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My last 5 Ultramarines. :) Couple sergeants and 3 weapon specialists.

I think the sergeant with the thunder hammer looks a bit like Temuera Morrison. And the heavy bolter specialist kinda reminds me of Angela Davis.

Cleared off my desk, dumped out my paint water. All set for my Ynnari triumvirate this weekend. Will come back to ky 30k Ultramarines once I get them some vehicles.

8 months and 12 days later and I’m still not over the fact that the specialist weapon in Gorod Krovi is a real fucking dragon and everyone of the crew just talks to them like they’re their own kids

In a galaxy far from home….

Well, at least United States Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyerUSS Carney (DDG 64) is still firmly on planet Earth….only 5,000 miles (8,000 km) from home….patrolling under crystal clear skies in the Mediterranean Sea.

That’s her forward MK 45 5-inch lightweight gun….reflecting red night-lighting….with the universe painting a dramatic backdrop.

                              USS Carney earlier in the evening….


>>Top photo: Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Weston Jones, USN; CLICK the photo for a very cool larger version….

rebelcaptain havana nights au:

cassian andor, a rebel spy, is stationed on lothal to help orchestrate an overthrow. his cover? a waiter at a hotel in capital city. most of the working class there are part of the rebellion, so he fits in perfectly. between working and trying to overthrow the empire, the locals still need time to be people, with lives and interests. singing and dancing in the streets are common in the outskirts of capital city. the empire knows this — they’ve strategically sent weapons specialist gaelen erso and his family, including teenage jyn, to live there, in hopes that jyn might befriend the orchestrators of the rebellion and provide them with intel.

the ersos don’t know why they’ve been ordered to move to lothal. jyn, in her last year of schooling, isn’t particularly keen on being uprooted from the life she’s known on coruscant. in lothal’s capital city, she takes an interest in a waiter at the hotel she and her family are being put up in. in her exploration of the city one afternoon, she comes across him dancing with a group of  people protesting imperial rule across the planet. he moves like nothing she’s ever seen — so sensually, all rotating hips and wandering hands. she wants him to teach her to dance like that. he, after learning who she is, wants information on the empire’s weapon developments.

they strike a deal: jyn’ll smuggle what information she can from her father in exchange for cassian teaching her how to move like a rebel. when, thanks to jyn, the rebellion gains rapid momentum, jyn’s parents tell her she needs to stop hanging around the working class because they’ll only bring her trouble. cassian knows that a direct tie to a imperial officer’s daughter can’t be good for his cover.

somehow, they can’t seem to quit dancing together.


Westley ‘Monkey Tail’ Portuguese Army Contract pistol

Designed by Westley Richards in 1857, rifles patented in 1858 and pistols in 1867, manufactured in Birmingham c.1873. Serial Number 585.
.451(bore)/.475(rifling) caliber, using the Whitworth patent hexagonal bullet and a 25 grain powder charge. Breech-loading, caplock, single-shot, with an automatic extractor and a concave brass breech plug.

Being a very early breechloading small caliber firearm design, monkey tail guns enjoyed a relative success as a specialist weapon in the 1860′s, being employed mainly by their country of origin the United Kingdom and its colonies. Originally shunned, notably in the USA, because of the antiquated notion that .577 was the minimum amount of death to reliably stop someone, it received renewed attention in the 1870′s with the advent of the Dreyse and Chassepot rifles, leading to a 10000 rifles purchase by the kingdom of Portugal, extended later to include a thousand pistols like the one pictured above. Later models, precursors to the express rifles, were employed by the Boers for their remarkable accuracy.
This breech loading system, unlike the later Tabatière and Snider systems, is akin to the Pauly centerfire rifle.


aka my tablet died on the 4th of May and my new one won’t be here until the 9th, and of course it was right when I was starting to map out colors for these two dorks

Okay so long story short, I went and turned Brainstorm and Nautica into gems, so that in case things go to hell in a handbasket in MTMTE, I can at least still have these two. I don’t consider these the finalized designs, on account of being tablet-less and only able to do so much as far as digital coloring without wanting to murder something. They’re pretty close, but not quite there.

Brainstorm is Turquoise, a faun-like gem, and has limb enhancers even though technically he doesn’t really need them. He’s a gem weapons specialist known for making things just because he can. Lots of things seen as novelties because they’re just eccentric enough to not be immediate go-to weapons, are his doing. Nautica is Ametrine and maintains larger pieces of gem tech, like ships and communication hubs and such. She has gem-technology “wings” that help her have a greater range of places she can actually reach, and a communicator on the side of her head that projects a visor with tech readouts when needed.

