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just so you guys know justin trudeau the happy canadian cool guy prime minister™ hasn’t honoured any of his platform promises since getting into office and the first thing he actually did as PM was sign a 15bn dollar weapons sale to Saudi Arabia–the largest human rights violator in the world atm–even though he promised, if he was elected into office, that he would get rid of the deal altogether lol. canada is complicit in crimes against humanity and is still really really really racist don’t be fooled by JT’s six pack he’s a piece of human trash too 

I’m now convinced that the “second omnic crisis” is a fiction perpetrated by Katya Volskaya against her own country in order to profit from the sale of weapons, and, TBH, Zarya is going to throw her down a bottomless pit Emperor Palpatine style when she finds out


QUARK: But when you’re dealing in weapons, buyers aren’t interested in casual conversation. They just want their merchandise, no questions asked. It’s so impersonal.
GARAK: Your charms would be wasted.
QUARK: Exactly. So now Gaila owns his own moon, and I’m staring into the abyss. And the worst part is, my only hope for salvation is the Federation.
GARAK: I know precisely how you feel.

Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists: Shoot them yourselves
While the E.U. passes strict gun laws, Czechs are urged to arm themselves.

The Czech Republic already has some of the most lenient gun policies in Europe. It’s home to about 800,000 registered firearms and 300,000 people with gun licenses. Obtaining a weapon is relatively easy: Residents must be 21, pass a gun knowledge check and have no criminal record. By law, Czechs can use their weapons to protect their property or when in danger, although they need to prove they faced a real threat.

This puts the country at odds with much of Europe, which has long supported much more stringent gun-control measures.  In the wake of the 2015 terror attacks in Paris, France pushed the European Union to enact even tougher policies. The European Commission’s initial proposal called for a complete ban on the sale of weapons like Kalashnikovs or AR-15s that are intended primarily for military use. Ammunition magazines would be limited to 20 rounds or less.

Colin Farrell tapped to play Oliver North for Amazon

Colin Farrell is slated to star as Oliver North in a limited series from Amazon.

Yorgos Lanthimos, who directed Farrell in the film “Lobster,” will direct the untitled, one-hour series that will cover the Iran-Contra scandal. Ben Stiller is among the executive producers.

North, a decorated U.S. marine and a Fox News commentator, was at the centre of the scandal over the sale of weapons to Iran and the channeling of proceeds to the Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s during Republican President Ronald Reagan’s second term.

Lanthimos says he’s excited to be working with Farrell again and that the story feels “very fresh and relevant to our times.”

Farrell, active in films, starred in the second season of HBO’s “True Detective.”

The Associated Press

I know the reasons that two of the three of Trudeau’s ministers are probably losing their positions/being shuffled, but I’m not sure why MaryAnn Mihychuk will lose hers.

Stephane Dion has gotten A LOT of criticism over his waffling on the Saudi Arabia weapons sale, and to a lesser extent for his handling of hostage/imprisoned Canadians abroad.

Maryam Monsef has been terrible on the electoral reform file, at times insulting the committee and signalling that electoral reform might not even happen (which was a BIG promise from the Liberals).

Not sure about MaryAnn Mihychuk. I checked and I don’t think her file is associated with the Phoenix pay fiasco (her position is Minister of Employment, Workforce Development, and Labour). I haven’t heard much from her in the media at all.

From August 1985 to October 1986, the US illegally sold weapons to Iran, including 2500 anti-tank missiles, 18 anti-aircraft weapons, and additional parts and materials, in exchange for the release of 7 hostages, and money to support the terrorist group trying to overthrow the government in Nicaragua.

After the weapon sales were revealed in a Lebanese magazine in November 1986, President Ronald Reagan appeared on national television and stated that while the weapons transfers had indeed occurred, but that the United States did not trade arms for hostages.

In March 1987, Reagan again went to TV to announce “A few months ago I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not.”

14 members of Reagan’s cabinet were indicted for criminal activities, with 11 convicted.  All convictions were either overturned or pardoned by President George H.W. Bush (who had been Vice President during the time the crimes were committed).

Here’s some common sense for you. I want gun ownership to be as boring and annoying as car ownership. I want you to go to some Department of Weapons and sit for hours. I want folks who own guns to prove their skill, their mental and physical health, and to be licensed and reviewed over the years just as happens with our driver’s licenses. You earn the right to own and drive a vehicle; earn the right to own and use a gun.

Quibble with me over semantics if you want to; what is a “right” vs. what is a “privilege.” I’ll be busy with my friends trying to prevent more unnecessary deaths.

Gun ownership isn’t some inalienable right granted by God.

Remember, the Constitution was written by men coming out of a long and bloody war near the end of the 18th century. It was written for their time.

