weapon of mass delusion

You don’t realize how these maniacs have poisoned and infected you with their sick memes and ideas. Well, guess what? Toxic people can’t talk with angels. Toxic people can’t download truth or know wisdom. Their perverted brains are capable only of receiving mental infections from higher up, spiritual pornography to darken the mind and sicken the heart. Your leaders, the most toxic of the lot, are the self-murdered. They are possessed by something dark and vile, and are eager to spread their disease. They won’t stop until the entire world is sodden and infected. Is that what you want? Do you want to be infected in this way, and to be like them? You must because there you go, once every four years, scrawling your mark on the box, voting the parasites into office, over and over again. You always adore living conformists and dead rebels. It’s just as well that the infection that rots the brains of millions, was not to be found in Beethoven, Handel or Vivaldi. It sure was not part of Bach, Dali, Escher, Durer, Blake, Rilke, Breughel, or Magritte.

No, you don’t know or care. You don’t hear the voice of sanity above the cacophony of the world. Your friends on Capitol Hill and in Hollyweird have made you immune to truth. And you will give up your very lives in their wars in order to preserve and justify the anti-life they have brewed for you in their reeking cauldrons. You lie to yourself when you say that your ideas are true. Are they true? You were breast fed those ideas by your parents and school teachers, and by priests and politicians. Now you water them with your own juices. You don’t want to be free from these transmitted ideas that stand between you and the Real. The megadeath, genocide, and blind fanaticism is normal phenomena in a sick world of abnormal people committing the worst crimes toward their very own selves as well as to others. Are you still looking for weapons of mass destruction? I can tell you exactly where they are.

No, the Servants of Truth can come and go. Their words don’t matter. They are irritating and seem so dark and negative. You want to live in a one-season world. And you will do so. The Global Village is being built as you read. And you’ll be delighted to hear that the ride to it will be full of entertaining distractions. However, just remember that the train might not stop where you think it should. The train might chug right passed that utopian mirage. You might have to disembark somewhere much less appealing. But, what of that? You’re not interested in studying the map. The tickets were going cheap and you’ve reserved first class seats. You don’t want the fun spoiled by doom and gloom merchants, right?

—  Micheal Tsarion, from “Weapons of Mass Destruction Found”