Of the two I think Ametrine might undergo more notable visual changes, since while I like this design, she just doesn’t quite feel… done. Don’t know why, and for all I know it might just take a few days for my mind to settle down over it, which has happened before with other designs I’ve churned out. And if changes happen, then I can consider future designs regenerations and this one an earlier form.

Do not use, copy, edit, or repost this art without my express permission. Not for use in ANY roleplays.

  • NAME/ALIAS: Kristen
  • FAVORITE APOCALYPTIC MOVIE/GAME/SHOW: Anything and everything in this genre lbr. (Pacific Rim is up next on my to watch list as of literally this mo, how blessed). Most recent that comes to mind is Mad Max because what a movie amirite. I’m a goner for all things space dystopia related so I cannot fully express how much Interstellar, Arrival are also my shit. We get to wax poetic about space, time, death, destruction ???? holla at me
  • ROLE INTEREST(S): Eva Rhie coming to a dash near you soon. Got some legacy ties to NASA, but she’s ex-military who waded over to the torchlight rebellion post disbanding. All hail anarchy, kiddos. Weapons specialist–melee; the chick gets old school down and dirty in a fight. She’s got all the toys so come spar with her thnx
  • EVENTS/TASKS YOU WANT TO SEE: Look, anything and everything. There’s nothing I love more than a good chara interaction no matter what the dynamic. I just want to write with y’all and explore the glory. Otherwise, something in  s p a c e  would be !!! And because we all here love pain and writing about it, any mass tragedies are welcome ofc. I live for angst, so as long as we have some of that, we good.
  • FOUND THE RP: Fallon and Grey are enablers and masterminds that create exquisite masterpieces. I am but a meager muse falling prey (willingly). Here we are.

Oh and to be clear, a power fist on a Custodes is strength 10.

Solarite gauntlets are master crafted and not a specialist weapon, so in combination with their badge of authority knife, a custodian with a Solarite Gauntlet makes 4 weapon skill 5 strength 10 hits on the charge, and rerolls one miss.

Weirdly, the spear and sword are both specialist weapons, so using a Solarite Gauntlet and not holding a shield is about the only time you’ll actually see that bonus attack.


requested by anon; full request; Imagine being a weapons specialist, and a necromancer. You invite all of your clients and friends over for dinner one Xmas… (the Avengers, Team Free Will, Mystic Falls Gang, Mikaelsons&friends,TW pack, all those lovies&more!!!! Please n thank you!) (I couldn’t fit it all in, sorry!)

Bows are not primitive weapons

They were the most technologically superior weapons of their day. The best that could be devised with the level of tools and expertise available. Bows were cutting edge tech in any time frame they were used.

Just think about it. Multiple people from multiple cultures figured out that storing potential energy by compression could be turned into potential energy. people figuring out that applying fletching imparted spin on the projectile which increased accuracy dramatically. Composite materials ranging from two different types of wood cut from different parts of the same log allowing for both strength and compression. The same being done with sinew, horn and wood layered together to make up for the deficiencies of a single material. Adjusting bow limb angles to dramatically increase the mechanical advantage. Its physics and material sciences working in harmony.

All these elements blending together to create a specialist weapon requiring years of practice to master and being suited to both hunting and warfare. There’s nothing primitive about a bow.

Some interesting First Order facts from the TFA Visual Dictionary

I haven’t seen these around so thought they might be useful, especially for fic writers etc. Some things people will know, but I decided to include everything interesting, just in case. Those in speech marks & italics are quoted directly. 

