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QUARK: I’ve been sent by my people to open up a market for advanced Ferengi technology.
DENNING: What kind of technology you talking about?
QUARK: How would you like to travel beyond the stars at speeds you never even dreamt were possible? Or to transport yourselves from one place to another in the blink of an eye?
DENNING: You know how to do that?
QUARK: That’s only the beginning. We can give you the medical knowledge to cure your deadliest diseases. We have machines that can produce food and clothing out of thin air.
DENNING: What about weapons?
QUARK: Weapons? If you want weapons, I’m the man to see. We can teach you to make phasers, disruptors, photon torpedoes or even quantum torpedoes. A little more expensive, but worth it.

just so you guys know justin trudeau the happy canadian cool guy prime minister™ hasn’t honoured any of his platform promises since getting into office and the first thing he actually did as PM was sign a 15bn dollar weapons sale to Saudi Arabia–the largest human rights violator in the world atm–even though he promised, if he was elected into office, that he would get rid of the deal altogether lol. canada is complicit in crimes against humanity and is still really really really racist don’t be fooled by JT’s six pack he’s a piece of human trash too 


QUARK: But when you’re dealing in weapons, buyers aren’t interested in casual conversation. They just want their merchandise, no questions asked. It’s so impersonal.
GARAK: Your charms would be wasted.
QUARK: Exactly. So now Gaila owns his own moon, and I’m staring into the abyss. And the worst part is, my only hope for salvation is the Federation.
GARAK: I know precisely how you feel.

ramblingredrose  asked:

You should definitely meta about Tony and Wanda and how Tony's given way more leeway for what he's done as opposed to Wanda

Okay so. There is a huge disparity in the treatment of Wanda and Tony. Tony stans are virulent* in their defence of him, while Wanda stans, fans or her defence squad are pushed to defend her or point out the holes in other’s arguments - they’re pushed on the defensive from the start because Stark Stans love to focus on the fact that, as we are shown in the films “Wanda wrongs Tony first”.

*Yes, virulent. Like a virus. They’re awful and as far as I care, should be eradicated.

Yeah, right. Long before Wanda ever touched Tony Stark’s mind, Tony did something to her. Unintentionally. Unknowingly. Indeed, he may not have even been directly involved, it may have been Obadiah Stane’s fault, but, for narrative and thematic reasons, I think it would resonate more with Tony’s sense of guilt, blame and responsibility if it was in some way his fault. If Tony Stark had willingly sold weapons to NATO, who were involved in the Balkans unrest, or to the US government who later interfered in the unrest in the Balkans* - unknowingly making a situation worse with his weapons as Yinsen tells him. If it’s simply Obie’s fault, selling them behind his back, I think it removes a lot of the narrative impact from Tony’s shouldering the blame for his weapons - which he designed, which his company and people he trusted sold, which were then used in ways that hurt civilians, intentionally or not.

*You can read more about the Balkans conflicts after the dissolution of Yugoslavia over Here and Here. Many thanks to @tobermoriansass for helping me with this. Further reading [x] [x].

The fact of the matter is Tony Stark’s company - his company then, before he gave over power of it to Pepper - sold weapons that orphaned the twins. The twins, as ten-year-old children, hated the man who, as far as they knew, had orphaned them. Who had sold the weapons. Who had power and money and means and was praised - who, if he had sold weapons to NATO, for use in the Balkans conflict, may well have been praised for his part in such a so-called “peacekeeping” initiative - … and whose weapon had taunted them for two days in the rubble, as they waited above the bodies of their dead parents. To quote This truly fantastic meta by @eatingcroutons:

With all this going on, Maximoffs would have grown up knowing nothing but war, and with a deep-seated hatred of the foreign powers that had occupied and violated their homeland and people. Orphaned, desperate and powerless, it makes complete sense for them to jump at von Strucker’s offer to become something more. Like many of their compatriots, they volunteered for his experiments when he showed up with Loki’s staff in 2012.

The thing is, in explaining this, I’m not trying to justify Wanda’s actions to you. I’m sure there are many fans of Tony who’re going to insist that that’s exactly what I’m doing, but I’m not. This is simply an explanation of the upbringing and background - and ultimately trauma - that led to her decision. Just as Tony’s trauma has affected much of his behaviour to ultimately toxic ends.

[Source: Where’s The Alcohol?: Revisiting Tony Stark’s Glossed Over Alcoholism. The meta largely covers comics!Tony’s alcoholism, but I think the degree to which Tony drinks in the films, and his attitude towards alcohol, as well as his generally reckless behaviour, all speak to someone with some very unhealthy coping mechanisms]

So there’s that. Both of these characters have severe trauma and that affects not just how they see the world, but how they access and interact with the world. In simple terms, both characters have what amounts to excellent fic fodder! They’re both deeply fucked up with deep-seated issues, a desire to make amends for the wrongs they’ve done:

[Source: Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Battle of Novi Grad. Clint to Wanda, offering her a chance to make amends - which she takes]

TONY: I saw that I had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero accountability.

REPORTER: What happened over there?

TONY: I had my eyes opened. I came to realise that I have more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacture at Stark Industries … until such a time I can decide what the future of this company should be, what direction it should take, one that I am comfortable with and that is consistent with the highest good for this country as well.

[Source: Iron Man 1, Tony’s press conference on his return, shutting down Stark Industries’ weapons manufacture after seeing what it’s doing to people first hand]

So, if we’re getting into an argument of who hit who first, it was Tony. This is a farcial debate, because both characters seem able to move forwards from this, and grow up rather than clinging to it - Wanda sacrifices her vengeance to defeat Ultron and proceeds to do everything in her power to make amends afterwards, staying on as an Avenger while Tony has been actively making amends since, like Wanda, he was made aware of what his actions were actually doing. If we’re getting into an argument over who has learned, both of these characters have remarkably similar arcs and have both learned a lot from their starting points. Both of these characters lost their parents at a young age due to factors beyond their control, both sought to do something in response to this (the twins fought the injustice of their country and it’s unrest too try to make a safe place for it’s citizens, so no other children would be orphans like they were, Tony spent his entire life trying to live up to his father’s demands and expectations.), and both, when they realised their ways of going about this (for the twins, trying to destroy Stark, who they blamed for much, for Tony, the creation, manufacture and sale of weapons) were doing considerable harm… both stopped, and both proceeded to try to not just make amends for what they’d done, but actively undo it - Wanda fights back Ultron’s drones, tries to save lives on the train and pre-emptively in Novi Grad and fights alongside the Avengers, while Tony halts the manufacture and sale of his weapons, tries to track down his Stark tech and works as an Avenger, trying to prevent disaster.

