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Captain Steve Rogers, Lovecraftian Horror

Title: The Miskatonic Project
Rating: PG-13 for horror themes, death
Summary: Abraham Erskine may have invented something new with the Serum – or maybe he re-created something very old. Something…Elder.
Notes: I should be working on like three other fanfics but I had a TERRIBLE DREAM this afternoon and anyway this only took about half an hour to write.


Steve came out of the Vita-Ray machine…different. 

Of course he looked different – taller, thickly muscled, skin gleaming. But it wasn’t the change in his appearance so much as the…sensation people felt around him. Howard claimed not to feel it, and Erskine died before he could weigh in. Peggy felt it, but not in the way others did. To her, he seemed otherworldly, but like an angel or a religious vision – comforting under a layer of unreality. She even liked the strange black pupils he’d developed, so big and dark you could hardly see the whites of his eyes at all. 

Others, however…. 

She didn’t see him pull the Hydra agent out of the submarine after Erskine’s assassination. Only three people did – a cab driver, a little boy, and the boy’s mother. The cab driver wouldn’t say a word, and the boy’s mother stuttered and stammered so badly they finally gave up. The little boy just said, “Well, he got him,” and looked admiringly at Steve. 

Steve wasn’t wet, but the submarine lay on the deck of the pier, and the man next to it was dead, a rictus of horror on his face. 

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Fusil Asalto CB-52 prototype

Designed by Joaquín De La Calzada-Bayo at La Coruna weapon factory in Spain c.1943.
7,92x51mm M.52 30-rounds removable box magazine, gas-operated select fire.

I assume these things existed only as blueprints for almost a decade before being brought back to life in the work leading to the adoption of the CETME assault rifle.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons, with the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Still working on this map, bit by bit, I’ve nearly finished the Jak 2 and Jak 3 locations, most with some additions or changes (some minor some major). I’ll be adding Breezy Valley and the Lumber Mill from Daxter (both West of Haven Forest) soon, as well as Misty Island from The Precursor Legacy. After those I’ll be at the point where I pretty much have to make stuff up from scratch in order to tie the whole thing together.

Brief rundown of the changes to each area, counter-clockwise from the Pumping Station:

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Fusil Asalto CB-51 prototype

Designed by Joaquín De La Calzada-Bayo at La Coruna weapon factory in Spain c.1943.
7,92x40mm proprietary cartridge 15-rounds removable box magazine, gas-operated select fire.

Another Spanish assault rifle prototype designed in parallel with Germany’s adoption of the Sturmgewehr 44. These very clunky rifle projects were abandonned for the CETME series, which were design with German help after WW2.

Sauce : Forgotten Weapons, with the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

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how about B or F for suggestive/angsty starters for my fav rebelcap

Suggestive Prompt (for @strong-bottle-of-jyn) and Rebelcaptain Prompt #12: Distraction twofer!

The Candle at Both Ends

“If you keep running your mouth like that, I can think of a few ways of shutting you up!”

Her threat echoed through the hangar, and more than a few fellow rebels stopped what they were doing to look. But when they realized it was Jyn Erso screaming at Cassian Andor again, they resumed their work, hydrospanners clanking against metal, the sound of fuel gurgling into X-Wings. This–the yelling–had become an increasingly common experience over the past two months, and the drama between the captain and the the firestorm he had picked up on Wobani had lost its luster and their interest.

Cassian said nothing and cast a wary look in her direction.

“What?” she snapped, but Jyn felt her cheeks burn, and she was overcome with both self-consciousness and embarrassment, though she would be dead before she’d let anyone know it.

“We can talk later,” Cassian said curtly, and turned to leave.

Jyn punched the wall out of frustration and regretted it immediately. She sucked at her hand, but it did little to ease the throbbing in her knuckles or the split skin that bled red.

“Do you know what it looks like when you displace your true feelings, Jyn?” Chirrut had said this to her a few days earlier before in that way that he did and that tone that he had when he was all knowing and smiling and yet still kind.

“No,” she had said, and waited for him to spring the trap.