It also included the “right” to own a human being.

Things change. Folks evolve.

I want a voluntary federal buyback program for firearms, with hunting weapons and vintage/historic weapons exempt. I want the sale of weapons to be even more tightly controlled than the sale of Xanax and other controlled substances. I want advertising for firearms to be as regulated as DTC (direct to consumer) advertising for pharmaceuticals (“May cause shortness of breath, long-lasting boners, etc.”) We can do all of this. It’ll create jobs, believe it or not: regulators, educators, enforcers.

It will not end murder. It won’t end rape or robbery either. It WILL make it harder to commit those crimes. There will be a black market for guns as there is for any coveted item in a capitalist society. (And I’m not anti-capitalism, btw. I’m a big fan! Sorry, hippies. I do love you guys, by the way, you’re very nice people with good instincts.) Continuing education credits for gun owners should be required, just as they are with medical professionals.

When you have a greater ability to take a human life you have a greater responsibility to prove your fitness to wield the tools that may create that end.

And that’s how the fuck you well-regulate a goddamn American militia..

Iron Man / The Avengers: Anthony Edward Stark [ESFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Tony is comfortable engaging with the environment and using it to the best of his ability; when imprisoned, he uses the objects around him to invent the first Iron Man. He is comfortable in high-risk situations and enjoys physical engagement. Prior to finding “a purpose” as Iron Man, Tony is a playboy, caught up in indulging all his sensual whims (gorgeous women, fine cars, expensive parties, etc). Each situation is an “experience” for Tony, who goes straight for the quickest solution to resolve problems. He uses the world, connecting to and finding its possibility, without difficulty or hesitation – and nearly gets himself killed multiple times in the process. For the most part, he lets Pepper run his companies, preferring to “play” instead of “work.”

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Until the sales of weapons impacts Tony directly, he doesn’t care about them – and then once he reaches a hard line moral conclusion that it is wrong, he refuses to further make or sell weapons, which threatens the company’s bottom line. Tony’s Fi is unhealthy, in the sense that he often sticks to his own moral beliefs, without considering the fall out (refusing to sell weapons means closing some of his businesses, forcing hundreds of thousands of people into unemployment; he also disregards Cap’s feelings about Bucky, focusing on his own intense beliefs and need for revenge). Tony’s emotions bottle up, sometimes over years (his anguish over the last argument he had with his parents, finally exploding with rage when he finds out who killed them).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): CONTROL. Tony strives for it, constantly; he believes humans need monitored and protected, and that the Avengers need a check… government oversight. He sees a logical problem (the mass damage they have caused) and goes straight for the obvious solution (a contract forcing them to abide by rules) rather than engaging in creative thinking or finding loopholes (unlike Cap, whose Ti has analyzed the problems of governmental oversight). When Cap refuses to agree and sign the document, Tony recruits and avidly tries to force him into obedience. Tony often loops through Se/Te, creating brutal frankness in conversation, harsh insults and criticisms of others, and a tendency to disregard personal feelings to accomplish a task (ignoring Cap’s feelings about Bucky). Financial gain has little motive over Tony, who can put together business proposals but prefers to leave running companies to Pepper.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Tony tinkers with inventions, but all of them pertain in some way to Iron Man after awhile. He fixates on this one project, obsessively refining and perfecting the suit. He reaches singular conclusions, a sense of what he believes is going to happen or what will “fix” the problem, and refuses to change his mind, which leads to conflict with the other types. It’s ONE WAY, all the way. Under stress, Tony becomes convinced of catastrophic impending events, and disaster around every turn. He becomes so caught up in this vision, he can’t see any other possibility or solution. Further, sometimes his excitement over creating things fails to take into account the futuristic fall-out (Ultron).

Note: I know, I know. I’m going to take heat for this typing. Stereotypes want Iron Man an ENTP. This one is not. No Ne. None. One solution, one object, one interest, one resolution to every problem is not Ne. Half the movies are about Tony reacting to and engaging the environment (Se) and fixating on a single opinion (Ni). He also has no Ti. His adaptability comes from Se, but when presented with difficult problems, Tony locks into using control, force, and rules (Te), rather than inventing a new system (Ti). The last movie really showcases this, with his single solution of “sign the document.” His raging emotions turn up frequently, far more than futuristic insight. Tony internalizes feels until he loses it. His PTSD a few movies back showed his inability to articulate emotion outwardly, instead leading into a depressive, paranoid spiral. There is a margin of error for ENTJ, since Tony does spend most of his time in an unhealthy loop, but he exhibits the paranoid symptoms of lower Ni, and he appears much more capable with Se than Te, suggesting it’s the dominant. Some of his decisions are incredibly short-sighted (Ultron??).