There’s other similarities too. They both lose people who are either important to them, or who are integral to their character arcs. Tony loses his parents, yes, but also Obie, who turns out to have betrayed him and Yinsen, who taught him what his weapons did, and the loss of Coulson impacts him incredibly - “We are not soldiers!”. Wanda loses her parents, her city and her brother, as well as sacrificing the vengeance that supported her for so long.

They both learn that those they’re working with may not be the right ones - Obie in IM1, but also learning of his father’s work with Anton Vanko in IM2 and the likely accidental or invisible ties between Howard’s presence in SHIELD even as SHIELD was early on riddled with HYDRA and, of course, Ross and the Raft. The twins sign on to work with what they think is SHIELD, only to later learn it’s HYDRA - this isn’t fan speculation, believe it or not, but canon.

[Source: This Scepter’d Isle prelude comic for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Note List saying “our Iron Man, … our Avengers”. They’re claiming to be SHIELD as this was before CATWS and the reveal of HYDRA. Many thanks to @emmasdiamondheart for reminding me this panel exists]

And of course, after this, they work with Ultron, only for Wanda to learn his intention to destroy the world, which they of course cannot condone (when Ultron asks them not to get involved on the train Wanda responds “What choice do we have?”). Both Wanda and Tony repeatedly place trust in the wrong people and feel deep responsibility for this. And even Wanda’s continued anger at Stark when she knows he is the better choice than Ultron (“Ultron cannot see a difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you think he gets that from?”) makes sense - while Tony stopped making and selling weapons for and to others… he’s continued to make the best and worst weapon of them all - his own Iron Man suits, which he has kept wholly for himself - even Rhodey had to steal his suit, because Tony trusts so very few people. Indeed, like Steve, in some ways he does believe that sometimes the best hands are his own, even if he is very willing - and may even in a way find it comforting - to be held accountable for things.

There’s also a big one left. A really big one. A huge big one. And while every Stark Stan may try to justify it, it only goes to show the huge disparity between how Tony’s anger is treated vs. Wanda’s.

[Source: Captain America: Civil War. Tony stating his intent to kill Bucky Barnes for the death of his mother - a death Bucky was not in control of, as the brainwashed Winter Soldier, but is being blamed for anyway, and a death long ago.]

[Source: Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda putting fear into Tony Stark’s mind in order to bring about his downfall - an action done under the belief that blame was to be placed at Tony’s feet, regardless of if it was or not, and for deaths long ago.]

This is where the disparity comes in - a huge disparity, a disparity that I am pretty damn sure has it’s roots in classism, racism and sexism.

Tony is allowed to attack Bucky. He’s defended for it. He’s given justifications. And after it all, his fans still write fics where he apologises to Bucky and everything is fine and dandy. Wanda, on the other hand, is vilified. Is insulted from here to hell and back, is blamed for everything Tony does wrong from AOU onwards, is used to justify Tony’s every action - even Tony’s insults towards her:

“It’s a 100 acres with a lap pool. It’s got a screening room. There’s worse way to protect people. She’s not a U.S. Citizen and they don’t grant visas to Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

[Source: CACW, Tony to Steve, justifying Wanda’s illegal house arrest that happened against her knowledge… which kind of invalidates a house arrest when the person could break it simply by popping out to the shops.]

People buy into the in-universe media’s narrative that Wanda caused the explosion (she didn’t. We literally see Crossbones setting off the bomb he’s wearing). There are people who call her a murderer because she couldn’t contain an explosion - even though she contained it long enough to get it out of range of the people in the market, undoubtedly saving all of their lives. Indeed, the onus there if anything should have been on Steve, the one who was directly confronting Crossbones - but he got distracted, and Wanda, an Avenger still being trained up, still without a full grasp of her powers, had to step in when the bomb was set off.

[Source: Captain America: Civil War. Wanda self-flagellating over her perceived failure to save the lives of the Wakandans.]

Wanda displays much the same hallmarks as Tony Stark, has a very similar arc and very similar responses to trauma and mistakes (drive for vengeance and desire to make amends most notably).

And yet, Wanda is blamed, insulted, vilified. Tony Stark is praised, defended and others are trodden down so he may be raised up. Why is this?

It’s really very very simple:

Tony is a cis male (ostensibly) straight guy, born and raised in America to immense wealth, with a genius level intellect, constant snark and Daddy issues to make even Tyrion Lannister or goddamnit Jon Snow cry. He’s America’s 1%, he’s got guilt issues up the wazoo and his sarcasm and snark makes him many people’s favourite archetypes in one - and so they defend him to the death.

What’s Wanda got?

Wanda is a woman from Eastern Europe who grew up first in a block of flats which were later destroyed due to the war-torn nature of her home country and from then, is said to have lived on the streets according to Marvel. She and her brother were deeply codependent as a result of their trauma, and, in order to have the power needed to take the vengeance they had sought since they were ten (reminder! they were children when they imprinted on this idea) they let themselves be experimented on by people they later learned were Nazis.

Oh, and she actually managed to in-part take that vengeance on Stark.

That’s the reason she’s hated. She’s a woman. She’s Other with her Eastern European accent. She’s Different with her powers no one can explain. She was poor. She’s foreign and lesser and a she. And then she attacked a fandom fave due to misconceptions that she believed in her whole life - that her upbringing and country only continued to emphasise:

[Source: Avengers: Age of Ultron. Sokovian graffiti of Tony Stark as Iron Man, his face plastered over with dollar signs.]

It’s xenophobia. If you count in the Roma and Jewish background of the twins in comics, then it’s also racism. It’s certainly sexism, likely classism. These things mean that few will consider her… for her. For her character arc, for her trauma. Few will sit down and notice the similarities between her and Tony, few care. Instead, they hate her for her act of vengeance. They don’t try to understand why.

[Source: Captain America: Civil War. Vision explains the science behind the fear response to Wanda due to her powers in-universe. And yet - so few both in the MCU and out of it - where it doesn’t actually matter - care to delve into the whys and werefores and Wanda’s treatment.]

They just hate.

And it fucking sucks.

End Note: If you should want a truly excellent fic written to battle these issues with how Wanda is perceived and treated in and out of universe, may I recommend to you all Soldier, Weapon, Stranger, Monster by the wonderful @tobermoriansass, who has been such a help in writing this meta.


