that is completely governed by his own selfish impulses with little to no regard for anyone else.

I love Victor, he’s my favorite villain. Accept him for the monster that he is. Creed will never be Logan. He walked away from that path WILLINGLY many times. Stop thinking he just needs some therapy and cuddles.