Silverblade Contracts

House Matheredor proudly presents the Silverblade Contracts! This shop will host an array of services such as Weapon Sales and Repairs, Protection Services, and more! To inquire more about large orders or other services, please send word to Count Adorlan Matheredor (Adorlan in-game, @adorlan) or Lady Kerydwen Matheredor (Kerydwen in-game).

Times Open:

Monday: 4-6 pm
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SELLING CALEDSCRATCH! No decent Dave Cosplayer can be without his most iconic sword!

  1. Dimensions: 42″ Long from Butt to Blade. The Handguard is about 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick. The Blade is less than half inch thick.
  2. Special Details: The Knob and the Record CDJ turntable thing both spin and can be turned. There is also a slot on the back for a iPhone 4 or 4S to be Velcro-ed in for Selfies or Music or anything really. When I went to Kawaii Kon the sword was a HUGE HIT! “Selfie Sword” was all they could say!
  3. Sturdy Pine Wood construction, Smooth paint job and finish, and 1/4″ aluminum rods as record needles.
  4. I’m selling this for $200, OR BEST OFFER. If you want the iPhone that goes with it, I can supply it at an additional charge. It’s been used once for Kawaii Kon 2015 and that’s all. It doesn’t look perfect, but it was a rush job done in just a few weeks.
  5. If you’re interested, please send me an email at unrelatedtohomestuck@gmail.com. 
  6. I’m also available for commissions, weapons or armor preferred only; I don’t do sewing. If you would like to see more images or have other inquiries, please send me an email as well. My ask box and email box are always open.
Donald Trump's State Department approves Saudi Arabia weapons sales blocked by Barack Obama
Deal was previously blocked over concerns of human rights violations.

The State Department has approved resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia previously blocked by Barack Obama.

A multi-million dollar  technology for Riyadh was blocked by the former President during the final months of his administration over human rights concerns.

Saudi Arabia is leading a mostly Arab coalition targeting Houthi rebels in Yemen with air strikes.

An annual report by UN experts who monitor the conflict in Yemen, seen by Reuters, said the Saudi-led coalition had carried out attacks that “may amount to war crimes” — accusations Riyadh rejects.

By approving the measure, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may have given an indication the Trump administration will seek closer ties with Saudi Arabia in the Yemen war.

Officials say the deal will need White House approval to go into effect.

Last year, Mr Obama’s administration approved a $1.15bn (£921m) deal for the sale of tanks and armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

The deal was opposed by more than 60 members of the House of Representatives, who signed a letter calling for Mr Obama to delay.

However, in his final months in office, Mr Obama decided to halt the current deal on precision-guided military technology.

Yemen has been divided by nearly two years of civil war that pits the Iran-allied Houthi group against a Western-backed coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

At least 10,000 people have been killed in the fighting that has unleashed a humanitarian crisis on the impoverished country.

If the White House agrees with the State Department’s position, the administration would notify Congress about the intended sale, where it could encounter ersistance.

Only 1 Liberal MP voted in favour of parliamentary oversight on weapons deals. SMH.

This is not a ban on weapons sales, its just asking that MP’s personally oversee future weapons sales, and ensure that they respect basic human rights.

This comes after recent news has come out that Canadian companies have been caught selling weapons to human rights abusive countries like South Sudan, Libya and Saudi Arabia. Canada is now the #2 weapons seller in the middle east. Canada has also recently sold Saudi Arabia $15B in Armoured cars (which can be outfitted with weapons).

The UK has this kind of oversight and has had it since 1999! This is not a radical move.

Jill’s Domestic Policy

* Under a Stein presidency, the military economy would transition to a green economy, with decreased dependence on fossil fuels, and an end to subsidies for military contractors. The U.S. makes more money from weapons sales than any other nation on the planet. This, of course, stimulates the economy, but a green alternative would also create jobs, and do so without causing the deaths of countless millions around the world. Additionally, the justified hatred that much of the world feels towards the U.S. would fade, as the U.S. becomes a more responsible player on the world stage.

* The minimum wage would immediately be raised to $15.00 an hour. As Dr. Stein pointed out, more money in the hands of workers will enable them to put more of that money back into the economy, by purchasing items that are currently out of their financial reach. So an increased minimum wage would not be a ‘job killer’, as the corporate-owned members of Congress continually claim.

* Today, tens of millions of U.S. citizens are burdened by crushing student loan debt. Dr. Stein would forgive that debt, again freeing those citizens to put more of their money back into the economy. It would have the additional benefit of showing the citizenry that the U.S. does, indeed, value education, and that the government sees higher education as something more than just another cash cow.