Daudeteau Mle1895 “S” carbine

Designed by Louis Daudeteau c.1884-95, made by the Manufacture d’Armes de St-Etienne for French Navy field trials with marine infantry in the French Asian colonies - serial number 3443.
6,5x53,5mmSR Daudeteau 6-round en-bloc clip, bolt action repeater.

One of the many rifle designs developed by Daudeteau, characterized by their small caliber cartridges and funky clips.

The French Navy entertained the prospect of equipping marine infantry with these overall fairly modern rifles in the 90′s. Unfortunately for Daudeteau, French marines passed under the juridisdiction of the army shortly afterward, and the trial period was aborted without any sale.

I am trying to get back into the writing thing and today I was watching baseball and moved to write. So, yay! 

I mean, it’s nothing much, but it is something. So, have some quick, fluffy Darcy/Bucky, sort of baseball related fic. 

Thanks for being patient with me during this dreadful writing dry spell. I really appreciate it. 

Autumn was starting to creep into the city. The weather was still mostly warm and green, but there’d been a couple of blustery, rainy days, and a new little chill in the air in the mornings. Darcy wasn’t sure she’d ever quite get used to Fall starting in September, but, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Because, for real, east coast summers were the worst.

Bucky’s apartment was not the best place to spend a summer. There was no cross breeze, it got stuffy as hell, and had no central air or anything. A couple fans by the windows, and mostly they just pushed around the sticky, grimy air from the outside.

Today was one of those slightly blustery days, though, and there was a hint of cool and damp and a definite breeze that rattled his blinds. And the apartment was quiet, nobody constantly demanding her attention for this thing or that. She could maybe get some things done. Maybe. Truthfully, it was just nice to hang out quietly with him.

“I think the bar oughta be a Dodgers bar,” Bucky said decisively from his spot on the couch.

On the other side of the couch, curled up, her back to the arm rest, feet braced on his thigh, Darcy was spending her Saturday afternoon reluctantly reading reports from Phil. She didn’t even bother glare. “Over my dead body.”

“It’s my bar.”

“That I’m paying for.” Darcy glanced up from her work and considered the screen. “How about the Mets? I have no strong feelings, they’re local, and they’re not the Yankees.”

“I don’t know,” he grumbled. “What the hell’s a Met?”

“Metropolitans.” She rolled her eyes and nudged his knee with her foot. “Oh my God, don’t be like that.”

His lips lifted into a little smile and he shrugged. “I’ll consider it.”

Darcy braced her elbow on the back of the couch and set her chin in her hand, watching the game for a minute. “I know a guy on the Mets.”


“Well, know.” She shrugged. “His mom’s my lawyer, and his grandpa was my lawyer before that. We sort of knew each other as kids. Kind of. Like, Memorial Day cookouts at his grandpa’s house kind of thing.”

Bucky jerked his chin at the tv. “He playing?”

She squinted at the field and counted the numbers. “I don’t see him. I think he’s mostly a bench guy this year. Second base, some shortstop. Good defense, quick on his feet. So-so hitter. Though, he had a good year in triple-A last year. Rick Carmine.”

“I’ll look out for him,” Bucky said and turned his attention back to the game. “Miami Marlins. Sounds like a double-A team,” he grumbled and fell silent for a long moment. “That guy needs a haircut. His hair’s longer than yours.”

“Says you, Mr. Lucious Locks down to your manly shoulders,” Darcy laughed, with a roll of her eyes, turning her own attention back to her tablet. So, okay, it wasn’t entirely quiet at Bucky’s, especially when he was in a ‘kids these days’ mood. Hilarious as that usually was. “Besides, baseball — it’s a long season, what else are they going to do other than grow weirdass beards and bad mullets? Not that there’s a good mullet.”

He let out a long breath through his nose. “I don’t like the long pants, either.”

Darcy stared at him for a second, looked at the screen, then back at him. “Are they playing baseball?”

“More or less.”

Exasperated, she waved a hand at him, the tv, the universe. “Then, just, whatever, okay?”

He snorted and slumped down on the couch, kicking up his feet onto his coffee table. “Okay, so if some guys have their pants long, and other guys have their socks high, I’ll pretend I don’t mind. But, if the socks are high, shouldn’t they all be the same? It’s a uniform. How come that guy’s got stripes on his socks, and that guy’s are just black? They’re on the same team, it oughta look the same.”

Darcy rubbed at her forehead and tried to pretend she was focusing on blackmarket weapon sales in Ukraine, and not her partner’s old man griping. “Let me get you the commissioner’s email. You can send him a letter.”

“Yeah, I’ll send him a letter,” he said, his tone dark with menace.

Darcy nudged his leg again. “Why are you all grumpy cat? You’ve been watching games all season.”

“Yeah, but by myself mostly.” He gave her a sad little look, like she’d abandoned him through the baseball season. “A couple times with Barton.”

“But you don’t bitch to Barton.” Aww, he wanted to save his bitching for when she could hear it. That was both annoying and sweet.

“I don’t know. I guess not.” Bucky watched the game and then slapped his hand on his thigh. “Where the hell was that pitch, ump? Geez. That was right across the letters. Ball, what a crock.”

Darcy laughed at his outrage. It was so normal, and those moments where he was just a regular guy were always such delight. “I’m pretty sure the proper nickname for every baseball umpire is 'bum’. So, like, that was a lousy call, you bum.”

“I agree. And he is a bum. Look at that strike zone. Or don’t, because I can’t tell where the hell it is.” He pointed at the TV. “I like the strike zone box they put up on the screen. Bet the umps don’t.”

“Some people want robo-umps,” she informed him. “I’m on the fence. I don’t entirely hate that, you know, each ump can have his own sort of unique strike zone, but that’s only okay so long as they’re consistent, you know.”


“Basically that strike zone box. A computer would call balls and strikes. I don’t know. I still like the human element. And you get to yell at the bums, which is part of the fun. Some people, though…”

He kept his face pointed at the TV, but his eyes slid over to her. “Yeah, well some people like the DH.”

Darcy scowled at him. “I am not arguing about the DH with you. Again.”

“Ruining the game,” he said, his voice rising.

“Oh my God, shut up about the DH.”

Bucky slapped his metal fist in his palm and glowered at the world. “Glad I was on the ice when it was instituted or I woulda burned the league down.”

“For real, stop.”

“What a waste of the bench,” he barked, his voice heating and he was waving his hands at the TV. “So, you carry an extra guy who’s only job is to—” Darcy lurched up and lunged at him, clapping her hand across his mouth.

“No,” she said, begging, demanding, insisting, pleading. “You’re a National League guy, it’s fine, I accept it. I like you for who you are, this critical personality flaw included. But, please, no more.”