  • Stormtrooper troop transporters are called Atmospheric Assault Landers (AALs). They carry up to 20 stormtroopers (2 squads).
  • To avoid the treaty restrictions that prevented major galactic corporations from selling arms to the First Order, BlasTech Industries and Merr-Sonn Munitions cynically spun off a subsidiary called Sonn-Blas Corporation, which operates within First Order space.”
  • Standard ten-soldier stormtrooper squads contain a slot for a single weapons specialist. Depending on mission profiles, that specialist may be a megablaster heavy assault trooper, a riot control trooper or a flamethrower.”
  • Common Resistance nicknames for flametroopers include “roasters”, “hotheads” and “burnouts”.”
  • Kylo’s lightsaber design is ancient, “dating back thousands of years to the Great Scourge of Malachor.” The crossguard blades emerge just after the main blade is turned on. 
  • His nickname within First Order ranks (whispered behind his back) is ‘Jedi Killer.’
  • Phasma is in charge of ALL First Order stormtroopers. 
  • Phasma disagrees with General Hux over what it takes to make a soldier. The methodical Hux has developed automated training regimes that simulate battle situations. Phasma believes such programmes don’t test the true heart of a soldier: courage and tenacity.”
  • Phasma’s armour is coated in salvaged chromium from a Naboo yacht once owned by Emperor Palpatine. Its polished finish helps reflect harmful radiation, but it serves primarily as a symbol of past power.” [How cool is this?]
  • A perfectionist, Phasma routinely patrols the areas under her command as a means of keeping her senses keen and her soldiers in line. Even in such an expansive operation such as Starkiller Base, Phasma makes most of the inspection rounds on foot, walking dozens of kilometres in a typical day.” 
  • Hux continues to use the stormtrooper training regimen pioneered by his father, based on ideas the elder Hux hatched as an Academy commandant. Hux has total confidence in his father’s idea that stormtroopers trained through vivid simulations make the most loyal soldiers.”
  • The weird pen-like things attached to the breast of a First Order officer’s uniform are rank cylinders. “Access to command systems and certain areas of FO vessels and installations are governed by coded rank cylinders worn by officers.”
  • The Resistance has limited intelligence of the FO fleet, and many fear that the Resurgent-class is not the largest of the new Star Destroyer designs.” 
  • Each standard day on board a Star Destroyer “is divided into six four-hour-long shifts, divided among three crew sections. Each section fosters a strong sense of unity and team identity.” 
  • The Galactic Concordance prevented the FO from accessing the scattered Academies that had filled out the ranks of the Imperial Navy. Instead, the surviving Imperials created new Academies far from the prying eyes of the New Republic, situating them aboard Star Destroyers built in hidden shipyards on the far side of the galaxy. The young fleet officers produced by these shipboard schools often spend their entire lives aboard Star Destroyers, and many think of these giant warships as their homes.”
  • THE PILOT CORPS: The new generation of TIE fighter pilots undergo rigorous training not unlike the constant and dehumanising drilling faced by stormtrooper cadets. The pilots begin training at childhood, and most grow up within the corridors of Star Destroyers, becoming intimately familiar with starship operations. The FO maintains strict standards of reflexes, visual acuity and hand-eye coordination. Those pilots who fail to measure up are transferred to other roles within the fleet.”
  • Aboard FO Star Destroyers, TIEs are deployed from hangar conveyor mechanisms that carry them up from deeper storage decks.”
  • SPECIAL FORCES: The distinctive flashes of red that stand out from the all-black armour of some TIE fighters and their pilots are the mark of the Special Forces - elite starfighter pilots answerable directly to the upper command levels of the Starkiller operation. The markings date back to the decorated flight barons of the Old Empire.”


“I fell into light’s trap / pure like violence, luminous and weightless as loss.” - This Is My Name, Adonis


San Francisco, California


+ Reliable, Meticulous, Passionate

- Untrusting, Headstrong, Disillusioned



The only child born to Ji Sung “Johnathan” and Soo Mi “Maeve” Rhie, Eun-a “Eva” Rhie was born amidst chaos and destruction. Eva’s mother was a chemist and her father an industrial engineer—both of whom worked for NASA at the Ames research center in California. NASA was not an uncommon employer given the relevance of the times. When their earth was decimating from its very core, the people looked to the skies and the heavens to find their answers. It had been where the two had met, so Eva supposed she owed a lot to the institution. That was certainly the outlook within her household, anyway—the Cooper Project had long since served as the hope for the people. Eva remembered the ways in which the endeavor had once been a hopeful beacon even within her own home. The Culling had been an event spoken about with bated breath, for it was not ideal, but it was kindling something akin of hope in times when there were not very many other options.

Eva always thought herself to be the daughter of two unsung heroes. People like her parents and the common public—those were the people that this project was built on the backs of, and built for, after all. But the glamor of seeing mom and dad in their capes and gowns shimmered and shattered piece by piece the older she got and the harder the sweltering sun beat its unforgiving wrath upon the Earth. There were talks about corrupt corporations trying to overtake the project so many looked to as the hope of survival and the solution to their own extinction, and Eva found it hard to place her faith of the matter while standing by so complacently. With a firm mind and a firmer resolve, she enrolled herself into the military in hopes of contributing to the fight in the best way she could. Her intention had been to aid to securing the Cooper Project and all it stood for, but all of that went to shambles when the Valeris Corporation overthrew any regulatory bodies they had called their government and beyond to reign control. Her unit was disbanded just as the military was, and the beacon of hope that had been their north star was lost in the plumes of a burning, angry Earth.