“You only need to look in the mirror to see.” And ah, she thought, there it was.

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Great loading screen music. So many great memories from when I first started playing. Before the music was recycled to Odessen, I used to take my time in the weapons factory because of 5:00+

1000 followers! Thank you people (and bots)!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I’ve been moving to a new apartment. Here are some WIP assets intended for the touchscreen (on the 3DS). Due to the lack of VRAM, I’m trying to make it out of very small parts, which can be repeated and animated without taking up too much texture space.

I have done similarly styled animations before, but one single animation strip could be over 2000 pixels long(!), so I’m going to have to do some trickery to achieve even remotely similar results on a 128x128p image.

Here are some of those old animations:

Meanwhile: Kada (the programmer) has been hard at work getting networking to work! The basic framework is now in place, and it’s possible to move about and see the other player!


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What do you like about Anakin amd Ahsoka individually and as a duo?

Their dynamic is just really well done and I can’t even think of eloquently touching on all the things I really enjoy about it, so if this gets long and rambly and incoherent, I apologize. Also, this is just my take pls don’t kill me lol

Anakin’s fiercely himself, he’s loyal, brazen, a bit cynical, and creative while also very vulnerable and empathetic. With all the extra emotional trauma that comes with his past as a former slave and losing his mother to raiders.

Ahsoka’s selfless, perceptive, candid, assertive, strong-minded, enthusiastic and principled while also more unsure in her youth.

I’ve mentioned this in the tags, but when he takes her on and finally accepts her as an apprentice it’s because he notices that same eagerness to impress and prove himself.

Anakin is no stranger to mistakes and failure so when the time comes to shut down the shield generator in The Clone Wars movie, he sees himself in her. Because if anything they’re very much the same. He knows the dejection she feels about his likely rejection of her as a padawan and being given a master that didn’t exactly choose them.

She reveres him for being the Jedi Knight she aims to be, yet doesn’t believe he’s infallible just for being her teacher.  By not being afraid to challenge him or do things her own way (Weapons Factory and Citadel arc, anyone?), they complement each other.  She’s a Jedi of action, much like her master. (Ahsoka while on a lecture circuit joins in on a corruption-ring bust.)

 A lot of the struggles Ahsoka faces as a student are the same problems he faces even as her teacher.  It’s obvious to us that he cares for her throughout the series. His way of showing his concern is mistaken for disrespect or him just being overbearingly obnoxious.  In the Onderon arc, Anakin tells her that the mission comes before her crush on Lux. Anakin’s not one to practice what he preaches, of course, as he tends to put the people he loves over everything. However, she’s become more adjusted to the Jedi lifestyle to be able to do so, but not without the relief of Anakin understanding what she’s feeling.

That corruption ring she took down with Corky? She’d said it was nothing he wouldn’t do.  And he knows she’s right.  In the S4 Rako Hardeen arc, she comes along with Anakin on his hunt because if he’s gonna be getting into trouble, she might as well be around to look after him. They have that similar drive and the same amount of righteousness and their missions aren’t perfectly flawless, but it gets done. They’re the duo that put their detective caps on and figure out where kidnapped children are being held.  And when the time comes to save them, they’re both fast on their feet and trust one another’s intuition.  They back each other up in situations where Obi-Wan chastises them for not following orders, or when the Jedi council has a bone to pick. They mutually protect when necessary. [They don’t always see eye to eye or overlook accountability ofc]
I love their understanding of one another. (Also that sass they dished around the galaxy, dang.) It just worked!

The tragic parallel of Anakin being torn between being human with, you know, human emotions and being the Chosen One everyone tells him he is where Ahsoka is an almost by-the-book Jedi exiled by the unfeeling order that believed her guilty is highlighted in The Wrong Jedi. 

When it comes down to it, Ahsoka’s just fine on her own but not without that longing to be part of a whole… something. She doesn’t know anything else than the Jedi Order.  Anakin’s known life outside of the Temple and is unsure that this is the life he truly wants. And that’s one of their true differences.  Anakin fought to keep her inducted into the order to keep her safe and around, but when the time came, she did what he never brought himself to do.