They stared each other down for a long moment before he finally nodded and she let him go. She sat back cautiously, watching him warily like he might start in again.

There’d been a very, very long flight from Argentina where he talked about the designated hitter rule the whole time. She’d been tempted to jump out of the quinjet, except her suit’s arc reactor was offline and she was having a hard time getting it back. Even then, though, she was still tempted to jump. She worked great under pressure, and nothing beat the pressure of gravity and a quickly approaching planet.

He turned his attention back to the game. “Mets are okay, I guess. For the bar, I mean.”

“Good, great,” she told him, relieved to have escaped that dangerous, dangerous DH moment.

“But, I don’t want a bunch of tvs in the bar,” he said, pointing a finger at her. “Most places, they’ve always got 'em up too loud. I’m not going to the bar to have some sports jock shout at me while I’m trying to drink a beer.”

“A couple, just for games, turn them off the rest of the time.”


They were silent for a moment and then she laughed. “You’re like a million years old.”

“I like what I like,” he grumped. “I don’t like the DH, though, because it takes away from strategy—”

“NO!” She dropped her tablet listlessly onto her lap, threw her head back, and let her body go limp in utter and complete defeat. “Call Steve. You guys can go do your old fogey thing about it. Rarr, kids these days and their designated hitter. God. Leave me in peace,” she groaned, so much pain, so much anguish. Minor anguish, but still, shut up Bucky.

The room fell quiet after her cri de coeur, except for the quiet rumble of traffic, the voice of the play by play man, and Bucky’s laughter. The big asshole.

“Jerk,” she muttered and petulantly shoved at his leg with her foot.

“I love riling you up.”

“Biggest jerk.”

He let out an amused sigh and grabbed her foot before she could kick him again. “Okay, so the Dodgers are in LA. The Athletics are in Oakland. The Giants are in San Francisco. Weird.”

“The east coast needs to stop hoarding all the teams,” she shot back, her tone sour, still annoyed.

“I guess, or California will steal them all.” He gave her a look and then returned his attention to the game. “Oh, and the Braves are in Atlanta. And I don’t know what happened to the Senators except now they’re the Nationals?”

“I think they’re the Twins now, and the Nationals moved from Montreal.”

His brows drew down in a confused frown. “Montreal. Canada?”

Darcy shrugged and picked up her tablet again. Work was not really getting done, but she could try to pretend. “Toronto Blue Jays.”

“I can’t keep up with all this.”

“Don’t try to see the then, live with the now,” she advised.


“Half the league are teams after your day. Just, you know, embrace the league as it is now.”

“Except the DH.”

“Mother fu—” Darcy thumped her forehead with the palm of her hand. “I walked into that one.”

“Yeah, you did,” he told her, sounding almost gleeful.

“See if I let you use the company seats at the ballpark of your choice. Ever,” she told him, glaring darkly.

“You’ve got seats at all the parks?”

“Ok, well, no, not really. The places we have major offices. For, you know, schmoozing clients, or rewarding employees, and like that. I’d have to check where all. But I’m pretty sure I  could get really awesome tickets anywhere. Not that I will for you. So, know what you’re missing and suffer. Nosebleed seats for you, buddy.”

Bucky snickered and rubbed a hand down her shin, squeezing her ankle lightly. “Yeah, 'cause I can’t buy my own tickets.”

“Boo to you,” she whined and huddled over her tablet. “Ruin every scrap of fun I have.”

He drew a meep of surprise from her when he pulled on her leg, drawing her down the couch. Flailing a little at the sudden move, she found herself flat on her back under a looming and impressive assassin. He had one hand braced on the back of the couch, and the other on the arm above her head. It was … a breathtaking view.

“Yep,” he said, smirking. “Ruining your fun, that’s me.”

Letting out a long breath, she poked at his chest; not hard, only just enough to appreciate the closeness and solidness of his pecs. He wasn’t the biggest guy she knew, but wow, he really knew how to work the upper body. And, she was free to grope at will. In a not creepy way. Hooray dating.

“You are in an interesting mood today,” she murmured, still examining his chest. The gray henley was really well fitting. And probably brought out the blue in his eyes, but she was focused elsewhere.

“Nobody’s shooting at us,” he said, leaning down to press a kiss to the corner of her mouth. “Nobody is torturing us.” Another kiss on the other side of her mouth. “Nobody is trying to blow us up.” His lips landed solidly on hers, but before she could make it a real kiss he drew back with a smile. “Nobody is—”

Her phone rang and he turned his head towards the device with a growl. A real, deep, animal growl. Darcy couldn’t help it, she laughed.

“Of course.” Grabbing his chin, she turned his face back to her and captured his lips with hers. She was getting her kiss, interruptions be damned. But, the phone kept ringing and it was Phil’s ringtone and there was only so long they could ignore the Director.

“I hate Coulson,” Bucky grumbled against her cheek. “I hate him a lot.”

“But, he’s such a big fan of yours.” She shoved at his chest, but regretfully this time it was less about feeling him up and more about moving him out of the way.

He didn’t move far, just slid to the side, squeezing between her and the back of the couch. Shoving his bristly chin against the side of her neck, he grumbled darkly, swearing in Russian, while she fumbled for the phone.

“This better be a planet-wide emergency, Phil,” Darcy greeted with a groan.

“I need you to go to Japan,” he greeted. “I’m sending you the file.”

“Bucky wants you to know that he hates you.”

“That’s too bad,” Phil said, his voice bland and unbothered by the fact that one of his childhood heroes hated him. “I’d like to do a video brief in half an hour.”

“You’re interrupting his baseball day,” Darcy pressed.

“Baseball lasts for a half the year. Did you know I played second in little league?”


“Read the file, briefing in thirty.” Phil hung up and Darcy dropped her phone on the floor and patted the side of Bucky’s head.

“I hate him,” Bucky muttered.

“Me, too. Briefing in thirty.” She squirmed away from her partner and rubbed a hand over her eyes, trying to shake off the haze of 'attractive man and his kissing and attractiveness and such’. “I think we need to sweep your apartment for cameras.”

“Why?” Bucky shoved himself up and flopped back over to his side of the couch.

“His timing is too … suspicious.” She glared up at a likely corner of the room. “I bet he’s colluding with my dad.”

“I think you’re paranoid.”

“Is it paranoid when we work for a spy agency? And my dad is a big nosy, nudnik?”

“Probably,” he said with a dry chuckle. “So, briefing? Where are we going?”

Darcy glared sourly and pulled her tablet out from where it got stuck between the couch cushions. “Japan.”