Just as angered by the actions of the corrupt Valeris Corporation as most of the masses, Eva headed out east after her time in the military was abruptly drawn to a close. There were whispers along the channels about rebels congregating right at the base root of Colorado Springs, and she knew that was where she had to be to finish the fight she had started. With society spiraling into waste, it had been a call between going back home to see if her family was alright or heading east towards the rebellion. Eva chose the rebellion, even as it sat heavy on her chest—if this was their future, she would fight for it in the name of those she called her own. After briefly touching point with her family to let them know she was still alive and fighting and to hear their voices one last time before making her journey, Eva tagged along with a group of ex-military soldiers and made her way out to Colorado just as the roots of the Torchlight rebellion dug into the dry, cracked soil of the Earth in preparation.


As the rebels set up their stronghold in the eye of the storm, Eva put herself to good use among the ranks. There was not a day that her mind did not wander back to the family and home she had left behind, but with low resources and the chaos of growing anarchy spreading—there was no way to reach back to them without making the trip back to California. Communications were fried, so Eva didn’t hear about the protests that had attacked the Ames center until weeks after it had happened. As the cities had descended into chaos, the former NASA research institute (like a handful of others) had been kept up and running if only to do the backend research for the headlining project of Valeris Corporation in Colorado Springs. But with rising dissension and anger towards the corrupt corporation, their centers were constant targets of attacks and protests—and the Ames had fallen prey to one of those. There was no death count and no way of knowing who had survived and who hadn’t, and Eva was wrought with the guilt of the unknowing of whether her family and those she had called home even made it out alive or not.

The fear and panic building heavy in her chest only fueled her fire to fight within the rebellion as it ascended, and Eva was involved in as many of the raids as she could be when they grew from small attacks to a large-scale movement. It was a long and hard fight against armed military forces, but they did not fall in their ranks—not until the Molotovs rained from the sky and the rebels were forced to retreat. Eva had never made an acquaintance of death in the ways she did when the sky rained hell fire, but she managed to survive with a grave, deep wound on her side to take as souvenir. The Springs were abandoned as the forces scattered, but Eva remained tied to the meager rebel strongholds that were left about. She knew she had to head west, but she was incapable of it until she could heal from her injury. The process was slow and painful without any of their modern conveniences to help her along, but she was out and headed west as soon as she could walk without stumbling.

The Wastelands were a world of their own. Resembling nothing of the Earth they had once known, Eva learned quick to hit hard, walk easy as the wind and learn to keep death at a harbor to say alive. She needed to go home, it called to her with an unending song that couldn’t—she needed to see if her family had survived the fall of civilization. After making the long trip back to what had once been home, Eva found nothing but dust and ashes. This was hell come alive, and Eva was left to roam it alone with no assured knowledge of what had happened to her mother and father. Being consumed by grief seemed the inevitable option, but survival was not kind to those left behind. The only place left for her to go was back to Colorado Springs where whatever meager numbers of the rebels had set up camp for those who had nowhere else to go. With that she set foot in the wastes again, making the journey this time with a hardened heart and a blade that was quick to draw blood.


Jamie Chung

I have a lot of feels about Jorgan being the leader of Havoc Squad, okay?

I mean, look at Jorgan! Look how damn proud he is to introduce them to his wife. All of them in their matching uniforms (except for Abbeth, who seems to have forgotten the matching boots. where are your boots, Abbeth?) 

From left to right, the order is: Abbeth, Dengril, Jorgan, Kanner, Xaban, and Torg. 

In my head, Abbeth is an infiltration specialist (maybe that’s why he’s not wearing clunky boots, so he can be sneaky-like). Dengril is explosions. Jorgan is still the weapons and tactics specialist. Kanner is the XO and assault specialist. Xaban is the medical specialist. And Torg is the technology specialist. 

They’ve been a squad long enough that they know each other well and can tease each other a lot. Kanner’s married to a former Mandolorian. Dengril is a recovering spice addict who is required by the Republic to take weekly drug tests. (Now that they’re rogue, Jorgan won’t make him take the tests any more.) Xaban is an amateur makeup holoblogger with more than a million subscribers. Torg has a husband and they’ve adopted two little girls, both Kaleesh. (Jorgan knows both their birthdays and gives them gifts.) Jorgan is almost positive Abbeth has a crush on Xaban and can’t decide if he should encourage them or not. 

They’re a family. And Jorgan, who worried he would never rise above sergeant after the original Havoc defected, is their center.