“Sounds fun. I like Japan.”

Darcy closed her eyes and shook her head slowly. “And now you’ve cursed it.”

So much for a quiet Saturday. Boo.

prince jungkook

Originally posted by jengkook

  • okay everyone i have requests piling on up but good old clinical mental health problems™ are kind of yikes
  • but royalty au is my FAVORITE you have no idea like it’s my fave au besides ouran but like au ohdaibljarh i love it
  • jungkook is leo lmao jk
  • so this kingdom is going to be a total rip off of nohr because i love my emo son leo and his dumb retainers
  • jungkook is the baby of his family, the youngest lil prince in the castle
  • he’s kind of spoiled rotten honestly because his older brothers absolutely adore him, and they shower him in more attention than he knows what to do with
  • like he could bat an eyelash and hoseok would be at his side, asking if he needed anything
  • whenever he wants to practice his sparring, yoongi immediately stops whatever they’re doing to help with bow and arrow practice or sword skills
  • jimin ALWAYS sneaks him pastries and buns from the kitchen
  • speaking of which pineapple buns?? ten out of ten would recommend
  • and while the princes are beautiful and kind and soft the kingdom itself is not
  • it’s a dark kingdom, a rainy kingdom, where the sun rarely seems to shine
  • the main focus of the kingdom is agriculture, even though that’s always a bust because of the terrible climate
  • they really make more money through weapon sales and trade all that good stuff
  • even though the kingdom is kind of tight on money yikes
  • but it’s not like falling to shambles, not at all
  • the king runs a very tight schedule, and things are very organized, very controlled, very well run
  • yoongi is next in line for the throne, but the king totally favors jungkook and low key tries to give him more power than the other princes
  • but jungkook doesn’t want that!! he just wants to chill with all his brothers and have a good time!!
  • okay let’s get on with the story because i had a quality idea and boy howdy i sure forget things fast
  • alright, so the princes are making one of their daily visits to the town
  • but disguised, because things are no fun when everyone is bowing and trying to kiss your feet
  • cliche— but i love it— they have the really large cloaks and they just keep the cowls up because that would totally work
  • lol it does in this scenario
  • they love to look at the local produce, drink cheap ale at the local tavern, play tag with the local kids, and just interact with their people
  • not something the king does everyday lmao
  • today, it’s rather cold, and jungkook can see that winter is coming by the way frost crawls up the trunks of trees, the way the birds have already started flying south, the way more and more shops close their doors to ward off the wintery winds
  • the boys still like to visit around town though
  • jungkook especially loves seeing the transformed landscape
  • as the youngest prince, he’s usually cooped up indoors, listening to his tutor drone on about the influence of naval power upon the world, or balancing books on his head to maintain great posture or some other bs
  • so he loves being outside to see the pond freeze over, or the dirt start to be painted white due to the little snowflakes
  • he doesn’t like seeing so many people so worried about their futures though
  • like i said, poorer kingdom, so most of the people suffer through the cold months with one blanket for a family of five, and half a loaf of bread amongst them
  • jungkook always tries to give people money, but yoongi tells him that’s only temporary aid and he will make changes once he’s in power
  • that doesn’t ease the hurt in jungkook’s heart though
  • anyway they’re in town right, and the middle two boys have gone off to god knows where, leaving yoongi and jungkook to themselves
  • they’re in the middle of town, strolling amongst the various vendors, examining all the goods made available to them
  • out of the corner of his eye, he watches someone dart towards the bakers cart
  • there’s a loud crash and jungkook spins around to see you on the ground, loaf of bread tucked under your arm
  • someone starts shouting and you push yourself off the ground, trying to desperately run for your life
  • a few soldiers start chasing after you and you’re running fast, so fast, you don’t pay attention to your surroundings and completely slam into jungkook, causing you to once again fall on your butt
  • one of the soldiers grabs your a and yanks you to your feet
  • “common filth like you ought to spend the rest of your days in prison, rotting away until the rats-”
  • “that’s enough.” jungkook snaps
  • “and who are you to tell me what to do?” the guard laughs
  • jungkook throws off his hood and the guards immediately fall to their knees, begging mercy
  • jungkook gives you a soft smile, then devotes his attention to the guards
  • “how DARE you touch my servant like that.”
  • “your highness, you must be mistaken, this is a common criminal-”
  • “no, they are my servant, chosen by me to trust the security of this place. you know our enemies could attack whenever and wherever, and i need you to be on your best watch. clearly, you passed my simple test, and you shall be rewarded for it.” jungkook says, haughty tone to his voice.
  • he pulls a few coins from his change purse and tosses them to the baker
  • yoongi watches on silently, thinking of all the various ways he’s going to beat jungkook’s insolent little ass tonight
  • you’re shaking, badly, and you can’t believe you were just saved by one of the princes, let alone the cutest one
  • jungkook turns on his heel to leave, and you’re like oh gods i need to thank him–
  • he turns his head “why are you just standing there? no servant of mine should be wasting time, gaping like a complete idiot.”
  • yoongi: boy what the f u c k
  • and that’s where you find yourself later that evening, standing in jungkook’s room, freshly washed up and dressed in an outfit finer than anything you’ve seen, let alone worn in your entire life
  • “i’ve never had a servant close to my age.” jungkook is sitting on the edge of his bed, kicking his legs back and forth. “this will be fun i think. you’re bound to be infinitely better than the boring old ladies that watch over me.”
  • you’re too frightened to speak, so you stand there silently, shoulders tensed, eyes wide, hands clasped in front of you, trying to look anywhere but jungkook
  • “well come on, aren’t you going to tell me your name?”
  • and so you do, sheepishly, so quiet that jungkook has to ask again
  • he nods when he finally hears you and then he kinda gets silent because yes he’s the prince but he’s kind of shy when it actually comes down to talking to people close to him in age
  • he starts kicking his legs again and then he gives you a quick look over
  • “well i guess i’ll have to find someone to train you…” he says with a sigh
  • and you’re like excuse me what you’re the one who picked me off the street honey
  • but you can’t actually say that to him because like that shiz could get you beheaded or something and that is not what you need in life oh no
  • so you just kind of follow behind silently as he leads you off to where all the royal butlers and maids hang out and do their training mm hmmm
  • and when jungkook leads you in everyone is like ooh what’s up with the prince ooh look at the lil cutie he’s brought in
  • and they’re all like old so they can tease him like that because they practically raised this boy??
  • jungkook gets all red and he starts to stammer how it’s not like that and how he just wanted someone closer in age to serve him
  • and he just is like gotta blast sorry everyone
  • and so he leaves right away, not even giving you a good bye
  • you blink and all the servants swarm you, asking how you got jungkook to fall in love with you so quickly and you’re like in love what does that meaN
  • after all their inspecting and gossip about you, they actually get down to business about what you gotta do for jungkook as his new personal maid/butler
  • it seems simple
  • you have to accompany him to all his meetings, whether they be negotiations, tutoring lessons, or even dinner
  • you’re supposed to stay back and be like a shadow, just keeping an eye in case the dearest prince should ever need something
  • you also have to serve him tea in the afternoons, or at least, know how to
  • you need to help him dress in the morning and at first you’re like red in the face, sweating nervously, stuttering because what???
  • but the servants tell you that this job is only for really formal occasions, like when foreign princes and princesses come to visit and jungkook is too impatient to figure out how to wear his sash smh
  • basically you have to attend to his every need and you’re like great, i cannot wait, i’m ecstatic
  • or maybe, every time you touch, you feel the static (w/jungkook) and that’s why you’re so excited mm hmm
  • rijijaijajirt anyway
  • you’re super nervous especially since you just came off the streets, literally, like you have no social status or skills or ability to actually serve jungkook well
  • you’re like i will be beheaded within five days
  • you get the rundown on the whole thing, the whole job thing
  • and then the servants take you down to the servants’ quarters so you can set up a bed and sleep early so you’re well rested for the big day tomorrow
  • you set up a little spot in the corner of your room, and you’re like alright, i just need to sleep and maybe i’ll realize this is all a dream
  • nah fam
  • it’s not
  • because in burst jungkook, forlorn and confused look on his face
  • the servants are all rushing to bow and like ask what the deal is because royalty are so above entering the servants’ quarters (save hoseok who likes to come down every morning and say hi)
  • and jungkook points at you all accusing “aren’t you coming back? it’s been like three hours, you’re supposed to be back”
  • you look around at all the servants because “y’all just said i could sleep”
  • but they shrug and start to shoot each other looks and you realize that it’s ‘me against the world’
  • wow getting all the iconic songs in here tonight
  • you try to hide yourself in the corner but jungkook has obviously spotted you and he gives you this look
  • “i need your assistance, isn’t that your job? to assist me?”
  • you inwardly groan but give a nod of the head because this boy did save your life, you kinda owe him big time
  • “come on then!”
  • jungkook turns on his heel and you follow close behind, the other servants giving you winks and grins as you walk by
  • jungkook takes you back to his room and you’re like what it is late and i am tired and-
  • he just plops down on his bed and crosses his legs criss cross apple sauce and smiles all cute and you feel your heart start to stir at the innocence of him
  • “i want you to read to me.”
  • “you what now.”
  • “are you questioning me?”
  • “i mean, of course. which book your highness?”
  • jungkook points to one over on his night stand and you pick it up and inwardly stab yourself because it’s a history book about famous battles of lost kingdoms
  • jungkook looks so excited though and his eyes light up and you’re like oh my god fine…
  • you don’t know where to stand though and you kind of stand there awkwardly and open the book but it feels like you’re preaching to him or something
  • jungkook rolls his eyes and scoots over on the huge canopy bed and pats the now empty space beside him
  • “when i was little, my brothers would always read to me. yoongi was the worst. he always spoke all monotone and he would tell me horror stories and i would cry and then jimin would have to calm me down. yoongi is mean.”
  • when you don’t take the seat, he turns his head “i command you sit next to me.”
  • so you take a reluctant seat beside him with the heavy book still in your arms, doing your best not to look over at jungkook because you know that it’s wrong to look royalty in the eye let alone touch them
  • or like, idk, sit on their bed
  • while they are also sitting on the said bed
  • “hoseok was the best at reading. whenever he would read me fairy tales, he would change voices for all the characters!! he would always make them so exciting and give everything a happy ending…”
  • “so you have three brothers then?” you ask slowly, knowing that you’re not supposed to address jungkook so… familiarly
  • “three. i’m the baby. me and hoseok have the same mom, so maybe that’s why he likes me the most.” jungkook turns to face you. “but yoongi is the only son of the actual queen. so he’s the one who’s next in line obviously. he’s the one who was out with me! he likes me a lot too. jimin likes me too.”
  • “everyone likes you it seems.”
  • “i hope so.”
  • you two fall silent but it’s not really uncomfortable, just wary, because you two are in very distinct and separate roles that should never ever be more than a prince and servant, like they shouldn’t ever grow beyond that
  • but jungkook seems so… genuine? he saved your life and he treats you like an equal already, going as far to talk to you so openly about his family and everything? amazing, what a hero
  • anyway monsta x hero japanese version actually flows very nicely and you can tell they put a lot in time into making the japanese work with the music and beat so check it out my dudes
  • also anyone trying to go their concert…
  • okay anyway you start reading and it’s the most boring and dry thing you have ever read in your entire freaking life and you just wanna fall asleep but jungkook seems pretty fascinated so you keep going for his sake
  • it’s really pretty bad like you have no idea what pineapples have to do with warfare but they’re a pretty key role in this book
  • jungkook is practically leaning on your shoulder now because he wants to see all twenty seven of the pictures and he’s so excited by them
  • “it’s because, since i won’t have to get married because our kingdom pisses everyone off, i’ll probably be commander of the army or something. when yoongi steps down i mean. because he’s the one who has to be married, because he’s the only non-bastard son, ya know?”
  • you glance over at him “but aren’t you scared?”
  • “no. i live on adrenaline.”
  • and as you serve jungkook more and more you find that to be true
  • jungkook does whatever he wants whenever he wants
  • like one day you’re bringing him the afternoon tea and he’s busy messing around with his loyal doggy that you have to be like “yO YOUR HIGHNESS”
  • “you can just call me jungkook you know”
  • he’s bored and wants someone to spar? well it’s time to hop on yoongi’s bed and smash him until he can’t breathe
  • it’s cold in the castle? time to go and steal all of hoseok’s clothes? (which often end up having to be mended because hoseok is so thin and jungkook is so muscular that… rip (get it because he’s ripped, and the clothes rip…)
  • where did all of jimin’s dessert pastries go? oh wait they’re stuffed in jungkook’s cheeks
  • most of your days are spent trying to keep jungkook out of trouble rather than actually helping him do anything
  • jungkook doesn’t do it to be mischievous or anything, it’s mostly because he wants the attention of his older brothers who are all suddenly too busy to pay much attention to him anymore
  • he doesn’t actually say that but you can tell
  • he keeps interrupting literally anything they do and yes they love jungkook but it’s hard to work when he’s disrupting everything
  • jungkook ends up being such a disturbance that he ends up in solitary confinement
  • seriously
  • the king has done had it with jungkook, which is rare, and he tells him he needs to stay in his room until he learns how to behave
  • jungkook whines and complains but then he figures out you’re basically trapped with him so he’s pretty okay
  • “chess?’ is the first thing he suggests
  • “is the purpose to get rid of the king?”
  • and instead of screaming nOOoOOoooOOooooooOOOoo like casey, the resident asshole of my math class, he offers to teach you how to play since you two have like all the time in the world
  • all the time in the world being until dinner later that evening
  • you two sit down in the spacious room and he sets up the chess board
  • the pieces are glass, and they’re so intricate and beautifully carved and you’re so scared that you might break them or something but jungkook reassures you that everything will be okay and that they would want to be used
  • he tosses you your queen or king and with a wink goes “wow look the chess piece that represents you”
  • “wow, did jimin teach you that one?”
  • “yoongi actually”
  • “wow, impressive”
  • you can’t help but blush as you set up your pieces though
  • you still have no idea how to play though, and you sit there kind of dumbly as jungkook poises, ready to move his first piece
  • “oh, how could i forget?”
  • he starts going over all the pieces, and how many spaces they can move and how, and how the game actually works and i’m not actually sure because nobody would answer me in math today smh
  • but then
  • then he grabs your hand and delicately guides your fingers to move your first piece and now your heart is racing and your face must be red as the draping over his bed but you try to keep it cook because servants can’t just up and fall in love with their princes, that’s not allowed
  • oops too late i guess…
  • jungkook is bad at chess because he’s impatient and he doesn’t really like to take much time planning his moves
  • which is okay in your book because he likes it’s cute to see him get worked up and puff his cheeks out when you take out one of his pieces
  • i have the ap language exam tomorrow wait a second
  • he complains and whines and tells you that you’re cheating by distracting him but he just doesn’t like to lose
  • but he wants you to win because your eyes light up and you get all smiley when you take another one of his pieces and wow he is in love
  • he is in like, love is a big commitment and hoseok already warned him that their father would be furious if jungkook fell for you, even if he is the favorite son
  • jungkook told hoseok that nothing like that would ever happen but lol here we are my dudes, here we are
  • after you crush jungkook in chess, he decides that the next best thing to do to win his honor back is play you in dice
  • which he also loses at because he likes seeing your smile too much and his honor is something he’s willing to sacrifice if you’re happy in the end
  • “i’m so sad that i lost, maybe you should make it up to me.” jungkook pouts, flinging himself onto his bed dramatically soon afterward
  • “well what did you have in mind?”
  • “tell me a story.”
  • so you walk over to his bookcase, the one full of tales of old, and reach out to grab the history of war for what has to be the millionth time
  • but jungkook stops you with a soft, “no, from your head.”
  • like so many times before he pats the empty seat beside him, and you take your seat, snuggling you back up to the fluffy pillows
  • you take a deep breath and begin
  • “there once was a prince in a far away kingdom, with dragons and warlocks and pegauss knights. he was youthful and bright, with eyes like a deer and the curiosity of one too. he had the sweetest smile and the chubbiest cheeks and his nose was too big for his face, but in an endearing, adorable sort of way. the prince was adored by everyone, from his father, to his brothers, to the townspeople. everyone had heard of his skill with a sword, his knowledge of the worlds around him, but mostly his kindness that stretched even to the most lowly of people.”
  • you expect jungkook to say something saucy in remark but he listens with rapt attention, his gaze focused on you and you alone
  • “the prince loved everyone, but he couldn’t seem to ever find it in his heart to believe in himself.”
  • you know this to be true about jungkook
  • you’ve watched him spend countless hours sparring, and then beating himself up about messing up one move out of seven million, then pick his sword back up to practice once again
  • you see him as he preens and preps to dress more like yoongi, to walk more like hoseok, to converse more like jimin in the most subtle ways possible
  • he constantly finds things about himself to pick apart, and it breaks your heart
  • “the prince was always so busy caring for others, that he forgot to care for himself.”
  • jungkook rests his head on your shoulder and inhales slowly
  • you take a deep breath
  • you close your eyes
  • and then you take your hand in his, intertwining your fingers
  • jungkook gives your hand a tight squeeze
  • the story continues, and then the story soon ends, though jungkook has fallen asleep on your shoulder and will not hear of how the prince and his ever loyal servant end up with the happiest of endings
  • “and they lived happily ever after.” you whisper, leaning down and kissing the top of his head
  • you don’t remember drifting off but you sure as heck do, because the next thing you hear is hoseok’s shrieking
  • like shrieking as in he probably get stabbed and the castle is under attack
  • you go to get up but there is an arm around your torso and a face buried in your back and you’re finally piecing everything together
  • “jungkook, you gotta let go-”
  • another horrified shriek from hoseok
  • “i mean your highness——”
  • hoseok runs over to the two of you and shakes jungkook awake
  • “hurry up, if you two are in love which by the looks of it, you are, there’s only a limited amount of time that i can marry you before father finds out. i may not be ordained, but i could bullshit my way through it”
  • jungkook pushes himself up groggily and stares down at you because what are you doing here??
  • oh wait a second
  • hoseok is pulling at both of your arms but it’s too late, in walks the king, with jimin and yoongi pulling at his arms to try and stop him
  • the king stares at the scene, at hoseok trying to block to you, at jungkook yawning with his arm still around your waist, at your absolutely horrified face
  • “jungkook”
  • “father no, wait-”
  • “this isn’t your battle to fight hoseok, now leave”
  • “father, pl-”
  • “i said LEAVE”
  • the other three princes scurry out and now it’s just you, jungkook, and the king
  • he’s an intimidating man, muscular as jungkook, but with a hard face and sharp features
  • you and jungkook rush to stand up and bow, you avoiding his gaze at all costs
  • the king walks over and commands you both to stand
  • you’re trembling now and jungkook holds onto your hand in an attempt to somehow reassure you, but it’s not happening because you feel like you’re about to break down in tears now
  • the king won’t say anything and it seems like time has frozen completely
  • but then he pulls jungkook into his arms and hugs him tightly
  • you’re both in shock to say the least
  • the king hugs jungkook tighter “my precious son, how you’ve grown”
  • and then the king pulls you into his arms and now it’s a family hug and you’re wondering why this is happening and how he is okay with this but then you remember that jungkook’s mother was a maid
  • and suddenly things are starting to make more sense
  • “father, i… i love them”
  • “as i’ve noticed my boy.”
  • jungkook nods and you can see the tears in his eyes, and you can see the tears in his father’s eyes
  • “i remember when you were first born… you were so small, so helpless… now look at you, pulling the same tricks i did when i first met your mother.”
  • he ruffles jungkook’s hair and now all of you are laughing softly, at ease at the way the situation played out
  • hoseok pokes his head in the door “so when’s the wedding?”
  • yes, there is a wedding
  • a grand and beautiful wedding to which the entire kingdom is invited to attend
  • complete with thousands and thousands of flowers
  • with a giant cake that jimin keeps trying to swipe icing off of
  • with hoseok sobbing his eyes out and continually trying to pull jungkook into a tight and bone-crushing hug
  • with yoongi being the one who volunteers to walk you down the aisle
  • and yes, jungkook is too impatient to figure out just how to put his suit on correctly, sash and all
  • your hands are shaking as you fix the crown atop his head
  • and your hands are shaking hours later when he slips the silver band onto your finger
  • and yes, they are still shaking when you cup his face in your hands and lean in for your first kiss with the boy you are going to spend the rest of your life with

Blue Mood:  Another Mass Shooting Attack

The news of what’s happened in Las Vegas is hitting hard today:  At least 59 dead, another 527 injured in another senseless shooting attack on an innocent crowd.  This one by a lone, older gunman armed to the teeth with assault weapons and ammunition.  The nation will follow a well-known script:  We will investigate and grieve, but do absolutely nothing at all to try to prevent such attacks in the future.  People who advocate any reforms to gun laws will be accused of politicizing a tragedy, and the gun enthusiasts will say that gun control doesn’t work.  We will treat this incident like so many others – basically the same way we treat natural disasters that take innocent lives.  It happens. Grieve, mourn, and move on.  Wash, rinse, repeat…

Look, I’m not some neophyte who pretends there are easy and complete solutions to our gun violence.  But I’m also not someone who shrugs and says ‘nothing will work’, or someone who believes this is just the cost of ensuring the right to bear arms.  There are some things we can do, like universal background checks for gun purchasers, limiting the number of weapons someone can buy in a given month, and limiting semi-automatic weapons sales.  They won’t cure the problem, but they could reduce it.  Isn’t one life worth the effort?

The ironic thing is Americans will tolerate a lot of curtailment on our liberties in the name of preventing international terrorism, but will oppose virtually everything that might impinge on the right to buy and possess guns.  And guess which one results in more American deaths each and every year????


@Regranned from @4biddenknowledge - The #IranContraAffair was a clandestine action NOT approved of by the United States Congress. It was a SHADOW GOVERNMENT activity which began in 1985, when President 
#RonaldReagan’s administration supplied weapons to #Iran¹ — a sworn enemy. The U.S. took millions of dollars from the weapons sale and routed them and guns to the right-wing “Contra guerrillas in Nicaragua. The Contras were the armed opponents of #Nicaragua’s Sandinista Junta of National Reconstruction, following the July 1979 overthrow of strongman Anastasio Somoza Debayle and the ending of the Somoza family’s 43-year reign. The affair is exposed. It was not until 1986 that word had gotten out about the secret transactions. The Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa published a series of articles in November 1986, that exposed the weapons-for-hostages deal. On November 18th, 1987, the Congress issued a report on the affair that stated the president bore "ultimate responsibility.”
For several years during the 1980s, Webb discovered, Contra elements shuttled thousands of tons of cocaine into the United States, with the profits going toward the funding of Contra rebels attempting a counterrevolution in their Nicaraguan homeland. Even more chilling, Webb quickly realized, was that the massive drug-dealing operation had the implicit approval—and occasional outright support—of the CIA..WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL youtube.com/The4biddenknowledge
#4biddenknowledge - #regrann

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Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists: Shoot them yourselves
While the E.U. passes strict gun laws, Czechs are urged to arm themselves.

The Czech Republic already has some of the most lenient gun policies in Europe. It’s home to about 800,000 registered firearms and 300,000 people with gun licenses. Obtaining a weapon is relatively easy: Residents must be 21, pass a gun knowledge check and have no criminal record. By law, Czechs can use their weapons to protect their property or when in danger, although they need to prove they faced a real threat.

This puts the country at odds with much of Europe, which has long supported much more stringent gun-control measures.  In the wake of the 2015 terror attacks in Paris, France pushed the European Union to enact even tougher policies. The European Commission’s initial proposal called for a complete ban on the sale of weapons like Kalashnikovs or AR-15s that are intended primarily for military use. Ammunition magazines would be limited to 20 rounds or less.


Clement Mle 1903 pistol

Manufactured by Liégeois armourer Charles Ph. Clément c.1903-1908 in Belgium - serial number 7733.
5x18mm Clément - originally Charola y Anitua - 8-rounds removable box magazine, blowback semi-automatic.

An early semi-automatic pistol, similar to the FN Browning 1900 in some ways. Its descendant the M1907 will do away with the Clement cartridge and adopt the .25ACP and .32ACP rounds.

The 5mm Clement cartridge was a Mauser pistol copy much like the Charola y Anitua pistol, but was not well stabilized in flight. As such it tumbled a lot, but this somehow didn’t impair the pistol’s sales.


The #IranContraAffair was a clandestine action NOT approved of by the United States Congress. It was a SHADOW GOVERNMENT activity which began in 1985, when President 
#RonaldReagan’s administration supplied weapons to #Iran¹ — a sworn enemy. The U.S. took millions of dollars from the weapons sale and routed them and guns to the right-wing “Contra guerrillas in Nicaragua. The Contras were the armed opponents of #Nicaragua’s Sandinista Junta of National Reconstruction, following the July 1979 overthrow of strongman Anastasio Somoza Debayle and the ending of the Somoza family’s 43-year reign. The affair is exposed. It was not until 1986 that word had gotten out about the secret transactions. The Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa published a series of articles in November 1986, that exposed the weapons-for-hostages deal. On November 18th, 1987, the Congress issued a report on the affair that stated the president bore "ultimate responsibility.”
For several years during the 1980s, Webb discovered, Contra elements shuttled thousands of tons of cocaine into the United States, with the profits going toward the funding of Contra rebels attempting a counterrevolution in their Nicaraguan homeland. Even more chilling, Webb quickly realized, was that the massive drug-dealing operation had the implicit approval—and occasional outright support—of the CIA..WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL youtube.com/The4biddenknowledge

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